Daily News Roundup: April 7, 2009


Today on TGR:

VBG: My Embarassing Launch Event Stories

TGR’s very own British gamer, Sinan, recounts a pair of launch-event experiences that he will undoubtedly not soon repeat.

Dragon Age: Origins Eyes-On Preview

TGR brings you impressions of a demo presented at GDC 2009 by Bioware. Will this game be another stellar RPG or be forgotten as another generic fantasy adventure?

Dragon Age: Origins Video Interview
Lawrence Sonntag brings us a mano-e-mano interview with the Dragon Age Devs.

Rumor Killers: April 7, 2009

Are the first MAG screenshots real or fake? MK Team to leave Midway? Halo 3: ODST leaked?

TimeGate Sues Paramount Over Trademark Infringement

Apparently they’re accusing Paramount of stealing the title to an upcoming game.

Elsewhere on the Internet…

PSP 2 coming pre-Christmas will be an iPhone beater

According to Pocket Gamer, an unnamed inside source at Sony has confirmed that the Sony PSP 2 (or PSP 4000) will be hitting store shelves before Christmas. Allegedly, the new PSP will implement a number of features that have made the Apple iPhone such a formidable piece of mobile technology, including a large touch screen and digital downloads via the Sony store.


BioWare Planning Nearly Two Years’ Worth of ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ DLC

Bioware may have dropped the ball when it came to providing downlodable content that was actually worth buying for Mass Effect, but it looks like they are trying to remedy that in the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins. In addition to a campaign mode that (hopefully) does justice to the insanely high standards set by the Baldur’s Gate series, Bioware is planning on supporting Dragon Age with up to two years of new content. What kind of content? Not just a few new items or a new costume. According to Greg Zeschuk, Vice President of Bioware, "It’s going to be something that will make the world even bigger and more interesting."

Analyst: Used Market Rush Unlikely To Affect GameStop

According to Gamasutra, industry analysts are predicting that more and more retailers will hop on the bandwagon of selling used games. However, this surge of new competition, which includes Toys ’R Us and Amazon, is unlikely to affect Gamestop’s business. What does this mean for gamers? Don’t expect to save any more than that measly five dollars off a used game in the near future.

SWTOR Developer Blog Clears Confusion on Class Alignment

According to Bioware’s developer blog, in their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, do not expect to be able to roll your toon’s alignment as being neutrally good, evil, or chaotic. It is either good or bad. Hug a baby or punch it in the face. Jedi or Sith. And since bounty hunters have the misfortune of having an occupation that demands killing and capturing things for money, the class as a whole is naturally predisposed to playing the role of the bad guy.

Three Companies Eye Midway For Buyout

Kotaku reports that the financially troubled Midway is now on the market and that three potential buyers are lining up to acquire it. Amongst the prospective candidates are Warner Brothers, Ubisoft, and a private Chicago investor. Why you would want to purchase a company that’s in debt and is only an official confirmation away from losing the development team of their only viable franchise, Mortal Kombat, is beyond me. But hey, I am sure they have their reasons.

PETA To Combat Seal Clubbers in WoW

Think killing baby seals is wrong? Play World of Warcraft? Think killing baby seals in World of Warcraft is wrong? If you answered yes to all three questions, then PETA has an interesting (and admittedly rather clever if somewhat pointless) proposition for you. Transfer your level 70 toon to Whisper Wind realm (and no they won’t pay for the pricey transfer), run over to the Howling Fjord and join the protest against…something.

Author: mark_fujii