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Alex Malex

It’s well known that H-A-L-O is now spelled C-A-$-H. The ring of death has eclipsed the comic entertainment monolith, Marvel. Last July Marvel published the hit Halo Graphic Novel, which featured four short stories taking place within the Halo-verse (Halo Universe). Sales were higher than expected, as it appealed to both gaming fans and comic readers alike. Now Microsoft and Marvel are back it, pairing up as a deadly duo to create a monthly comic issue of Halo.

During February’s Comicon in New York City, the news came as a shock. Now little else is know about the project at this time; however, during the announcement it was tantalizingly revealed that artist Alex Maleev, would be pairing up again with writer Brian Michael Bendis to deliver this monthly series.

This man of steel is just getting better by the year.

Comic readers may recognize these two for their four year work on Daredevil volume 2. Bendis’ has also written for most of Marvel’s top selling comic series, including Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-men, New Avengers, and Ultimate Fantastic Four. Some of Alex Maleev’s work may be viewed here. Do note that a few of his projects included suggestive/sexual themes, and nudity. Maleev’s work is noticeable for its dark, often sand-paper-like texture, which generates a strong grungy appearance for the characters.

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