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Knights of the Nine Walkthrough –


After the download, ask any NPC about “Rumors” and you may learn about the attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil, at which point this quest will be added to your journal. Or you can just travel to Anvil directly. Talking to any townsperson in Anvil will yield more information about the attack, you will be told about The Prophet. The Prophet is standing across the road from the Chapel of Anvil, in the garden next to Benirus Manor. During the day, he is loudly ranting about the attack on the chapel. At night, he sleeps in a bedroll in the garden; you can wake him up to talk with him. Speak to him about the Anvil chapel attack and he vaguely explains that Umaril the Unfeathered is behind it, and that the Relics of the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake, are the only way to stop him. He then asks if you are a worthy knight. You are given many options, some of which are stating your completed faction accomplishments. If you choose any “yes” answer, he says that you obviously do not need his help. Choose any “no” answer, and then “How can I find the relics?” The prophet explains that you must complete the pilgrimage of the Wayshrines of the Nine Divines to repent for your past deeds, and gives you a “Wayshrines Map”. To get the whole story, enter the Chapel.

It is best to wait until after you have talked with the Prophet to explore the Chapel, because talking with him will enable you to legally explore the entire chapel, and legally take any items you find. You will find it destroyed, with bodies and blood everywhere, and runes written in blood on the floor. Go downstairs to the Chapel Hall. On the table to the left is “The Song of Pelinal, v 2” On the table to the right is “Shezarr and the Divines.” Go in the first door on the right and on the dinner table is “The Song of Pelinal, v 1,” and on a shelf on the east side of the room are “The Song of Pelinal”, volumes 3 to 8. Exit back out to the Chapel Hall. The next door on the right goes to a bedroom, and on top of the chest next to the bed is “The Adabal-a.” (All of these books also appear in the Mystic Archives of the Arcane University.)

The Pilgrimage consists of visiting and praying at (activating) one wayshrine for each of the Nine Divines. All characters, even those without any Infamy points must go on the pilgrimage. The Wayshrines page provides a complete list of all the wayshrines that can be found in Tamriel. The Knights of the Nine mod does not add any new wayshrines. The “Wayshrines Map” provided to you by the Prophet shows the location of just one wayshrine for each of the Nine Divines. However, there is nothing special about those nine particular wayshrines; you can choose to visit any of the wayshrines for each of the Nine Divines. When you visit the last wayshrine, you should meet Sir Roderic and Lathon, also on Pilgrimage. However, if the last wayshrine you visit is not on the map given to you by the Prophet, they may not appear. If your character has never gained any infamy and has previously visited any of the wayshrines, those wayshrines do not need to be revisited.

If you are uncertain which wayshrines you have already visited, enter the chapel in any city. Around the perimeter of the chapel you will find small altars dedicated to each of the Nine Divines. Activate each one: if it provides you with a blessing, then you have already visited a wayshrine for that deity; otherwise, you will receive a message suggesting that you should visit a wayshrine. If you have already completed the Pilgrimage of the Nine Divines (and received the Greater Power Pilgrim’s Grace), you will just need to visit a single wayshrine. When you activate it, you will immediately receive the vision from Pelinal that starts the next quest. When you have prayed at each of the nine altars, your Infamy points will be reduced to zero, you will achieve pilgrim rank in the Nine Divines faction, and you will receive a quest update stating that you have completed the pilgrimage and should pray and wait for a vision.

The Shrine of the Crusader:

The lost shrine is accessed through the Ayleid Ruin of Vanua. A map marker points to Vanua’s location, in the water where the Upper Niben meets Lake Rumare. Swim underwater and you will find the entrance to the ruin. In the second zone of the ruin Shrine of the Crusader, you will find the body of Sir Amiel. Search the body for his journal and his ring. Read his journal to find out that he was the leader of the Knights of the Nine, how the group was disbanded, and that he kept the Cuirass of the Crusader in the basement of their headquarters, the Priory of the Nine in the West Weald (his ring opens a secret area of the priory). Continue through the Shrine of the Crusader to reach the upper half of the room containing Sir Amiel’s body (or with good acrobatics skill you can just jump over the railing). There you will find the Helm of the Crusader on an altar. Take it to finish the quest.

Just as in the original game the graphics are gorgeous but with a little polish.

Priory of The Nine

The Priory of the Nine is located in the West Weald; a marker is added to your map when you read Sir Amiel’s journal. Within the main building of the priory you will find a large symbol on the floor. Activate it; as long as Sir Amiel’s ring is in your inventory, the floor will drop down to reveal a door to the Priory Basement. Enter and make your way through to the door to the Priory Undercroft. In the Priory Undercroft you will find the ghost of Sir Amiel. He informs you that he and the ghosts of the seven other present Knights of the Nine will test your worth in honorable combat before you will be allowed to take the Cuirass of the Crusader. One by one, you will combat each of the ghostly Knights, Sir Amiel lastly. The exit from the Undercroft is sealed once this challenge starts, so you should make sure you are well prepared for the challenge before entering the Undercroft. There is a brief pause between each knight’s challenge, which provides a quick opportunity to heal and repair armor. But you are not provided with a chance to truly rest and recover. When you have defeated them all, you will be allowed to take the Cuirass of the Crusader. Talk to all of the ghosts to learn what they know about the various artifacts and to find out more about the history of the Knights of the Nine. Four knights in particular have specific information about the location of an artifact. Talking to each of them will allow you to start a quest to retrieve that item: Sir Casimir tells you about the Gauntlets of the Crusader.

In Chorrol’s Chapel of Stendarr, because of his deeds, he was cursed and the gauntlets fell from his hands, too heavy for anyone to lift. This starts the quest Stendarr’s Mercy Sir Ralvas tells you about the Mace of Zenithar. He failed to complete the challenge of Zenithar, retrieving the Mace of Zenithar from the Leyawiin’s Chapel of Zenithar, because he did not have complete faith. This starts the quest The Path of the Righteous. Sir Henrik tells you about the Shield of the Crusader. If you are faithful to the teachings of Julianos you may recover the Shield of the Crusader from Fort Bulwark, which was fortified to keep it secure. This starts the quest Wisdom of the Ages. Sir Juncan tells you about the Boots of the Crusader. The boots are guarded by Kynareth and the priestesses at the shrine to Kynareth west of the Imperial City on the edge of the Great Forest. This starts the quest Nature’s Fury This quest is not complete until you have collected all four of these artifacts. You will receive quest updates as you collect each artifact.

Natures Fury

If you make the “Nature’s Fury” quest active, you will get a map marker for the shrine of Kynareth, west of the Imperial City, just on the other side of the Red Ring Road. Go to the Shrine of Kynareth and speak with Avita Vesnia about Boots of the Crusader, and she will tell you that to be granted the boots, you must pass Kynareth’s test of worthiness in the Grove of Trials. Note: You will not get the choice to talk to Avita about the boots if the Knights of the Nine mod isn’t the last to load. Your map marker will be moved to the Grove of Trials. Proceed to the grove and after a couple minutes an oversized bear named Forest Guardian approaches and attacks you. Do not fight back; rather stand, block, and take the blows. After a few hits, the bear will stop and a stone will move to reveal a door to Kynareth’s Grotto. Enter Kynareth’s Grotto to find an altar holding the boots, with a Spriggan standing to each side. Ignore them (they do nothing) and take the Boots of the Crusader. If you choose to kill either of the Spriggans, you will acquire one point of Infamy.

Wisdom of The Ages

At the Priory of the Nine, Sir Henrik told you that if you are faithful to the teachings of Julianos, you may be able to recover the Shield of the Crusader, which he stored at Fort Bulwark for safekeeping. Fort Bulwark is on the border of Blackwood and Black Marsh, south of Fort Teleman and north-northeast of Onyx Caverns. A marker has been added to your map, located at the top of the “d” in Blackwood. Enter the door to Fort Bulwark; be cautious as it is booby-trapped. Be prepared to encounter a lot of conjurers, who apparently also know that the Shield of the Crusader is hidden here and have torn the place apart trying to find it. You will also discover gates and drawbridges that (at first) cannot be opened. Keep exploring, and keep your eyes open for clues. In the northwest section of the fort you will find two important items. First, on the table there is a Conjurer’s Note confirming that they are unsuccessfully searching for the shield. The note contains one important hint: “The gate to the lower levels no longer halts our progress. Make note of the candles along the walls if you would pass through”. Second, there is a handle on the floor nearby; turn it to make the two drawbridges in front of you be lowered. On the other side of the drawbridges you will discover a room with tiles on the floor in a 3×4 pattern, with a locked door on the other side. The clue in the note tells you how to solve this puzzle: for each row, notice which side the candle(s) are located on, and how many candles there are.

Start from the side with candles, and count across the same number of tiles as there are candles. Step on that tile, and proceed to the next row. Or in other words, walk over the tiles in the following order to open the door: Left, Middle, Right, Left. You will now be in the second zone of the Fort Bulwark, which has been used by the conjurers as a prison and torture area. Their victim is Sir Thedret, who is locked in one of the prison cells. Release him to find out that he was also searching for the Shield of the Crusader, but was captured by the conjurers. Despite being tortured, he has refused to tell them what he knows of the shield. Based on another Conjurer’s Note that you will find, it was very lucky for Sir Thedret that you showed up: within the week, the conjurers were planning to “dispose” of him, “preferably in a manner most painful”. As thanks for being freed, Sir Thedret reveals the clue that he refused to tell the conjurers: “When the eyes of guardians are upon you, Julianos will show you his favor.” Continue exploring this section of the fort. Watch out for one particularly nasty set of drawbridges, which are guarded by a large number of dart traps on the ceiling. If you watch closely you will see that the darts fall in sequence – time your passage and you will pass unharmed. Be prepared to take a lot of damage if you just run through them. In the end you will reach a large room to the west, featuring four statues: could these be the guardians from Sir Thedret’s clue? In a nutshell, yes. To solve the puzzle, you need to make it so that all four statues are facing you at the same time.

At the base of each statue you will find a handle; activate the handle repeatedly until the statue is facing in towards the center. At that instant the magical flames in front of the statue of Julianos will be extinguished… and a passage is opened on the south side of the room. The newly opened passage leads to the third zone of Fort Bulwark, which the conjurers have never been able to reach. The main room features another puzzle. Your journal helpfully tells you “I’ve found some sort of puzzle or trap deep inside Fort Bulwark. I’ll need to figure out what it means in order to acquire the Shield of the Crusader”. In other words, there are no clues this time around. Exploring the room reveals eight stone guardian statues around the perimeter of the room, each of which can be activated (does nothing); in front of each one is a large empty chest. In the middle of the room is a ninth chest, with a pressure plate in front of it. When you stand on the pressure plate, you will notice one of the eight statues light up, and an item appears, hovering in mid-air in front of it. But if you run to try to grab the item, it disappears.

The final piece of the mystery is that in the ninth chest you will find a single item. If you take the item and randomly place it in another chest, it disappears… and a new item appears in the central chest. If you do this enough times, you will notice that each of the statues has a different item that appears in front of it. You will also notice that the same eight items appear in the central chest. To solve the puzzle, you need to take the items from the central chest one by one and place them in the correct chest, i.e., the one where that item appears. When you place an item in the correct chest, the statue turns around so it is facing the center of the room. The items that belong in each chest, starting from the door you entered, and going clockwise (or sometimes counterclockwise) around the room, are: Rodgar’s Book, Rodgar’s Hammer, Rodgar’s Gem, Rodgar’s Stone, Rodgar’s Helm, Rodgar’s Goblet, Rodgar’s Sword. Once all eight items have been placed in the correct chests, the magical flames will extinguish, and the door at the top of the stairs will open. The next room contains the Shield of the Crusader, on an altar along with a few other items. Take the shield, and this quest is complete. Also, the Priory of the Nine quest is updated with the information that you have found another artifact.

“Hmm am I suppose to mess with that.”

Path of The Righteous

At the Priory of the Nine, Sir Ralvas asked you to try what he failed, the challenge of Zenithar at Leyawiin’s chapel to retrieve the Mace of Zenithar. Enter the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. Carodus Oholin approaches and asks if you’re the one restoring the Knights of the Nine. He tells you that he could not pass the test to retrieve the Mace of Zenithar, and that he has instead stayed to protect and guard it. Enter the Chapel Undercroft and pray to Zenithar at the tomb of Saint Kaladas. Upon praying to Zenithar at Saint Kaladas’ tomb, you will be transported to a dark dimension. Across a chasm from the cliff you are standing on is a platform with the Mace of Zenithar on it. After a few unsuccessful crossing attempts, you will receive a quest update saying that maybe if you retrieve other relics, a solution will present itself. Equip the Boots of the Crusader, and a path will appear that will allow you to walk across to the Mace of Zenithar. Take the Mace of Zenithar, and you will be transported back out to the Chapel Undercroft. Make your way back out to the Chapel to find new creatures, Aurorans, attacking the chapel. After the battle, Carodus Oholin approaches and asks to become a Knight of the Nine.

Stendarr’s Mercy

At the Priory of the Nine, Sir Casimir told you that to retrieve the Gauntlets of the Crusader you should speak to the priests in Chorrol’s Chapel of Stendarr. In Chorrol’s chapel, you will find the gauntlets on the floor surrounded by candles, too heavy to lift. Speak to Areldur, who should be standing nearby, and tell him you’d like to know the story of the gauntlets. He tells you that the curse that makes the gauntlets too heavy to lift is also killing Kellen, a descendent of the Knight who was cursed here (Sir Casimir). Kellen is staying at the chapel, and can be found in a bedroom in the Chapel Hall. If you talk to Kellen about the curse, he claims that Areldur acts like he’s holding back information. Return to Areldur, who will now admit that he knows that the only way for him to free Kellen of the curse would be to take it on himself, and he is too cowardly to do so. He asks if you know of someone who would pray to Stendarr and take on Kellen’s curse. Activate the Altar of the Nine in the chapel, and you will be asked whether you wish to take the curse. Accept and you will receive a quest update telling you that the curse has been transferred to you (your fatigue is affected), and that you can now “Lay Hands” on Kellen to free him of the curse. Go to Kellen and use the spell “Lay Hands” on him, which will free him and the gauntlets of the curse. Kellen is ecstatic at feeling so healthy, and runs around the room a few times. Return to the chapel, and you can now pick up the Gauntlets of the Crusader. This quest is complete and the Priory of the Nine quest is updated with the information that you have found another artifact.

Faithful Squire

Proceed to the Priory of the Nine to find it cleaned up and decorated. Lathon approaches you, informs you of Sir Roderic’s death and Sir Berich’s resurrection, and requests to become a Knight of the Nine. Accept Lathon as a Knight, and he will give you the Greaves of the Crusader. He will also tell you that the Wraith of Lord Berich Vlindrel has the sword in Underpall Cave.

Sword of The Crusader

Make your way to the map marker and enter the door to the Underpall Reflecting Chamber. Note: You may have Sir Lathon follow you. Make your way through and you will find the body of Sir Roderic. Enter the nearby wood door and you’ll find yourself in a room with Lord Vlindrel’s Wraith. After the battle, take the Sword of the Crusader. You will receive a quest update stating that you should reconsecrate it at the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal. Equip the sword, and you will be afflicted with a curse that can be removed at the Chapel. Make your way to the chapel, and you’ll find it being attacked by Aurorans. After the battle, pray at the Altar, and the sword will be removed from your inventory then replaced, and you will be free of the curse. When you return to the Priory of the Nine, you will find that Sir Berich has joined the circle of ghostly knights in the undercroft. Speak to Sir Berich to learn that you redeemed his soul.

“It’s going to be hard to get out of here with that thing.”

The Blessing of Talos

– Head back to the Priory of the Nine, and Sir Thedret will approach and tell you that the Prophet has come to the Priory to see you. Make your way into the chapel and speak with the Prophet. He says that you must defeat Umaril at Garlas Malatar and gives you the Blessing of Talos, explaining that it will allow you to follow Umaril after his earthly death to defeat him permanently.

Umaril the Unfeathered

Make your way to Garlas Malatar and meet with the other Knights. You may choose to have them wait or launch the attack. No matter what choice you made, they will all head into the ruin when you enter. Enter and jump down to the open area. Activate the switch on one of the pedestals, and head up the staircase. Take either passage and then head left up the staircase and follow to the map marker. Enter the door to Ceysei. Make your way through to three locked gates. Activate the switch between them to open them. Go through the gate and you’ll emerge in a large room with a glowing sphere in the center and many Aurorans surrounding. Until you destroy the Orb, the Aurorans will keep resurrecting (they show a white healing spell type flourish as they stand back up at full health.) Since your Knights are not similarly immortal, you will want to destroy the Orb as quickly as possible if you want the original named Knights to survive (and if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by them once they’ve dealt with your followers). Follow the path to the right, up the stairs, and you will find the Dark Orb. Activate the switch on the bottom of the right arch, which opens up the staircases. Activate the Dark Orb to destroy it. It will explode and freeze time. Proceed north to the door and make your way through the passages to a large room with liquid in the center. As you enter, the room will light up and a staircase will rise. Umaril’s physical form, an oversized Auroran, appears.

After the battle, be sure to grab Umaril’s sword before casting Blessing of Talos. You can take as much time as you like exploring and collecting loot before finally casting the spell. When you do, turn to the center of the room to watch events unfold. You’ll be transported to the sky above the Imperial City with Umaril attacking you. After this battle, when you are falling to earth, Umaril’s body and his sword will be falling with you. You can target it and take it for a second sword. After the final battle with Umaril, you will be transported to the basement of the Priory of the Nine. Speak with Sir Amiel to learn what will happen to them, and watch them all disappear.

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