Marvel Expanded Alliance: New characters to become unveiled in 360 adventure

Marvel’s Expanded Alliance: New characters to become unveiled in 360 adventure
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When Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was released to the public, it garnered positive reviews by fans and critics alike. Players were especially eager for the opportunity to play as nearly every character in the Marvel universe, from the popular X-men to lesser-known individuals such as Ghost Rider and Blackheart. This wish was granted, as players guided perhaps the largest assortment of heroes in gaming history on a quest to defeat the evil Dr. Doom and save the universe.

The adventure had many positive qualities, namely a wide variety of locales, superb use of special abilities, and cooperative play; as four heroes were on the screen at any given time, it gave up to four players the chance to experience the world through the eyes of a Marvel hero.

“Quit being cry babies you’re everybody’s heroes.”

It was perhaps this aspect that caused players to clamor for more content; in particular, individuals wanted the opportunity to play as popular villains in the Marvel Universe. To them, having the opportunity to create havoc as magneto or carnage would be just as enjoyable as traversing through terrain as spider-man or wolverine.

Activision, the makers of this adventure, is willing to fulfill this wish for its players, giving them access to downloadable content that will expand the already large cast of playable characters. They plan to include new heroes such as Cyclops, Night crawler, the Hulk, and Hawkeye, but more significantly, new villains such as Venom, Magneto, and most importantly, Dr. Doom, the main antagonist of the adventure. These new characters bring varying special moves into the adventure; for instance, Night crawler has the ability to attack with swords and the special power of teleportation, while Magneto has the power to use magnetism to move metal objects and create shields of protection.

“I’m sorry I just farted right on both of you and it truly burns”

Unlike most cheats whose impact is not felt throughout the adventure, the downloaded pack will alter the adventure to accommodate these circumstances. This is made clear in the expanded list of achievements. Players can earn points for having Dr. Doom speak to himself, or for having Professor X converse with his old nemesis, Magneto.

While new characters are the only addition in this new pack, their inclusion will surely satisfy Marvel diehards. When it becomes available, it will definitely become a Marvel-ous addition to anyone’s collection.

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