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New Rally-X GuideWritten by I EcHo 360 I
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New Rally-X™ FAQMade by: l EcHo 360 l

  • Introduction
    • Released in 1981, New Rally-X is a maze-racer developed by Bandai Namco Games where the goal is to control a blue car and complete stages by collecting 10 flags while avoiding red cars and other obstacles. With several achievements and competing for that High Score, this game can be loads of fun!
  • Controls
    • Left Thumbstick/Directional Pad (Move)
      • Use the Left Thumbstick or the Directional Pad to move your blue car.
    • A (Smoke Screen)
      • Use the A Button to use your smoke screen.
    • Start (Pause)
      • Use the Start Button to pause the game.
  • Interface
    • Round Number
      • The round number is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Number of Lives
      • The number of lives you have left is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Rader
      • The radar is located in the middle right section of the screen.
    • Fuel Gauge
      • Your fuel gauge is located in the top right corner of the screen.
    • High Score/1 UP
      • Your Hi-Score as well as the number of points needed to get to another life is are located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Game Modes
    • Single Player
      • Single Player is the only game mode in New Rally-X™. In Single Player you control a blue car and attempt to stay alive for as long as possible while racking up a hi-score by picking up flags and avoiding obstacles.
        • Objects
          • Blue Car
            • This is the car you control and use to pick up flags and complete stages.
          • Red Car
            • This is the car the enemies use. They will do everything to stop you. If you run into one of these cars you will lose one life.
          • Flags
            • There are three types of flags:
              • Generic Flag:
                • The is the ordinary flag that you will pick up, but will only earn you 100 points with no bonuses. Each consecutive flag’s points will increase by 100 points if you can collect them without losing a life.
              • Special Flag:
                • Collecting a Special Flag will double the point value of all remaining flags on the stage. These flags are marked with the letter ’S’.
              • Lucky Flag:
                • Collecting a Lucky Flag will earn you bonus points depending on the amount of fuel remaining in your tank.
          • Fuel
            • Fuel is the only resource that can keep your car going. Fuel diminishes as time goes on and when it runs out your car will slow down and eventually stop when out of fuel. Other factors that will decrease the amount of fuel you have is using Smoke Screen.
          • Smoke Screen
            • Pressing the A Button releases some Smoke Screen. Red cars will spin for a certain amount of time when they run into the Smoke Screen. Fuel diminishes every time Smoke Screen is deployed. Another way for red cars to slow down is when they drive into each other.
          • Number of Lives
            • You begin with a total of 3 lives. You earn an extra life after you have earned 20,000 points, and a second extra life after 100,000 points. You can lose lives if you run into rocks or get caught by a red car.
          • Rocks
            • Rocks are the main obstacle in New Rally-X™. Be cautious of them on each stage because you never know where they may be!
  • Leaderboards: View the Leaderboards from the Main Menu to see how your scores compare to the rest of the world or just your friends!
  • Achievements: There are 12 total achievements worth 200 total points.
      • Clear Round 4 – Clear Round 4 (10)
      • Clear Round 8 – Clear Round 8 (20)
      • Clear Round 12 – Clear Round 12 (25)
      • Clear Round 16 – Clear Round 16 (30)
      • No-Miss (Round 7) – Clear the first 7 rounds without losing a life! (40)
      • Extend – Score 20,000 points and gain an extra life (10)
      • Double Extend – Score 100,000 points and gain a second extra life (20)
      • Special Flag – Collect the Special flag (5)
      • Special Flag First – Collect the Special Flag before collecting any other flag! (10)
      • No-Miss Special Flag – Collect the Special Flag before collecting another flag and
      • finish the stage without losing a life! (15)
      • Lucky Flag – Collect the Lucky Flag (5)
      • Fuel Bonus – Collect a Lucky Flag with more than half fuel remaining (10)
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Q: How much does New Rally-X™ cost?
    • A: 400 MP.
    • Q: When was this game released?
    • A: New Rally-X was originally made back in 1981, but was released to the Marketplace on December 27, 2006.
    • Q: Who developed New Rally-X™?
    • A: Bandai Namco Games
    • Q: What options are there for downloadable content?
    • A: Well, besides the game itself along with the trial version, there is a picture pack for purchase which contains 10 pictures of game illustrations for 160 MP.
    • Q: What is the game rated?
    • A: Everyone 10 and older.
    • Q: Any extra goodies that come along with a purcase?
    • A: Yes, once you have purchased the game there is one gamerpicture which will automatically download to your console memory device.
  • Helpful Links

If you have any comments, questions, or response to my FAQ let me know. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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