Top 10 Video Game Producers

The unsung hero of the gaming world, the producer is the person who signs off on each title you buy, play, and love. It is ultimately the producer’s responsibility to ensure that each gaming experience is special and unique. Their roles are wide-reaching, covering elements such as game design, art design, level development, budgeting, and . . . → Read More: Top 10 Video Game Producers

Ten of the Most Frustrating Video Game Cliffhangers

Do cliffhanger endings really get on your nerves? For Troy Bond they do, and he’s listed ten of the worst offenders here. . . . → Read More: Ten of the Most Frustrating Video Game Cliffhangers

2009: The Year of the Sequel

As part of the upcoming TGR Awards, I was recently asked what I thought were the best three games of the year. I chose Assassin’s Creed 2 as third place, Uncharted 2 for second, and Modern Warfare 2 for first. Some of the more astute among you may notice a pattern in those games. Yes, . . . → Read More: 2009: The Year of the Sequel

Ten Superb Console-to-PC Ports

Since the dawn of the games console, there have been many attempts to port console games to the trusty old PC. Though most of these attemtps have yielded less than stellar resuls, every so often someone does it right. We decided to celebrate ten examples of games that have made the transition from console to . . . → Read More: Ten Superb Console-to-PC Ports

The Ten Worst Licensed Video Games

Mike Bell takes us through his selection of the ten worst licensed games, from basketball stars fighting against mummies to stand-ins stranded on a desert island.

Lost: Via Domus

Lost, the massive TV hit starring Matthew Fox and company stranded on a mysterious desert island, was inevitably going to get developers interested in . . . → Read More: The Ten Worst Licensed Video Games

Top Ten FPS Guns

Scott Adams, the man behind the Dilbert series, once said, “I believe everybody in the world should have guns. Citizens should have bazookas and rocket launchers too. I believe that all citizens should have their weapons of choice. However, I also believe that only I should have the ammunition. Because frankly, I wouldn’t trust the . . . → Read More: Top Ten FPS Guns

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