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Member Spotlight: Master Toppo
Written by XTheGreyGhostX
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He is a 13 year old gamer, who like all Brits, loves football, cricket, and his 360. When he isn’t trying to kick my ass in Call Of Duty 3 (and failing I might add lol), he is busy at work on staff at Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ben.

Ben Topliss a.k.a “Master Toppo”

XTheGreyGhostX: Thanks for getting a chance to talk to us Ben.

Master Toppo: It’s absolutely fine, thank you for taking your time out to be with me.
XTheGreyGhostX: It’s my pleasure. Lets get started shall we? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Master Toppo: Well I’m Ben Topliss, better known as Master Toppo on the forums, or my nickname, Toppo, which orignated from my last name Topliss ( Yes, I get topless a lot) And I am the resident english guy at myarcade. I am relitively young being thirteen, I enjoy sports like football (soccer), rugby, and cricket. I came across myarcade through the community and my freind crotech, and love hanging out there. I am a Junior Xbox Journalist over here, but I work behind the scenes with games databases as well.

XTheGreyGhostX: Awesome stuff. Ok, next question. When you are not gaming, what do you like to do for fun?

Master Toppo: Well in the rare possibility that I am not playing my one and only 360, I enjoy going out with my freinds, either going to the local town centre, or playing football down at the field. I am a avid football fan and on a Sunday you can find me playing football for my local team, Clee Wanderers. We are currently top of our league table and are doing well in all cups and competitions, so I’m absolutely loving it at the moment. Then when I’m settled in at home you can usually find me mingling with the community on the forums I participate in, especially Myarcade.

XTheGreyGhostX: Congrats on being at the top of your league. Let’s continue. What’s your least favorite celebrity and why?

Master Toppo: hmmmm great question…. I would have to say, Paris Hilton. Where do I start. I’m a firm believer in hard work to get you somewhere and Paris Hilton doesn’t even know what the word means. She walks from bar to nightclub getting drunk night and day with her pal Lindsay Lohan – Who I also dislike, a lot – and she looks so smug about it. I hate her guts.

XTheGreyGhostX: Personally, I would have to agree with you on that one lol. What person you would most like to meet?
Master Toppo: Again, great question…. hmmmm….. 1 sec, thinking lol…. I would say, Owen Hargreaves, a football player who plays for England, and a German team some of you may have heard of, Bayern Munich. I’ve always been a huge fan of him ever since he first joined Bayern Munich, I love his no-nonsence, energised style of play. I also play midfield for my team and I’m pretty much very similar to him, he runs everywhere, blimey this man could walk for days, he never gives up and he’s as strong as an ox. He had a fantastic world cup for England, and for all the huge stars we have and the overpaid men, I think Owen was the unsung hero of the tournament, he was in my opinion the best player we had. He also wants to join the team I support, Manchester United, which furthers my admiration in him. I also read his column on, he’s a very intelligent and forth minded man.

XTheGreyGhostX: I don’t follow English football, but he sounds like an awesome person. If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?
Master Toppo: lol you have amazing questions…. erm…… Most probably New Zealand. Lord of the rings was set there, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful, and it seems such a nice, trainquil place to go. My cousin also moved there and loved it, it’s an amazing place.
XTheGreyGhostX: Yes. It’s very beautiful there. I would go there to look for hobbits lol. When you’re not gaming or here on the forums, what TV shows do you like to watch?

Master Toppo: Well at the moment I am really getting into the yanks shows like 24 and Lost. I have watched every single Lost so far and feel I’ve come to far to give it up so cheaply. It’s finally giving us a few answers as well!! But I really enjoy good old british shows you have probably never heard of, like Little Britain, a comedy show, this show called skins, and a few others. 24 is gripping me at the moment, so that is probably my favorite.

XTheGreyGhostX: Polar Bears on a tropical island? Who would have thought that was possible! What’s your favorite game of all time?

Master Toppo: Wow good question. I’ve played many a title over my thirteen long years on this Earth, be it halo or Gears of war. However I think my favorite game has to be the game that started it all. Banjo Kazzoie. It was Christmas and my mum got me a Nintendo 64, and I played it to death. The memories of jumping around trying to find them golden rings will last a lifetime, and the news that it was coming to the xbox 360 later this year made me so happy. Not the best game in the world, but defiantly the funnest.

XTheGreyGhostX: I played that game too. I think I still have gold rings burned into my eyes lol. What would you like to see happen to gaming in general?

Master Toppo: Well personally I think nothing needs to happen. Great consoles like the 360 provide you with amazing games like gears of war and crackdown, and amazing graphics that 20 years ago would have been outrageous. You have amazing guys that come together and talk about the very games like myarcade, you have a fantastic service in the way of xbox live, which is beyond my wildest dreams. I would however like to see a stricter policy in place for immature kids, I try to banish that misconception myself but some kids just go to far sometimes with racist slurs etc. But gaming at the minute is amazing; I don’t see how it could be improved.

XTheGreyGhostX: Well said, next question. Where do you see yourself in ten years, and what are you doing?

Master Toppo: Well preferably I would like to see myself in a massive house in a beautiful place in the UK, with a wife and kids, I would like to live in Manchester or some place like Wales, just somewhere really scenic. I would like to work as a physio for a big sports club and slowly work my way up the ranks. I would still like to keep in touch with all my freinds here and if myarcade turned into a job maybe we could do that, I just want to be happy rather then loaded with money.

XTheGreyGhostX: Ok. Our last questions and then you can go to bed lol. What changes would you like to see made here at

Master Toppo: I’d just like to see loads more members come over here at make this place an even better site then it already is. I would like sneaky to become my forum whore (working on it) and xthegreyghostx, yes the xthegreyghostx, I would like to see him actually beat me at cod 3. But nothing really needs changing, its a great site to grace everyday.

p.s id like to be in the podcast (hint, hint nudge, nudge)

XTheGreyGhostX: Alright. Thanks a lot for chatting with us today.

Master Toppo: Thanks XTheGreyGhostX for asking me these questions today, and thanks for taking your time out to read my interview. I really enjoyed it and refer all your friends so you can make myarcadeplanet the best site around!! Thanks everyone.

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