FEAR: Perseus Mandate walkthrough

F I R S T    E N C O U N T E R    A S S A U L T    R E C O N

*Perseus Mandate*

F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate FAQ/Walkthrough
For PC, Xbox 360
Version 1.0 (2/15/08)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
(email at the bottom)

Version 1.0 - completed game, not sure if anything needs to be added.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls CON2222
3. Starter Tips TIPS333
4. Walkthrough FAQ4444
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Interval 01 - Investigation

Interval 02 - Revelation
Rescue and Recon

Interval 03 - Apprehension
The Plaza Chase

Interval 04 - Devastation
The Deep

Interval 05 - Infiltration

Interval 06 - Exploration

Interval 07 - Extermination
Clone Facility
Clone Production

5. Enemies, Weapons, and Boosters EWB5555
6. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword *

I know this game was blasted by the critics, and no, had I not played the
previous two games, I probably wouldn’t have even known about this one.
Yes, you’ll auto-pilot through most of this game if you’ve played the other
two, but this is a solid shooter, no one is saying it isn’t. The gunplay is
still the strength of this title and if you like a scare or two in your game,
this is a decent playthrough. You’ll enjoy the plot and the game is still
fun, but don’t expect anything close to innovation.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *

Here is the list of MY button setup on the PC version:

WASD - controls movement
Mouse - look and aim
Left mouse - shoot
Right mouse - melee
Shift - zoom
Ctrl - slow mo (this is where I keep my pinky)
E - med kits
Q - flashlight
F - use
G - toss grenade
R - reload
C - crouch
Space - jump
# keys - select guns and grenades
H - holster weapon, crucial in capture the flag in multiplayer
ESC - pause game

I don’t use the peeking around corners controls, but you can. I replace them
with the med kits and flashlight

I don’t know the 360 controls, sorry.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *

*Slow mo, duh - I mean, if you got it, little reason to save it unless the
fight is really big. It’s not like you automatically win by using this, as
you only have a little time to use it and you can’t cover much ground using it.
Just run up close with a shotgun, go slow mo, and start blasting - always

*Keep TWO eyes open for items, not one - the worst thing is to pass over an
area where there are good items that you need. Just explore an area before you
leave it.

*Save big weapons, but don’t save too much - basically, you can have two big
guns, like a rocket launcher and the arc, but that means you must have a
fully loaded G2A2, or something else. Guns come and go pretty much after
each battle, so don’t be too cheap to spend a big gun on a tough fight.

*You have grenades, use them - simple as that, don’t forget you have them. If
anything, just to scare the enemy.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *

FEAR Perseus Mandate Walkthrough

Interval 01 - Investigation

Just watch the first little scene in the plane.

*NOTE: Two issues for those playing on the PC (maybe on 360 too if you have
the options). I adjusted the mouse sensitivity to a lower setting, and I
changed slow mo to the TAB key and put the multiplayer status on Ctrl; which
just switched the two. You might like these two changes, up to you.*

After you land, move forward to hit a guy that will rappel from the bridge.
Kill him and then on the other side of the bridge, another one will drop from
behind. Kill him and then crawl under the bars to get in the tunnel.

Past the rats you will be back in a canal. Grab the med kits, rifles, and the
body armor among the dead guys. Near the next bridge will be a wreck on top,
but that just leads to more soldiers. Crouch behind a car and use the new
rifle to hit some before they can drop down. Don’t forget that you can slow
down time at the moment, so do it if you need it. Then go to the next tunnel.

Around the corner will be some debris and some guys among it. Use slow mo if
you want and don’t forget you can jump and kick, or just run and smack. Kill
them and continue to the end (don’t forget you have to use med kits yourself
and you have grenades).

*NOTE: The dual pistols are a good option, you’ll be surprised.*

At the end, don’t jump down just yet, unless you prefer getting close. There
are four enemies among the pillars, so use this ledge as a perch. Jump down
after and take the tunnel on the right. Be sure to smash the two crates to
grab some supplies.

On the other side will be a fight in the open area, so use the slow mo if you
want, but it’s not a tough fight. At the other side, swap your pistols for the
shotgun and then up the ladder. Go through the door and then go left for a
grenade box and a reflex booster. Go right down the ladder for a single med
kit, then come back up and move on.

Smack the padlock and then go through. Swap the SMG for the ASP Rifle next to
the door, then go through to the next room. Inside will be a bunch of enemies
all around. Just hide behind cover and follow where your friends are shooting.
Watch out for the enemies that get close or are under the floor; don’t forget
you have a close, medium, and long range gun for each encounter. After the
fight, go around the top level and grab the health and armor, then go down
the steps on the other side to find the corridor below.

In the next similar-looking generator room as the last, you should switch to
the shotgun. Three or so Assassins (cloaked guys) will attack, so just wait
for their outlines to get close to blast them away. Then search the room for
some items and then go through the doors up top.

When you reach the outside, the group will tell you to chase after some guy.
But before you head down the tunnel, go to the end of the road and go left to
find a health booster in the corner. Now go into the tunnel. You get separated
from your friends, so just keep moving and try to jump the bridge for a nice
little surprise.


Swim to the ladder and get up. Go through the door and kill the guy on the
right. Around the corner is another enemy with a new gun. Pop around the corner
and let him shoot, but then back away. Then come back after the grenade goes
off and shoot him in slow mo, and you could possibly hit the grenade in the
air. Either way, grab the grenade launcher by swapping out your shotgun. Then
follow the water to a door.

Go through the door and ignore the guys up top as you go down the hallway on
the right. On the other side you should run into troops from all around. So
either launch grenades all over, or use normal bullets, your choice. Choose one
of the three ways to get up top and then clear out whoever is up there. Once
it’s clear, you can search the are for items and then go into the office. Pick
up the health items and then through the door at the bottom of the steps.

In the sewer you hit what I call a "creep-out moment". I don’t want to spoil
these for you, so I’ll be vague for these. For this one, just move forward
and then watch. You’ll be back in the sewer, so move forward and then go
through the door at the end.

Inside will be more soldiers moving around. They don’t see you at first, so
this fight would be a most excellent time to use the grenade launcher, and for
all grenades, if you get direct hits on bodies the grenades will explode on
contact. The place is clear once the music dies, so that is your cue to search
all around for items. Then take the doorway on the bottom level to get back
into the sewers.

Some bodies will fall from the ceiling, but just to toward the door and the
pipes for a body armor, then go through the door. Inside will be another group
of enemies, so handle with care; might be a good time to use that ASP rifle.
After the battle, go to the ladder, but then fall over the side to the water.
Take a little crawlspace to find a room with a med kit and a reflex booster.
Now go back and get up the ladder.

Follow the paths, swap out the grenade gun for a shotgun, and then re-enter
the sewers yet again. When you get toward another door things will go into
slow mo as a guy gets blasted from the doorway. Out comes a heavy armor Replica
soldier, so be ready. Your best get is to go back into slow mo and get close
to him to use the shotgun. Just run, jump, and circle around him, but this is
also the way to kill him while in normal speed. Using the grenade gun (if any
frags are left) or normal frags, you might be too slow. Either way, don’t
forget your med kits as you fight.

Pick up the grenade launcher if any other gun is low, and then go through the
door. Follow the path go get outside, then grab the items near the door. Cross
the bridge and then down the ladder. Should see a creep out as you get to the
bottom, so go around that corner to get a med kit, turn around to get the
creep out. Now go up the path, up a ladder, through two doors, and you should
arrive in a big room to the sounds of enemies.

Shoot a grenade through the windows to the right and you should get the guys up
there. Then just use the grenade gun to kill the rest. Then get up to the upper
level, go through the room, and then through the door. In the sewer, go toward
the debris barricade and be ready for three enemies to bust through. Kill
them with your last grenades in the gun and then go through. Drop down toward
the end of the path and then up a ladder to end level.


Go forward and then to the front of the truck so you can toss frags at the
two enemies down the alley. Get there and get out your shotgun as you go
inside. Two more soldiers will be in this area. Get to the door and go through.

Back outside, there will be about six enemies to fight in the streets, so use
slow mo and toss grenades to get out without much damage. Take the alley and
you will find your way into an office complex. Grab the ASP ammo by a door and
go through (by the way, I’ll stop mentioning all the items, as most are in the
way or easy to spot, a little exploring won’t hurt you).

You emerge back in an alley, but this time you got ATC on the streets. If you
jump from this catwalk to another, that catwalk will fall, but you can quickly
jump to the stable part. Either way, you have to kill the guy below and the
four in the street, so do so however you wish. There is also a small path on
the right side of the alley that you can use to flank. Grab the ASP ammo on the
wall on your way to the parking lot.

Two ATC will attack, so get rid of them. Before going up the ramp in the
garage, go to the left corner behind the van for some frags if you need, then
go up the ramp. Kill the three cops up here and then find a path behind them
that leads to some items. Then come back and take a path down some stairs.
Under the staircase is a health booster.

Proceed until you hit the hallway and get out your shotgun before going through
the doors. You will go through, go into slow mo, either toss a frag or blast
the ATC in the left doorway, and then go outside to finish off the Replicas
coming down the street.

Go behind the roadblock to find maybe an enemy guarding a truck. The back will
have tons of supplies, so stock up. Look down the road to see the Replicas in
combat with some other faction. You can kill them quickly, or let them tangle
with the other guys, either way you will have to kill both sides. Use the
slow mo and go surgical with the shotgun to clear the blockade.

Go up the street and go right to find an alleyway leading to your old friends.
Follow them and to the left of the door is some supplies. Then proceed to the

Interval 02 - Revelation
Rescue and Recon

*NOTE: You may be new, but you can quick save on the PC. Just press F5 after
you complete a part. Good to know for the coming battles.*

Raynes and Chen will stop in the next room for a bit of a scene. Move along the
path, finding many items along the way, and you’ll stop at a gate. Wait for
Chen to open the door behind the desk and then go through. They will stay
behind. Go through and you’ll end up in the room you saw from the opening
cutscene. Crawl under a half-way gate and go through the door.

You will run into another creep out, so just take it. When back, proceed along
the rooms (items in a few) and eventually you will hit a power room with a
red light on a machine. Pull the level to turn on the power. Now turn around
and begin heading back.

At the big room you will for the first time run into the new enemy of the
game, the Nightcrawler. Just start blast him with the shotgun during the auto-
slow mo, then use your own. Just strafe, blast, and follow him, but you can’t
melee him for some reason. Just a good amount of shotgun shells and he gone.

Now take the open path on the left and up some stairs. Go around the upper
walkway of the big room and go through a door. Grab a med kit and then go
through these doors to a messed up room. Grab the items around here and then
take the door nearby.

Go into slow mo and start tossing a few frags down the ways, around the columns
so you can get the guys behind them. Then go run up and start blasting away
with your shotgun, or stand back and use the rifle to snipe. Your call, but
watch out for the few guys to come from the side rooms. After, go pick up the
new type of rifle (swap dead gun or SMG). This new gun will be stronger and
has a scope, but it is also heavier. Get it regardless just to test it out

Search for items and then take the door at the other end. No enemies down
this hallway, so just search all three rooms for items. You should find both
proximity mines and turrets (types of grenades) if you look in the corner of
the small room on the left. Open the door when ready.

Just some shells on the left. Look through the opening filled with boxes to
snipe one enemy. More will move, so get them if you can. When you go through
the other opening, go slow mo and toss a frag toward the columns, or where ever
the enemies may go. Kill them and go to the corner with the crates. Smash the
two with words and you get the original rifle; swap out your SMG if you want,
or whatever else. Now go up the stairs.

Move along the path and you should see a blinking red light in one room. Go
in and use the phone to listen to the short message. Now through the door and
another to hit another phone in a computer room. Take the next two doors until
you hit a bloody hallway with chatter from the enemy. Stand by the door with
shotgun in hand.

The plan is to go through, go slow mo, and then toss frags in all directions.
It’s tough after you go normal, so run to the right side of the room and cut
off the guys that try to go through the door (remember, you can cut off your
slow time to save it). Just stay behind this door, use your slow mo when any
thing moves, and pick off the last soldiers. You can swap a rifle for the
laser, but it’s not that great. Just find ammo and go through the door.

When you hit the next room, go to the right to run into two bad guys coming
through the doorway. Go slow mo and take them out with your shotgun. Then turn
around and do this again on the two guys back in the room. Go through the door
and you will soon run into another phone. Proceed.

In the room where you hear "we found delta force" go around the bottom level
to the rooms at the back to find a reflex booster. Then go through the door
on the side to rejoin friends. Grab all the items you find in here as you
watch the scene unfold.

After the video, go back into the previous room and get on the turret via the
computer button. You will be attacked from all sides, so just do your best to
take out as many as you can. After you lose the turret, come back into this
room to clear it out. Again, go slow mo, toss frags, and just survive. Collect
all the ammo and then go through the gate they poured from. Through the door
will be the end of the level.

*NOTE: Last time I remind you, you PC gamers have a quicksave button.*


*NOTE: From a tip given during a load screen, I found that the VES rifle will
amplify light through the scope. That may be put to good use in this section
for the many dark areas. I don’t like that gun, so I tossed it, and the scope
can’t be good for close combat. Just something to think about.*

Body armor on other side of the metal detector. Then through the blasted door
and into the big room. Walk around and into the next room, and continue up
some stairs and into an office hallway. In this hallway, proceed past the
bloody mid-way point for a slight scare, and then enter the room on the left
for an answering machine. Check these rooms for body armor and a shotgun.
Then keep walking.

Go through two doors and go into slow mo as you fight the three enemies in
the mainframe room. Kill them, grab the armor in the corner, and go through
the door. In this big room, go into the center platform for a new gun, the
Lightning Arc; swap for you laser gun, or whatever is lowest on ammo.

Go through two more doors yet again to face three more enemies. But once you go
up the stairs and take the catwalk, three more enemies appear in through the
windows in the lighted room. So use slow mo to toss a frag, or however. Go
into this room to collect some armor and health. Then continue down the path,
and when you hit some darkened stairs, under them will be a box with some
health. Then go up and through the door.

*NOTE: In the next room, look for a vent to the right of the entrance for a
health booster.*

In this dark room will be three more bad guys. Kill them and go up the stairs,
but look to the door you came from for three more to pop up, so toss a grenade
there. Collect the stuff, go through the door, and be ready for more enemies
in the dark area of the next room. Toss a few frags to the other side of the
room to clear them out, and you should probably need to go slow mo and rush in
with your shotgun. Then through the door.

Turn left and go into the corner behind some blue things for a reflex booster.
Collect the items, up the ladder, grab the health kit, and through the door.
Just sit back and watch, hold my hand if you wish, and soon it will be over.
Once you crawl out from under your desk, go through two more doors yet again
for a fight in a dark room (keep the flashlight button handy). Then go into
the back room, collect the stuff, and go up the stairs and take the path.

You’ll end in the computer room that overlooked your frightening vision in
that one room. When ready, download the info from the computer and then get
ready for a big fight. At the other end of the room will be a bunch of
soldiers that will rush in, and they will set up two mini turrets near the
doors. Toss frags, use your arc if you still got it, and use your freaking
slow mo. Don’t forget to take cover and use your health kits. One good tip,
toss frags down the center aisle that looks directly to the door, and that
should handle the turrets.

Go through the doors and into a narrow hallway with a small room on the side.
Go in and grab that grenade launcher. Save and have out either your arc or
the grenade launcher. There are lots of enemies in the next big room, and
a few Nightcrawlers. You should run forward as you enter the room, shoot a
grenade at the normal soldier walking under the stairs, and then retreat toward
the door. Just stay on this side of the room, behind the big obstructions and
peek around the other end to see the crawlers. That’s when you go slow mo and
start firing; pretty sure there are only two of them, but may be three. They
are slippery, so you either need to use slow mo, which isn’t guaranteed to
hit, or use grenades for the blast damage. These guys require a good beating to
die, so just stay alive and know where they are. They jump up to the upper
areas and they will run around the ground, so just know where they may pop

When the battle is over, collect the armor and health spread over the room.
Then up the stairs and down the hall. Through the door, go right for a health
kit on the wall. Two rooms in the middle of this area with not much, and then
through the door on the side and up the ladder. Crouch and crawl through the

When you get to the end, smack the cover, drop down, go around the hall, and
open the door.

Interval 03 - Apprehension

Just watch for one of the longest cutscenes in F.E.A.R. history, a good one
too; though, how your copter didn’t get blown out of the sky is beyond me.
Once you are in control, just go through the open door to the left. Collect
the items and make sure you make the best trade for that ASP. Once you walk
out of this lobby area, you can’t come back; be sure to open those boxes for
the grenades.

When you’re on the outside and with your buddy, aim down your sights for the
enemies. Clear them out and then hunt down one health kit on a bench. Go
into the corner where the enemies came from and proceed. When you see a
second buddy, anticipate two more enemies to appear. Grab the armor and health
kit and go through the door down the steps.

Go into slow mo and take down the three enemies in the snack room. Lots of
armor and health kits, and one enemy had a Penetrator, but you shouldn’t need
to grab it; do grab the extra ASP ammo though. There is a table to the left
of the exit double doors that has a Penetrator and other items.

Save and go through the door. Right will be some enemies, so take them out.
Quickly grab the items on the benches on the wall and the ammo from the dead.
Then pull out your biggest gun and look down the way for a big guy to appear.
Toss frags, launch frags, and just frag him. Use the plantars (the things with
plants in them) as cover. Then just kill the other guys. Collect all the items
in the area and move on; don’t forget an armor near the door where you entered
this area. Also should swap your ASP for a normal rifle, if you’re out or low
on ammo.

Grab some items by a desk and go through to a storage room. The ATC guys are
not your friends, so kill them and the mercs. Collect the items all around and
the reflex booster in the cage spot. Be sure to save before you go through
the door.

As you will see on the other side, that is a big robot fighting with something.
Pull out a big gun and just frag it. Spend up whatever big guns you got and
then go into slow mo. While in slow mo, consider getting up close, strafing
per usual, and using the shotgun. Don’t forget to spend all your frags too.
A tactic that works is to retreat to the storage room you came from and use
that cage as a shield. It’s a good way to buy time for you to recharge your
slow mo, and then go in for some brutal shotgun blasts FTW.

When you do proceed, watch the left elevator for two enemies to pop out. Go
down the hallway, probably alone as I don’t think you could have any allies
left. Up the stairs, through a door, and jump into a theater setup.


Proceed, and yeah, nothing about this hallway looks good. Just go forward and
when you hear sliding doors, turn around and watch the guards. Yeah, that
thing is coming, so would you kindly stand back? Stand all the way back and
wait for the gates to open. Run through, zig zag, and run through that door.
You will fall through the hole and into a stair well. At the bottom, under
the stairs, will be two frags in a box.

Go through the door and into the next room to see that the robot is still
above you. Go to the end of the room and jump over the cabinet to get into the
hallway to see that it is a fight. You may think you need to run, but there’s
nowhere to hide. Just run through the nearby door, grab two proximity mines
in this room quickly, and then run through the door to get in the hallway.
Drop both mines in at both ends of this hallway and go into the next room. Grab
the armor and run into the next hallway and into the next room.

Now you are in a cluster of four connected rooms; and feel free to quicksave
now if you did all the previous stuff correctly. What you need to do is run
to the left and up into that room, quickly swap a gun for that rocket, and
turn around looking through the door. You will wait for the mech to appear and
blast, but then get out of the way. Then walk left and wait on the other side
of the opening, and maybe leaving a mine or two in your way, as you should
have a few from earlier in the game. Shoot at the mech when it enters the
room you just left, and then turn around. There is a mine on the table if you
want it, and then into the last room you haven’t entered yet. There will be
two more rockets in here, so grab them. Again, lay some mines, wait for the
robot to show up, go slow mo, and this should be the time you finish it off.
If not, just keep going around in circles. It may go glitchy and get stuck, so
abuse that.

Once it explodes, save and then search for the many items you may have missed
in these four rooms. Watch out for the door in the "second" room as two bad
guys will pop out, so kill them. Then go through the door and into an office
room nearby. One message on an answering machine. Then proceed down a stair
case and through a door.

Go forward and use the computer for a freakout. Then go out and go through the
open door. Proceed and enter a room on the left for a message. Go up the steps
and through the door. On the other side, look left for a turret and grab it.
Check the lab room for health and armor and then go look through a window for
a conversation. Turn around and grab a mine on a counter before going through
the door.

Go down a short hallway and into the next area. Go left for two frags at a desk
and then go right. Listen to a message and grab a turret in the corner. Proceed
and make a right when you hear the conversation with your guys over the radio.
Grab a shotgun in the break room and then two mines around the area, but
probably don’t need them.

Proceed through the opening and turn right for a room with grenades and armor.
Then go back on the path and through a sliding door. More armor and health and
then press the button. Come back out and take the elevator down.

When you hear a voice as you open a door in this cold area, look left, go
slow mo, and start blasting the first of four enemies in the room. From where
you came in, a kit and frag in the left room; kit, armor, turret, and a vent
in the right room. Take that vent above some crates for a health booster on the
right side. Then follow the vent left to enter a room with lots of goodies
(which is reached by taking the door from the big room if you were wondering),
but you should find too much stuff. Use the laptop.

Get back on the path and go down a glass walkway. You’ll see a crawler under,
and just look to the right for him to pop up. Blast him, frag him, and just
kill him, but be aware that there is another who will follow. Kill both and go
down the steps. Armor and health down here, and then go through the vent.

On the other side, follow the pipes on the right and go slow mo for the kill
of a single Nightcrawler. Be patient as there is another one in the room. Then
go up the stairs and through the door. Grab the armor and health kit, and then
crawl through the vent on the right side of the room. Jump onto that platform
as he bolts.

Follow him and then go slow mo to handle the turret on the ceiling. You can
go slow mo and use two rocket vollies to take out this turret, or use whatever
else. Then go into the next room, which was the room you started in, and
blast the next turret. Make your way to the computer room with all the
supplies and feel free to stock up. Then return to the freezer room and
blast three enemies, one with a laser. Get back to the elevator and go up.
Just follow him to the elevators and wait for the other one to open up. Get
in and end level.

The Plaza Chase

You’ll see the odd sight of a crashed heli. Grab the kits and the turret from
it. In the hallway you’ll see some soldiers just standing there. I’ll leave
you to connect the dots if you’ve played the previous games; to sum it up, this
point is the end of the first game and the start of Extraction Point I’m pretty

Anyway, go through the door and into the open for a fight with some guards.
Go through the hall and you’ll end in a stairwell. Armor under the steps and a
reflex booster on top of the steps. Go out into the parking lot for a big
fight with some bad guys; use slow mo and the cars for cover, and an ASP rifle
or any rifle does good here, or feel free to use that turret. Be ready for
about four more enemies that will eventually show up in this parking lot.

Lots of items in the back of the SWAT truck, and then make your way along the
path to some stairs. You’ll find items on the sides of the path and under the
stairs. Go up and be ready for two enemies through the doorway, where there
are some explodable buckets, or a slow mo shotgun does will do too.

Go through the door and jump over a ledge onto some vending machines. Armor
and health at the desk. Through the doorway you will be back in a familiar
area. Kill the first few guys attacking you and then go into the open square
to see your friends up high. Help them kill the guards on the ground and then
stock up on the items by the wall. Be prepared for about six or so more rent-a-
cops to show up. Don’t forget to swap for fresh guns if needed and return to
the old break room.

At least three guys to greet you, and more on the way, so stay frosty and
try to quickly get out of this area, but stock up on the items in the area.
When back outside, go up and kill two guys on your way to where this mission
started. In the open area you will fight three more bad guys.

When you reach the locked gate of where you started, turn the corner and drop
down. Just go forward and follow Chen’s lead.

Interval 04 - Devastation

Follow him and when he jumps through a window, look right for a stairway and
take it. Collect the items in the room down below and then up the stairs on the
other side to pop up next to your buddy. Keep following until you cannot
anymore. During the distortion effect, you should look right for a small room
with a health booster behind a box.

Yep, if you hadn’t figured, this is a scary point in the game. Follow the
path, past an area with what looks like the front of a house, and follow the
blood and moving bodies. Once you are in a room that you can’t leave, don’t
buy into the scare, just sit back and wait for the door to open.

Now that you know it was your buddy, follow him and take the lead. Yep, that
was her. Take a right to find a health booster and then bust the box for
some health. Move forward to hear something on approach. These are the little
demons from the previous game, but just a few of them. Chen will help you, so
just stay frosty. Soon he will run out and you will follow. Do that and
endure the two, three scares until he appears to fall to same fate as that
one guy from the last game - you know the one. But he won’t, or at least
not for the moment. He will be in battle, so just stand back and stand in line
with the opening he was standing in, just so the pipe doesn’t fall on you.

Once the pipe falls, all is good, right? Just watch and lend a hand - oh yeah,
feel free to step there too. Watch for the two demons to open the gate and then
blast them. Go down the steps and if you don’t recall killing two, one more
may be down here, so be ready (slow mo and a shotgun works well against them).
Go around the fountain and follow the path.

Up the steps, and if you spotted the floating body, look to the floor for
two black spots on the ground. Can’t avoid the one that covers the path on
the right, so be ready to blast the demon when it grabs you. Take that path and
go through a door. Around the corner will be two more near the light, so use
your slow mo. If you go around the corner to the right, two more through the

Take the long hallway and grab the armor as you proceed. Go up and you’ll see
what seems like two solid paths. Go left if you want a shotgun, armor, and a
freakout (just do it). Then come back and take the lower, darker path. Use
the flashlight to follow the dark path to a cavern looking area. Straight ahead
is just a rifle, so then go right. Ghosts will open the path so be ready to
blast two of them. Then just follow the path.

The Deep

Go forward for two demons; slow mo works. Go around the corner and make your
way to a watery room. Two more in here, so have your slow mo ready. One more
on the right when you move to the other side of this room. Take the red door
and notice the falling vent cover. When you jump over the boxes, just be
ready for another floor thing. Blast it and go through the door.

Scare and items in this room. Go through the next door and go into the safe
room. Grab the frags and go out the door on the left. Another ground demon
when you jump over a box, and when you drop down to some water be ready for
another demon. Go through the door.

Grab guns from the dead bodies and enter the room. Turn around and look out
the window for a pleasant little image. Go out and break the lock to get on
the path. Turn the valve in the hallway to open the steel door and quickly
go through. Look up and you’ll see your target being chased, and be ready
for that demon to come after you. When you come up and look right you will
run into another. Turn the valve to raise the water and once it is to the top
you can swim up and jump out. Climb up the ladder.

*NOTE: I prefer the G2A2 to most guns, so think about that.*

When you run into two "off" Replicas, smack them and take their guns. Proceed
until you see some living enemies taking Morrison away. Turn right and follow
to get out into that area. Grab two armors, smack the Replica, save, and then
go out into the big area for a big fight. Just use the cover, slow mo, and
your rifle to chip away at the number of mercs. Two boxes in this area and
items around, but in the hallway with the newstand you will run into probably
two different trios of enemies. Once the battle is over, proceed down the
path, two boxes near some Replicas, and then go up the stairs.

Finally, fresh air. Observe the downed aircraft and then move down the road.
An armor in a dumpster on the right and lesser guns you probably don’t need.
Go through the gate and make your way to an interesting scene with some
off Replicas and some bodies. Note the one survivor. Then jump on the dumpster
and hop the fence.

Interval 05 - Infiltration

Smack the Replicas for their guns and then take the door. Lots of items on
your way to the open train yard. In the yard, TONS of items, so no excuse to
not be at full health, have ten health kits, and full armor. Note the two
breakable boxes on the left side; one with G2A2s in a train, and one with
ASPs on the ground. I even dropped my turret for the ASP, but it’s up to you.

Take the door on the left side of the yard and proceed. Go through a fenced
area and through another door, taking note of the armored Replica and others
on one side of the fence. Through the door is a dude you want to knock over so
you can take his Lightning Arc. Up the stairs and flip the switch to open
the gate on what we will call the right side of the train yard. Turn around
to see a cheeky fellow looking at you through the door.

Make your way back the way you came and toward the train yard. On your way to
the open gate is your last chance to set up your turrets. You need to find the
middle area, or anywhere really, and spread out your three turrets. On approach
to the gate it will close and you will be back in full swing with the Replicas,
like the good ol’ times.

Just four or so behind you, so make your way to the stairway that creates a
bridge at the other end. Get up here, use the ASP to pick off enemies, and
they will be done with shortly. But then you will notice the gate is open
again. More enemies and three armored Replicas comin’ at cha. Now get back on
either side, not on the ground though, and try to stick close to your turrets.
Use the Arc to kill the big guys and just handle the normal enemies as usual.
Once the music dies, the fight is over. Be sure to grab that Arc from the
one enemy.

*NOTE: If you wanted to really make sure you outsmart your enemies, place a
proximity mine or two near the gate once in closes, toward the middle.*

Collect all the items you need before you go through the gate because it will
close. Go through and take the door. Items in a room, and up the steps and
into another, which is actually the room you first entered. When back outside,
grab the items on the ground, save, and then take the door on the catwalk. Go
slow mo, toss a frag to the ground, and start shooting. Once that is over, you
can retreat back to the area you came from, wait for enemies to come out of the
door on the ground, and then go back through the upper door.

Restock your items and proceed. When you hit a fork in the road that leads
left and right, save first. The Lightning Arc helps here, as all I did was run
out to the right, blast the guy you first see, then go slow mo, find the one
big guy and blast him with four shots or so, and then just shock the other
guys, cleaning up with your ASP. Collect the items and go to the upper level
and go through the room. Better grab that shotgun, swapping it for your empty

Through the door you will see something funny, funnyingly horrible; have the
shotgun ready. Swing around the path and go through a door to enter a bloody
room - bleed much? Go toward the door and then backpedal once the ghosts
burst through. Blast them and then be ready for the little demons. Keep backing
up and go into slow mo to take them out too. Comb the sides for items once
you’re done, and then follow the path to a locked fence. Break the lock and
drop down.

Go down the path, then turn around after it goes all spooky. Run to the fire
and then you fall. In the blood, swim down and you will fall further. Go
through the door and be ready for two ghosts on both sides of the next door
as you get close. Kill them and go through. The next door closes, but just
open it and go through. When the body raises, shot a ghost and then go through
the next door. In the lab, move forward along the left side so that you only
run into one puddle of blood (that sounds like the name of a death metal band).

Through the next door will be a series of increasingly grislier rooms, with
a ground ghost in one puddle of blood. Then you reach the door, on the floor,
and you’re back to good ol’ safe reality. Go forward for the ladder and climb
up. See that health booster in the office? Look through the window and to the
right and shoot the box on the wall to open a hole.

Keep moving and you will see some enemies in down the way. Kill them and enter
the big room for a fight. Lots of enemies and one big guy; aim for his head
with the G2A2 in slow mo, which seems to work well enough. Then collect the
items and climb the ladder. Follow the path and consider swapping the shotgun
for a Penetrator, but that’s up to you. When you see the next enemies, they
will run from you, so grab the items and get to the door that looks outside.
Save before walking out.

Have your turrets selected and run out; at least having one turret helps. Go
toward the gate from the left side and find a turret by some med kits. Grab it
and toss both turrets somewhere in the center of this area and so they can
cover most of the field. You will now fight two mechs, but just two smaller
ones. Use the many ostructions to block their line of fire, focus on one at a
time, and use your slow mo sparingly, which means only use the slow mo when
you absolutely have to. These things fire slowly, so just stay in motion and
use cover where you can. I was able to not even spend my ASP rounds and both
blew up quite easily. The turrets help a lot, so be sure to use them.

After, go through the door by the gates and follow the gunfire to an outside
area with a boarded fence. Apparently the mercs and Replicas don’t get along,
so just go right and up to follow the path. Hop down from some pipes to end
the level.


Follow the path down to a merc room with a laptop. Use it and then get on
your way. When you run into some double doors, go left and drop down to see
a reflex booster in the crawlspace. Follow it to the end to climb up a plank
to get out. Go between the trains to find some cars with guns nearby, if you
want them. Follow the path to a room with a broken railing; you’ll find items
in all corners of this room. Take the double doors and make your way to an
area with trains.

Hug the right wall and follow it into a control room. Use the laptop and then
flip the switch. Go toward where you moved the train to see an aberration.
Then follow the rails and once you hear a voice, that’s a pretty good in-game
clue that a fight is about to happen. You have two options: either back off the
way you came, or go to the cover on the left. Behind the cover you will find
some frags in a box that will come in handy. This fight is pretty nasty, as
their guns to a lot of damage and there are a whole bunch of them. After you
finish off the first six or so on the ground, about four more drop from above.
Just use your slow mo, get close, shotgun, and use your frags.

Resupply when done and climb up. Make your way to a room with a laptop and a
Repeating Cannon. Grab it and use the computer. Go over to the ledge and
pop the bad guy in the head while he doesn’t see you. Then be ready for four
or five more enemies to appear, from below and on this upper level. Once
things settle, go around the corner to the right, go slow mo, and jump kick the
two enemies, or just blast them. A few items in the room and then go up the

Go through the door and then go left to be above the previous room to find an
armor. Come back and take this path and go through the door. Go slow mo before
you even see anyone, blast or melee the first guy, and then watch the door
for two more. Go through the door for ammo and then a turret among the boxes
on the ground. Through the next door will be grenades on the first table,
and then proceed.

In the next video room you will listen to a phone on the ground. Two computers
in here with info that you can read by zooming your gun, or just using your
extreme eyesight; grab the Lightning Arc by the one laptop in case you don’t
see it. Move along with the arc in hand, grab two med kits behind a fence,
and then save. When you step into the open, be ready for a fight with three
nightcrawlers. Use the arc and try to get in solid shots to end the fight
quickly, and hopefully before they toss turrets. Gotta get the turrets first
if you see them, or if you are taking hits from your feet.

Lots of armor and health after the battle. Then go around the corner to find
the stairs. Follow the catwalk to a room and then go down the ladder. Take
the path to a big room with shelves and a cage in the center. There are health
kits on the catwalk up here and some armor in the room left of Morrison.
When ready, approach Morrison and give him a radio. Let him out when told and
then follow.

Outside, just follow the goofy-running fellow to the door. And then watch a
cutscene to end the level.

Interval 06 - Exploration

Follow him and then take the lead to the closed gate. Go up the stairs and
flip the lever. Return and go through to watch another cutscene, a cutscene
with two parts. After your friend is killed Wizard of Oz style, proceed up the
next stairs for a fight in a room; this was when I used the cannon, but there
are only a few enemies.

Proceed and there will be five enemies in the garage area. Kill them and swing
around the path at the back to run into two more. Move on and when you see a
block, block your path, jump down into the pit and hop scotch down to the
water at the bottom. Crawl through and drop down into a cavern area. Follow
the path to a narrow room where you will hear voices of mercs. Look up to the
right and shoot a container, and then go slow mo and start shooting the guys
on the ground and up above. Once the music dies, you’re clear.

Go to a ladder and climb up. Grab the ASP as soon as you get up if you want
it. Continue on to a room where you will see a guy oblivious to your arrival.
Shoot him quickly and then go slow mo as you pop out into the open. Quickly
kill the guy on the ground with the laser and then take out the other guy
across the gap. Proceed up the path and take out the four other mercs in the
next room.

*NOTE: When you climb the ladders, up the first ladder, look right and jump
on a metal railing and follow it to a reflex booster.*

Resupply and go up the ladder. Go through the next door and be ready for
some mercs in a hallway. Climb the ladder, drop into a room, and then arrive
in a room with two more enemies; one ahead and one above. In the next area
you find a scare, but just swing around the path to the right. At the door,
look left to find a ramp that will lead you to the tops of the walls which
lead to frags and armor atop the shelves if you want them.

Go through the door and then you have another fight with some mercs. A few
exploding containers, and just know that the fight is over when the music
stops. Collect the items, including a grenade launcher, and break the boards in
your way. Follow the path to fall into a lower cavern. Stay the path and then
go left down a dark tunnel for a brief scare before you find an ASP. Then
come back and take the other path for a ground demon.

A fight as soon as you enter the room, and a few exploding barrels, or maybe
just one. Few health kits as you move along. When you hit a fork and see some
boards to the right, break them for an armor. Back on the path, when you see
another black spot on the ground, you can actually tip toe by from the left
side of it.

Past the room with the fire will be an elevator, so take it up and you will
hear a familiar voice. In the storage room you will see a breakable box by
a door with the Particle gun. Have it in hand when you open the door. Three
Assassins to kill, so use that slow mo to help. It just takes two particle
shots to kill each.

*NOTE: You can get on the building in the center by climbing the ladder on
the left side of the building. The reflex booster is in the corner of the

There are two armors behind a fence near the door you came out of, and then
take the door on the other side. Make your way into the next area for a fight
with two groups of enemies at both ends of this area; maybe one last enemy
around a corner. Then it’s a clear line to a stair way to a vent to the end
of this level.

Interval 07 - Extermination
Clone Facility

Use the flashlight on your way to the cover that drops you into a dark room.
Find the switch on the wall and flip it to turn on the power. Go into the
hall and don’t look to the right as you enter the next room - you’re not old
enough I’m afraid. In this room you will find a handgun on the counter; this
works for me in the next area as I didn’t want to use my Particle or grenade

*NOTE: In the next room, look for a health booster under a walkway.*
With the handgun, or gun of choice, run into the next area and take out the 
first two mercs. Two more will show up if you stay in this part. Go through
the doors and there will be three groups of two more enemies to face. Note a
tiny closet in the middle of this area with armor and health. Swap for fresh
guns after the battle, or during, and proceed out the big door.

Follow the path to a lab where you meet with a familiar face, and I believe
saying lines very similar to previous games. Oh well, enter the hallway and
look left for a spook. Enter the barracks area and at the other end a dark
spot appears on the floor that you can sidestep. A door in the room with a
red flare seems to not open, but it will after the static over the radio.

Keep to the path and series of small rooms. In the room with the tubs you will
notice a blood stain on the ground, so jump along the tubs to avoid. At the
glass, look down for a very interesting scene with the mercs below. Go around
after and through the door. Follow the path to a room with more mercs. Toss a
frag as they don’t see you, then go slow mo and finish them off. Open the vent,
crawl through, and use the laptop at the end. Go into the hall and enter the
first door you see to enter that room, you know the one. Come out and proceed.

You will arrive in a lab that should look somewhat familiar, perhaps not the
same one you’ve seen before. A non ground thing on the right side, and then
avoid the other one that you may not see near the door. A laptop beyond the
door and at the end of the message you should look to the window on your
right for a spook. In the next room is a good scare by the window, and then
items in the closet, and then go out the other door. Swing around and go
through a door after you see an elevator drop.

In the next room you should run left and in the corner you have about five
mercs to handle, and an explodable barrel in the very corner that helps. Kill
them and use the button in the room. Go out and use the open path to take the
elevator to the end of this level.

Clone Production

Follow the path all the way to a room with many bodies; and then the bodies
are gone. Proceed to a fight with some mercs, where you can blast or chop at
the first one, and then go slow mo on the rest. Keep going and swap for a
Penetrator if you want. In the next big room is a fight, but only four enemies
to deal with.

Keep moving and you’ll hit another room with four enemies, one with a cannon.
Kill them and move on. An interesting note, getting on the ladder gives you a
spook similar to the infamous Alma scare from the first game. At the bottom
will be one dark spot, and then two in the next room. All can be avoided, and
you dodge the second pair by inching to the left of the hole on the right, if
you follow that, or just get caught, I really don’t care.

Make your way to a point where you will drop down to a floor with many dead
bodies. Jump down and swing around and reach another ladder to get up. You will
see a dark spot that you can inch by on the right, and then go through the
door to see a health booster. Then come back and inch by the spot again. In the
next room will be six enemies, one with a cannon and one to the left that
will fall into some manner of meat grinder. Continue along the path and down
the ladder.

Get to the open shaft and bring down the platform so you can cross. When you
hear voices, peek through the doorway to not only hit the enemy, also shoot the
turret on the wall. Then kill the two other dudes. Collect the items and then
make sure you have a big gun ready for the next room. There are a few normal
enemies in here, a dude with a cannon, a turret up high in the center, and a
Nightcrawler with a shotgun from the door once you kill the rest. Use slow mo
on the crawler.

Proceed to a pit with ledges that you must hop down to reach the bottom safely.
Follow Paxton and look through the left and front doors for spooks. Use the
right door in the barracks to enter a hall with two dark spots that you can
inch by. Use the lever to bring down the platform, again. Cross over and
shoot two turrets by the door using slow mo. Grab the items and go through the
door for another turret and a guy, so do the same thing, and there is another
guy around the corner. Through the next door is another turret. Go through
more doors and be ready one one more turret in the room where you should
also grab a grenade launcher.

In the big room you get a big fight with four Nightcrawlers, but two at a
time. You can use the grenade launcher, but that gets random. You could start
by throwing your turrets in the center on the area, and there are two more
in this room too. I had a full clip of Particle ammo left, and that paid off
big in this fight. Just use your slow mo and cover wisely, that’s about it.
Collect supplies and take the catwalk. Pass through some doors and use an
elevator as Paxton talks.


Move along and when at the big area, look down to hear the voices talking way
down there. When you arrive in a big room, run forward and go slow mo to start
killing enemies. You can turn around to get one or two more. There is a small
computer room near where you entered for items, and you may want to swap for a
shotgun, up to you. Come out and go into the very back of this room to smack
off a vent cover. As soon as you drop, turn around to find a reflex booster.

Some ghosts at the end of this shaft, and then you can look down to see some
fighting, but don’t look for too long as the bad guys will shoot at you. Just
follow the path, hop along the walkways to get to the ground, and then hop
over the fence to reach that area.

Take the corridor down and then Paxton will finally be harmful to you by
making the world spin and sending some ghosts at you. Kill them and keep
moving. Two doors in the next room, but doesn’t matter which you take. You’ll
see the Nightcrawler Leader with the stuff, so chase him down the the side
you didn’t take. You’ll end in the room you came from, but watch out for the
turret by the door. There is one more along the corridor up, and when you
reach the top you will see him slip away with the elevator.

Hop down where the elevator was and follow this new path. Creeps through the
windows on the right, but keep going onward. When you open the door and see
Replicas, use your best gun to start laying into the big guy, but don’t let
the normal enemies get ya. Be sure to shoot the shelf of gas tanks by the
big guy too. You probaly need to focus on the normal enemies first, then go
after the slower armored Replica. You can drop proximity mines and use the
series of doors on the small room to help out.

When you make it to the next room you will see the guy you’re chasing fight
with Replicas, or who is that? Or who was in the elevator? Oh well. Look left
to grab a health booster. The fight that ensues is quite a pain. You should
handle the Replicas you see first, which may be crazy as the big guy will
be lurking around as the normal ones are in other places, so you really need
to stay frosty. Be careful if you enter the next area, as this will cause
more to appear, two normal ones and one armored guy with a turret. Slow mo,
cover, and grenades are my best advice. Don’t miss the reflex booster on the
right of the upper level, on a walkway visible from where you grabbed the
health booster.

*NOTE: Whatever you do, take the minigun from the one big guy. Save this until
the boss fight.*

Once you clear the last few, continue to a fork in the path and go right for a
health kit, because I know you need it. Then go left to enter a break area
with about five or so enemies. Go left and up to a balcony area with one enemy
and then look down and wait for the rest, then jump down and start blasting.
Two more may come from the left, so take cover. When the place is clear, grab
the health kits and take a winding path in the corner to arrive at some
stairs. Before you go up, turn around to find two health kits in a small

Save before you go up the stairs. Be sure to grab that ASP rifle and then
quickly grab as many items as you can. Then be ready for enemies from all sides
that will drop from the walkways. The first three come from the all but the
top right corner. Then the leader himself will drop in, so shoot him as your
slow mo recharges. Then the next wave of normal baddies come from the same
places, so consider staying in the upper right corner, where no one will
drop from. One Nightcrawler will be with the group, but at some point, either
now or after this wave, you should toss your turrets around the center of the

Once you take out this second wave, the leader will drop in with a cannon. If
you did drop your turrets, those will distract him. Now, if you had dropped the
minigun for the ASP rifles, go grab it now. The minigun will be deadly if
used in slow mo on this guy, especially after you’ve done some damage and
dancing around with him, then use the minigun to finish him off. You could
even drop mines around for added bang. Like the whole game, just use your slow
mo and cover wisely and you will win.

Collect some items and then go grab the green thing in the elevator. At the
top, swap anything for the ASP and the grenade launcher. Use the ASP and crouch
as soon as you enter the open area for the fight. Use the pipes as cover and
just snipe the enemies, even the big guy, with ease in slow mo. Save once you
do this and then be ready for another armored enemy with a turret among the
tanks. Probably need to use the grenades on the turret guy, then handle the
enemies that enter from the other corner. Be sure to grab the turret from the
one enemy.

Then follow Raynes to the final battle. Take note of the armor in the room as
he engages the enemies in the yard. That minigun will come in handy, so will
the grenade launcher, as will every bullet you have. There will be a lot of
enemies and a lot of dust and a lot of bullets coming from all sides. Your best
bet is to stay low and behind cover as you toss grenades and focus on the
normal soldiers. Just use frags on the big guys and keep using your slow mo.
But the point is to last so that the heli can land. Once you see it land, it’s
just a matter of finishing off the bad guys. You may have nothing left after
this fight, but do whatever it takes to survive. Then follow your friend to
the chopper for a nice little reunion. Or is it?

* 5. Enemies, Weapons, and Boosters ( EWB5555 ) *


Just rent-a-cops, and crooked ones too. They are lightly armored and have
the weakest of weapons. You don’t run into them much in this game.

The main enemy in the FEAR series, but not the focus in this game. While they
are the most numerous, it seems the mercs are the main enemy here. Replicas
come in three flavors: soldier, elite, and mech.

Soldiers are just the grey colored ones that carry machine guns. Sometimes
you will run into one that is in Heavy Armor, and even a few with shields.
The Heavy Armors take longer to kill and will kill you quickly, so slow mo
and big guns are key. You don’t run into many big guys however.

Elites are fought later in the game, in the closing segments. They are in
red garb and they almost always bring G2A2s, which will tear you apart. You
just have to play smarter and kill them quicker than normal soldiers. Consider
using big guns on these too.

Mechs are fought in only a few spots, and they serve as the boss battles in
this game for the most part. We’ll cover these fights in the walkthrough.

The new enemy and the main enemy in this expansion. I fear their actual place
in the overall story, thanks to the Vivendi/Monolith fiasco with the FEAR
name, but that’s another story. I classify two types of Crawlers: the mercs
and the Nightcrawlers.

Mercs are just soldiers, same as the Replicas, except these guys carry the
new VES guns and are slightly tougher; able to surviver frags to a degree.

What I call Nightcrawlers are the guys that have the slow mo like you, or that
thing where they avoid your bullets. They require a lot of damage and thanks
to their dodging ability, slow mo is a must to kill them.

Not sure if this is the correct classification, but this is what I’ll call all
the other-worldly aberrations. These are the ghosts, demons, and floor
things that you encounter. The shotgun is the unviversal solution to all of


Your basic handgun, but probably the hidden secret of this game. You run
very fast with this gun, you can dual-wield them, and a headshot is a
headshot. Probably not the best for single player, but good if you need it.
It’s a must to master if you play capture the flag.

RPL Sub-Machinegun
Weak, weighs little, and plentiful. Really no use for this if a rifle is

ASP Rifle
The best gun in the game as far as I’m concerned. It’s very powerful, but
inaccurate. It has a scope, but it fires three bullets in a burst shot. If
you can master the scope, you will own with this gun.

VK-12 Combat Shotgun
The gun you play the game for, thanks to the fact that using this in slow mo
will cause exploding bodies. Kinda clunky when out of slow mo, but can work.
Use only at close range, and learn to be accurate.

G2A2 Assault Rifle
Very close to being the best gun, but it’s a bit too inaccurate. The power
is well worth it though, as you only need a few bullets to kill someone. I
prefer it to the VES.

K3-BT Grenade Launcher
A new gun, but not the greatest. It launches grenades, sure, but that doesn’t
mean the grenades go where you want them to, or that they just fly way past
the enemy. But if he is standing still, or if you can master your accuracy,
this is a good gun.

VES Advanced Rifle
I don’t like how it fires. Yes, it’s powerful, but I just think you have to
use the scope to be good with this thing. And the bad part is the scope is
terrible. If you’re out of ammo, great, but I think after you test it out you
need to think if there are better options for you.

Type-12 Laser Carbine
Very strong and powerful, but just requires too much time to be effective. The
beam trails, so you have to have a weird aim when using. I’ll be honest, I
never used this thing.

LP4 Lightning Arc
This is quickly becoming a favorite for me. I dare say it’s the best of the
big guns. The only problem is that most of the long range shots do nothing, or
at least for me. But the strength and the jumping bolt to a nearby enemy is
too good to pass up. Always grab these and save for tough fights.

MOD-3 Rocket Launcher
A standard rocket launcher, not much more to expect. It fires three rockets,
for better or worse. Yeah, accuracy is an issue, so aim in the general
direction of the target.

10mm HV Penetrator
This gun seems weak and strong at the same time. I think this is a powerful
gun at long range, but that somehow doesn’t translate in close combat. Think of
it this way: four shots at 100 feet away seems like a good kill, but shooting
four shots close up usually equals death, for you.

MP-50 Repeating Cannon
This thing is right there with the Arc, but it seems like missing one shot will
ruin you. I mean there is so much dust from a miss, it will be hard to find
your target again. So get accurate.

Type-7 Particle Weapon
Should be the best, but it isn’t. It’s the closest thing to a true sniper rifle
in this game, but that means it functions like a sniper rifle. If you’re
accurate, great. This is probably the strongest gun in the game, but you
better not miss.

TG-2A Minigun
Utter crap at long range, but a terror up close. Simple as that.

Frag Grenades
As advertised.

Proximity Mines
Key in multiplayer, but probably forgotten in single player, unless you
die and know to use them the next time. They help in tough fights, so make sure
you place them wisely.

Remote Grenades
Another good multiplayer weapon, and another grenade that gets forgotten in
single player. I NEVER used these in the single player, but I probably should
have. The idea is to place them and then detonate, but a better use is to
toss them and detonate while in the air. You set grenades with the grenade
button, and detonate with the fire button.

Deployable Turrets
The most useful "grenade" type. They are like having a friend with you, and
everybody needs somebody.


Interval 01

Reflex Booster: Shortly after getting the shotgun, you’ll hit an area with
a pit, and on the left wall by a grenade box is the booster.

Health Booster: At the end of the level, when you are on a street and Raynes
tells you to follow an enemy, go to the end of the road and look behind a vent
for this one.


Reflex Booster: In a room with walkways and pipes over water, under the a
walkway will be a crawlspace that leads right to this one.


Health Booster: After reaching a small parking garage, you will take some
stairs and under these stairs is the booster.

Interval 02
Rescue and Recon

Reflex Booster: When you reach the room with Delta Force, before you join them,
or after, look in one of the office spaces for this booster.


Health Booster: In the room where you fight three enemies, and then turn around
to fight three more, go to the right of the entrance door and open a vent
by the machinery to find the booster.

Reflex Booster: Shortly after the last booster, after a fight and after you
go through a door, turn left to see this behind some blue canisters.

Interval 03

Reflex Booster: In a warehouse place where you run into ATC and Replicas,
look for this in the cage in the center.


Health Booster: In the freezer room, go into the right area and jump on some
boxes for a vent that leads to the booster down it’s right path.

The Plaza Chase

Reflex Booster: Before the parking lot fight with the cops, go up a short
staircase for the booster.

Interval 04

Health Booster: After you loose Chen, look in a tiny room on the right for
this one behind some crates.

Health Booster: After you see Alma, go right to see this in the open.

Interval 05

Health Booster: After the creep sequence, you will see a locked room with
this right on a shelf. Doesn’t seem like you can get in. But look to the right
to see a box on the wall inside the office. Shoot it to open the wall and let
you in.


Reflex Booster: In the first room with some train cars, and some cars, look for
this in a crawlspace.

Interval 06

Reflex Booster: In the cave where you climb up two ladders, look right after
you climb the first ladder, jump on the metal beam, and follow it.

Reflex Booster: In the corner of the roof where you fight Assassin’s, climb
the ladder on the left.

Interval 07
Clone Facility

Health Booster: In the room with the first fight, look under a walkway for
this one.

Clone Production

Health Booster: Above the room with the dead bodies, but once you hit a dark
spot on the ground after seeing Fettel, go through a door to the right of this
spot for the booster.


Reflex Booster: After you drop into a vent, turn around to see this one.

Health Booster: In the area you see the Replicas fighting the leader, look
to the left and on the floor this one.

Reflex Booster: Go right of the last booster, to where the leader was spotted,
and you’ll find this on that balcony.

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