Shivering Isles Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion IV: Shivering Isles Walkthrough Written by Everlast Boxer

Shivering Isles: First Expansion for The Elder Scrolls IV

The Elder Scrolls® IV: Shivering Isles is the official expansion for The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion™, Role-Playing Game (RPG) and Game of the Year for 2006. Now available in Xbox Live® Marketplace, Shivering Isles features more than 30 hours of new gameplay as you are sent to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion—the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness.

Get ready to enter an exciting new world.

Shivering Isles adds to the existing world of Oblivion, so you can continue playing with your existing save game/character, or create an all new character just to explore the new content in Shivering Isles. New creatures, weapons, armor, ingredients, branching quest-lines, and more will await you in the land of Mania and Dementia.

You’ll have to deal with the Gatekeeper.

Enter the world of the Madgod, the Realm of Sheogorath. Inside this torn plane reside the sublimely creative and the completely psychotic. Something is happening to the Shivering Isles and Sheogorath himself looks to you to be his champion and defend his realm and its inhabitants from destruction. Do you have the strength to survive his trials, to tame a realm fraught with paranoia and despair, and wear the mantle of a God?

Prepare for new characters and quests.
The Shivering Isles features a bizarre landscape split between the two sides—Mania and Dementia—filled with vast, twisting dungeons mirroring the roots of the trees they are buried within. Encounter more than a dozen new creatures including hideous insects, Flesh Atronachs, skeletal Shambles, and amphibious Grummites. Throughout your adventure, find all-new items, ingredients, spells, and more, and have the talented craftsmen of Crucible and Bliss forge new armor and weapons just for you.

I. Main Quest Line
II. Side Quests
III. Tips and Hints
IV. New Creatures
V. New Items
VI. Magic
VII. Places
VIII. Stores
IX. Glitches, Bugs, and Achievements
X. Helpful Links
XI. Credits

I. Main Questline

A Strange Door in the Niben Bay:

After beginning the game with the expansion, whether a new game or a loaded save, when twenty-four in-game hours have passed, you will receive a new quest, “A Door in Niben Bay.” Occasionally, it may take longer than 24 hours. The quest update suggests you investigate the rumor that a doorway has appeared on a small island in Niben Bay.

Follow the quest marker. The island is easily visible from the shore. As you approach the island, you should “find” A Strange Door. This island spawns plants native to the Shivering Isles. Also on the island are three people; Gaius Prentus, Belmyne Dreleth, and S’fara. Initially, when you try to open the “Door to the Fringe,” you will not be allowed. Explore for a moment and you will hear a voice calling you, inviting you in. Wait for the monologue to end, and then you may enter.

Inside you will find Haskill seated behind a desk, upon which sits a metronome. He invites you to take the available seat. After your conversation with him, tell him you’ll do it, and the walls will turn into butterflies and fly away.

Through the Fringe of Madness

Go along the road to Passwall. North of Passwall, you’ll find the Gatekeeper of the Fringe guarding the Gates of Madness, one leads to Mania, the other to Dementia. Residents will tell you that the keys to the gates are sewn into the Gatekeeper’s body. Stand with the townspeople and watch the Guardian defeat a small group of adventurers. You’ll receive a quest update suggesting you talk to residents about how to defeat the Gate Keeper.

You can choose to fight him as-is, or you can choose either or both of the following options: Gatekeeper Arrows

When asking about the Gatekeeper, the residents may tell you of Jayred Ice-Veins.If you speak with Jayred to learn that bones from the Gardens of Flesh and Bone made into arrows are extremely effective against the Gatekeeper. Follow him to the Garden, and pick the lock. Help him defeat the enemies. Jayred will collect the bones, and tell you to come back in a few hours for the arrows. When you return, he will have 20 Gatekeeper Arrows for you.

Relmyna’s Tears Speaking with Nanette Don, with a disposition of 70 or better, will reveal that the Gatekeeper is especially susceptible to the tears of its creator, Relmyna, and that she visits it every night around midnight. Eavesdrop on their meeting and you will receive a quest update letting you know that she dropped a handkerchief. Activate the handkerchief to squeeze a few drops into a bottle. You now have 3 doses of Relmyna’s Tears.

With your new help go ahead and defeat the Gatekeeper. After the Gatekeeper has been defeated, take the “Key to Mania” and the “Key to Dementia” off of his body.
Choose your path to New Sheoth, through either Mania or Dementia.
If you choose to enter the door to Mania, you will be granted the Blessing of Mania: Frenzy up to level 12 in 30 feet for 30 seconds.
If you choose to enter the door to Dementia, you will be granted the Blessing of Dementia: Demoralize up to level 12 in 30 feet for 10 seconds on target.

A Better Mouse Trap:

Make your way to New Sheoth. You’ll likely encounter many new creatures along the way. Once you enter New Sheoth, whether it’s by way of Bliss or Crucible, proceed to New Sheoth Palace. Enter the Palace of Sheogorath. You’ll find Haskill standing nearby Sheogorath, seated on a throne. Sheogorath explains that he wants you to stop Jyggalag, the Ruler of the Order, from proceeding with the Greymarch. He wants you to reactivate Xedilian, the method used to deal with unwanted adventurers before the Gatekeeper was created. He gives you a manual to Xedilian, and the Attenuator of Justice. Be sure to speak with Haskill before proceeding, a good idea any time you see him. Travel to Xedilian. When you enter, you’ll receive a quest update activating the “Resonator of Justice.” You must find 3 Focus Crystals and place them into the appropriate Judgment Nexus.

Follow your quest marker to a room full of Grummites. There are buttons next to the doors to open them. After the battle, take the staff from the Grummite to retrieve a Focus Crystal from the top of it. Place it into the Nexus to open the next door. Repeat this procedure for the second and third Focus Crystals.

When all 3 Focus Crystals are in place, make your way to the Resonator of Judgment. Activate it and agree to use the Attenuator of Justice.

Continue on and you encounter Kiliban Nyrandil, which begins the next quest, “Baiting the Trap.”

Baiting the Trap:

Xedilian has visitors!
If you haven’t read the “Manual of Xedilian”, Kiliban Nyrandil can explain what’s going on; you get to decide the fate of these adventurers. Kill them, or make them lose their minds so they can become new citizens of New Sheoth.

Follow Kiliban around to each observation room. At each one, you’ll have the option of “death” or “madness”. After you’ve visited each observation room in Xedilian, follow Kiliban again and you’ll receive all of the items that the adventurers won’t need anymore (this includes the sword Dawnfang/Duskfang and a journal that will automatically be added to your inventory.)

As you leave Xedilian, you’ll be attacked by three mysterious creatures. After they’re defeated, seek out Kiliban and he’ll tell you that they’re Knights of Order. Make your way back to Sheogorath’s Palace to report your progress.

Understanding Madness:

When you report back to Sheogorath after Baiting the Trap, He grants you the ability to summon Haskill. He insists you use this summon spell at least once before he’ll give you another task. He is not a fighter, in fact he simply doesn’t fight, and besides is much too well-dressed to do so. Playfully, Sheogorath will ask you to do it again. After you’ve summoned Haskill a few times, Sheogorath will give you your next task: understanding madness. He wants you to speak with the Duke of Mania, Thadon, and the Duchess of Dementia, Syl.

Speaking with the Duke results in the quest Addiction.
Speaking with the Duchess results in the quest The Lady of Paranoia.

After both quests are completed, you will receive the message “Now that I’ve become a member of the courts of both of the Dukes of Madness, I should return to Sheogorath and report my progress.”

The Lady of Paranoia

Make your way to the House of Dementia to find Syl, the Duchess of Dementia. She’s extremely paranoid, and wants you to discover who is conspiring to kill her. Find and speak with Herdir at the Torture Chamber in the House of Dementia. Ask him to follow you to “persuade” people into telling you what they know.

If you start with the man sitting next to Syl and torture him, he tells you that Anya Herrick may know something. Torture her to learn that Ma’zaddhais involved in a plot against Syl. If at this point you question Ma’zaddha, he will reveal nothing, boasting that you don’t have enough evidence. A quest update suggests you question Crucible citizens. The citizens ( e.g. Caldana Monrius after a round of lightning) tell you that Ma’zaddha has been having midnight meetings with Nelrene. Eavesdrop on their meeting. When it’s over, speak with Ma’zaddha and he’ll reveal that he was involved in a plot to kill Lady Syl. He asks you to return in a day and he’ll have more information for you.

Upon your return a day later, you’ll find his dead body. Take his key and proceed to his room. Search his dresser and take the 2 items that have a connection to Nelrene. Speak with Nelrene to hear that Muurine can tell you more. Interrogate Muurine to get a confession, and report your findings to Syl. Meet her in the Torture Chamber where she kills Muurine.

The butterfly effect.


In the House of Mania, speak with Thadon to learn more about Mania. He asks you, in a round-about way, to retrieve the Chalice of Reversal for him. Thadon seems to be too drugged up to coherently tell you where to find it, so speak with Wide-Eye. She tells you that the Chalice is locked away in Dunroot Burrow. She also tells you that you must ingest Felldew, dropped by Elytra.

Make your way to Dunroot Burrow. Kill the Elytra at the root door entrance and take the Felldew from its corpse. All elytra that carry felldew have a green glowing effect. Eat it and you’ll receive a stat boost and be able to open the “Barrier Membrane” to enter Dunroot Burrow. You will also become “addicted” to Felldew and will suffer from “withdrawals” (losing stats) if you don’t eat it regularly.
Proceed to the tower at the bottom of the burrow and find the Chalice. Kill the people guarding it and retrieve the Chalice. Return the Chalice to Thadon and report back to Sheogorath. Your “addiction” to Felldew will be ended when you complete this quest.

The Cold Flame of Agnon

Make your way to Cylarne. It will be up to you to decide whether Mania’s Golden Saints or Dementia’s Dark Seducers will be the ones to relight the Flame of Agnon.

The Dark Seducers are defending against the Golden Saints. Talk to either Ulfri at the Dark Seducers’ Gate or Kaneh at the Golden Saints’ Gate. Either will ask you to scout the other’s positions. At this point, you can then scout and faithfully report back, or speak to the other side and help them. When you’ve reported back to your chosen side, prepare for battle. After the last of the opposing forces are dead, Ulfri or Kaneh will sacrifice herself to give you the flame. The flame is found near the entrance to Cylarne not at the altar where the leader sacrifices his/herself.

Proceed to the New Sheoth. Talk with both priests, Dervenin and Arctus, and choose to give the flame to either Mania or Dementia. Each choice has a different reward.

If you choose to light the flame for Dervenin (Mania’s priest), you are rewarded with the Raiment of Arden-Sul. This raiment is a clothing item (not light or heavy). At level 21, it grants 9 Intelligence, 19% shield on Self, 30% Resist Paralysis, and 9 Willpower. The value is 4610, at a weight of 2. On a female character, this is a light blue dress. If you choose to light the flame for Arctus (Dementia’s priest), you are rewarded with the Raiment of Intrigue. This raiment is a clothing item (not light or heavy). At level 21, it grants 8 speed, 8 security, 8 sneak, and 8 luck. The value is 3210, at a weight of 2. On a female character, this is a black dress.

Ritual of Accession

After completing The Cold Flame of Agnon, when you arrive at the Sacellum, Sheogorath is the back row of pews. Talk to him to learn that he wants you to become a Duke/Duchess of Madness. Speak with the priests, Arctus and Dervenin about “Accession.” Return to Sheogorath to decide whether you will kill Thadon to become Duke/Duchess of Mania or Syl to become Duke/Duchess of Dementia. Choosing Thadon will begin the quest Ritual of Mania. Choosing Syl will begin the quest Ritual of Dementia. *NOTE* Save for flashback for Achievements.

Ritual of Mania

To perform the ritual of Mania, the current Duke, Thadon, must overdose on Greenmote. Then, to become Duke or Duchess of Mania, you must collect his drug tainted blood, and place it upon the altar of Arden-Sul in the Sacellum.

Find Wide-Eye

Walking around New Sheoth asking about Thadon will lead you to Wide-Eye, Thadon’s servant. Raising her disposition high enough will eventually allow you to find out her routine. The part that interests you is that the Duke dines at 8:00pm, and that Wide-Eye performs a special errand every day at noon. Follow her on her “special errand,” and you will see her activate a secret statue and enter the Greenmote silo. You can follow her in now if you wish, though it may be advantageous to wait until she is no longer in there, as you will be able to sneak around more easily.

Steal Greenmote

Enter the silo and sneak to the Greenmote silo proper. The route to the right may be easiest, as the center route goes past Golden Saints, making sneaking difficult. When you eventually reach the Greenmote, grab some and make your way out of there. The Greenmote does not count as stolen property, so you can just run out, get a small 5 gold bounty, and the Greenmote will not be taken from you. Now you will need to sneak into Thadon’s kitchen and slip an extra dose into both his wine and meal sometime before 8:00pm.

Sneak the Greenmote into Thedon’s meal

The lock into the private quarters where his kitchen is located is a leveled lock, so pick it and make your way in. You will now have to sneak past two more Golden Saints, though it is possible to kill both incurring a bounty of only 5 gold. The kitchen is located at the end of the corridor to the left. Put Greenmote in both his meal and his wine. When you have done this, go into his throne room at 8pm, and sit down. He will eventually rise and start to recite a soliloquy, in the middle of which he will fall down dead.

“I don’t think I belong in this game.”

Complete the Ritual

Take his blood and his crown if you wish, and make your way to the Sacellum. Activate the altar, and talk to Dervenin, who will proclaim you the Duke/Duchess of Mania. You should then talk to Sheogorath. Syl will enter and argue with Sheogorath, revealing that The Fringe is under attack, and that she plans to join the order. She will then leave and Sheogorath will give you the Ring of Lordship and the power to summon a Golden Saint for 60 seconds a day.

Ritual of Dimentia

Converse with the court

Ask Anya Herrick about Syl and she tells you that Syl is staying out of sight because she fears that Sheogorath wants her replaced. Ensure her disposition towards you is at least 70, and ask her about Replaced. She tells you that she will help you. Ask how to get close to her and she’ll offer to distract two of the guards.
Speak with Kithlan. Again a disposition of 70 is required. He’s getting tired of Syl also. Ask him about Replaced and he gives you a key that unlocks her wing of the palace.

Enter the Duchess’s quarters

The Dark Seducer guards will now attack you on sight. Enter the Duchess’s quarters and locate Syl. You find that Syl has escaped through the hidden tunnels. You are warned to watch out for an ambush.

Follow Syl into Xirethard and kill her

Activate the bust of Sheogorath in the garden and enter Xirethard. Stick to the walls to avoid the spell coming down the middle. Go all the way to the right and push the button on the wall. If you are a stealthy character, sneak before opening the metal door. Inside the metal door are Mazkin guards who can be sniped from afar. Follow the passages and fight more Mazkin. Kill Syl and take her heart. Nerveshatter, a 60 lb. warhammer with shock damage and weakness to shock, is also found on her body.

Complete the ritual

Take the heart to the Sacellum Arden-Sul and activate the altar. You are now the Duke/Duchess of Dementia! Thadon comes in upset because his Syl has died. Looks like he’s joining the enemy. He will then leave and Sheogorath will give you the Ring of Lordship and the power to summon a Dark Seducer for 60 seconds a day.

Retaking the Fringe

Travel to The Fringe and you’ll see it’s completely taken over by the Order. Make your way to Passwall and speak with either the Golden Saints or the Dark Seducers, depending on whether you took over Mania or Dementia.

Defending Passwall

If you took over Mania, talk to Aurig Desha about “Passwall”. She asks you to talk to the soldiers and position them in the best strategic locations.

Once you’ve set them up, talk to Aurig and tell her you’re ready. There is a great number of Knights, so get ready for a battle. After the Knights are defeated, talk to Aurig again. She has a plan to retake Passwall: infiltrate the ruins of Xeddefen while she stays up top and holds the surface. You need to get to the obelisk that’s creating the Knights and shut it down.

Deactivating the obelisk

Follow your marker to Xeddefen and enter. Make your way through and eventually you’ll find the Order’s Obelisk. When you’re in the same room as the Obelisk, Shelden comes through a secret wall and joins you in the fray. Kill every priest, they’re key to stopping the Knights.
If you searched the Knights’ dead bodies, you’d have found “Hearts of Order”. If you talk to Haskill about this, you’ll learn that you can put the hearts on the obelisk and overload it. Three Hearts of Order is the magic number. Activate the Obelisk three times and place three Hearts on it and it shuts down.

As soon as you do this, Xeddefen starts collapsing around you. You need to escape. Take the linear path to the exit and you’ll find a gate that you need to open. Go into one of these hallways, to the left or right of the gate. The button is on a wall in the area to the left if you’re facing the gate. Go through the gate and Shelden will get stuck behind the gate as it closes shut. Keep moving toward the exit, and eventually you’ll find your way out to safety!
Move slowly when navigating through the collapsing Xeddefen, though. There are falling rocks and pillars, which can prove to be quite lethal. Instead, test each room before fully entering. There are also Knights crawling around everywhere, no need to worry, though. The knights do a good job being crushed by the ceiling and various pillars.

Talk with Aurig and she’ll send you back to Sheogorath, where he’ll give you an interesting task.

Rebuilding the Gatekeeper

You are tasked with rebuilding the Gatekeeper to quell the invasion. With Xedilian and a new Gatekeeper, New Sheoth will be impenetrable! Sheogorath tells you to go to Xaselm and speak with Relmyna Verenim about making a new Gatekeeper. If you speak with Haskill, he’ll activate Xaselm so that you can fast travel there.

Finding Relmyna

When you arrive, you’ll see Relmyna’s creations: A flesh atronach and a hound. You’ll be fighting these and skeletal shambles throughout the halls of Xaselm. The path to Relmyna is linear; any gates are opened by a lever right next to them.

Collecting the Ingredients

When you arrive at Relmyna’s location she’s angry at you for killing her beautiful Gatekeeper, but she’ll agree to make another. She needs four things: Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, Essence of Breath, and the Blood Liqueur. She gives you a key to the secret entrance so you don’t have to survive the gauntlet of Xaselm again. Travel to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone in The Fringe and enter.

Each of the items is easy to find using map markers. They are collected from obvious locations. Once again, the lever is usually right next to any gates. The Essence of Breath is especially easy to find because you can follow a green mist (the breath) through the hallways to its location. After you have all the items your marker will point you the way out, and when you’ve left get back to Relmyna.

Building the Gatekeeper

When you talk to Relmyna, she lets you choose the different parts of the gatekeeper. You can choose a head, a torso, a heart, a right arm, a left arm, and legs. Make sure you choose carefully, because it’ll be relevant later. Once you’ve chosen, talk with Relmyna. Proceed to the statue of Sheogorath in The Fringe to create a new gatekeeper. Once there, talk with Relmyna again. After the ritual of creating another Gatekeeper, you get another gift: Summon Flesh Atronach. It can be used only once a day. You can watch the new Gatekeeper slaughter a group of bandits. You can also activate the Gatekeeper and receive one of the abilities you chose for it when you chose the body parts.

Report back to Sheogorath.

Oblivion is full of great architecture that never get’s old.

Helpless Army

Sheogorath’s Orders

While speaking to Sheogorath about Jyggalag a messenger enters the throne room, telling you both that their home is under attack. Sheogorath orders you to assist the army that is under attack.

If you are ruling Mania, you will be helping the Dark Seducers in Pinnacle Rock.

If you are ruling Dementia, you will be helping the Golden Saints in Brellach.

Speak With the Commander

(Mania) The Mazken commander tells you to locate their captain.

(Dementia) Issmi tells you to locate Staada, the Golden Saint Captain.

Locate the Captain

Make your way through the fort which is infested with Knights of the Order. The captain will be behind a wall of crystals. She tells you to ring the chime to shatter the crystals. Go to the chime behind the prison across the lava and activate it. The Captain is freed from her prison and joins you to travel to the Wellspring.

Find the Wellspring and Destroy the Crystals You now need to find the Wellspring of the Mazken/Aureal. As you travel there, your followers all turn into stone because the Wellspring has been stopped. When you arrive at the Wellspring you find that it is covered in Order crystals. There are chimes on each of the four platforms in the room. Ring all four chimes to eradicate the crystals. (I had to make a circle around the room ringing them twice each before it shattered.)

After you’ve restored the Wellspring consult your liaison and join the fight to finish off all the Knights. After you’re victorious, you are granted the ability to summon either a Dark Seducer or a Golden Saint once a day (now you can summon both!) She also gives you armor and a sword! It’s time to report your success to Sheogorath.

Symbols of Office


When you return to the palace and speak with Sheogorath, you find out something chilling: he IS Jyggalag! Speak with him as much as you can, because as the conversation progresses, Sheogorath turns into Jyggalag and leaves. Poor guy.

Now speak with Haskill. Haskill says you need to assume the role of ruler of madness – but how are you supposed to do that? Haskill gives you the task of traveling to the great library of Jyggalag in Knifepoint Hollow to restore the Staff of Sheogorath, along with a crystal shard to breach the final room. Travel there now.

Go to Knifepoint Hollow and talk to Dyus

Once you arrive at Knifepoint Hollow, you should have little trouble. There is a Flesh Atronach but nothing else. Follow your marker directly to the crystal covered door (if you jump into the pit, you have to fight your way out of the Knifepoint Hollow Chantry to get back). Activate the door and behind it you will find a seated man named Dyus. Talk to him about the Staff of Sheogorath. Dyus tells you that you need two items to restore the staff: The Eye of Ciirta and a Branch of the Tree of Shades. The eye is in the Howling Halls and the branch is in the Grove of Reflection in the Ruins of Milchar. You can perform these two quests in either order.

Retrieve the Branch from Milchar

This is the longer of the two tasks. Once you arrive at Milchar, follow the fairly linear path to the Grove of Reflection.
When you arrive, touch the obelisk in the pool. A shadowy image of yourself will appear, which has all of your abilities and will immediately try to kill you. Your mileage here may vary depending on your character build, but you may wish to drop any items with chameleon on them, or make sure your have a good Detect Life spell going (more than one person has reported trouble fighting an invisible self).

Just think about your strengths and what you would need to defeat them and you should be fine. Once you defeat your shadow clone, activate the tree of shades and take a branch. Find your way out, and you are off to find the eye. Note: Be sure to pick up Shadowrend after you defeat your clone. If you have summon weapon spells and the clone uses them, he/she may not drop Shadowrend. Try silencing your clone at the beginning of the fight to help with this.

Retrieve the Eye of Ciirta from the Howling Halls

There are two ways to complete this quest. The first is to kill everyone you find, including Ciirta. When you kill her, search her body for her eye and return to Dyus.

Or, you can take the path of subtlety. If you choose this route, kill the first three adepts who attack you upon entry, as normal. Make sure you pick up their daggers, but don’t worry if you don’t get all three.

Wearing their robes will allow you to navigate the ruins freely. When you enter the second area, you will encounter a Khajiit who begs you not to kill him and offers a truce (Or if you’re disguised, will see through your trick and request your help killing Ciirta.) Listen to him. It turns out that he and two friends hate Ciirta, and would like nothing more than to see you dig her eye from her dead body. The only problem with staging their coup is that they have been disarmed on Ciirta’s orders.

If you supply him with three of their daggers, he will do the deed for you. Agree, give him the daggers you just picked up or go forth and collect a few more, then follow him to the final chamber. After some dialog between your crazy allies and the insane Ciirta, a fight will ensue. Just hang out and wait for Ciirta and her aide to buy it (I chose to be invisible for this fight, and my allies needed no help). After the rebels have killed Ciirta and her aide, search her body for the eye, loot the room and be on your way.

Finishing the Quest

Follow your marker out of the Halls and return to Knifepoint. When you return Dyus makes you a new Staff of Sheogorath. It isn’t complete though – now you need to bathe it in the fountain of madness for it to work…

Roots of Madness

Try To Soak the Staff (And Fail)

When you arrive to put the staff in the fountain, it refuses them because they’re tainted by the Order.

Consult Haskill

Haskill tells you that you need to free the fountain because if you don’t Jyggalag has won!

Purify the Fountain

Enter the fountainhead beneath the Tree to find the source. The entrance is on the opposite side of the tree as the throne. Enter and get ready for the maze that is the tree of madness. The Gnarls are hostile to you but they are also the only way to get through the doors that are locked with crystals. There are a few possibilities:

Fight them and find the Chrysalis that generates a tame Gnarl which can open the locked gates.
As you travel along, you’ll see smaller pools that priests are tainting. Kill them and loot their Shards of Order to unlock the tainted gates.

Sneak behind the Gnarls and follow them through their rounds. They will notice you but if you back away from them they will not pursue you.

Eliminate the Duke/Duchess

The Quest diverges at this point, depending on which Duke you usurped. You will find the other (surviving) Duke at their respective pool underneath the tree. As such, Thadon will be at the Pool of Mania, and Syl at the Pool of Dementia, along with three Priests of Order. Since the Duke is the strongest of these characters, it would be recommended to attack them first. After the Duke and all the Priests have been defeated, the pool will be cleansed.

(Syl has a leveled Hammer called Nerveshatter, Thadon has the Diadem of Euphoria.)

The End of Order

he captain of your Palace Guard has informed you that a Obelisk has activated in the courtyard! This is the Order’s final attempt to take control of the Isles. Jyggalag needs to go down! Travel outside and locate the Obelisk. There are many Knights, so fight your way to the Obelisk. Shut it down with three Hearts of order as quickly as possible. After the first one is disabled, a second one appears. Disable this one as well.

Once you do so, Jyggalag appears on the Battlefield! You must destroy him! Jyggalag is pretty easy, just use the staff of Sheogorath to immobilize him. Once frozen, hit him with all you’ve got to finish him quickly. An easy way to do this is to open with a power attack, if you’re a Master of Blade, try a forward and hope you’ll paralyze him, then run in circles hitting him with a one-handed weapon (Duskfang worked perfectly for me at level 62). After you kill him, he speaks to you.

Prince of Madness

Jyggalag talks with you about the history of the realm of madness. He stops the Greymarch. You are now the Prince of Madness. You can talk to Haskill about your benefits and you duties and you can continue to rule as the new Sheogorath. You have new abilities and every now and then you need to help the people of New Sheoth.


You will have access to a court healer, she will instantly heal you.

Haskill will give you a Greater Power, Manipulate Weather; and a Lesser Power, Sheogorath’s Protection.

A Golden Saint and Dark Seducer appear by your throne, and you can call upon them as followers.

By speaking to Haskill you can be informed when settlements are under attack, and you must clear them; you have the choice of whether or not to send the guards to aid you, the Gatekeeper, or you can fight yourself. After you return from the random attack, you will be given a leveled amount of gold. Given more if you fight them yourself.

You may summon a dancer-this is purely aesthetic.

The Sword of Jyggalag will appear on the podium behind your throne, but you may need to leave and come back for it to appear.

You may recharge the Staff of Sheogorath in the fountain of madness.

“I hope I brought my compass.”

II. Side Quests

Quests Available in Bliss

The Antipodean Hammer

Found at The Missing Pauldron in Bliss or Cutter’s Weapons in Crucible. Dumag gro-Bonk at The Missing Pauldron crafts weapons and light armor from Amber and Cutter at Cutter’s weapon crafts weapons and heavy armor from Madness Ore. You can also find Amber and Madness Ore Matrices and bring them to the smith’s which while allow the forged weapons and armor to become enchanted.

Falling Awake

Paranoia Insomnia

Wandering the streets of Bliss, in New Sheoth, you will find Amiable Fanriene. Bleary eyed and high strung (although no less than some of the other residents of New Sheoth), his is a tale of the walls, all walls in fact, conspiring against him with the ultimate goal being his demise.

Believing the walls are going to fall on him as soon as he closes his eyes, he asks you to find him a place to sleep, obviously outside, with no city walls nearby to fall and crush him either.

Paranoia Schizophrenia

Ask around Bliss and you will be directed to a homeless Bosmer named Uungor, who some say might lend his sleeping quarters to Amiable. If you have already met him or know where he’s sleeping, you can go directly to him. Speaking with Uungor, you soon find that he doesn’t trust you enough to consider switching beds. “Why would someone give up a bed under a roof for a bedroll outside”, he asks.

You can bribe him, or raise his disposition with speechcraft, either way, afterwards Uungor will agree to switching beds with Amiable. He has no reason not to trust you now. Return to Amiable who is very thankful, and rewards you with the scroll Burst of Might.

Work is Never Done

Tove the Unrestful may be found in Bliss, often at his home or The Choosy Beggar. When you first speak with him, he asks if you will continue to help him. His initial explanation for the strange greeting is that he keeps forgetting that people won’t realize that he knows they will speak to him in the future, although he seems less than sure about even this. Regardless, Tove is quite secure despite his confusion and presses forward with his request.

Tove explains that while he has perfected getting boats to float on the water, he has had less success in forcing the water to fly through air. Logically, a boat carried by flying water becomes a Skyboat. Tove requires at least 100 calipers or tongs to achieve the effect of keeping water airborne; he pays you five gold for each caliper or tong you bring him.

If you have 100 ready, you may simply select the Calipers and Tongs topic three more times to finish the mission for the minimum reward of 500 gold. You do not need to bring him tongs, as the quest will complete if you bring him 100 calipers.

Alternatively, after agreeing to collect Calipers and Tongs you may go out into the wild and collect all the calipers and tongs you can carry. He will give you 5 GP per caliper or tong even over the minimum, and he turns out to be extremely rich. If you present him with a total of 500,000 calipers and tongs, the reward is a whopping 2.5 million Septims.

After delivering all the calipers and tongs, discussing Calipers and Tongs once more results in Tove asking what he would need those for. Even before you’ve left conversation, Tove has begun working on a collapsible fork. Unfortunately, his wondrous Skyboat must be dismantled to provide the hinges he needs. While the Skyboat might not have existed, you can find a boat upstairs in his house; he hammers at it for hours with an Iron War Axe. Thankfully, there is no question that the gold is quite real.

The Fork of Horripilation

Big Head, a male Argonian living in Bliss, New Sheoth, is obsessed with The Fork of Horripilation and asks you to find it. If you haven’t already found it in your travels, make your way to Longtooth Camp.

It will be found on one of the Acolytes, or on a table in the tent.

If you return to Big Head at night, you must break into his house. You may notice a shrine dedicated to forks; plain Forks, Pewter Forks, Silver Forks, and Pitchforks. If you lie and tell Big Head that you don’t have the fork he says “You have the Fork? I hear it singing so close? Songs of such closeness! Songs of almostness!”

Give the Fork of Horripilation to him, and he’ll promise that, “The blind shall see, the lame shall walk, and the short shall tall.” Big Head then asks you whether you would like to learn a Blade secret, a Sneak secret, or an Alchemy secret. He gives you a witty remark on the subject, along with a skill increase in whichever you choose.

Many quests to do and so much time to be a geek.

Quests Available in Crucible


Earil, who can be found at Earil’s Mysteries wants you to make Brithaur stop stealing from the shops in Crucible. When you find Brithaur he tells he needs to complete his collection and that if you bring him five flawless pearls he will leave the shops alone. At this point you have three options: Kill him; bring him the five flawless pearls; or if you are far enough advanced in the House of Dementia or the Main Quest, speak to Kithlan at the Palace and he’ll have Brithaur thrown in the dungeon.

If you choose to kill him, bring his heart to Earil to prove that Brithaur is gone for good and receive you reward of a leveled amount of gold.

Either way, you will receive a reward of a leveled amount of gold from Earil

The Coming Storm

Ahjazda, the owner of Things Found asks you to retrieve three items for her so that she may prepare for “The Coming Storm.”

The Ring of Desiccation, which can be found in a glass display case in The Museum of Oddities.

The Calming Pants, which the simple-minded Fimmion is in possession of.

The Amulet of Disintegration, which is located in Milchar, a ruin in the northwestern section of Mania. After going through the ruin, you find a room with a chest that is frozen shut, and a Ritual Torch that says it “can be held by any but owned by none” when you try to pick it up. If you press the left bumper button on your 360 controller, it allows you to grab the torch, without bringing it into your inventory. On the PC, you can use a Telekinesis spell to move the Ritual Torch around. Once you have done this, you can light all three of the podiums, and access the chest.

After the quest you can kill Ahjazda for the items (or pickpocket them from her). The items are still considered quest items however and only The Ring of Desiccation can be removed again by “re-donating” it to The Museum of Oddities.

Final Resting

Hirrus Clutumnus wants to die. You meet Hirrus Clutumnus walking around town, and much like Glarthir, he asks you to meet him after dark in a hidden location (in Hirrus’s case, at the sewer grate northeast of the statue of Sheogorath sitting on his throne.

When you meet Hirrus near the grate, he tells you that he is miserable and wants to die, but picky Hirrus doesn’t want to kill himself because he will end up like the spirits on Suicide Hill, who endure an unhappy eternity. Hirrus wants you to do the deed for him. And he doesn’t want you to just outright attack him either. He would like it to be a surprise.

Luckily, Hirrus climbs the stairs near the palace in the evening and you can shove him off the stairs to his nice blissful death. You do not get a bounty if you kill him this way, and the nearby Dark Seducer standing will say something along the lines of, “Another one fell. Happens all the time. They should install a railing or something.” The reward for offing Hirrus is the Ring of Happiness which has Feather, Light, Water Walking, and Fortify Personality enchantments.

Hirrus’ final words before falling to his death are “Peace, at last…Thank you…I can’t-”

A Liquid Solution

Sickly Bernice

Talk to Sickly Bernice in her Taphouse in Crucible. She’ll give you an empty bottle and explain you need to go to Knotty Bramble and find the pool that has water which contains aquanostrum, the antidote she needs to be cured. Knotty Bramble is a cave just southeast from the Gates of Madness. On the road to Crucible, it’s down from the T in the road next to a lake shaped like an L.

Knotty Bramble

Quite a few sub-levels before you reach the room. One sub-level called Lost Crypt has a room which is an outline of a figure “8”. There is also a closed gate here that has the skull of Lorenz Bog-Trotter.

You can activate the gate by moving the body of the Zealot Guardian off its pedestal and clicking the button underneath. When you enter the closed room the two Guardian bodies will come to life and attack. Many opponents await you in this final room. Following your quest marker, just wade into the pool toward the statue, and you’ll receive a quest update confirming you have the antidote.


Once you give her the potion, she’ll reward you with the Circlet of Verdure.

Ushnar’s Terror


Ushnar gro-Shadborgob is deathly afraid of cats. He keeps a lot of dogs to keep cats away. Unfortunately, there is a Khajiiti beggar, Bhisha, also in Crucible who likes dogs about as much as Ushnar hates cats. Seeing as how Bhisha is a cat and Ushnar surrounds himself with dogs, Ushnar has a real problem and he’d like you to take care of it by making Bhisha “disappear”.

Find Bhisha, he will often be near Ushnar’s dog or dogs, constantly following it/them in the daytime. He reveals that he “loves dogs”, which is why he follows Ushnar around. You can either kill him, pay him 100 gold to leave town, or, if you have finished the main quest and received its reward, you can simply tell him to leave without persuasion or bribery. The latter two will result in him moving to Bliss.

Return to Ushnar to complete the quest and for your reward. Ushnar says he will give you one of his ’former pets’. When you next enter any door, a skinned hound will appear and follow you. Much like a horse, it will attack any threat to you but can be killed quite easily and does not appear to respawn.

The skinned hound will even travel back to Cyrodiil with you, it appears after fast traveling or resting for approximately 24-hours.

Quests Available in Settlements


– Everything in it’s place

In Fellmoor, a farm settlement to the north west of Xedilian and south west of New Sheoth, there are two Khajiit Farm-Hands called Ranarr-Jo and Kishashi.

Ranarr-Jo is in need of a hero, but Kishashi will not permit you any more knowledge on the subject until she can trust you. Persuade her to disposition 60 or above and she will tell you to speak to Ranarr-Jo. She will also hand you an old spoon to give to him, telling you that he will know what it means when he sees it. Show Ranarr-Jo the spoon and he will explain that the owner and farmer of the land, Cindanwe, is treating them like slaves and they want her out. He also tells you that he wants her notebook, but she always carries it with her.

He explains that there is the obvious way to get rid of Cindanwe, or the less obvious. The obvious way would be to kill Cindanwe and they would be free to run the farm. The less obvious would be to make Cindanwe’s life so miserable that she leaves the farm and never returns.

Killing Cindanwe is easy. This can be done many ways, such as sneaking up and assassinating her in her sleep, or pickpocketing a poisoned apple into her inventory. Making her life miserable requires you to sneak into her house when she is out, and moving her items around by picking them up and throwing them around the house, thus “wreck[ing] Cindanwe’s house”.

You then need to Acquire Cindanwe’s notebook, which according to Ranarr-Jo includes information on her plans to kill him and Kishashi. If you chose to kill Cindanwe then taking her notebook will not be a problem, as it is on her body. If you choose to wreck her home however, you will need to pickpocket her notebook. Alternately, if you can raise her Disposition above 70, Cindanwe will loan you the notebook when you ask about it.

Once she is gone and you are in possession of the notebook, return to Ranarr-Jo and give him the notebook. In return for the book and Cindanwe’s disappearance, he will give you the Ring of Mind Shielding which he apparently used to stop her reading his mind. You will then get a journal entry telling you that the quest is complete.


– To Help A Hero

As you head toward one of the most northwestern points in Shivering Isles, the Isle of Flame, you should find the Overlook Road on your way there. Look for a tiny road going up to the Isle of Flame, from Overlook Road. When your on that road it will split right and left in a “Y” formation. Take the right hand road which should now have you heading northeast.

At the end of the road is the Hale settlement. Hale is a small Mania community of artists. As you speak to the residents, or luckily Pyke first, you’ll learning he’s lost something and needs your help.

Pyke explains he was a Knight in the Knights of the Thorn in Cheydinhal. Remember them, huzzah! He talks about the count’s son Farwil a little too. If you haven’t done this quest it’s The Wayward Knight in Cheydinhal.

Anyway, he since was content here in the Shivering Isles until Grummites stole his medallion and he longs to get it back. Of course you agree to help him and head southeast back to Overlook Road. Just south of the road is a little lake and a small island that is the home of Fetid Grove.

Fetid Grove is another root cave under a tree loaded with various leveled Grummites. No other beasties, just Grummites. Usually in twos until you get to the core room: Fetid Grove Encampment. It’s the only sublevel to this cave. Make sure when you enter, it’s recommended not to take the first door to it on left. The reason is the encampment is raised above a deeply sunken walkway and taking the door on the left, you will be below them and they will have an elevated position on you.

So instead walk straight and clear out the rest of the main cave and all the little goodies. Quite a few of those stabbing traps about to trip you up when opening Hollowed Out Trunks. Also look for Amber Trunks around that always have golden fireflies near them to spot them.

Once you’ve cleared the main room, find the most northern door there and gear up with your kit before you go in. Now you got tag teamed now and then in the main room but here in the Encampment there is roughly 10 to 12 coming at you all in the same room. And many of them are Grummite Deathdealers which are the most difficult of the bunch. Also don’t run straight in as you will fall in the sunken pathway you want to avoid. It’s wide enough where many could surround you and this wouldn’t be pretty. No instead ease your way around to the left and right and get a feel for the room. This will alert many unless you cloak or sneak but some of these are below you so it will take some time to reach you.

As you wrap around to the left, you’ll see all these totem-pole-like lean-tos and under one on the left is a table with a ceramic cup and bowl. On the left of that is an unlocked chest with Pyke’s Medallion. Either scoot out the way you came in or stick around for close contact blade leveling with the rest of the Grummites.

Grummites loot is ok at best, similar to Goblin loot. That said like Goblins, once in a while you’ll get lucky. When your done head back to Pyke to return his beloved medallion. Almost ecstatic, he gladly takes the medallion back and rewards you with the Thorn Shield which, depending on your level, has a hefty Fortify Block and Reflect Spell.


– Taxonomy of Obsession

In the hamlet of High Cross, you will get a topic pop up saying “Mirili’s Research”. Asking around and mentioning this will only receive comments on how obsessed she is with plants and animals, so you will have to ask Mirili Ulven herself. She can be found at her house after dark, before then she will be out and about collecting samples around the Settlement.

When you have found Mirili, she will be secretive about her research, assuming you wish to ruin it. After further persuading (get her up to disposition 60) she will be surprised that you actually want to help her. She gives you a list of various rare items to collect and will pay you 10 gold coins for each sample. Despite this, she will only pay for one sample of each item. Mirili is a very lazy woman, as quite a few of the ingredients she is willing to pay for she already owns! These are listed along with the others and tell the exact locations around her home.

The exact items are:

Alocasia Fruit – This is harvested from an Alocasia, which luckily a few of the plants can be found right outside her front door, to the left of her house. She even has some of the fruits in a bowl on her table downstairs, but to get these you will have to risk stealing. This isn’t at all hard when she is out all day.

Aster Bloom Core – Aster Bloom Core can be found growing on the archway wall of Bruscus Dannus’ house in High Cross. Black Tar – Black Tar is everywhere in Dementia. You can specifically find it in most if not all Mushroom Plant Saplings in the realm.

Blister Pod Cap – You can find blister pods in many underground caves or swampy areas; the New Sheoth graveyard, and just outside the gates of Crucible, contains a few patches.

Congealed Putrescence – You gather this ingredient from the Putrid Gigantea growth. A number of these can be found outside Knifepoint Hollow, and one or two can be found outside the gates of Crucible.

Digestive Slime – Actually called Letifer Orca Digestive Slime in your inventory, this can be harvested from the Letifer Orca Planta, which looks like a rotting fungus obelisk. There are two of these plants just east of Backwash Camp in Dementia.

Elytra Ichor – You can find this ingredient by killing any Elytra. There are a large number to the east of High Cross.

Flame Stalk – Flame Stalk grows freely in Bliss, and you should be able to harvest at least one stalk. If you can’t, you can also try the Halcyon Conservatory in the Halls of Mania.

Fungus Stalk – You can find Fungus Stalk just outside the gates of Crucible.

Gas Bladder – Gas Bladder comes from the Red Kelp plant. This plant can be found growing outside the door of Ebrocca, a ruin to the South East of High Cross.
Gnarl Bark – Kill a gnarl to get their bark.

Grummite Eggs – These can be found in the inventory of some Grummites in Dementia and also hanging in sacs on logs around the realm. A little closer to Mirili you will find two lots of Grummite Eggs on a small table downstairs in her home.

Hound Tooth – This is also found on the small table downstairs in Mirili’s home.

Hunger Tongue – One can be had from Earyl’s Mysteries, in a glass display. If you don’t mind taking it.

Hydnum Azure Giant Spore – There is a large mushroom tree growing between Mirili’s house, and Bruscus’ house. On this tree is where you will find growing the bluish Hydnum Azure Fungus.

Pod Pit – Pod Pits can be harvested from the Water Root Pod fungus. They are cultivated in great number in Fellmoore, in Dementia.

Rot Scale – Rot Scale is a mushroom the can be found in caves. It is very common in the Fountainhead cave complex behind Sheogorath’s throne.

Scalon Fin – Kill a Scalon, then retrieve the fin from the body.

Screaming Maw – Screaming Maw is a mushroom-like fungus that grows in caves. There are two Mcreaming Maw growths immediately down the first hall in the Fountainhead cave complex, behind Sheogorath’s throne.

Shambles Marrow – Shambles can be found at the Ebrocca ruins South East of High Cross. Killing a Shambles will allow you to retrieve its bone marrow.

Swamp Tentacle -Can be found in the Halcyon Conservatory in the Halls of Mania.

Thorn Hook – The Thorn Hook looks like a blister pod with tentacles, and can be found in most caves. You harvest thorn hooks from these plants.

Void Essence – Void Essence can also be found in Mirili’s own home, next to the Grummite Eggs on her small table downstairs.

Watcher’s Eye – Watcher’s Eye is a fungus mushroom that grows in underground caves. Swampgas Hole is a good source of this ingredient.

Withering Moon – Withering Moon grows in caves, and looks light a glowing blue ball. Swampgas Hole has a lot of this ingredient.

Worm’s Head Cap – This ingredient is also outside Mirili’s home, a blue-purple mushroom, on a rock to the left of her front door.

After finding and giving a few of the wanted ingredients to Mirili, she will remind you to ask her about her bestiary. She explains that she wants to start collecting animals and that she wants you to lure the animals to her. She offers to sell you spells with which you can calm and lure the animals back to her, depending on their levels, or you can use your own.

Baliwog – Mirili first requests that you bring back a Baliwog, a giant lizard-like creature. Any type of Baliwog will do, and you can find a fair number of them on the north shore. The best way to get one is to follow the road north out of town to the water’s edge, and then follow the route back. Note: Mirili will not do ANYTHING with the Baliwog until your control spell has worn off, so make sure she is close to the animal when it does. It is best to quicksave your game before allowing her to tame the beast, because there is a fair chance she will kill it, forcing you to either re-load or find another one. Once she tames the beast, follow her back to her house for a gold reward.

Elytra – The second beast that Mirili wants you to bring is an Elytra. These giant bug creatures can be found in plentiful number just east of the village, and the same tactics for retrieving a Baliwog can be used for the Elytra. Again, a leveled amount of gold is your reward. Elytra Nobles are the most powerful version of the creature that you can capture with the expert spell she gives you.

Gnarl – The third beast to collect is a gnarl. The spells Mirili gives you won’t affect an Elder Gnarl, but you can try to find a lesser version of the creature. Alternately, you can get and elder to attack you, and then have it follow you to Mirili. Your reward is a leveled amount of gold.

Scalon – The hardest and most annoying beast to collect is the Scalon. You can find Scalons where you found the Baliwog, and the expert command spell works on all of them. However, you need to keep two special things in mind.


– The Great Divide

Go to the town of Split just below the northernmost lake just below Overlook Road. A wizard fooled the citizens in to believing that they could do double the work, and now there is a manic and a demented version of each person. One of the townspeople will tell you to speak with Horkvir Bear-Arms. When you speak to either version of Horkvir, he explains that a mage created a spell that split the residents into two people each, one representing Mania and the other representing Dementia. The doubles have caused nothing but trouble ever since. The Manic Horkvir will ask that you kill all the Demented residents. The Demented Horkvir will ask that you kill all the Manic residents. Killing them while seen will give you a bounty just like any other murder. Some wander off and can be easily killed without being witnessed. Others may need to be killed when they are home alone. If any of the residents that aren’t supposed to be killed are killed, you will fail the quest. You should kill these four; Atrabhi, Urul gro-Agamph, J’zidzo, Horkvir Bear-Arms.


– Ghosts of Vitharn
Ask around in New Sheoth to hear rumours of ruins known as Vitharn, of which a map marker will be placed on your map of the isles. Vitharn is due south of Fellmoor. When you reach Vitharn, you will stumble across two groups of ghosts fighting each other. One group is tinged with blue (these are the non-hostile ghosts) while the other group is tinged with green and appear to be wearing a form of Madness armor (these are the hostile ghosts). Upon reaching the main door to Vitharn, you will see it is chained to the ground and attempting to enter brings up text explaining that it is held by an unknown force.

To the left of the door, there is a huge tree and under this tree is a door leading to a set of tunnels underneath Vitharn. You can navigate the tunnels fairly straightforwardly, and you will encounter 2 or 3 ghosts before you reach another smaller chained door. Around the left of the door is another tunnel which you can follow to reach another entrance, much like the chained ones, but without the chains. This door leads to Vitharn Keep.

Entering here, you will encounter Count Cirion of Vitharn. he explains that you are trespassing and asks you what you have to say in your defense. Say that you meant no offense, and he will reply with “wisely answered”. He will then go on to tell you that his people are in need of help and that they have a cycle of torment, re-living the mistakes they made during the invasion by the fanatics. The count asks you to walk among his people, looking out for what they did wrong and correct it to release them from the cycle. He also explains that no ghost will lay hands on you while you walk within the walls, not even fanatics.
Look around in the rooms within the keep

III. Tips and Hints


To easily kill the required 12 creatures needed for the superior version of Dawnfang/Duskfang, just summon creatures to then kill with the sword.


The gatekeeper fight is more simple then it initially seems– Either one of the weakening objects will cause him huge amounts of harm, and using both will end the battle in a couple of seconds– Otherwise, conservative fighting styles and proper shield-dodge usage will help. Sneak attacks are suggested, summons make awesome distractions. NOTICE- Your Gatekeeper Fighting Experience (rr) may vary.

Building your own Gatekeeper


Angry Mind – Better Willpower for the Gatekeeper
Helm of Power – Better Strength for the Gatekeeper


Breast of Life – More Health for the Gatekeeper
Breast of Magic – More Magicka for the Gatekeeper


Legs of Nimbleness – Better Agility for the Gatekeeper
Legs of Fortitude – Better Endurance for the Gatekeeper


Heart of Spell Turning – Reflect Spell for the Gatekeeper
Heart of Wound Sharing – Reflect Damage for the Gatekeeper

Left Arm

The normal arms are obvious: Fire Shield, Shock Shield, or Frost Shield for the Gatekeeper

Weapon Arm

Slashing = Better Blade for the Gatekeeper
Chopping = Better Blunt for the Gatekeeper
Bashing = Better Blunt for the Gatekeeper
Choose wisely.


Greenmote is a highly dangerous drug encountered during main quest of the Mania side.
When becoming the duke of Mania and visiting the Greenmote Silo, take all of the Greenmote you can carry; 3 doses of it can be used just like a poisoned apple! Be careful though, if you ingest 3 doses of it you will die! Follow the journal instructions and quest targets when trying to poison Thadon. This part can be confusing otherwise. With Master Alchemy, you can also make poisons with the same effect as Greemote. Unfortunately, shooting someone with 3 of the poisons does not cause death.

Zealots and Heretics

Are especially weak to fire. Can be fooled if you wear their respective clothing, if you keep your distance they will not attack you.

Stone Structures

The structures you see surrounded by enemies, always have urns that have good loot. Including oddities sometimes.

Priests of Order

The summoners of the order, when surrounded by a crystal for a power supply will not die. Destroy the crystal with 3 heart of order offerings.

The Museum of Oddities

Items that can be donated to The Museum of Oddities.

Easy Madness Weapons

Around Vitharn there are many ghosts that are fighting each other. The green ghosts drop non-magical leveled Madness Weapons every time.

Only Sweet Rolls

Rendil Drarara in Bliss is one of the people in the Shivering Isles that has sweet rolls in his house, but taking them is thievery.

EDIT: Sweetrolls can also be found in a house in Deepwallow, south east of New Sheoth, though taking these is also thievery
EDIT: A Sweetroll can also be found in the private quarters of the Duke of Mania, you will find in the kitchen room of his quarters. If you are the Ruler of Mania or his boss, you can acquire them without stealing.
EDIT: In Bliss you can just buy a sweetroll in the shop common treasures. Sweet rolls are required to bribe a certain beggar in the game.

After bringing the Flame of Agnon to New Sheoth you can walk it from one side to the other, i.e. Mania to Dementia, and receive a fortification to several attributes. The amount may depend on which side you originally chose in the quest. Moving the flame changes how the temple is, uh, decorated. Be sure to leave the flame in the temple, because running around on fire gets pretty old, pretty quick.

Flame of Mania
Fortify Intelligence and Willpower and Resist Paralysis

Flame of Dementia
Fortify Luck, Speed, Sneak and Security

You can also receive the Blessing of Arden-Sul, which does the same as a regular temple blessing back in Cyrodiil,.

IV. New Creatures

Dark Seducers
Dark Seducer Guard
Dark Seducer Kiskedrig
Dark Seducers are allied to Dementia.


Ingredient: Elytra Ichor
Elytra can walk on water.

Flesh Atronachs

Ingredient: Void Essence

Gatekeeper of the Fringe


Ingredient: Gnarl Bark
Gnarls usually have some amber on them if you are looking to create some amber armor.

Golden Saints
Golden Saint Guard
Golden Saint Aurgezel
Golden Saints are allied to Mania.


Ingredient: Grummite Eggs
Grummites are usually around caves and forts that contain madness ore. So if you see some Grummites, you may also find some madness ore in the area or on their bodies. There are also Grummite Archers.

Ingredient: Hunger Tongue

Knights of Order

Collect their hearts to put into the Obelisks, 3 hearts shut down an Obelisk. They are also required to open crystal chests.

Priests of Order

When found around Obelisks they can reactivate them, so make sure you kill them fast! These won’t die when around a Obelisk until you add 3 hearts to the Obelisk, they may fall down and appear dead, but their bodies can’t be searched and you will be hurt by touching them, if this is so, then the Obelisk is still active.

Scalons are commonly found near water, occasionally leaping from the water and attacking. They can also become invisible so watch out!

Shambles Ingredient: Shambles Marrow or Bone Shard Be warned: when Shambles die, they trigger an area-effect frost damage effect. Kill them from a distance to avoid damage.

Skinned Hounds
Ingredient: Hound Tooth

“Wow citizen, what a great piece of gear you’re wearing.”

V. New Items


Madness Arrows: Only Available from Cutter at Cutter’s Weapons in Crucible. Requires 1 piece of Madness Ore to forge 25 arrows.

Madness Bow: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge.

Madness Claymore: As Above. Requires 4 pieces of Madness Ore to forge.

Madness Sword: As Above. Requires 3 pieces of Madness Ore to forge.

Madness War Axe: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge.

Amber Arrows: Only available from Dumag gro-Bonk at The Missing Pauldron in Bliss. Requires 1 piece of Amber to forge 25 arrows.

Amber Bow: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge.

Amber Hammer: As Above. Requires 4 pieces of Amber to forge.

Amber Mace As above. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge.

Amber Sword: As above. Requires 3 pieces of Amber to forge.

Golden Bow: Bow used by Golden Saint Scouts.

Golden Longsword: Blade weapon used by Golden Saint Guards.

Golden Mace: Blunt weapon used by Golden Saint Warriors

Golden Shortsword: Blade weapon used by Golden Saint Guards.

Golden War Axe: Blunt weapon used by Golden Saint Warriors.

Dark Bow: Bow used by Dark Seducer Guards.

Dark Longsword: Blade weapon used by Dark Seducer Guards.

Dark Mace: Blunt weapon used by Dark Seducer Guards.

Dark Shortsword: Blade weapon used by Dark Seducer Guards.

Dark War Axe: Blunt weapon used by Dark Seducer Guards.

Grummite Arrow: Arrow used by Grummites.

Grummite Dagger: Weapon used by Grummites.

Grummite Cleaver: Blade weapon used by Grummites.

Grummite Cudgel: Blunt weapon used by Grummites.

Dawnfang/Duskfang: One handed sword with unique look, it is leveled. Unusual in that it is really 4 weapons in one. During the day (6 am – 6 pm) it is Dawnfang, doing fire damage on strike. During the night (6 pm – 6 am) it is Duskfang, doing frost damage on strike (both are 15 points at level 34). At dusk and dawn, the blade in your inventory will be replaced with the other. Each weapon keeps track of the number of opponents killed with the blade; providing you killed at least 12 enemies during the preceding 12 hour period, the next blade you receive will be Dawnfang/Duskfang Superior. You must kill 12 enemies in each 12 hour period in order for the following weapon to be the Superior version. You will probably never have to repair or recharge this weapon, as when you receive each version it comes at 100% health and fully charged. It does not appear to level with the player unfortunately. Received at the conclusion of the Baiting the Trap quest.

Dawnfang/Duskfang Superior: The upgraded version of the above. Dawnfang Superior has an Absorb Health enchantment in addition to the Fire Damage (possibly leveled), and Duskfang Superior has an Absorb Magicka enchantment in addition to the Frost Damage.

Fork of Horripilation: One-handed Blade. Found on a table in Longtooth Camp. When wielded it stunts the users magicka.

Ly’ssane: A bow found in Dire Warren near the body of Alyssa.

Found on Syl’s body. Has Weakness to Shock and Shock Damage enchantments. Possibly leveled.

Ruins Edge: A bow given to you by the Duchess of Dementia, or the Duke of Mania, during the main quest. Casts a Random spell on strike.

Shadowrend: A claymore or battle axe(depending on skill in blade or blunt) found during the main quest, recovered from the shadow form of yourself. It is most likely leveled(although as of yet this is unconfirmed) and has Damage Health and Damage Magicka enchantments.

Staff of Sheogorath
The staff you create during the main quest so you can occupy Sheogoraths throne. This staff has the Voice of Sheogorath, which will halt enemies in their tracks for 15 seconds.

Sword of Jyggalag
In your throne room at the end of the main quest. Big, silvery claymore.

Armor, Clothing, and Jewelry

Count Cirion’s Helm: Heavy Armor. Reward for completing the Ghosts of Vitharn quest.
Constant Effects: Fortify Heavy Armor 10pts, Fortify Block 10pts Fine Amber Boots: Light Armor. Only available from Dumag gro-Bonk at The Missing Pauldron in Bliss. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge. Fortify Acrobatics (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Amber Cuirass: As Above. Requires 5 pieces of Amber to forge. Fortify Agility (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Amber Greaves: As Above. Requires 3 pieces of Amber to forge. Fortify Speed (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Amber Gauntlets: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge. Fortify Marksman and Hand to Hand (Perfect=10pts each)

Fine Amber Helmet: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge. Fortify Intelligence (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Amber Shield: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Amber to forge. Reflect Spell (Perfect=10%)

Fine Madness Boots: Heavy Armor. Only Available from Cutter at Cutter’s Weapons in Crucible. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Fortify Athletics (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Madness Cuirass: As Above. Requires 5 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Fortify Strength (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Madness Greaves: As Above. Requires 3 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Fortify Endurance (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Madness Gauntlets: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Fortify Blade and Blunt (Perfect=10pts each)

Fine Madness Helmet: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Fortify Willpower (Perfect=12pts)

Fine Madness Shield: As Above. Requires 2 pieces of Madness Ore to forge. Reflect Damage (Perfect=10%)

Golden Saint Armor: Gotten from completing the Helpless Army quest as the Duke/Duchess of Dementia

Dark Seducer Armor: Gotten from completing the Helpless Army quest as the Duke/Duchess of Mania

Thorn Shield: Heavy Armor. Reward for completing the To Help A Hero quest. Constant Effects: Fortify Block 17pts Reflect Spell 22%

Ring of Happiness: Water-walking, Feather, Light, and Fortify Personality

Circlet of Verdure: Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Fortify Health, Fortify Endurance

Ring of Lordship (Mania): Fortify personality, Resist Disease, Shield

Ring of Lordship (Dementia): Fortify endurance, Chameleon, resist poison

Talisman of Abetment: A strange looking talisman(Similar to Dusk/Dawnfang). Water Breathing, Detect Life 80ft, Feather 75pts

Amulet of Disintegration: Needed for The Coming Storm quest. Disintegrates Armor and weapons 10000pts.

Charity of Madness: Resist Fire, Resist Frost, Resist Shock.

Ring of Mind Shielding: Resist Magic, Reflect Spell.

Ring of Disrobing: Disrobes Clothing. (Oddity)

Pyke’s Medallion: Fortifies speechcraft just like the Knights of Thorn Medallion. Returned to Pyke after To Help A Hero quest. It does respawn, however, if you want a weightless one stuck in your inventory.

Diadem of Euphoria: Taken from the Dukes body. Fortify speechcraft 25pts, Resist Magic 20%, Fortify Magicka 40pts. Glitch–I accidentally got two of these. I pick pocketed the sleeping Duke on my initial explorations of the Palace, and then got another, when I looted his corpse.

Sheogoraths Regalia: The robes of Sheogorath. Fortify personality 30pts,Fortify luck 10pts, Fortify Speechcraft 10pts.

Raiment of Arden-Sul: Given to you if you light the torch of Mania. Fortifies Intelligence, Shield (19% at level 22), Resists Paralysis, and Fortifies Willpower.

Raiment of Intrigue: Given to you if you light the torch of Dementia. Fortifies Speed, Security, Sneak, and Luck.

Apostle Robe: Found on the Apostles during the Main Quest. Light 10 pts.

Heretic Hood: Found on the Heretics of Mania. No enchantments. (And for those who were looking, these are a nice match for the Arch Mage / Mankar Camoran Robes.)

Heretic Robe: Found on the Heretics of Mania. Wearing these robes allows you to walk among heretics without being attacked. If you get too close or are seen by a heretic boss, a verbal warning of your impostor status is given, and all heretics in the area will go back to being hostile to you.

Zealot’s Hood: Found on Zealots of Dementia. No enchantments.

Zealot’s Robe: Found on Zealots of Dementia. Wearing the Zealot’s Robe and Hood allows you to walk among zealots without being attacked. If you get too close or are seen by a zealot boss, they will announce your clever ruse and all zealots in the area revert to normal behavior.

Calming Pants: In the quest The Coming Storm, Fimmion has them and Ahjazda wants them. Fortify Personality 8 pts on Self.

Order Robes: Found on the Priests of Order. No effects.

Order Hood: Found on the Priests of Order. No effects.

Finery: Comes in black, purple and red. Dark clothing of Dementia. No effect.

Regalia: Comes in light green, light blue, and light purple. Vibrant clothing of Mania. No effect.

Manacles of Pain: Received from Relmyna Verenim after surviving her spell if you use her “Victims” topic to help her prisoners. Drain Endurance 10 pts. Fortify Strength 5 pts. Fortify Willpower 5 pts. Drain Intelligence 10 pts.

Welcome to my house, are you the human we ordered for dinner”

VI. Magic

Ahjazda’s Paranoia Frenzy up to level 25 in 50 ft for 10 seconds on touch.

Blessing of Mania: Frenzy up to level 12 in 30 feet for 30 seconds on target.

Blessing of Dementia: Demoralize up to level 12 in 30 feet for 10 seconds on target.

Manipulate Weather: Alters the current weather in the Shivering Isles.

Gatekeeper Gift (depends on which parts you select when building him)

Angry Mind Fortify Willpower 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Helm of Power Fortify Strength 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Heart of Wound Sharing Reflect Damage 20% for 30 seconds on Self
Heart of Spell Turning Reflect Spell 20% for 30 seconds on Self
Breast of Life Fortify Health 100 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Breast of Magic Fortify Magika 100 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Arm of Slashing Fortify Blade 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Arm of Chopping Fortify Blunt 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Arm of Bashing Fortify Hand to Hand 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Arm of Frost, Fire or Shock Shield whichever 20% for 30 seconds on Self
Legs of Fortitude Fortify Endurance 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self
Legs of Nimbleness Fortify Agility 20 pts for 60 seconds on Self

Risen Flesh Reanimate for 60 seconds on Touch

Summon Dark Seductress: Summon Dark Seductress for 60 seconds.

Summon Golden Saint: Summon Golden Saint for 60 seconds.

Summon Flesh Atronach: Summon Flesh Atronach for 120 seconds.

Lesser Powers

Summon Haskill: Allows you to summon Sheogorath’s servant, Haskill, who will give you advice on current quests. Cost: 0 Magicka.

Sheogorath’s Protection: Reappear in Palace Throne room if you die while in the realm. 120 seconds. Cost: 100 Magicka


Summon Hunger: Summons a Hunger. Available in several versions.

Summon Shambles: Summons a Shamble. Available in several versions.

VII. Places

To find out where these places are or what they pertain to please visit [URL=]here.[/URL]

Places of Interest

Crystal Chests
Door to Cyrodiil
Gates of Madness
Hill of Suicides
New Sheoth Graveyard
Pinnacle Rock

Caves Blackroot Lair
Corpserot Passage
Dire Warren
Dunroot Burrow
Fetid Grove
Gardens of Flesh and Bone
Knotbone Chamber
Knotty Bramble
Rotten Dens
Swampgas Hole


New Sheoth
Bliss District
Crucible District
New Sheoth Palace District
Palace of Sheogorath
House of Dementia
House of Mania
The Fringe


The Howling Halls
Xaselm Secret Entrance


Backwash Camp
Blood Island Camp
Camp Hopeful
Camp Talltrees
Flooded Camp
Frenzied Camp
Hardscrabble Camp
Inlet Camp
Longtooth Camp
Lost Time Camp
Puddlejump Camp
Runoff Camp
Wretched Camp

“Welcome, are you here for Yoga lessons or the thing we talked about”

VIII. Stores

Books of Bliss – a bookstore in Bliss, the Mania half of New Sheoth.

Common Treasures – a store in Bliss, the Mania half of New Sheoth

Cutter’s Weapons – a blacksmith shop in Crucible, the Dementia half of New Sheoth. Cutter can make you Madness armor or weapons, if you bring her the appropriate number of pieces of madness ore. If you also have the appropriate madness matrix, she can make magical madness weapons or armor. You cannot choose the enchantments on these. There is no money cost; the ore/matrix is removed from your inventory and replaced with the chosen item. The specific name and stats vary with level.

Earil’s Mysteries – a shop in Crucible, the Dementia half of New Sheoth.

Sickly Bernice’s Taphouse – a store in Crucible, the Dementia half of New Sheoth

The Missing Pauldron – a store in Bliss, the Mania half of New Sheoth. Dumag can make you amber armor or weapons, if you bring him the appropriate number of pieces of amber. If you also have the appropriate amber matrix, he can make magical amber weapons or armor. You cannot choose the enchantments on these. There is no money cost; the amber/matrix is removed from your inventory and replaced with the chosen item. The specific name and stats vary with level.

The Museum of Oddities – in Crucible, New Sheoth. The museum is “mostly” empty, and it is up to the player to fill its treasure chests with various items. The details of this side quest are unknown as of now. In one of the glass display cases is the Ring of Desiccation, one of three items that Ahjazda asks you to retrieve for her. Some reports on the Official Bethesda forums have people finding the same item, namely the Double-Headed Coin, in different places, which may mean finding an oddity is random, much like other loot in the game.

Things Found – a store in Crucible, the Dementia half of New Sheoth.

Wastrel’s Purse – a store in Passwall.

The Choosy Beggar is a store in Bliss, the Mania half of New Sheoth.

IX. Glitches, Bugs, and Achievements


Roofwater Wine/Secret Stash: In Crucible there are all sorts of strange items on the roofs of the buildings. On one of the highest roofs you will find a note on a stool beside some bottles of Roofwater wine and a key.

Big-Head’s Back: For those who remember Sheogorath’s quest in Morrowind, this guy will be very familiar to you. Once again, he’s misplaced the Fork of Horripilation. At least this time, you don’t have to kill a netch to the reward. If you choose to learn a secret of blade, though, he tells you that they poke out, not in and mentions killing grandfather netch.

Attacking Sheogoroth: If you attack Sheogorath he will cast a spell on you that will immediately transport you thousands of feet above the Shivering Isles. You will fall to your death and at this time there appears to be no way to live through the ordeal so save before trying.

The double NPC issue of the Morrowind GOTY release: In the quest The Great Divide, you have the opportunity to solve the problem by killing one of the double. Many users of the XBOX version of Morrowind GOTY experienced the spawning of a copy of each NPC in the game when they used this version on their Morrowind only game saves.

Fight Club: If you go to the roof area of Crucible at night, you will notice Cutter and the Skooma addict fighting each other. The orc bartender will mention that this is a private society, and that you should not interfere. The note inside the jewelry box on the bar (sneak behind the orc to unlock it) will have a little more information.

The Missing Pauldron: The smith’s store in Mania is called “The Missing Pauldron” which is referring to the fact that the armor type called the pauldron that was combined with the cuirass in Oblivion instead of being its own armor like in previous games. This may also refer to the elusive second pauldron of the Daedric Set, which was left out of Morrowind and only found in the Bloodmoon expansion.

Pestering Haskill: Right after you get the ability to summon Haskill, summon him, speak to Sheogorath, and then repeatedly continue to summon Haskill. It’s hilarious!

Kill a Ghost: If you go to the hill of suicides you will be unable to attack the ghosts. To get rid of them push them off the cliff on one side of the hill. Their health will drop each time, repeat until they are dead.

Staada: The leader of the Golden Saints at Brellach is Staada. You might remember her from the Azura Shrine quest in Morrowind. She was one of the daedra Sheogorath sent to disturb Azura’s priestess in the Sheogorad region.

Lettuce And Yarn: Throughout New Sheoth, there are busts of Sheogorath. Beneath or beside most of these busts are lettuce and yarn, which are two of the offerings needed for Sheogorath’s Daedric Quest.

Little Bones: In Shivering isles you can find little bones. There is one of them on top of a house of Crucible. You can collect the bones and put them together somewhere, so you can have a little skeleton body

Gnarl Bark: This ingredient, found on the corpses of Gnarls, bears a striking nomencular resemblance to the pop group Gnarls Barkley, who had a hit with the track “Crazy”. This ties in rather nicely to the theme of the Shivering Isles expansion.

Skooma Addict: In Crucible there is a lady that will trade you worthless items for skooma. Well, not so much worthless as random. I got a nice ring and then some tattered pants. Sure doesn’t pay to deal with crazy skooma heads.


Freezing – The game commonly freezes when entering Crucible for the first time.

The far but faltering reach of the Dark Brotherhood – If you murder someone and then sleep at a city inn in the Shivering Isles, Lucien Lachance will attempt to make his midnight recruitment visit as normal. However, he will not have any voice dialogue, and the onscreen text will read “I HAVE NO GREETING!”

One test subject in Xeddefen can be spoken to, as above there will be no voice dialog with the text “I HAVE NO GREETING!” The “NO GREETING” dialogue bug also appears when attempting to speak with Traelius in Dire Warren. Dark Seducers referred to a male character, as “The Duchess of Mania”. Perhaps this was an intentional insult, as Dark Seducers hate Mania.

After killing Syl’s double if the Staff of Worms is used on the double the game will now count her as Syl meaning when she dies you get a quest message saying you should now take her heart. You can’t do this because she doesn’t have it being the correct NPC to solve this just go to the garden then in the secret door and your markers will show up and the quest will fix itself. Or just don’t use the Staff of Worms on her.

If you cast an invisibility spell just before you open a loading screen door, say so your invisible once it’s finished loading, you can get stuck in place, the invisible timer will stop, and all you can do is access menus, and look around. It is undetermined if you can fast travel when this happens.

If you talk to Big-Head In New Sheoth and activate “The Fork Of Horripilation” quest, Big-Head will then to process to attack a resident of New Sheoth until he has either killed the resident or has been taken down by the Golden Saint Guard.

If you have Dawnfang or Duskfang equipped while riding your horse at the time that it switches from one to the other (dusk or dawn), you will receive a message that the item cannot be removed, yet the other will be added to your inventory. I quickly dismounted the horse and dropped Dawnfang, and then you have one of each. Unfortunately it doesn’t last.

When you fight your double, if your space bar is quick enough and your blade skill above 50, you can get doubles of your current weapons by disarming your dark doppelganger and quickly picking them up. Of course, this will only work once, but you can easily duplicate an expensive item and sell one while keeping the other.


Pts Description Achieved by 20 Tourist, Shivering Isles Entered the Shivering Isles
20 Aspirant, Shivering Isles Reached Aspirant Rank in the Court of Madness
20 Citizen, Shivering Isles Reached Citizen Rank in the Court of Madness
20 Madman, Shivering Isles Reached Madman Rank in the Court of Madness
20 Honored Madman, Shivering Isles Reached Honored Madman Rank in the Court of Madness
30 Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles Reached Duke of Dementia Rank in the Court of Madness
30 Duke Mania, Shivering Isles Reached Duke of Mania Rank in the Court of Madness
20 Regent, Shivering Isles Reached Regent Rank in the Court of Madness
20 Defender, Shivering Isles Reached Defender of the Realm Rank in the Court of Madness
50 Madgod, Shivering Isles Stopped the Greymarch Total: 250

X. Helpful Links

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
Elder Scrolls Game Guide
Elder Scrolls Website
Sam’s Oblivion Walkthrough
Knights of the Nine Walkthrough
FAQ: Should I buy Oblivion and/or Oblivion DLC
FAQ: Madness Ore and Amber
Oblivion: Index of resources, Guides and FAQ’s.

XI. Credits

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