Daily News Roundup: April 28, 2009

Today on TGR…
Marvel vs Capcom 2 is Finally Announced
Capcom has officially announced the release of the world clashing fighter Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, saving many gamers from dropping $70 for it at their local Gamestop.

VBG: The British Gaming Industry Musical
What would happen if British game developers were represented only in song? This article.

Elsewhere on the Internet…
Atomic Games Surprised by "Fallujah" Cancellation
According to VG247, Atomic Games (developers of the recently canceled Six Days in Fallujah) were just as surprised as everyone else when Konami pulled out as publisher. Atomic Games said that "development of the game had been progressing very well and on schedule," and that “we would very much like the opportunity to complete the game.” However, they refused to comment when asked about the possibility of a new publisher for Six Days in Fallujah.

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Canceled?

Joystiq reports that the Polish website Polygamia is saying that the upcoming The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf for home consoles has gotten the ax. Developers CD Projekt were unable to confirm the rumor, and Atari, who is supposed to be publishing the game later this year, also had no comment to make on The Witcher’s status.

Dead Rising 2 will Have Multiplayer
According to Eurogamer, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune has confirmed that the upcoming Dead Rising 2 will include an online multiplayer mode. Inafune was unable to confirm what type of mode exactly Capcom has in mind for the zombie-murdering sequel, but it’s likely some sort of co-op option might be in the works.

Resident Evil Remake Destined for Nintendo Wii in June
Missed Resident Evil when it was released on Playstation, PC, Saturn and then on the Nintendo Gamecube? If so, you’re in luck because, according to Eurogamer, Capcom is remaking the original Resident Evil for the Nintendo Wii under the new name Resident Evil Archives. Graphically, Resident Evil Archives looks similar to the remake for the Nintendo Gamecube.

New WoW Patch Brings Missing Content
The latest patch for the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft landed this morning and brings some new goodies and changes for those still reeling after the massive 3.1 update earlier this month. In addition to improved graphics for aspects of the Argent Tournament, gamers will also get to enjoy the brand new in-game Equipment Manager (which is more or less the same thing as the Outfitter mod which has been around for…forever).

Author: mark_fujii