Daily News Roundup: April 3, 2009


Today at TGR…

PS3 Price Cuts: Why Sony Can’t Afford Not To

The PS2 price was cut the other day, and many people are outraged. They wanted the PS3’s price to go down, and TGR explains why Sony can’t afford not to lower the price of the PS3.

Rumor Killers: Fable MMO, Crysis 2 on consoles, and LOTRO to 360

Will we see a Fable MMO on the 360, will Crytek release Crysis 2 on consoles, and will Lord of the Rings Online be free-to-play on the 360?

Steve Wiebe to Take On Billy Mitchell at E3

Wiebe hopes to finally claim the King of Kong’s crown.


Other news around the worldwide web…

Ghostbusters for PSP?

There was news yesterday that the ESRB rated all the previously announced platforms that Ghostbusters would be on including one that hadn’t been mentioned, the PSP.

It turns out Atari has denied a PSP version, and has told Eurogamer that the rumor of Ghosbusters coming to PSP is “not true.” Too bad, PSP owners.

Xbox 360: Last Place in Sales

The Xbox 360 has fallen into last place in weekly sales in Japan. The 360 sales in Japan have been decreasing for a couple weeks now, and have finally hit a low. The 360 sold 4,849 units, even getting passed up by the PS2.

The PS2 sold 5,246 units beating the 360 for the first time in a long time. As for the rest of the crew, PS3 is beating out the consoles with 22,825 sales, and the DSi is winning the handheld war with 57,401 sales last week.

The rest of the crew includes the PSP, Wii, and the DS Lite. The PSP sold 54,148 units last week, bringing it in 2nd on total sales for last week. The Wii was just behind the PS3 with 17,276 sold, and the DS Lite sold 8,408 units.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Best Selling Game Ever

The success of Call of Duty 4 was amazing, and the sequel to the game may even surpass its predecessor.

Activision wants this game to be huge, and bigger than the first one. According to CVG, Activision said the game is being set up to be the “biggest selling video game of all time.”

The first Call of Duty 4 sold over 10 million, and you can only imagine the possibilities this one will have.

Modern Warfare 2, as its being called, is set for a November 2009 release date.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Get it for $5

Steam has been known to offer some great deals from time to time, and this is no different. If you are a fan of Tomb Raider, you will love this latest sale.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is being offered at 75% off this weekend, and will cost you $4.99. If you have been disappointed in the latest of the Tomb Raider games, this is a way to continue hope for the series as Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a enhanced version of the original Tomb Raider. And we can all agree that we loved the first Tomb Raider.

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