Top 5 Things to Do While Xbox Live Is Down for Maintenance

I know a lot of you are already freaking out over the fact that on September 10, 2007, at 2 AM Pacific Time, Xbox Live will go down for approximately 4 hours. Before you hyperventilate or go into a depressed state, MyArcadePlanet would like to suggest five things you could do with your time away from your Xbox 360. I know its going to be hard, but please try to keep your sanity.

#5. Do a Routine Cleanup/Maintenance On Your System

Yeah, you heard me. Have you seen your Xbox 360 fans? They are filthy: get off the couch and clean them up with a soft, damp cloth. No big deal, you have nothing better to do, AND you are extending your system’s life. While you are at it, make sure your controllers have fresh batteries so you don’t waste any time when Live comes back up.

#4. Play Halo 1 and Halo 2

Before you flame and tell me how tired you are of the previous Halo installments and how amazing you are, remember that Halo 3 is released September 25. A little play-through to recall the plots and twists of the storyline would get you well equipped for the final chapter of the trilogy. Both Halo 1 and Halo 2 are backwards compatible, barring that you have downloaded the patch already; if not, why not play some Oblivion?

#3. Pre-Order Halo 3

Speaking of Halo 3, I bet some of you have not gone to your local retailer and placed a pre-order on it. Chances are this game is going to sell out and you do not want to be the only person amongst your friends that does not have Halo 3, do you? Seriously, just avoid the potentially awkward situation and reserve a copy. Plus, you won’t have to lie when people ask you if you have pre-ordered Halo 3 or not.

#2. Catch Up On Missed Series and Movies

Yes, movies and shows where still airing and being produced while you spent countless hours on Live. Chances are you have missed a few shows and a couple of great movies while you where AFK. Why not catch up on your favorite things to do before you had a 360? TV stations need ratings too, you know.

#1. Catch-Up On Every Day Chores

When was the last time you called your friends? No, not your Xbox Live buddies… I mean your friends, you know the guys you used to go to school with and your other random acquaintances. I bet they are probably gathering dust just like Halo 1 is. Maybe this four hour window can get you acquainted again and bullies will stop picking on you! Also, make a note to show off to your parents. Something along the lines of, “Hey Mom and Dad, I realize I have been playing my Xbox 360 way too much, and because I respect and admire you both, I am going to take a four hour break to show you how much you mean to me.” Score. Two points and you just guaranteed yourself the $60.00 needed for Halo 3. They don’t have to know Xbox Live is down. Oh, one more thing: if you have pets, for goodness sake people, feed your cats, dogs, fishes, reptiles, wild orangutans, cheetahs, whatever you have running around your house, they will appreciate their monthly meals.

Finally, if all else fails, or worse, if nothing on this list appeals to you, take some Benadryl and catch up on some sleep. A four hour nap can come in handy for that all-nighter you are planning to pull when Xbox Live returns.

Author: TGRStaff

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