Top Ten Second Bananas

Top Ten Second Bananas…
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Often times, a character other than the protagonist seems to steal the show. We have decided to take time to give these deserving characters the spotlight. We have compiled a list of our top ten video game sidekicks of all time.

Diddy Kong

10. Diddy Kong by Sonford Angeles

Diddy has always been eager to help Donkey Kong in any way he could. Although his original task was simply guarding Donkey’s bananas, it quickly grew much more complicated. He’s traveled the land fighting evil, always by Donkey’s side. He helped whenever prompted, no task was too small. Diddy never questioned him, and he laid his life on the line whenever it was necessary. He truly is an excellent sidekick.


9. Falco by Sonford Angeles

Sonford Angeles: Although he’s always been second to Fox, Falco is never afraid to lend a hand, and come through for him. Falco plays an important role in each and every one of Fox’s adventures. His cocky attitude gets the best of him from time to time, but one thing’s for sure; he’ll be right next to Fox, carrying him through his toughest missions for as long as he can. And that’s why he’s a star sidekick.


8. Yoshi by Soapy

Soapy: Yoshi made his debut in Super Mario World, where he was Mario’s steed and personal mode of transportation. He has starred in titles such as Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Story, but he is usually found going off on an adventure with Mario. Yoshi has made cameo appearances in various games as well. He comes in a variety of colors, but is more often green. Undeniably cute, and always a good friend to have around, Yoshi makes himself useful by eating anything that his super-stretchy tongue can wrap around.


7. Daxter by Nick24444

This furry creature, once rather small and apparently unpopular (except to his friend Jak), fell into a pool of Dark Eco and reemerged as a small furry ottsel. He is powerless, and is also rather devoid of bravery, being of a sort to run from danger as opposed to taking it on, unless it involves impressing a beautiful woman. Despite this, though, Daxter clung to Jak’s shoulder through many a danger and even took on enemies on his own in his own title, dubbed Daxter, for the PSP. In it he saved a small insect disposal firm from the overly forceful advances of a big business mogul. So, while he may not be overly heroic, when things count he can have as much heroism as any other sidekick. At the end of the first game he even chooses to remain an ottsel as instead of turning back into a human in order to save the world.


6. Navi by Soapy

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Navi, a blue Fairy companion sent by the Great Deku Tree of the Kokiri Forest to help Link on his adventure. Navi hovers around Link to ensure that he knows what he’s doing. Notifying Link when something is of interest, she sometimes changes color to point out a specific spot. She provides Link with invaluable information as they journey together in Ocarina of Time. Her implementation as a sidekick provides one of the best instances of help integrated in the form of a unique companion.


5. Cortana by Cain141

The “artificial” counterpart of Master proves her countenance to be no more artificial than the gamer themselves. Created from flash-cloned tissue of the ingenious Dr. Catherine Hasley, Cortana become Master Chief’s sole companion for much of the Halo story arc. Her vividly humanlike personality makes this AI seem like a person. While she may seem a nontraditional choice, this “Smart AI’s” brilliant mind and sometimes terse responses earn her a place on the list.


4. Miles “Tails” Prower by Jxgamer23

This two-tailed fox was introduced to gamers in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. His special ability included flying, which proved useful to Sonic whenever he needed to escape perilous traps or get the drop on troublesome foes. His personality was always one of tag-along, eager to spend time with his role model. While this viewpoint was considered cute at first, it has since become grating with each successive Sonic entry.

Tails has starred in his own adventures, notably Tails & the Music Maker, Tails’ Sky Patrol, and Tails’ Adventures. Each game, while reviewed favorably, has failed to reach the heights of Sonic’s escapades. These assertions prove that Tails, like Luigi, is probably better off starring alongside his more famous counterpart.

Tails deserves his place on the chart due his experience taking on Robotnik. Besides, Tails is always 100% loyal to Sonic, an honor that has escaped other characters in his universe (Knuckles, Shadow, etc.).


3. Clank by Nick24444

This dapper little robot was designed by the robotics factory that made war machines to save the galaxy. He met up with Ratchet, a Lombax mechanic, before the two of them teamed up to remove Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman (eventually) Drek. The two had some rough spots but eventually sorted things out together and went on to finish the job. As the brains of the outfit, Clank’s intelligence and his practicality provide a foil for Ratchet’s energy and idealism. Clank isn’t just your ordinary holder of the second banana, though. Clank has often got in his own blows by increasing to a massive size and battering down an enemy that Ratchet can’t take on himself.


2. HK-47 by Cain141

While his role in the Knights of the Old Republic Series was shorter than I would have liked, his quick wit and black humor made him a true character. The insatiably sadistic killer has one of the most unique and lively personalities of any robot in a video game. His ruthlessly indignant remarks and sadistic commentary allow him to blast his way past the more “traditional” competition. Winner of the 2004 Game Developer’s Choice Awards “Original Game Character of the Year,” HK-47 perfects the art of subtle, humorous overtones, providing comic relief through his monotonously expressive vocals.


1. Luigi by Jxgamer23

Ever since his inception into the Mario canon in the seminal adventure Super Mario Bros., Luigi has frequently been regarded as a secondary character. This assumption has held true because his character is little more than a palette swap of his brother, which was the case of nearly every Super Mario game released. However, in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, players were treated to characters that contrasted each other; Mario was easier to control but was unable to scale the jumping heights of his brother, Luigi. Since that time, players have regarded Luigi as an important character in the Mario universe.

Luigi received his moment in the spotlight in the release of his adventure titled Luigi’s Mansion, which was a launch title for the Nintendo Gamecube. While the game received favorable reviews, it was never considered an integral part of the Mario annals; it was treated more as a side-story, which could be quickly dismissed. This assertion proved true when Super Mario Sunshine was released; gamers frequently preferred Mario’s escapades to Luigi’s jaunts.

Despite these setbacks, Luigi deserves a place in this compendium for the ways that he complements his younger brother. In the cartoons based on their video game adventures, he is often the voice of reason to Mario’s recklessness. In addition, without Luigi, it would be more challenging for Mario to take on Bowser, Wart, Wario, and other miscreants of the Mushroom Kingdom. Finally, while we are sure that Mario will eventually marry Princess Peach, who will watch over Princess Daisy? Unless Mario clones himself, it will take someone to keep her happy, and that someone is Luigi. While he may be regarded by some as the lesser brother, to others he can be much more.

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