World Championship Poker Walkthrough

World Championship Poker:DS(Deluxe Series) for the Nintendo DS (NDS)
Walkthrough/FAQ for Career Mode
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World Championship Poker is a Nintendo DS game where you play various types of
poker in an attempt to wipe out all the other players and win big!
[Table of Contents]
1. FAQ
2. Career Mode Tutorial
3. Career Mode Tips for Beginners
a. Can I change my character later on?
b. What games can I play?
4. Notes from an advanced player
a. Turning off Animations
b. Turning off Volume
5. Where do I go now?
a. Picking a table; What worked for me
b. Getting an edge-up on the competition
c. Sneaking into the Amazon
d. Getting around faster
e. Improving your stats
I. what stat-chips do
II. where to get stat-chips
f. Unlocking new casinos
g. Cheat your way into winning!

6. [[Playing Cards]]
a. Play Order
b. Bidding Methods
c. Common Hands

7. Secret Chips
8. Casino Lane - Places
9. Contests
10. Item List
11. Cheats and Glitches
a. Never losing at cards or tournaments
b. The meaning of Secret Chips
c. Getting into Casinos
d. Game Glitches
12. Version History
13. Legal Junk
14. Contact Info
15. Credits
16. Closing

1. [FAQ]
"Why write this tutorial?"
I've noticed that for an entire week or two, nobody has posted a walkthrough
or even a mini-faq for this game, so I might as well, seeing as how I have a
bit to say now that I've played through and unlocked casinos. (Yes, the inside
of the UFO is even more amazing than the outside!)

"Does this World Championship Poker have ALL the games I'd find in a casino?"
Well, a few people have suggested that it would have been nice to see slot
machines, video slots, roulette, and keno right off the bat... And the
billiards tables don't work... But then again, I haven't heard from anybody
who has unlocked the full game, and I'm still not there myself. I'll keep you
updated on what I find. (On the plus side, this game has something that not all
casinos do have; over ten different types of poker, taking place ALL the time.

"Where do I find all the secret chips?"
After beating Amazon-SilverBack, look near the Air-hockey tables.
After beating Nebula-MilkyWay, look near the Wild Corral tournament table.
As for the positions of all the green chips, I'm still working on that.
They're everywhere. ;p

"Are there only four casinos? Some of those buildings look awful casino-like."
I believe so. If I unlock anything cool, I'll keep you posted.

"Does the Wifi version of this game let you play Air Hockey?"
I don't know. Stop asking me!

"Can I borrow money from the LoanShark, and use it to get into the Amazon
Yes! They don't care where the money comes from, as long as you have it to
spend. (Note: You can't buy any items or stats from the Gift Shop while in
debt, however!)

"How many possible 5-card Poker Hands are there?"

"What is the little white disk that is next to an opponents name?" -Seth B.
The disc means they are currently the dealer. "To start a new hand, two blind
bets are put up, or 'posted'. The player immediately left of the dealer
[in this case, the player immediately below the person with the white chip...]
puts up or 'posts' the small blind, which is half the minimum bet. The second
player to the left of the dealer puts up or 'posts' the big blind, which is
equal to the minimum bet. The rest of the players do not put up any money."

"Can I ask a question too?"
Feel free to ask me anything. If I consider it worthy, and I know the answer,
I'll add it here.

2. [Career Mode Tutorial]
The purpose of this tutorial is to educate new players (and maybe even
experienced players!) on the intricacies and bonuses of this game that may not
be evident the first time playing the game. I will, therefore, focus on the
Career Mode environment, the special minigames, and of course, playing cards!
The latter, of course, applies to quickplay and wireless as well. I won't cover
what the in-game tutorials cover, but rather, a general strategy of what to do;
how to go about getting the most from the game.

3. [Career Mode Tips for Beginners]
* When you create a character, pick the clothes and appearance you know you
want FIRST, so you don't have to buy it later. Yes, you can change your
appearance with accessories later on, but it will cost you cash. Save money for
bigger and better things...

* In addition to playing whatever poker table you'd like at the Wild Corral,
there are four other games you might like to mosey on over and try out. Darts
and Air Hockey (sitting out in the open on Casino Lane) are also great and
innovative games. Air Hockey in a poker game? That makes this game worth at
LEAST what you bought it for. Video Poker and Blackjack are nice stress-free
options, but none of these four games, in my opinion are as beneficial as the
poker tables. The Darts game is near impossible for me. The air hockey game,
though fun and pretty, becomes rather imbalanced the more you bet. The
video-poker games don't provide a sense of accomplishment, and the blackjack
table is completely Random. You can't out-wit Random. So, go for the poker
tables. Imagine winning SIX TIMES what you have right now. At the very least,
one good hand can double your money if you face off against someone at an
All-In table.

4. [Note from an advanced player]
There are two settings that, though charming, they will get old rather fast.

* The first one is "Animation:On". When you first sit down at a table with
other poker players, you'll see them do silly things. Gramma will slap you with
her pocketbook. Other players will fake heart attacks, breathe from
respirators, flip coins, and so on and so forth. These animations have NOTHING
to do with what cards are in their hand. They are not "Tells". In the end, all
they do is take up time. YOUR time. Your PRECIOUS time. Time you could be
WINNING THE GAME with. So turn the animations off. (This option is in the pause
menu, under Game Options)

* The second setting is "Volume:On". Sure, when you turn animation off, it
takes away half of the things that the characters say. And the music is pretty
good. However, unless the winning PC opponent has a full house, they WILL say
"Read 'em and Weep". Now, though this is charming, and rather Vegas-like, the
problem is that this is ALL they ever say. And they even say it when everyone
else folds and they don't show their cards. Read WHAT you fools! So turn down
the "Sound Effects" volume, and crank up the music volume, or just listen to
your iPod or what have you. (Alternatively, turn off your NintendoDS volume...)

5. [Where do I go now?]
What table should you go for? If you're familiar with any of them, then that's
up to you. I started the game completely unfamiliar with any of these types of
poker. Sure, I knew how to play Five or Seven card draw, but I wanted to get
familiar with another type of poker, so I sat down at the table closest to the
door, and I'm glad I did! I've gone through most of the game earning my money
playing Omaha Hold-em. Three cards from the table, Two cards from your hand.
It's fun, educational, and it gets you in the mood and mindframe to play
all-out at the all-in Texas hold-em tournament tables (Which is where this game
really takes place).

* Option 1: Go to your favorite table at the Wild Corral, and use your 5,000
dollars to make 25,000 more dollars. That's how I started. If you wander around
outside, you'll notice all the other casinos seem to be locked.

* Option 2: To get an immediate advantage at the tables, head out to the Loan
Shark and get an extra ten thousand. Sure, it costs five thousand for every
ten, and you WILL have to pay it back, but you'll have three times as much as
anybody else at any table at the Wild Corral, and that's priceless. You can
afford to bet the max more often, or you can wait out the weaker characters
without getting blindsided by posting blinds. Taking all the money from just
one of these weaker characters could afford you the loan's interest, and if you
wipe out the table (which shouldn't be too difficult if you have the most
money) you'll have enough to pay back the loan AND an additional ten thousand
of your own.

* Option 3: Go to the Loan Shark, and ask for about 40 grand or more. Head over
to the Amazon Casino (Keep walking down the road, and look for a big pyramid.
You can't miss it. It says Amazon all over it.) Since you just borrowed more
than 12,000 dollars, you can get in now. Go to a table, and, win big. Beware,
people here bet like mad. You might think about improving your stats at the
Corral with an extra ten grand while you're at it. You'll need all the luck you
can get.

* Option 4: You might have already noticed the gift-shop and found all that
fancy WCP gear. What does it do? Well, in all my experience... Not much. The
vehicles may or may not speed up your character's walking speed. I've noticed
that 'Bike Ride' speeds up a ten-second walk to just under 7 seconds. Sometimes
you walk faster, sometimes you walk slower. It might also be influenced by how
much money you have, what's loaded into the game's memory, or how many polygons
are in the game environment. In any event, my new guy seemed to walk just as
fast as my other character. Maybe both characters recieve the benefits if just
one has a vehicle. For most of the other "Gear" however, I don't see any real
use. The pawn-shops aren't "open", so you can't sell them. Even though you can
"select" them, it doesn't seem you can really use them anywhere. They're just
for show. Buy them if you want. Consider them "Net Assets that you can't sell".

* Option 5: The moment you start playing, the game seems pitted against you.
Sure, if you're a reserved poker player (only bet when you know your hand is
good, fold at the flop if you don't have at least a pair, small straight, or
small flush) then you can still get around a bit. But the good news is that
you can tip the tables in your favor, through a unique system; The Stat Chip
system. What are Stat Chips? Well, head on over to your local gift shop, and
look under Statistics. From there, you can see four different stats that you
can improve.

[What stat-chips do]:
Improve your odds of getting great hands by spending $5,000 on 6.25% of Luck.
To increase the rate that AI players fold, spend some money on Intimidation.
Keep the computer from reading your cards by adding to your Game Face stat.
Make the AI players with weaker hands stay in and bet higher with Skill.

[Where to get stat-chips]:
At any casino, you can buy up to four chips(25%) for each stat, for 5,000$
each. In the Amazon casino(or better), you can buy four more chips(50%) of each
stat, for 10,000. The next four chips(75%) can be bought inside the
fancy-looking UFO for $20,000 for each chip. Finally, at the top of the Grande
staircase in the Renaissance, you can max your stats out for up to 50,000 per
chip. For those keeping track, that's a grand total of $1,360,000 to max out
all your stats and fill your Stat-Chip rack. (Though why anybody would wait
until the last casino is unlocked to buy all their stats, I can't say!)

* Option 6: You may have noticed that there are two whole casinos that you are
not allowed to get into, no matter how much money you have. How can you get
into these areas? Texas Hold-em. Yes, that's right, you have to play in the
tournaments. The starting tournaments are easy; You pay a miniscule amount of
money, and you do what you've been doing so far at the normal poker tables.
(Wipe everyone out.) This is made a little bit easier by the fact that there is
NOT a limit at these tables. Yes, you are now playing No-Limit Hold-em. The
so-called "Secret Chips" don't even show up until you've played a bit. In the
Wild Corral, the No-limit tournament table is on the left side of the saloon,
in the back room, up the stairs. Thought they could hide it on you, did they?
And hoo, boy, look at those tournament payouts! Beat these five tournaments,
and you unlock the tournament table in the Amazon casino. Beat four of those,
and congratulate yourself; You just unlocked the Nebula UFO casino! (You have
to unlock the tournament table there and beat a few rounds of that to unlock
the next casino, however!) When you win the very last tournament, I'm pretty
sure that you win the game. So No Limit Texas Hold-em is the Meat and Potatoes,
so to speak, of this title. Now, keep in mind, each casino deals in the
price-range of about ten-times what the casino before it was like, so make sure
your bankroll has an extra zero before heading on to the next casino and
expecting to do well. The stakes get a lot higher, and the game gets a whole
lot more exciting as you go on. Have fun out there!

* Option 7; Exploit the game and force your way into winning!
You can do this by going to the first tournament, entering, and playing as
good as possible, or going all-in on the first hand and praying. If you win,
go all-in on the next hand, and you'll only lose half your money at best.
Try to only go all-in on hands where you have a face-card, a pair, or two
cards of the same suit. A pair of aces is best, in my opinion. I've had all
five opponents fold on me when I go all in on a pair of facecards. At worst,
the opponents will call your bluff, and you'll be out a hundred dollars.
But in the first round of the tournament, it isn't that bad. Just try again
with another hundred. After you beat the first round, if you're not feeling
confident enough in your poker skills to beat the second round, fold out and
quit the table. Save your game (Pause and "Quit Career") and then load your
career again. You'll still have the second round unlocked. Enter the
tournament (this costs another hundred dollars), and try the all-in thing or
wait for a good hand. Repeat this process and you'll have the Renaissance
unlocked in less than a day. I tried this and yes, it works.

6. [Playing Cards]
Okay, down to the nitty gritty!
"You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Know when to walk away, and know when to run." -Kenny Rogers

Here's a guide to playing Poker, that might do better than the tutorials;
The player with the white chip next to his/her name is the dealer of the hand.

In all the poker games, you have certain cards that no other players can see.
These are the cards that you are bidding on, the ones you want to do better
than anybody else's cards. They are the cards you are "hiding in a hole" so to
speak, from everyone else. They are your Hole Cards. They are placed in the
center of the screen, all large, for you to see.

* Play Order:
Based on what you know about cards, you will be allowed a primary bid
on these cards, before you are dealt any further cards. At this point, nobody
really knows HOW the hands may play out, but there are a few deciding factors
that you should take into account. If your set of cards contains the makings
of a Pair, Three or Four of a Kind, then you can rest assured that you will
have at least that pair in your final hand.

Notice: If the cards are the same suit, then you might find a Flush in your
future. If your cards are less than three cards away from one-another, then
you might be looking at a straight. Some people like bidding higher if they
have a face-card or two, because you might just be the lucky one with the
highest card. The more of these you can match up, the better. (A Royal Flush
is all three; A Straight and a Flush made from the Highest Cards.)

Depending on the game, you may get any number of hole cards, but you may not be
able to (or want to) use them all to create a good hand. In certain games, you
can choose a few hole cards to get rid of, and replace. Your new hand might not
be better than your current one, however.

In many games, Texas Hold'em especially, the dealer will set out a series of
community cards, usually following this pattern;
Three cards will be dealt out, and announced as "The Flop". Most people will
know, after these cards are flopped out, whether or not they have a chance of
actually getting a flush or a straight.
The next card dealt is called "The Turn". This is the turning point where you
will usually know if you have a chance at that full house you were hoping for.
Finally, "The River" will let you know if the money is going to flow in your

* Bidding Methods:
Most people bid Irrationally; If you notice they exhibit some of these traits,
it is best not to classify them, because they will probably surprise you next
round. But here are some traits to notice in some people, if you want to
establish trends, or find a way of playing that works for you.

Folds if cards aren't same-suit, pairs, facecards, or aces. Never raise unless
absolutely sure to win.

Usually checks to see what is in The Flop, unless someone's trying to go
All-in against them. May fold if Flop indicates that Flush, Straight or Full
House is impossible, and all they have is a high card. Occasionally they may
take a chance, especially if it's their turn to post blinds. Usually raises
only by minimal amounts.

Always raise, usually more than necessary. Go all-in if dealt good cards.
Raise if raised against, for the last laugh.

Goes all-in at whim. Crazy Bluffs. Outbids before the real bidding starts.

* Common hands: - Math you'll need to know.
The infamous 7-2 Offsuit:
Even the best of players gets this hand every once in a while. It is your
choice if you want to fold, or if you want to bluff. But the chances for making
something out of this pair of hole-cards are slim. You need more than three
cards to make a straight, so that's impossible. You'd need four cards of any
given suit to make a flush of it, so the chances there are slim too. The best
you can hope for with this hand is four 7's. Realistically, you'd be ten times
as likely to get a 77722 Full House, and a hundred times as likely to get three
of a kind. Nobody says it can't happen, though, so don't be too surprised if
your bluff turns into the game-winning hand! In all seriousness, decrease your
chances of getting this horrible hand by maxing out your Luck stat, as soon as
possible. This goes for all offsuit hands made of low cards, whether they are
2-7, 3-8, 4-9, 2-8, 3-9, or 2-9, in my personal opinion.

Sure, it has the makings of a Straight, even a Royal Flush, but consider the
odds of getting all three cards in the middle, out of your next five community
cards. Just over four percent.

Everything but the Girl:
Also known as the Ace-King/Jack-Ten split, this Royal Flush conundrum is three
times worse than the Ace-Ten. You have a 7.5 percent chance of getting a queen,
(Even less than that, if someone else's face-up hole card is a queen), and your
chances of getting a queen in the right suit are just under 2 percent.

Other straights:
Say you get dealt a hand of 10-Jack. Your chances are a lot higher than the
Ace-Ten of getting a straight in the next five cards. You could complete it
with a Queen-King-Ace, 9-Queen-King, 8-9-Queen, or a 7-8-9. That's at least a
sixteen-percent chance, and four times as likely than getting the three cards
in between an Ace-Ten. And my math could be wrong. If you get a 9-Jack, your
results are dependent on getting that one 10-card, so you still only have a 7.5
percent chance. Of course, after the flop, if you were dealt none of these
straight cards, then a straight is impossible. Only get one card? Your chances
of getting the last two are very slim. (See "Everything but the girl" above.)
But as long as there is room on both sides of the straight for an extra card,
your chances are doubled. (If you need either a seven or a jack, you have twice
as many options!)

How the hands stack up:
There are a few different caliburs of hands, from my experience... A lot also
has to do with how many players are bidding. Though rare, there is always the
possibility that your opponent only has a "High Card". They could have such a
hand if they called in with a minimum bid, and never raised. Check Check Check.
In that case, you could raise them with a pair of twos, and you might stand a
chance. However, the opponent could simply be bidding conservatively. I've seen
similar bidding out of someone with two-pair or three-of-a-kind.
If you have three-of-a-kind, chances are you can bid higher than you would if
you only had a pair or two. This hand could easily turn into a full house in
the turn or the river. If you get a full house early, bidding high is almost a
given. But keep in mind; Everyone else at the table also has at least a pair.
Royal Flushes and Four-of-a-Kinds are practically All-In hands. Slim as the
chances are that YOU actually got one, the chances are a whole lot slimmer that
any of the other players have one from the same deck of cards. In my opinion,
here are the different types of hands you can get, how you should bid on each,
and the percentage of getting these hands. The higher-level hand you have, the
better your odds of winning.

Level 1; [High Card/One Pair] - Check, Bluff, or Bid what you feel (<50%)
Level 2; [Two Pair/Three-of-a-Kind] - Check or Raise carefully (<10%)
Level 3; [Straight/Flush/Full House] - Raise with confidence (<1%)
Level 4; [Four-of-a-Kind/Straight Flush/Royal Flush] - All-in (<0.1%)

(Percentages compliments of

7. [Secret Chips]
After winning a tournament, keep an eye out for special Secret Chips scattered
around on the ground, as you walk through the virtual environment (both inside
casinos and outside on Casino Lane). When you see a secret chip on the ground,
face it, and press the Right-hand shoulder button (R) to look down at the
ground and pick it up. You don't have to be exact, just anywhere close.

Secret Chips come in two varieties;
RED Secret Chips-
These will be instantly beneficial. A message will appear telling you what type
of Secret you have discovered. I've only found two of them, and they both tell
you that you've unlocked the Nebula casino, even though the second one really
unlocks the Renaissance!
OTHER Secret Chips-
These have no immediate benefit. No money or loan reductions. No stats or gear.
Just try and collect them all when you see them.
Maybe something special happens. ;)

8. [Casino Lane - Places]
Wild Corral:
An old-fashioned saloon, complete with cowboys, lanterns, wagon wheels,
poker-playing dogs, a piano player, and an all-wooden theme. Your favorite
drinks are on-tap, guaranteed. Test your hand at your favorite game of poker,
with low-stakes and high-returns.

Conveniently located right next to the starting casino, this Loanshark will
give you up to a hundred thousand bucks to try your luck at the casinos. Of
course, this money doesn't come free. You will eventually have to pay it back,
with 50% interest. Better hope you're good at cards. But the loan store WILL
save you when you get down on your luck. Just get 10k, and wander into the
local saloon. You'll be back on your feet in no time!
As far as I know, they don't send anybody after you if you're not timely. But
then again, I've always paid them back right when I got the money. The major
inconvenience to being in-debt is that you can't buy things from the
gift-shops. You can still play all the normal money-making and money-losing
games; Air-Hockey, Darts, Video poker, and even tournaments.

"Closed" stores:
Rico's Taco Shop, Bail Bonds, Tribal Tattoo, Fruit Store,
Triple D's (Umm... What is this again?),
"Hourly Rates" Hotel? (Aw, C'mon, they CLOSE hotels?),
Pawn Shop (That's a pity. I could've sold some stuff I didn't need...)

---[Grand Central]---
The Amazon: (Locked until you have 12,000 dollars, by winning or borrowing)
An old-fashioned step-pyramid with a jungle-feel, this wonder of nature has an
amazingly lush environment tucked away inside. It seems a lot bigger on the
inside than it does on the outside. ;) Trees, bushes, waterfalls, tiki huts...
Beware of Jungle Beasts!

"Darts" Dart tournament:
Step right up, and throw pointy things at a target for money! Test your luck
against gravity and your own aim. Win big!

"Closed" stores:
Dragon casino, Lucky Charm casino,
"Show" movie theatre (No late-nite showings at "Show", apparently.)

The Neptune:
Halfway between the Amazon and the Nebula, the Neptune is your local arcade. We
have all your favorite videogames, including Mule Kon, Q*Dillon, Froging,
FIGHT, and MegaGuy, as well as the hottest pair of Air-Hockey tables on Casino
Lane. Our hockey pucks even LOOK like poker chips. How awesome is that! So kick
back on our space-age sofas with some Mongo Cola and spend some quality
hangtime with your friends. Be sure to catch the Air-Hockey Tournament in July,
and remember our motto: "Beware of Greasy Teenagers!"

The Nebula: (Locked until you win Anaconda[7 different tournaments])
Welcome, visitors of E-Arth. We Come In Peace. We are THE NEBULA. We have come
to test your luck and skill as a species, using your simple method of
communication known as POKER. Please do let us examine your intimidation and
bluffing skills with our sophisticated machinery. You may also enjoy the
computer interface we have created for you, called VIDEO POKER. Enjoy flying
through the cosmos in our futuristic space vehicle, which we have conveniently
parked in the middle of West Side Square, between The Vortex and Hangar 18.

"Closed" stores:
The Vortex, Media Superstore, Pulsar, Hangar 18,
Club Gray (Obviously not a NIGHT-club...)

Renaissance: (Locked until you win Lunar Eclipse[11 different tournaments])
This fancy casino is for high-rollers only! To keep the low-rollers out, we
placed our entrance high atop a very tall staircase. Enjoy our balcony views of
the night skyline. Try your luck at a few hands of Omaha in our richly adorned
bank vault (Complete with the best work of DaVinci and Van Gogh). Finally,
participate in the Two Million Dollar World Championship Poker Tournament at
the top of our luxurious Rennaisance tower. Entrance applications will be taken
at the Nebula's Lunar Eclipse tournament table. Open all hours.

"Closed" stores:
Esher Jewelry, La Butai eveningwear (Closed during the evening. Pity.)

9. [Tournaments]
Wild Corral:
Honky Tonk
--Entry fee: 100
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 1,000
--Entry fee: 250
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 5,000
--Entry fee: 500
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 10,000
Wild West Showdown
--Entry fee: 1,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 15,000

--Entry fee: 2,000
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 20,000
Silver Back
--Entry fee: 4,000
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 25,000
--Entry fee: 6,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 30,000
--Entry fee: 6,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 35,000

Starry Night
--Entry fee: 10,000
--Rounds: 2
--Winnings: 70,000
Milky Way
--Entry fee: 15,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 100,000
Lunar Eclipse
--Entry fee: 20,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 125,000
Super Nova
--Entry fee: 25,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 200,000

The Palace
--Entry fee: 50,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 280,000
--Entry fee: 60,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 325,000
--Entry fee: 65,000
--Rounds: 3
--Winnings: 375,000
WCP Tournament
--Entry fee: 150,000
--Rounds: 4
--Winnings: 2,000,000

10. [Item Lists]
WCP Gear:
(Some say vehicle-type items increase speed. I haven't noticed this. Purchase
as many as you want, and run around. Then start a brand new game. See what I

Lunch - 300
Drink - 400
Cell Phone - 500
Bike Ride - 700
Show Tickets - 900
Sensory Sweep T-Shirt - 1,000
New Stereo - 1,500
Shave - 2,000 (That much for a shave? What is it, Electrolysis?)

Crave T-Shirt - 2,500
Big Screen TV - 3,000
Limo Ride - 3,500
Movie Tickets - 4,000
Steak Dinner - 5,000
Snowboard - 6,000
Amazon Souvenir - 7,000
Concert Tickets - 8,000

Platinum Watch - 9,000
Laptop - 10,000 (I'd love a laptop worth this much)
Helicopter Ride - 20,000
Exotic Car - 30,000
Computer - 40,000 (This better be a Cray Supercomputer!)
Gold Watch - 50,000
Tailored Suit - 60,000
Casino For A Day - 70,000

Meet A Celebrity - 80,000
Presidential Suite - 100,000
Mansion - 150,000
VIP Tournament - 200,000
Black Tie Party - 350,000
A New SUV - 550,000
Tour With Rock Star - 700,000
Break The Bank - 800,000

Accessories: - Each accessory is 300$. Male and Female Accessories differ.
The colors aren't listed; The 3d models frequently don't resemble the 2d icons.

The Wild Corral:
m-Teal Watch
m-Gold Necklace
m-Cowboy Hat
m-Dog Tags
m-Studded Bracelet
m-Leather Watch
f-Diamond Pendant
f-Razor Glasses
f-Ruby Pendant
f-Cowboy Hat
f-Pony Tail
f-Square Watch

The Amazon:
m-Metal Watch
m-Studded Bracelet
f-Gold Bracelet
f-Diamond Bracelet
f-Diamond Studded Watch
f-Sun Visor
f-Hair Over Ear

The Nebula:
m-Red Watch
m-Purple Watch
m-Dew Rag
both-Half Glasses
both-Reading Glasses
both-Ball Cap
f-Friendship Charm
f-Square Glasses
f-Long Hair Curled Out
f-Yellow Watch

The Renaissance:
m-Black Shades
m-Top Hat
m-Blue Shades
m-Square Glasses
m-Buzz Cut
m-Spike Bracelet
m-Sun Visor
f-Velvet Pendant
f-Pink Glasses
f-Pink Watch
f-Pink Shades
f-Round Glasses
f-Diamond Necklace
f-Ball Cap

11. [Cheats and Glitches]
~~~~ SPOILERS! =D ~~~~
What? There are cheats in this game? Well, not so much 'cheats' as much as
'interface quirks that you can use to your advantage'. Here are some
interesting and juicy tidbits for everyone...

"Never go All-In"
Never say never. But it's always disappointing when you go All-in, and someone
else beats you by one card. It's especially irritating when this happens during
the second (or third, or fourth!) round of a tournament. So what can you do
about it? Well, during the second (or higher) round of any tournament, don't go
All-in. Sure, you can bet most of your hand. Leave a few dollars to spare. If
you end up losing the hand, it will ask you "Play again?". Say No. You lose
your entry-fee, but you keep the rounds that you've already beaten, and you can
walk back in where you left off.

"Never lose a hand of cards"
Here's one that everyone can enjoy. Did you incorrectly estimate your
opponent's cards? Did you bid all but your last hundred? Well, it's simple.
Just turn off your NintendoDS, and restart your game. You should be standing
next to a poker table with the amount of money you started with. It's no
consolation if you were winning big before betting it all, or in tournaments,
but it will keep you off the streets outside the LoanShark, and it will keep
you from losing your character.

"What do those little blue-green chips lying all over the place do?"
I'm not quite sure! Ask me in a few days.
Press (R) to pick them up.

"What do those little red chips lying here and there do?"
They should tell you. So far, I've only found two; they have unlocked casinos.
Press (R) to pick them up.

"UFO Sneak Peek"
Before you unlock the Nebula Casino, you can wander over to it, and check it
out. It looks pretty neat. I wish local casinos did things like that (Have an
theme based on science fiction, or the old west, or whatever besides Egypt.)
Anyways, you can supposedly get a "Sneak Peek" of how this casino looks by
trying to walk into it (just walk up the ramp). When the bouncer tells you that
you are not allowed inside, press 'okay', and keep walking. You don't really
get to see what the inside of the casino looks like, but you CAN "clip" through
the wall and see a part of the inside of the UFO model.
(This really shows you nothing of what it looks like inside the casino.
Trust me. I've been in there. It was amazing. What you're seeing here is the
inside of the model of the UFO. Note; you can't move around much, and all you
can really do is go back down the ramp.)

"Getting into the Amazon"
Borrow money from the LoanShark. It's that easy. If you have over 12,000, no
matter where it came from, you can get in. Otherwise, just make your money
normally, by winning hands of poker, video poker, blackjack, darts, or

"Getting into the Nebula"
Find a Secret Red Poker Chip. This one should be located in the Neptune
Air-Hockey arcade hall, near one of the soda machines, after you've beaten a
few different tournaments, but before you've actually unlocked the nebula by
beating the Anaconda tournament in the Amazon.

"Getting into the Renaissance"
Find a Secret Red Poker Chip. This one should be located in the Wild Corral
Poker Tournament Table, after you've beaten a few different tournaments, but
before you've actually unlocked the Renaissance by beating the Lunar Eclipse
tournament in the Nebula.

"Does this game ever Freeze?"
This has now happened to me twice, in two different tournaments. If you find
yourself raising the computer opponents, and one of them raises you back, think
twice before re-raising the opponent. If you raise back, and they raise back,
more than three times, total, you'll find your game hard-locked. All NDS
buttons and the touchscreen recieve no response. You can still turn the game
off, but you will lose all progress from that table. Unique!
We have discovered "Raise Overflow". ;D

"Raise for Zero?"
Yeah, this happened to me in the Amazon too. That's a weird place. Anyhow;
Watch out for the Zero-Raise. Jasmine pulled this lovely number on me, and my
jaw hit the floor. How can you raise me, for zero dollars? Craziness.

~~~~ END SPOILERS ~~~~

12. [Version History]
2006-11-07 v1.02 [THIS VERSION]:
Added question to FAQ. Fixed Section 6 accordingly.

2006-01-18 v1.01:
Finished Renaissance Accessories section. Random little updates.
Granted certain redistribution permissions to select other sites.

2006-01-17 v0.99:
Finished sections 8, 9, and 10. Renaissance Accessories only include female.
Updated "Playing Cards" section with more information. Claimed to be v1.0.

2006-01-16 v0.96:
Added new section 6, renumbered the rest. Moved Cheats to section 11.
Updated accessories for both genders.

2006-01-13 v0.95:
Finished Sections 1 through 15
Included everything but the Renaissance Casino Info, in sections 8, 9, and 10.

13. [Legalese]
This guide is copyright 2006, Steven Mattison. It may NOT be republished,
altered, or reproduced without my express written permission under any
circumstances. If you have a good reason and PROPERLY credit me, I'll let you
use this guide. If seen on any website beside the ones below, notify me ASAP
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14. [Contact Info]
Help me out with my guide. Get permission to borrow my guide. Give me feedback.

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This is my very first GameFAQs guide. Is it any good? Thanks, I tried. Please,
for the last time, No dissing on the NDS or props to the PSP. The PSP doesn't
read real DVDs, nor does it have a touchscreen... All it has going for it is
Katamari 3 and Loco Roco. This Walkthrough is for the DS version of WCP. It's
relevance to any other console is not in question here.

15. [Credits]
I created this entire guide so far, from my personal experience, and little
hints I found on various sites on the inter-web.

Anybody else who wishes to participate in this collaborative work, with other
information I don't know, feel free to email me. (I still can't figure out how
to "get 200$ from the air hockey room".)

Special Thanks go to;
All you crazy Video Game enthusiasts!,
Crave entertainment,
and Sensory Sweep studios.

16. [That's all for now]
Keep an eye out for future updates to this walkthrough(with contributed tips
and information on what happens when you beat the final tournament), and for
graphical maps I might be making(With Secret Chip info!). Thanks for reading!
This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

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