Night of the Raving Dead walkthrough

Night of the Raving Dead FAQ/Walkthrough
For PC
Version 1.0 (2/16/08)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
(email at the bottom)

Version 1.0 - completed game, not sure if anything needs to be added.

Table Of Contents

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Walkthrough
3. Author Info / Copyright

(Yep, just three sections)

* 1. A Brief Foreword *

Perhaps the shortest game and guide I've ever played and made. Got an early
copy. OOOOO, I'm really climbing the ladder here huh? Cool anyway, and this is
one slippery slope I'll take on head first.

Good game, and funnier than I expected, especially since I've never played
any of the previous ones. I can tell there is a lot of fan service here, but
it's easy to get into. If you've got a free afternoon, and don't mind the
price, feel free. Now I almost want to play the other episodes, but I don't
want to spend a lot of money.

This guide was quick to write up and I almost wanted to make a pure FAQ, but
a walkthrough was just as easy, if not easier, so I did it as I always do.
Some of the puzzles are quite tough, and you may not figure them out if you
don't have the hints option turned up to max, Sam & Max.

Anyway, maybe I'll see you for the next episode,

* 2. Walkthrough *

I can't stress it enough, even though I don't always say to click on
everything, you should.

If you do the tutorial, which you should for the jokes alone, just do what it
says. If you need a walkthrough for a tutorial, I'm sorry.

Night of the Raving Dead Walkthrough

Be sure to open the closet to see some funny items. Look around and leave when
ready. Note the holy water.

Straight Street
Zombies to chat with and then enter Sybils.

Talk with Sybil and Harry. Note the chocolate heart by the moleman and the
Soul Mater on the desk. Now go out and enter the diner.

Stinky's Diner
Talk with Abe and Stinky. Note the lamp by the jukebox and the goo on the
counter. Be sure to check the awesome pictures on the walls around Abe, they
are great.

Straight Street
Go back onto the street and go to the Pimplecar Garage. Go through the topics
and ask for an upgrade to your car. Ask for the antenna. Play the minigame,
which requires you to shoot the discs before you line up with the zombie. Do
it ten times and then get in your car. If you've asked about the Zombie
Factory, you are good to go. The garage guys know where the factory is, in
case you didn't ask before.

Follow the path and examine the open grave for a brain. Then come back toward
the Desoto and look up for a Gargoyle. Select the brain and then click the
goyle to lure away the undead. Now go check the door to meet Superball *horse
neighing*. Ask him to let you in.

Zombie Factory
You now meet Jurgen, the evil nemesis of this game. Talk with him and make sure
to ask about Midtown Cowboys, but don't do the challenge just yet. Go to the
corners and grab both an Ink Ribbon and a bottle of water; the ribbon is a
throwback to Resident Evil, like the Beerstein from the street, but it has no
other purpose. Then go look at a coffin in the corner. Now go to the DJ Booth
and press all the buttons, then press these ones in this order: death,
sepulcher, embrace, and letters. Go into the coffin to end at a dance light,
but nothing to do with it.

Outside the disco, look by the doors to find cigarettes in the trash can.
Then off to the studio.

TV Studio
Talk around and find the purse on the floor by Bessie. Select the cigarettes
and place them in the purse. Then go talk with the director and make TV gold.
After the show, go back to the office.

Select your water and click on the urn by the window to get holy water. Now
to the diner.

Stinky's Diner
Go ask Stinky about the sunlamp and ask for it. Take it and return to the
Zombie Factory.

Zombie Factory
Before going in, give Max the holy water, then place it in the trash can so
you can enter.

*NOTE: You can do the rhyme first and then do the sunlamp.*

Go through the coffin and replace the spotlight bulb with yours. Go to the DJ
booth and use the fourth button at the bottom to make the light run over him.
This will burn him.

Now go and challenge Jurgen to throwdown, emo style. But only if Max still
has that halo. If not, go back outside and make him drink the water again.

Here are the selections to make:

Rhyme Challenge

Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp
Baron Bat-Anguish Von Nightmare
We'll knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi
Our world is endless torment and sorrow
'Cause all creation ends in death and decay

And if you did this earlier, you don't have to go over this again.

The result, with the cigarettes, sunlamp, and holy water, will all equal
Jurgen running away. Chase him into the fireplace.

Jurgen's Lair
Watch the scene and the throwback to Resident Evil again.

Talk with Lincoln, the T-virus zombie, and then return go back inside.

Zombie Factory
Go toward the fireplace for Flint Paper to appear. Then go back into the lair.

Jurgen's Lair
Look at the painting by the stakes near the lift. Notice the words abyss,
razors, pain, and parents. Grab a stake if you want. Go toward the monster and
grab the Bolt Cutters on the right of the Alchemy Machine. Now go throw the
switch to bring the monster to life. Ask him about his lonely life and all the
other topics. Then tell him you'll take him to Sybil. But you can't yet, so
just take the lift down to the disco.

Zombie Factory
Go to the DJ booth and enter the following in this order: abyss, razors, pain,
and parents. Take the opened bookcase to claim the brain. Now go outside.

Go over to the Desoto and use the bolt cutters on the antenna. Now go to
Straight Street. You'll see Jesse James' hand enter Stinky's Diner, so enter.

Stinky's Diner
Go to the left of the hand and keep clicking on it until it is in the goo. When
it stops going, talk to Stinky to get the hand to move in front of the
cover, then click on it again so it jumps into the goo. Now grab it and return
to the Lair.

Jurgen's Lair
Go to the machine and place the antenna in the power socket. Then go flip the
switch. Give the hand, brain, and something as a heart to the monster
and talk with him. Then take him to Sybil's.

Select the first question, then the second, and then the third. As Harry is
thinking of an answer to question 3, go click on the chocolate heart. Sad to
see him go, but at least you have the heart and now Superball is here *horse
neighs*. Grab the heart, speak with the Monster, and return to the lair.

Jurgen's Lair
With juice in the batteries, go place the heart in the machine to get a heart
of gold. Put that in the monster and go back to Sybil's.

Ask both questions 1 and 3 again. After the twist, grab the Soul Mater on the
desk and return to the lair.

Jurgen's Lair
Time for the final showdown! Go over to the Monster and give him the Soul
Mater. Then go over to the Soul Sucker, throw the switch, and then get in
before it closes. As the Monster, go grab a stake on the wall, and then go
finish the epic fight. Then watch the scene, but too bad for the Monster. Oh
well, can't wait for episode 4, or episode 204.

* 3. Author Info / Copyright *








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