G.R.A.W 2 MP Demo Impressions

G.R.A.W 2 MP Demo Impressions

The new Ubisoft title: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advance War fighter ® 2’s multiplayer Demo has been released over Xbox Live® Marketplace. This Demo features the new map, outpost.

In the multiplayer campaign mode, you are moving in on an outpost to take out the rebel’s offensive capabilities. However, the MP Demo only allows you five or ten minutes to get this done, which is a nearly impossible feat. If you understand the intricacies of how to integrate the new Claymore explosive to take out the groups of enemies, can perfect the new M-32 MGL semi automatic grenade launcher, and manage to get a full room of 16, you should be able to beat this campaign without a problem.

The first thing I did when I got into a game was experiment with the Claymore. I switched over to it, laid it down, and ran away for a little bit before I turned and watched the explosion. Even though I killed one of my own teammates, it was well worth it. The explosion was by far one of the most realistic explosions I have ever seen on a video game. When it exploded, you could see the ripple from the heat being expelled from the blast.

Spying the enemy.

The next thing that happened, was one of my teammates got shot while taking out an enemy. He wasn’t dead yet, but only lay there dying. I walked up to him and started pressing buttons until I eventually found the Y button which in turn healed him. This new feature allows you to be downed if the damage you sustain isn’t fatal.

Eventually, I started to watch things more closely. I realized that the soldiers of the future were almost skating on the ground, and when they came to a bush, they could not run through it. Either way, they looked fantastic doing it. The detail even on the ammunition pouches on the back of the soldiers is phenomenal. Then, I started to notice the detail on the trees, waving in the wind. They cast an almost perfect shadow on the ground below them. The detail on something as simple as the shadows really makes you feel like you are actually within this world.

I tried to turn on the night vision, and even though it was day time, you can tell that they have improved on it from the previous installment. When you flip it on, it isn’t the white and green flat textured version that we saw in the multiplayer version of the first GRAW, but it resembles more of what we saw in the single player of GRAW. It is a detailed night vision, in which you can actually use depth perspective in and not have to guess on distance of the enemy. Another small element I noticed was the perfect detail that went into the cross-com. When you would look through it as the drone, you could see detail far beyond the first GRAW.

One bad mo fo.

Another new feature is the game mode called Takedown. This game mode is basic team elimination with the twist that one person on each team is selected to be the officer. When the officer gets a kill it counts for more points than a non-officer. When the officers die, a new person is promoted. This game mode is a fun twist because it makes the teams focus more on where their own teammates are, and forces more strategy. The only problem is that the officer has a beacon showing where he is at. It makes the officer search for a perfect hiding spot; the best place I found was hiding underneath one of the many trailers placed strategically around the map. If you can hide yourself well enough, you will be sure to rack up a few points.

There are numerous additions and features added to the multiplayer gameplay. There are a total of 27 new weapons to choose from, which should fill even the most indecisive player’s fancy. They changed the main team colors to blue and yellow, however the enemy is always depicted in red. The new features make the multiplayer game play feel more, and look more like the single player. They have practically perfected the shadow effects. Often, I would start shooting at an uninhabited location due to the fact that the moving shadows from the trees made it look like an enemy was standing there.

Overall, the multiplayer is impressive. There are enough changes and additions to bring the multiplayer area of GRAW2 to a new level. It improved on all of the good things, and eliminated all of the problems in the original GRAW.

Author: TGRStaff

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