Call of Juarez Preview

Call of Juarez
Written by xTheGunslingerx
Published by CroTech

“No, this aint Gun, I have prettier hair than the guy in that game.”

The year is 1882; the hero: Ray McCall, a once a feared gunslinger, now a dedicated Reverend. But as the bible teaches, those who dwell on the past are forever destined to repeat it, and that makes it a sad day for Ray McCall. Imagine yourself as Ray, long ago you laid down your hard calibers, and have since sought remorse for your life of crime and the lives you’ve taken; following a new life of hope and repentance with God, over the horrors of your past. Today, you visit your brother Thomas and his lovely wife. But when you arrive at his house, something is unsettling. The doors are askew, and world seems silent. Entering the house, you find your brother brutally murdered, his wife lying in a pool of her own blood. And standing in the room, looking over all of this is your nephew, Billy Candle. Without hesitation, he runs as you observe the aftermath of his brutal massacre. To give your brother justice, no distance will stop you from catching Billy, time is all that the boy will have and with you on his trail now, that time is running short. And God said: “Vengeance is mine.”

“Don’t bother me, I’m reading.”

Now imagine yourself as someone else; someone more desperate, and more dangerous than the gunslinger Ray McCall. Imagine yourself as a teenager, never knowing who your real father is, constantly being mocked for your mixed heritage. On top of that your step father is a cold hard man, and he beats you often. Growing up in the west, you heard tales, and stories of gold caverns and hidden treasures. One treasure in particular; an ancient myth of Aztec gold catches your interest. Running away from your life of pain, you seek a life of riches. Years pass, and all your labors have brought you is more disappointment. Returning home to see your mother again, you find her and your step father in pools of blood on the floor of their home. You mother had scribbled a message on the floor in her blood as she was dying. “Call of Juarez” is all the cryptic message says. While noticing this message someone walks into the house; maybe the killer? You turn to see your step father’s brother, Reverend Ray McCall. Without thinking, you run; once more trying to put a terrible past to your back. Now on the run, you must find a way to prove your innocence, find the killer(s), and decipher the message of blood left by your mother.

Call of Juarez is an epic western shooter. You will as you imaged, take the roll of both Ray McCall, and Billy Candle. The story is played in several chapters, which will switch off between the two main characters.

“Say hello to my big friend.”

Call of Juarez is developed by Techland, the same developers who are creating the stunning visual mercenary shooter Warhound, which will be released later this fall. Call of Juarez has been signed over to Ubisoft by developer Techland for its North American debut, on both the Xbox 360, and PC. Having already been published for PC in Europe last September, this new publication of the game will include a whole new online multiplayer setup and features, including standard death match, offensive/defensive scenarios, and co-op modes. The Call will be heard this June; time to saddle up trailheads.

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