Xbox 360 Engages in Elite Transfers

Will You Be Trading Up???

When the Xbox 360 Elite was unveiled to the gaming populace, it was met with large amounts of skepticism. While many consumers were eager to take advantage of the system’s larger hard drive and multi-media capabilities, others expressed disappointment at the prospect of having to purchase an additional system so soon after getting used to the functions of the previous one.

As the Elite was nearing its launch date, Microsoft made it clear that this system’s sole consumer base would emphasize individuals who had not yet purchased an Xbox 360 and thus wanted an affordable multi-media system that would not harm their wallets. Despite this plea, owners of the original Xbox 360 still made room for this ‘Elite’ upgrade, eager to sample its ‘upgraded’ functions. However, once this excitement subsided, players were left wondering how they would be able to transfer their old data that was on their original hard drive to the larger (120 GB) one offered by the Elite. To solve this problem, Microsoft created a free transfer cable that should achieve this purpose.Gamers who wish to take advantage of this offer should hurry, since this item will only be available for a limited time. Regardless, this is a smart move by Microsoft, since it ensures that this new system will achieve relevance with old and new 360 users alike.

Author: TGRStaff

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