Rumor Killers: Lost Planet 2 PS3? Killzone 2 Co-op coming? GRAW 3 in September?

Rumor Killers

Will Capcom bring Lost Planet 2 to the PlayStation 3?

Capcom has been one of the top dogs so far this generation. Games such as Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, and Dead Rising to name a few have all gained commercial and critical success on their respected platforms. Success, though, has not gone to Capcom’s head. Instead the company continues to deliver the games the gaming public wants and this next title is no exception. Lost Planet 2 is the sequel to million-seller Lost Planet on the Xbox 360, PC and later on the PlayStation 3. If you have forgotten what Lost Planet was about, think Starship Troopers but in snow; giant ugly bugs! Oh, and giant mechas. The sequel’s announcement did come as a surprise to many, not that the game was announced but how the game was announced. Capcom joined up with Microsoft to announce the game via Xbox Live, something that hasn’t been done in the past.

This led many to speculate that the game will be heading only to the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows. This was later supported by the fact that Capcom only mentioned said platforms in their official press release, leaving the PlayStation 3 out of it all together. So the game has only been announced for the 360 and Windows for a 2010 release, but what are the chances of a PlayStation 3 version? Very high and here is why.

Ever since the announcement, people have been speculating whether or not the sequel would be making its way to the PlayStation 3; this hasn’t been helped by the fact that Capcom itself is undecided whether or not to bring it to Sony’s machine. LP2 producer Jun Takeuchi, of Resident Evil 5 fame, refused to rule out the possibility of it coming to PS3 by stating, “We are currently investigating other platforms,” when asked about it. Jun was asked the very same question in a recent interview for Official Xbox Magazine, stating, “We’re still thinking about it and haven’t announced a PS3 version, so we can’t say more about it just yet.” When asked why it was announced on Xbox Live he replied “We wanted to show the game first and foremost to fans of the original Lost Planet,” now that last statement is more important than it seems and here is why.

Capcom and Microsoft have a great relationship so far this generation and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger so this could very well be a thank you gift from Capcom to Microsoft for being supportive of Dead Rising and Lost Planet early on in the 360’s life. But on the other hand we have Capcom, which has come out publicly stating that the company has moved to a multiplatform stance and will not be doing exclusives to either console. This makes this whole situation surrounding Lost Planet 2 very interesting indeed. Here at rumor killers, we are sure that Lost Planet 2 will come to the PS3, the only question is when.

TGR Rating: Highly Likely

Will Killzone 2 receive a co-op patch soon?

No other game on the PlayStation 3 has been hyped as much as Killzone 2. Killzone 2 is an outstanding game,no doubt about it, but there are flaws and there are complaints. On top of that list is undoubtedly the fact that the game has no co-op mode. Given the status of the title one would think co-op was a given, but Guerilla Games wanted to just concentrate on making a great single-player experience through the campaign. You can’t argue with that, can you? But now that the game is shipped, what are the chances of a co-op patch? Well one website speculated such a patch. Here is what they said. speculated that the upcoming Killzone 2 announcement on would in fact be a co-op patch for the single-player aspect of the game. No sources, no links, but pure speculation on their part. To be fair, this co-op patch rumor has been doing the rounds ever since the game was released, so it’s not a bad judgement to call such a thing. Now that GTTV has aired this announcement, we know that the prediction was in fact wrong. The DLC announced during the show was a map pack containing two new multiplayer maps for Killzone 2 to arrive near the end of April, sorry people, no co-op patch today.

Guerilla Games has stated that it does listen to its community so if there is enough voice for such a thing I am sure GG would do its best to add such a feature to Killzone 2, but for now there is only one rating we can give this and that is…

TGR Rating: Rumor Killed

Online retailer leaks Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 3’s release date?

Ubisoft has had many hits this generation; the GRAW series, Assassin’s Creed, and Rainbow Six: Vegas have all gone on to do extremely well on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In fact, the fist GRAW set the bar for online multiplayer on the 360, fast becoming popular to the 360 crowd and one of the most-played titles on the 360. Its sequel wasn’t bad either, overtaking its older brother on the Live charts when released. But this was nearly two years ago, where the hell is the third installment?! Well as we all know now, Ubisoft announced GRAW 3 along with Assassins Creed 2 and other titles in January with a 2009/2010 release period attached to them, but has an online retailer spilled the beans on the actual release date? is the popular British online retailer for anything ranging from music, to films, to, of course, video games. Now if you go check either the Xbox 360’s or PlayStation 3’s upcoming releases you can see that has put a date next to Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 3. The date that they have put is September 4th of this year. Now usually we wouldn’t think much of this, as online retailers usually put in placeholder dates, but if you remember correctly, the then-unannounced Assassins Creed 2 release date from that we broke to you in a previous edition of Rumor Killers has since been confirmed, so we know that the website is reputable in this department.

Ubisoft is known for releasing their games in the pre-holiday period, with Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed both releasing within a month or two of GRAW 3’s speculated date, in previous years. It would make financial sense to release a game near the Christmas period, and given the nature of the title and the reputation that it has gained on current-gen consoles, it would surely be the hit Ubisoft is hoping for. will drop Ubisoft a line on the possibility of GRAW 3 releasing this year and let you know as soon as we hear something. For the time being, though, our rating is…

TGR Rating: Likely

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