3D Ultra Minigolf Adventure Guide

3D Ultra™ Minigolf Adventure Guide

3D Ultra™ Minigolf Adventure

Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Wanko Studios
Rated: E
Players: 1-4
Online: Leaderboards | 2-4 multiplayer | Download Content
Released: 4/18/07
Cost: 800 Marketplace Points.
1) Premises
2) FAQ
3) Power Ups
4) Course guide and “Medals” location
5) Achievements

**This guide is presented as is and to the best of my abilities and knowledge. If I have made any mistakes in the creation or content of this guide, please correct me to allow for better aid to future gamers**


Time to grab your club, hit the green, and tare up some courses. 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventure is now available to download in the marketplace for 800 MkpP. Featuring 36 different holes from 3 courses. And 4 playable characters with a variety of outfits and golf ball decals. Minigolf is taken to a new level in this adventure. From putting under the barraging swings of the Pirate Ship rides at the Carnival, to teeing off an asteroid belt. This is one adventure you won’t want to miss. But the games doesn’t end there. Minigolf Adventure also features a custom course editor, where gamers can now create and play on their own minigolf courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you play with a created map online?
A. After creating a course it must be saved to your console. When you’re ready to take it online, go to the Xbox Live section and select Private Match. From there select “Custom”. In Custom you may select any of the courses you’d like to play in a tournament setting. At the very bottom is the custom course(s) you created.

Q. What are the “Medals”?
A. Medals are “somewhat” hidden objects appearing on a few of the levels. There are 4 medals for each of the 3 themes. Western, Space, and Carnival. See the course guide for Medal locations.

Q. How do I play split-screen without assigning a controller to each player?
A. Sadly this is the only way to play multiplayer. You cannot use one controller for all profiles.

Q. Why didn’t I get my win an “Open Champion” achievement?
A. You must win the match of course. Some gamers have experienced a delayed accreditation of this achievement though, so don’t fret, just enjoy your games.

Q. What are the different control schemes?
A. There are 3 control settings.
Hold and Release:
Press down on the A button to increase your force. Let go when ready to hit the ball.
3 Clicks:
Press A to run up the force meter. Press A again to stop it. Press A once more for the direction bias.
Analog Put:
Pull back the Right thumb-stick until you reach the force you wish to use, then push the same thumb-stick in the direction of the hole.
*Personally I find Hold and release or 3 Clicks to be much more accurate. Force is very sensitive in this game; the Analog option is the lease accurate in applying this.

Power Ups:

Will make your ball larger. A rarely used power up with little purpose, but on the levels it’s noticed for it will help in having your ball travel rather difficult paths when being used.

Blow:Blow, of course is the opposite of vacuum hole. Pushing objects further away from its vicinity.

Bomb: An excellent weapon power up; Bomb is a key ability in Multiplayer modes. Bomb will cause your ball to explode shortly after being activated. Placed next to an opponents ball, this will ensure they fall a step or two behind on your game.

Electric shock:Similar to Bomb, Electic Shock will also explode nearby balls once activated.

Gives your ball a slight push, Fireball ignites your ball, and leave a short trail of fire in its wake.

Free Shot:
Free Shot will deduct a put from your shots once acquired. A good way to make up for missing a hole in one.

Glue: Ready to slow down the competition? Glue leave a trail of …well glue of course, in your balls wake once activated. The substance will slow down and often stop any ball which crosses it.

Oil, similar to glue, leaves a trail of oil in your balls wake. Making the hole a slippery slope for the completions balls. Maybe not a way to play nice, but if you have a larger handicap on a hole than someone it can help even the playing field.

Shield:Shield will protect your ball from the barrage of other power ups which the completion is using to their advantage. No it does not protect you from 1337 5k*11.

Spring:A cleaver power up, spring can be used to jump over obstacles, or trailing power ups left be the other players. Spring is a good example of a power up to hang on to into he next level. It can be used to skip right over to the green on a few holes.

Vacuum Hole:
This power up will pull balls within a nearby vicinity into the hole itself. Sadly small ramps may prevent this pull.

Course Guide and Medal Locations:

***Tournament tip***. If you’re having trouble with a hole in the single player, and know you can make the hole in one, leave the game, and then continue the tournament, this will set you back a the last hole you where on, with the default swings. (zero).~The holes are listed in alphabetical order.~

Barrel Blast: Par 3
Aim for the center barrel; use a force just passing into light green. Now you’ll be positioned right in front of the ramp. Go max, and the ball will be fired into the hole.

Bulls Eye: Par 2
For hole in one pull back until yellow; aiming straight ahead at the target(ramp). The ball will nail the target, fall back to the grass for the hole and be directed into a hole in one.*Old West Medal*
:Located directly behind the shack at in the first half of the hole.

Bump N’ Run: Par 2
Keep straight; aiming for the flag. Use only a slight tap, so don’t use anything stronger than mid green to get a hole in one.*Carnival Medal*
: Directly behind the flag, after the two hills with fans is the medal.

Bumper Cars: Par 3
Aim right for the hole. Watch the yellow light on the sign above the tee (you’ll likely need to zoom out a bit for this). When the light goes out, hit the ball at a force of mid-light green. If you hit the ball while the light it is out, you should clear the cars, and make a hole in one.

Dead Man’s Creek: Par 3
Aim for the path that curves behind the black stump up on the left. Use a force that just goes into the red. If you use too much force you’ll be knocked into the water at the log bridge. Another helpful option is to use a medium pitch at the end wall on the right; this will bounce the ball at the “Free Shot” and you can make it on an Eagle. *Old West Medal*
:Located behind the black stump on the left.

Danger Canyon: Par 2
Aiming for the Vacuum Hole power up, pull to max swing. The curved wall will guide the ball up to the green, and the Vacuum Hole should drag it in for a Hole in one.

Duck Shot: Par 2
Best I can offer is par. The hole in one is much trickier, you need to jut aim straight, use a force of quarter light green, or boarder line; so as the ball will drift down the hill and not over shoot the hole.

Gopher Smack: Par 3
Aim straight ahead at the first and center Gopher. Behind this create is the hole you want to hit, so use a force of yellow to orange to clear the first hole and land in this back one for a hole in one.

Graveyard Shift: Par 3
Aim for the last tombstone on the left. Use a force of at least half-light green to make sure you’re lined up in front of the flag. Doing this will also snatch up the “Free Shot” sitting in front of the open grave so you can score an Eagle. *Old West Medal*
:At the tee, turn to your right looking at the churh, the medal is by the fence.

Hotel Hideaway: Par 2
A typical straight shoot, but be careful the double ramps and scorpion can cause trouble. I find rebounding off the Vacuum Hole power up, or straight to the back helps for the Hole in one.

Laseriffic: Par 3
If you’re playing the tournament, you likely had the hole “Teleporter” before this one. If so acquiring the second “Sping” power up will help in this level. Simply look at the flag, and use a force of border light green. Jump the barrier, and you can make a hole in one. Another options is to use a max swing aimed at the left corner beyond the laser, the ricochet should send the ball to the next corner, and the max force will be enough to put it on the green.

Loop Da Loop: Par 3
Aim towards the right side of the tube, and then pull off a bit so you will not run against the side. Use a force of orange to mid red. If done correctly the ball will drop off of the ceiling of the tube as it passes the peak, and hit the “Vacuum Hole” power up hidden within. And award you with a hole in one. If you miss this, you can still take a birdie.

Pinball: Par 2
Use a force of at least mid yellow to simply knock the ball into the pinball machine. Now use the B button to operate the bumpers. Your goal is to land the ball into the glowing yellow par on the top left. This bar will active the next pipe, and once you lose the ball it will be direct to the hole in on rather than the second pipe which will leave you at par.

Pirate Ship: Par 3
Use a force of quarter to mid light green; aim straight. The key is to have the ball rest underneath the path of the swinging pirate ship. There is a hole which will give you your hole in one.

Pistons: Par 4
Aim for the slanted wall behind the first piston. Use a max swing. If the wind doesn’t disturb the ball as it passed towards the next piston, the ball will ricochet again, and go for a hole in one. If not, you should land close to the purple tube which will direct you to the hole for an Eagle.

Planetoid: Par 4
Keep your force under quarter light green. Anything higher will knock the ball into orbit, and you’ll jut circle the planet an inch or feet off the surface until it claims out of bounds. Keep straight, and use a force running right up to Light green. I’m sorry I don’t have the hole in one scenario on this one.

Prairie Dogs: Par 2
Aim for the small path to the left which leads directly to the hole. Now this can be a hard hole in one, but at long as you aim for this path, and use a force of quarter light green you can easily make it in on two.

Railroad Car: Par 4
To get a hole in one you need to time your spring. Aim to the off-left side of the “Spring” power up. Use a force just moving into light green. Spring over the first obstacle. Now if you where aiming correctly and spring the obstacle in time, the next ramp will drop your golf ball onto the ramp with the barrel and shovel at the end. This will give you your hole in one. If the ball misses this target though, you’ll at least be on the green for an Eagle.

Rolling Tube: Par 3 Timing is the key again. Wait for the hole to reach 10-11 o’clock. (Rotation wise). Then wind up your swing, and release as soon as it passes 3-4 o’clock. If done correcyl you’ll manage to catch the hole and make a hole in one.*Carnival Medal”
:On the ramp behind the tube, next to the Vacuum Hole power up is the next carnival medal.

Rocketman: Par 3
For a hole in one look the small crooked point on your right; where the planet makes a tiny archway. Shoot into this arch with a force of end-light green/yellow. The ball will be pushed into a giant crater that launches the ball into the ship in one shot.*Space Medal*
:The medal is above a crater in the center of the map in front of the spaceship. Soom out to see it. Now to get the medal, knock the ball into the crater it’s above. This crater will shoot the ball up and get the medal.

Saloon Brawl: Par 3
Facing the Saloon, aim for the entrance. Only apply a force of just going into the light green to make sure it passes through. Otherwise you’ll hit the door, or the snake will catch it.

Skeeball: Par 3
The pipe at the top of the ramp resembles a Mickey Mouse head. So for a hole in one, aim for one of the ears, and use a force of orange. Do not go into the red.*Carnival Medal*
:Using a force of orange, aim between the two heads ears above the head(center circle) for the medal.

Slippery Slope: Par 2
The Scorpion usually messes this one up. You can shoot against the wall to your right, going just into the light green. This will pitch the ball into the other curved wall and onto the wooden side path for a hole in one. If you don’t want to risk the scorpion or taking the long way; apply only a force of half-green to get the ball onto the landing with the scorpion. Now you can shoot right onto the wooden path next to the snake for a par.

Space Bar: Par 4 To get a hole in one, use a force of mid-end light green’ aiming for the red ring in front of you. If you get the ball into this red ring, you get the hole in one. *Space Medal*
:Behind the section with the red ring, and to the left of the fan. Simply tee of with a low force, the ball will miss the red ring, roll next to a “Blow” power up. Not in front of you on your left is the fan, but behind the first left corner before that fan is the space medal.

Spinner: Par 3
Watch the glowing sign. Notice the pattern of the lights? Once the Red arrow lights up, signaling that the yellow flag will light up next, shoot the ball with at least a mid light green swing. If you landed in the spinner while the yellow flag was lit, the spinner will stop on the flag, drop the ball into a tube that will give you a hole in one.*Carnival Medal*
:Watching the lights again, make sure you get the ball in as the light switches to the “right arrow”. The medal is sitting on the steps to the right exit.

Stack the Deck: Par 3
Like Spinner, Stack the Deck is another light sensitive hole. Time the shot so you can pass through the archway as the light turns to the Green Clover. Use a force of at least mid-light green to make sure you can catch it before changing as well. This will give you a hole in one.

Teleporter: Par 4
Aim for the “Spring” power up. You have two options. Both can leave you with an Eagle, but one chances a hole in one. The first; shoot the with a power of mid-light green. And bounce the first barrier. This will launch you over the second as well, and put you on the green. Option two: use less than a quarter light green force, and jump the first barrier. You’ll land in the center track and roll towards the next spring power up, plus a purple tube. If done correctly you’ll roll right into the purple tube, and be fired out for a hole in one.*Space Medal*
:Get into the purple tube, once fired out you’ll hit the space medal which is floating by the green.

Tipi Camp: Par 4. Aim just to the right of the “Spring” power up, and use a force just starting at red. The curved wall should direct the ball into the tipi which will launch it over the fireplace and in for a hole in one leaving you with the “Spring” power up for the next hole.

Train Station: Par 3
Aim for the “Ballgrow” power up. Use a force of mid light green, and try to aim straight up the ramp. The ball will grow, catch on the bars, and be guided to the hole for a hole in one.

Tubular: Par 4
Look to your left, and notice the light blue panel of this wall which stands out the most? Hit the left half of this section with a force of quarter-mid light green. The ricochet must land the ball in front of the middle and tube for a hole in one. You can always take an Eagle though, to put yourself in front of this tube and than drop in on the hole.*Space Medal*
:To get this medal you want to end up on the green. Just don’t go for the hole in one, take another pipe, and get onto the green the long way. Next to the hole is a pipe you can travel up which will take you to the space medal.

Turntables: Par 4
A very tricky map. The notches in the tables will disturb the path of your shot, so use a force of mid-end light green, and aim straight for the flag. If your shot skips the hole, the force should at least put it back up the ramp and onto the green for an Eagle.

Two Planets: Par 2 Aim right for the flag. If you use a max hit you’ll hit the planet, however just shy of full max, but staying in the red increases the chance of landing within the inner circle, or hole in one.

Water Tower: Par 3
Hold for a force of quarter light green, aiming directly into the pipe. This will ensure a hole in one.*Old West Medal*
:Once launched into the pipe, the ball will be directed to the hole, and hit the floating medal as it drops.

Wind Tunnel: Par 4
Aim for the slanted corner to your left. Looking dead center of this slanted panel, hit the left half of it. Use a max force. The force will send the ball to it’s opposite turn, where the series of fans will take over and push the ball to the hole. This does not always end in a hole in one, but using the left half of the first slanted wall will bring it closer if not give you the hole in one.


Master Groundsman: (10) create and save a custom map.Ace: (20) Get a “Hole in 1” 6x on Travel or Explorer course.Master Traveler: (20) Finish Travel course in -4 par or lower.Master Explorer: (20) Finish Explorer course in -4 par or lower.Rookie Adventure: (20) Complete the holes: Prairie Dogs, Gopher Smack and Planetoid in tournament.Seasoned Swinger: (20) Complete both Traveler and Explorer Course within level par or lower.Minigolf Adventurer: (20) Complete both Traveler and Explorer Courses in -12 par or lower.Carnival Treasure Hunter: (10) Collect all Classic Carnival medals.Outer Space Treasure Hunter: (10) Collect all Outer space medals.Old West Treasure Hunter: (10) Collect all Old West medals.Open Champion: (20) Win an online tournament.Host with the Most: (20) Host 3 online games.

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