Daily News Roundup: April 17, 2009

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Rumor Killers: GTA V announced? New Gran Turismo 5 info and the Zune HD

TGR takes a look at the rumors of the week, and separates fact from fantasy.

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PSP beats out the DSi in Japan

The newest model of the DS was beat out in sales last week, as its arch nemesis took the reigns in Japan. It was a fierce battle between the DSi and its rival, the PSP with the latter winning in total sales last week by only 213 units.

In the console war, PS3 is still on top in Japan with 16,701 units last week. The Nintendo Wii came in 2nd with 13,349 units sold, and the 360 sold 10,134 units. Most of the consoles were down in sales for the week, but the Xbox 360 actually sold 2,000 more than last week.


Midway targets $30 Million

Midway has been in the news for awhile about their economic troubles, and it seems like Midway may have accepted their fate. Midway is looking at a target price of $30 million. Midway is also open to sell their property individually or together, which means that Mortal Kombat and other franchises will be open for bids from any interested party.

Midway has been a huge video game publisher for a long time and is close to many gamer’s hearts. Let’s just hope Mortal Kombat doesn’t fizzle out.

Madworld for Wii Only Sells 66,000 in the US

Madworld was released by Sega and Platinum Games’ on March 10th of this year, and has only sold 66,000 units thus far. Of course, 66,000 games isn’t a horrible number, but it seems quite low for a big title like Madworld.

There haven’t been too many M-rated games for the Wii, and this may have a huge effect on M-rated games being released for the platform. We will just see what the future holds for Nintendo M-rated games.

100,000 Gamers Pirate Demigod

Stardock, developer of Demigod, has released information that 100,000 people have pirated the game already, next to the 18,000 of legitimate users using the title.

The developer went on to say they weren’t really happy with what was going on, and how it would take a lot of time to try to isolate the pirated versions.

It seems to be a disappointing start for the new game, but Demigod was released on April 14, 2009 meaning there is still plenty of time for it to grow in sales. It will be released in Europe on May 29, 2009 for PC as well.

Help Wanted has Gone Gold, Release Date Revealed

Hudson’s latest mini-game video game has gone gold, and is ready to go. Help Wanted is to supposed to be some fantastic fun with tons of mini games.

Sabine Duvall, Hudson Vice President of Product Development said, “If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a sushi master, a boat captain, a body builder, and save the world all in one day, this is the game for you.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always wanted to be sushi master. Particularly one with a boat, who saves the world.

For more information about Help Wanted by Hudson, you can visit Blend Games. Help Wanted will be released on May 12th of this year for the Nintendo Wii.

Reggie says New Big Titles are on the Way

With all the rumors evolving around Nintendo and E3 about a new major title being released, everyone has been looking Nintendo’s way. Well now, there has been a little more development to this story.

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, has announced that Nintendo has a number of new titles that are coming to the Wii and DS. This is sure to bring smiles to Nintendo fan’s faces, and even more rumors.

TGR will keep you up to date if there is any more news on Nintendo’s mysterious “big titles.”

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