Gears of War Map Pack Review

Gears of War Map Pack Review: Hidden Front
Written by tanker67
Published by CroTech

One word to rule them all, one word to find them… That word: “amazing,” they are simply amazing. The best map by far is The Garden. Right off the bat, three players on my team rushed into the building, and uh-oh, Shear Carnage! You have to rush to turn the poison off right away because the power weapons are well within the poison building. But beware, because if you don’t pay attention and wander into one that is safe, they will eventually return to deadly shortly. I was in a fierce shotgun battle, and started to die, so I dove to the left, RIGHT INTO THE POISON, which of course killed me instantly.

The next best map has to be the Kryll Infested Bullet Marsh map. At first, you think that it’s going to be all right. Everything is lit up, but with a few bullets to the generator most of area containing the power weapons will darken. While the Kryll only down you, it is a big enough map that in warzone will almost always result in death.

“Hey Dom, let’s give him a rusty trombone.”
Process is still a fairly large map with a lot of different levels of play. The power weapons are mostly in the middle, in an area that is un-escapable if the enemy directly follows you due to a lot of fences. In a sense, it is a cooler version of gridlock.

Subway is a snipers dream and nightmare, all at the same time. You can either get some SICK headshots, or end up at the smoking end of a shotgun to the back of the head. The main power weapon in this map is obviously the sniper rifle, but where the rifle is located can prove to be a deadly trap. One team is almost directly next to the snipers spawn point, making it easily retrieved. Now if you decide to stay where the sniper rifle is at, you have some amazing upper-hand views to the opposing team; however, you also might as well kiss your butt goodbye if they immediately come to where you are positioned. The reason is because you are enclosed into a trap which exposes you greatly. There is nowhere to escape to except through the person shooting at you from behind a perfectly placed van. Be careful using the sniper on this map.

There is definitely no one uglier than General RAAM, well maybe Jack Thompson.
Now I know you are all saying, “are they worth it” well, consider this, out of all the rest of the maps, I would rank them overall 1, 2, 4, and 5. In my opinion 800 points for 4 out of the top 5 or 6 maps is definitely worth the money. It is time to BUY! BUY! BUY!

Author: TGRStaff

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