Daily News Roundup: April 24, 2009

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Rumor Killers: Uncharted 2 Multiplayer? Star Ocean IV PS3? New Star Wars Game?
TGR announces the rumors of the week, and decides if they are EVER going to happen.

Space Trader: Moon Madness iPhone Game Review
Nick takes a look at the game Space Trader: Moon Madness, and tells us if we should be bustin’ it out on our iPhones.

Battlefield 1943’s Shockingly Low Price Announced
Well, Battlefield 1943’s sales are about to go through the roof based on the new price it is being offered at.

Other news from around the net…

Guitar Hero: Van Halen Announced?
Guitar Hero has numerous titles, and two of them have revolved around the music of specific bands. Now, according to Kotaku, Guitar Hero: Van Halen has been listed for preorder on the official website.

The newest Guitar Hero, although not officially announced, will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Wii on July 28th, according to Kotaku. And if you are wondering, Gamestop has removed the preorder for the game.

Madden 10 Cover Athletes Announced

There has been much speculation about what athlete would get the honor of being on the cover of Madden 10. The game is scheduled for an August 14th release date, but until now we haven’t known who would have the honors.

The cover will feature Troy Polomalu of the Pittsburg Steelers and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals.

They both will be featured on the cover of the game, which marks another occasion. Madden has never had two players on their cover.

Madden 10 will be featured on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. It should be mentioned that the Wii will have a completely different art design than the Polomalu/Fitzgerald cover feature on the 360/PS3 version.

Guild Wars sells 6 million

4 years ago, Guild Wars hit the PC, and it hasn’t been the same. Everyone will be able to see this now because after four years, the game has sold over six million copies worldwide. Although this is quite a big number of sales, the news comes days before the four year mark. What a sweet birthday present.


PS3 Remains on Top in Japan

Every friday, TGR likes to bring you the sales report from Japan, and the last few fridays the PS3 has dominated in Japan with the Wii not far behind. This week also has the PS3 on top as Advent Children was released, and this helped the PS3 win again.

The release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Blu-ray was released this week along with a Final Fantasy XIII demo that came with it. This likely had something to do with the 42,000 unit spike the PS3 had since last week landing it at 62,527 units. This was the top of the consoles in Japan. The other consoles were no where near the PS3 with the Wii at 13,221 units and the Xbox 360 at 8,652 units.

PS3 Perks for Batman: Arkham Asylum

With tons of exclusive DLC for the Xbox 360, it looks like PS3 is trying to fire back with an exclusive of their own in Batman Arkham Asylum. While the game is for PS3 and Xbox 360, one player will only be playable on the PS3 only.

Of course, you can play as Batman on both the games, but what about the villian? Joker, the king of criminals in Gotham City, will be a playable character if you get the PS3 version of the game.

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