GOW: Chains of Olympus walkthrough

                        *God of War: Chains of Olympus*


God of War: Chains of Olympus FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.0 (3/13/08)
Written by Brad Russell “TheGum”
(email at the bottom)

Version 1.0 – completed main game, and there may be an update at some point.

Table Of Contents
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        Section:                        Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls                             CON2222
3. Starter Tips                         TIPS333
4. Walkthrough                          FAQ4444

        The Shores of Attica                    TSOA111
        BOSS: Basilisk                          BAS222
        BOSS: Persian King                      PERKING333
        BOSS: Basilisk Round 2                  BASR2444
        The City of Marathon                    TCOM555
        The Temple of Helios                    TTOH666
        The Caves of Olympus                    TCOO777
        The Temple of Helios Part 2             TTOHP2888
        The River Styx                          TRS999
        BOSS: Charon                            CHAR1010
        The Depths of Tartarus                  TDOT1111
        BOSS: Charon Round 2                    CHAR21212
        The Temple of Persephone                TTOP1313
        Fields of Elysium                       FOE1414
        BOSS: Persephone                        PER1515

5. Attacks and Combo List               COMBO55
6. Bonus Stuff and Game Modes           EXTRA66
7. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Took a while, but perhaps the PSP finally has it’s very own killer app, whereas
the DS just tossed out as much Mario and Sudoku as possible. I’ll be honest,
I just got this PSP a few weeks ago, not even for this game, but the timing is
more than coincidence. To anyone thinking of getting a PSP just for this game,
also grab Tekken.

As far as this game, it’s short, and I would have thought it shorter had I not
been writing this guide while playing, among other things that interrupted
playing time. You get six hours, seven hours tops, but that should not be a
knock against this game. Just like Call of Duty 4, this game cuts out the
filler and delivers solid gameplay from start to finish. Just think of it this
way: if you like condensed, more solid gameplay that is short, you’ll not feel
cheated at all, and if you prefer as much playing time as possible with as
much repitition as can be tolerated, go grab Mass Effect or Assassin’s Creed
(yeah, those games are great, but not perfect).

This game is way smooth for visuals – something about maxing out the processor
or something like that. It’s got great graphics, sounds awesome, good enough
story that even ties into the other two titles, and the combat is pure fun. If
you got a PSP, no reason to pass this up.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

X Button – jump
O Button – grab, use, most-used in button-pressing sequences
Triangle – heavy attack
Square – light attack
L Button – evade with R and tilt stick, block
R Button – evade with L and tilt stick, used with other buttons for magic
Analog Stick – move, learn to spin for finishers
D-Pad – Down will change weapons when you get the second
START – upgrade screen, move list, and inventory
SELECT – pause and options

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

*Combos are over-doing it – seriously, they may be fun to perform, but most
just lead to you getting hit mid-combo. While an enemy is on the ground is
probably the best time to do a long combo, otherwise, stick to simple moves.

*Watch for the O prompt, and sometimes don’t – early on, the mini game to kill
most enemies is the best way to kill them. But late in the game, it may be
best just to use the Gauntlet’s charged up Square attack or an Efreet.

*You can block most attacks – simple as that. It’s usually a better tactic
than rolling or jumping away, and you’ll know the attacks you can and can’t
block from each enemy.

*Grab the right enemies – you can just walk up and grab a lot of the early
enemies, but later enemies won’t be so easy. Late in the game, most enemies
require some damage before you can grab them.

*Efreet, nuff said – yeah, use it to kill big enemies or large groups of bad
guys. You get a lot of blue orbs throughout, so don’t be afraid to use this to
save you from death, and yes, you are invincible while doing it. It’s even
better with upgrades.

*Gauntlet of Zeus > Blades of Chaos – yes, the equation doesn’t lie. It’s
mainly because the gauntlet will stun enemies and even stop their attacks. This
is the weapon to use to finish off enemies that have the O above their head,
just it’s Square attack is enough.

*You have a move list screen – Just press start and R to see all the combos
and moves you have while in game. Refer to section 5 for advice on each attack
and all the combos.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

God Of War: Chains of Olympus Walkthrough

This is on the normal difficulty.

The Shores of Attica ( TSOA111 )

*NOTE: Remember, you have a move list if you press Start and then R.*

Start by killing the first wave of enemies, learning to combo both attacks and
finishing with the heavy attack for the power slam on the ground. Use the grab
and the double jump, and remember you can attack while in the air. Eventually
you will see a focus on the ballista and more enemies will appear. Just kill
them and then go pull back on the arrow, fire, bust the crates on this roof,
check the body on the side, and then jump down.

*NOTE: You could save the upcoming chest, if you are at full health.*

BOSS: Basilisk ( BAS222 )

Just a few enemies to finish off down here, more crates, and a health chest.
When you try to open the door, be ready to mash the O button in the scene, and
then a fight with another monster. This fight is a joke, as about every other
hit will spill health. Just attack and be ready to dodge both attacks, but it
doesn’t matter a whole lot. When the O appears above the Basilisk’s head, go
follow the button sequence. Then out the door.


On the beach, just watch for the glowing red circles on the ground as you push
the ram to the gate, but before you bust it down, go open the red orb chest on
the right and save your game on the left. Use the ram to bust down the door and
go through for a fight.

At the broken bridge you just swim over the water and kill the archers, and
remember you can jump and dodge to avoid the arrows. There is a health chest
if you need it. For the crank, you just turn it to lower the door and then run
through before it closes. It’s simple, just turn it so that you end up on the
side in the direction of the door, run, and then do a dodge to roll under
the door.

There is a fight and then break the wooden boards that reveal a ladder. Climb
up to the next level, jump off, and open a chest for a Gorgon Eye. At the
top, press O to knock down the block, fight, and then go left for an orb
chest. Then go right and across a beam, careful to keep your balance, and then
you hit a health chest and a door.

BOSS: Persian King ( PERKING333 )

After the scene, you got a fight with a Persian King, which is odd. Either way,
he is dangerous, so know when to block, when to double jump away, and when
to dodge. For his normal swinging attack, just block (L), but for his charging
attack where his blade turns red, just jump away or roll. For his big attack
where you see a big red guy above his head, be sure to roll away. Just keep
using your Square button to pelt him with small, ranged attacks, and combo
when you see fit, but when you do combo you must be ready to avoid any attack
he may use. You don’t have to focus on the minions, but don’t let them swarm
you or anything if you know what I mean; just attack them when he is not
nearby. Once you see the O above his head, do the button press sequence, which
is done only after the cutscene.


You obtain The Efreet. Then you can test it out on the few enemies, and then
go hit both gates to open them. On the left is a save and the door to go
beyond, but you want to go into the cell on the right for a hot naked encounter
with two prisoners (you can only earn orbs once, but feel free to play as many
times as you must). Take the path out after you save.

The object in this area is to kill the enemies, knock down both ladders, and
then turn the ballista into position to fire at the Basilisk. Don’t forget to
use the health/magic chest for whatever you need. Before you leave, go to the
ballista and turn it to look straight ahead, where it should lock into place.
Look into the distance and notice a structure, but you will probably look at
the wrong place. Either way, just fire a bolt and you should see part of a
wall break. That is for a hidden chest later on.

Break some jars on the sides and then up the ladder (I hope you realize that
crates and barrels are always around, so I shouldn’t have to mention them all
the time). Up the ladder will be an orb and Phoenix Feather chest. Then go turn
the crank to go below.

In the open you run into another Cyclops. Just pelt him with combos, aerial and
press Triangle is my preferred attack, and then roll away as soon as he starts
to attack. Don’t forget to use your Efreet and when he’s low, go do the button
press. Then use the two chests and go out the gate.

Through it will be some archers, and then grab the orb chest and the Gorgon
Eye on the left. Save and go up the ladder to wall climb. At the top, make your
way right and knock down two ladders, then jump across a gap to land on a roof
with two archers. Kill them and grab the orb chest and the Phoenix Feather. Now
jump back and go kill the other archer on the other roof, and go ahead and kill
the others and knock down the ladders. Now, if you used the ballista way back
to make a hole in this structure, go inside for the Gorgon Eye and don’t forget
to use that multi-chest. Then go break the wall on the right and pull the lever
that will take you down, and you can’t come back up.

*NOTE: If you didn’t use the ballista to make the hole, you could have gone the
relatively-short distance back to do it still.*

Down here, go left for orbs in crates and a chest. At this time you should
go to the pause menu where you will find the Power Up screen, as well as other
screens if you press L or R. But if you press X while you have the Blades of
Chaos selected, you will spend your orbs toward an upgrade. You should be about
600 or so short, so keep that in mind as you progress. And yes, you could spend
them on your Efreet, but don’t. Anyway, go through the door atop the steps.

After the scene, go kill the soldiers. Where you find the archers, there will
be an orb chest, and then go around the corner for an alley with two more.
After you comb the area for crates, go find the big box and kick it onto the
pressure pad by the door. Then pick up the body you saw the Basilisk drop and
take it through to drop it on another pressure pad. Go through the second door.

An orb chest, save point, health and magic, then a Phoenix Feather, and all of
it in this hallway. Open the door and go out into the wide open area for what
else, a boss fight.

BOSS: Basilisk Round 2 ( BASR2444 )

Run to the end of the bridge and he will show. The trick is to attack, but
not up close. He has three attacks while on the bridge: claw swipe, chomps
twice, and fire sweep. You dodge the swipe by rolling, even into the claw just
before it strikes will work, usually. To avoid the chomping, you must not be
too close and hopefully on the left side, so that all you have to do is roll
backward, but not too far so that he will move up closer. And the fire is jump-

As far as attacking, just stay on the left and attack his claw, but make sure
you aren’t attacking the sides and missing him. He may also get you in a bite,
but shouldn’t see it unless you are at the end of the bridge; and you just tap
L and R one after the other. The object is to fight him back toward the door
where he will jump above and spit fireballs. Just don’t get too far from him
so that he moves farther from the door, but attack the claw from a medium
distance and pelt with Square attacks.

When he is above the door, run toward his claw and notice the fireballs. Jump
when they almost hit the ground and press O when you can. All you have to do is
spin the joystick left from the top around in “light” circles, and I say light
because spinning as fast as you can doesn’t seem to work, but not too light;
just make sure you are pulling him toward you.

Then you must repeat pushing him back one more time, which will be just the
same process. After this time, there will be one more go at his claw on the
bridge, and as soon as you stun him, quickly run to his throat and press O.
Follow the button presses and you’re done.


Don’t forget to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. Go open the chest for a Phoenix
Feather, then climb over the ledge for an orb chest, and then climb down to the

The City of Marathon ( TCOM555 )

Save and break open the door for a quick scene. You can test out your new moves
on him, and it’s good because you should block his attacks too while not doing
the Cyclone of Chaos, and feel free to use the Efreet too if he’s blocking. Go
through the doorway and break the wooden boards you see in front of you for an
orb chest and a another chest which doesn’t have an eye or feather.

*NOTE: Grabbing these guys as they block works too, and there is a death
animation when they are almost dead.*

Run into the open for a fight with three undead; remember to do cyclones and
use the Efreet when they block. There is an orb chest in the first house, and
then you run into another fight as well as undead archers that fire faster than
humans. Quickly kill the soldiers and then cyclone the archers to death. There
is health and magic chests, as well as another orb chest in a house on the
left side of the street, and then two in the next house on the right.

At the fog and after the quick scene, push the box through the fog for a short
distance to open the door. Inside, near the door will be a chest with a Gorgon
Eye. Move ahead to fight a Gorgon. You can Efreet over and over until the O
appears above its head, or attack and dodge or block its attacks. When these
things shriek, quickly tap the L and R one after the other and roll away to
avoid the attack, or block. If you do the button press, there are just two.
You will probably have to fight one more, but whatever you do, quickly turn
the crank on the right to close the gate and stop the flow of Gorgon.

Kill the archers down the way, grab the orb chest on the right, and then go
back for a torch on the statue. Bring it to the wagon down the slope and toss
it in. Start pushing it through the fog until there is an archer on the left.
Stop and then go and kill him and open the chests. Then push the wagon a bit
farther for an enemy on the right. Kill him and collect a Phoenix Feather in
a chest for what should be your fifth to gain more magic. Keep pushing the
wagon to the end and run forward.

Now you encounter a Sabre Tooth Tiger? Whatever it is, you can Efreet it until
the O appears and then follow the three joystick sequences. Either that or pelt
him with Square attacks and dodge and roll his attacks, or just cyclone and
block if you can. Then break the rock on the right, kill some archers, open
some chests, and then climb up the wall.

The Temple of Helios ( TTOH666 )

Save and then check out the points of interest at this shrine, but nothing you
can do now. Just save and cross the bridge. A quick fight with soldiers and
a Gorgon, so feel free to Efreet and cyclone followed by some grabs. Move along
to the rocky area where you can bust some little spikes by the wall for orbs.
Climb the cliff, ignoring the steps half-way up that leads to a locked door,
and there will be a long cutscene at the top.

Check the statue and then go straight left across the pool for a Gorgon Eye
which should give you five and more health. There is an orb chest in the corner
of the other pool, and then go save and don’t use the health chest if you don’t
need to. Take the lift up.

Fight some bombers and then go into both little paths on the right for jars and
a Phoenix Feather. Left of the lift will be a fight with some more nimble
enemies with two blades. Just block and then attack, and always grab one every
now and then. When you grab one that is low on health, be ready to spin the
joystick from one side to another in a short time to a quick kill. Then use the
chest and pull the lever. Then take the lift back down and save.

Swing into the courtyard and up the steps to go left. There is a pretty tough
fight, but blocking, cyclones, and Efreets will get you by, just don’t grab
too much, and if you find the spinning joystick finisher hard, just don’t do

After the fight, go through the open gate, kill the bomber, pull the lever,
and then go to the shiny door and spin the joystick to open it. Lots of
plantars, an orb chest, and a breakable statue in this long hallway. At the end
will be a fight with some birds (not Harpies I think). Just press O for all of
them to grab and stomp them for easy kills. An orb chest in the corner and you
can pull out both statues to reveal levers. Pull both and read the tablet in
the center.

*NOTE: Either get the upgrade for the Efreet now or just wait for the Chaos
upgrade. You’ll get about 5000 soon, so it’s up to you. But I do say get the

Take the left door for a hall with many statues to break and a save point.
There is also a multi-chest that could give you enough orbs for the upgrade for
the Efreet. Anyway, go back to the lever room and then take the right doorway.
You have a fight with some new enemies, but all they do extra is perform a
jumping attack that is unblockable, so roll away when they go to the air. Just
pelt them with Square attacks and wait for the O prompt to do a one button
press sequence. Then pull the lever and go through the open door, saving if
you like.

In the next big room, below the stairs on the right will be a Phoenix Feather
and some orb chests nearby. Then step on the lift and break the two clamps to
get the lift dropping. It’s the same new enemies you just faced, so keep the
roll buttons ready. There are five or maybe six of them and the lift will stop
at the bottom, whether you’re done with them or not. Then you will have to
fight what I will call an Armor. The game gives you the Square, Square,
Triangle button combo to break it’s shield, so do that and then follow up with
an Efreet and maybe another. It will be hard to see, but you should either have
the O prompt above its head, or you are close to getting it. When that is over,
step off and open all the chests along the wall.

Up the steps and through the door will be a big room. Go right for a quick
statue and then left for two orb chests. Push over the pillar for a scene with
chests of the other sort – ha ha, boobies. Read the tablet on the left and
then go right for a blinking point on the ground that will let you grab the
wall and bring down a piece. Cross over and then come forward, or backward
depending on how you look at it, and you’ll find an orb chest along with a
Gorgon Eye. Then into the middle room; you can go left and right for orbs and
an orb chest now or later. Then beat up on the throne to get the Sun Shield.

You will fight just three enemies and you can test out the Sun Shield; just
tap L right before the enemy attacks to reflect it. It’s hard to do this, so
if you miss the first attack, just consider rolling away, or just don’t try it,
it’s up to you. After the fight, take the stairs on either side all the way up
for statues, chests, and a Gorgon Eye. Feel free to upgrade the Sun Shield as
it is cheap. Then go into the bottom room and into the recovery area for health
and magic and a save point. Go up the stairs to be back at the start of the

Go left for a fight with archers and Sabre Tooths. The Efreet does wonders
against the tigers, and it helps clear the archers too. After the fight, use
the shield on the center of the circular area to reveal steps. Take them down
to a room with two big statues that you can move. Push them forward and get an
orb chest on the left. Then come to the big wall and pull it out. Quickly jump
up to the top to the horse statue and open the door on the left for two orb
chests. Then go back to the wall and pull it out again. As it retreats, go
around the left side and jump in the opening to get on the other side.

Go around to the right to find a Phoenix Feather. Then go pull both statues
back so that the light goes into the two spots on the wall. Then jump on the
platform, stand on the glowing spot, press L to use the Sun Shield, and then
tap O to use the light. Then go back to the previous room and go up to the
horse statue to set a light back at the shrine. Take the big steps down and
you’ll hit a health chest.

In this big room, go right for a Gorgon Eye. And then left through a portal.

The Caves of Olympus ( TCOO777 )

Save and jump in the water. Go right for a Gorgon Eye and two orb chests (I
got the Chaos upgrade 2 here, you may be close or already have it). Then go
left and start climbing the rock wall. Then you’ll find Triton’s Lance and you
can jump off the side and into the water. Swim left and dive with Square. While
underwater, Square dives and X rises, and holding R will let you dash. Go all
the way left for a multi-chest and an orb chest. Then swim all the way right
and dash through the bars to get through.

Dash through a second set of bars to find two orb chests and a Phoenix Feather.
Keep going until you hit the lever. Pull it to reveal another path along the
rock wall. Take it up, noting the ceiling commands for the short distance, and
at the top you will open a door.

*NOTE: You can save before climbing up the wall the second time, just in case
you health is low and you don’t trust your skills.*

Then you meet a Minotaur. Do NOT use the cyclone attack. He has three main
attacks: a double sword swipe, a headbutt, and a charge. For the double swipe,
just jump and then stay low, or roll back. For the headbutt, you can try to
repel it with the Sun Shield, but good luck with that; you should just stay a
bit away and roll after a few slashes. And he only charges when you’re far away
from him. Just stay a bit away and do small slashes, and feel free to use up
all your magic on Efreet attacks. Try to save the health chest for after the
fight, but use it if you must. Though it’s hard to see, he will have a O above
his head, so try to get him away from the wall and use it; if you’re close to
the door you came from, it may block your view in the sequence.

After the fight, use the multi-chest for health, or magic if you haven’t lost
any health. Turn the crank and go across the bridge for a boob-tastic cutscene
– like seriously, did anyone catch what she said, or what her face looks like?
After that, go left for a multi-chest for magic. Keep going and dive when at
the water to find a Gorgon Eye in a chest, which should be your tenth and give
you yet another health upgrade. Swim to dry land and kill some enemies, or
ignore. Save and use the chest if you like and go grab the Primordial Fire.

You will then see the three statues set their shields in front of you. Go to
the back of the platform and wait for a shield to glow, face it, wait for it
to fire, and tap L right before the fireball hits you. Do this three times and
you get the Light of Dawn. Then you have to kill six enemies that throw fire
at you. Pressing L is easy to reflect, or you can test out the Light of Dawn.
Either way, after they are dead, go left and right for orbs and a Phoenix
Feather and then go down the center; all of it is connected and it should be
your tenth feather for another magic upgrade.

Open the door and go through, drop down, and it’s another fight. You can fight,
or just jump off the side into the water below. Use the save point and go back
through the portal.

The Temple of Helios Part 2 ( TTOHP2888 )

Back in the temple, you just use the point on the floor and then cross over the
magical fire bridge to be at a place you’ve been before. You can go right, but
that is only if you missed those chests before. If you got the chests on both
sides, just go left and through the door. Back at the lift, use the shield in
the center to go way up. There will be 70+ bird-Harpies! Just just press O
toward each one for easy kills all the way up. Open the chests and go up the
steps to a Phoenix Feather, health chest you shouldn’t need, and a save point.

Then open the door and go through for a fight with fire tossers and an Armor;
remember, Square x 2 and then Triangle to break his shield. Just Efreet once
his shield is gone and then cyclone the fire guys to death and remember to
reflect their attacks if you have to.

Afte the fight, go to the lower left corner for a Gorgon Eye, and then the
upper right corner for orbs. Use the spot in the center to reveal a lever. Turn
it right to reveal a statue and go pull it out and place it on the pressure
pad. Turn the lever left to reveal another statue and go take this to the
pressure pad in the lower left. Then go to the lever so that the beam shines
and the statue’s beam will reveal another statue. Take it to the lower right
pad and do the same .

With all four statues, you must place them on the pads in a certain way. You
need to get the two that point up (north if you will) to be on the lower pads,
and then get the other two to that face left and right to face each other on
the upper pads. With all four on, a platform will rise with two more reflecting
points. If the statues are on right, you will get on the lever, the beam will
shine, and if you jump on the raised platform you will find a glowing spot
where the two beams cross that you can use your shield. Then you will have a
place to touch under the horse statue. After the scene, go touch the new spot
where the lever was to take a ride down below.

At the platform, go forward for a chest with a Phoenix Feather, go left for an
orb chest, and go right for a door. In the hall you get an orb chest and health
and magic chests. Go up the big steps to a familiar-looking room. There is a
Gorgon Eye in a chest to the right. Near the chest will be a statue that you
need to push onto the glowing spot. Once there, beat the statue up to reveal a
glowing spot on top of it. Get up there and press L. Then go up the wall and
touch the spot under the statue to light the final beam at the shrine.


Take the door and you’ll be back at the climbside WAY at the start of this
temple. Climb the wall down and press X to slide all the way down. There is a
fight with some undead, and then keep going back. Then you get another fight
at the platform between the bridges; the Triangel x3 combo from level 2 Blades
of Chaos seems to work nicely against all of these guys.

Back at the shrine, save and then turn the levers to light the steeds, then
use the point on the circular pad. Then it’s a long cutscene to Hades.

The River Styx ( TRS999 )

*NOTE: Not sure if this is the Styx or Acheron, but Styx sounds better. Just
calling this area Hades doesn’t do it for me.*

Save and then jump on the cliff wall and start going, and press R to drop when
over solid ground. Jump the gap and you’ll see two chests over to the left, so
double jump onto a ceiling and go grab the orb chest and the Gorgon Eye. I hope
you realize Triangle is the attack button while on a ceiling. Go to the gap to
the north and double jump onto the the rock wall, but be ready for some enemies
to appear, so slash them or they will grab you and force you into a tapping
mini game. Just press Square to keep attacking them as you climb to the top.

You will fight two what I will call Medusas, as they are stronger than the
Gorgons. They have the same attacks as well as a the stone gaze. So if you see
the green glare, roll away and keep moving to avoid being turned to rock, and
if you do you need to tap L and R to break free, quickly. Again, the Triangle
attacks and combos do well against these.

After the fight, cross the ruined archway and come toward the screen to see a
rock wall you can climb down. At the gap, double jump as far as you can and
sidle the ledge to find a Phoenix Feather. Then double jump back over, climb
up, get to the upper gap in the stairs, double jump, and you’ll take the path
to a fight with two Cyclops.

The two big guys are not as hard, especially if you have the Blades of Chaos
up to level 3. First though, get them close and unleash all your Efreets with
O taps, and then finish them off by focusing on one and pelting it with Square
attacks. When either one has taken a lot of damage, feel free to hold Triangle,
which will send you into the air, and then do Cyclones to finish them off; just
ignore using the O prompt, and remember to roll a lot or double jump away. When
one is gone, soldiers will appear, and unleashing Triangle attacks on them
followed by cyclones to quickly kill them; there are just three or so of them.
And then to get one final Cyclops, which should be easy by just keeping your
distance and doing the cyclone thing after a while. Don’t forget you can use
the multi-chest whenever you need to.

After, there is an orb chest in a ruined building to the right, which you could
have escaped to during the fight. At the gap nearby, just double jump to hit
the higher ledge. There are some Harpies in the open, so grab to victory, and
then go break the rock wall on the left. You fight a Medusa and then you get a
Gorgon Eye and orb chest. You’ll notice a rock box in a center area, but you
can’t reach it. Go to the right and break the half-ruined wall so you can grab
the box. Drag it to the right under the health chest and jump up there.

Grab the health and jump on the rock wall. Climb your way to behind the blood-
fall and you’ll hit a fight with three enemies. Knock over the pillar on the
right after and then go save. Use the pillar to double jump up to the ledge.
Once up here, smash the cracking wall to reveal a Phoenix Feather. Cimb the
rock wall nearby to be by a dead tree and closed door. Follow the path to the
Gate of Hades to fight two Armor and Harpies. Kill the birds with grabs and
then do the Square x2 and Triangle combo to crack their shields, then pound
away with Efreets. Feel free to use the health and magic chests, just make sure
you get some distance from the Armors so you can get the chests. For these
guys, be sure to to the circle prompt as soon as you see it.

Killing both will open the big door by the tree, so go back. Follow the path
all the way to a statue room place where you should get your 15th Gorgon Eye
and health up. Go into the sawblade room to fight the same enemies from the
gate. Just three Efreets on the unshielded Armors gives you the O prompt, but
be sure to kill the Harpies first. Then take the path to find an orb chest and
a save point. Then ring the bell.

BOSS: Charon ( CHAR1010 )

To start the fight, just use the Square attacks. When you see him “rev” up his
scythe, just hold down L until his spinning attack is over, and then resume
your offensive. That’s all you have to do over and over. At some point he will
disappear and then pop up with three green orbs. Just stand back, wait for one
to fire, and reflect it with L right before it hits, and if you are far back
enough, you can reflect all three.

Keep up the offensive, blocking, and reflecting. Feel free to Efreet when he
starts his attack to stop it. And at some point he will go recharge his health
at the green fog, and that will be the end of this battle.

*SPOILER* Yes, you WILL die no matter what.


The Depths of Tartarus ( TDOT1111 )

*NOTE: The chains coming out of the ground can be broken for orbs.*

Break free and come toward the screen for what should be your 15th Phoenix
Feather and a save point. Move along the path and kill all the prisoners you
see to gain health, and yes, for no reason at all, more boobies! At the fork,
go right to fight six soldiers and four archers, in two waves. Use up all your
Efreet on the soldiers and kill the archers, then kill the prisoners and grab
the magic chest where the archers were. Then come back to the fork and go
left for a scene.

*NOTE: If you haven’t already, plan to get the level 3 Efreet soon.*

You will then fight some meaner Harpies than the last ones. You can’t grab them
right off like the weaker ones, so just pelt them with some attacks and then
grab them. After that, go into the tunnel for more chains and naked prisoners.
Open the door for a fight with soldiers and archers, and feel free to use the
level 3 Efreet if you got it. Go right and jump for a chest by another archer
and then go across the big chain for a save point.

*NOTE: Not sure if the all-white chests from here on out have Gorgon Eyes or
Phoenix Feathers, but they may if you missed one earlier.*

Climb the rock wall, kill the Harpies and the Medusa at the top. Left and right
has two chests, and then pull out Hades and Poseidon. Turn the crank and go
through all the way for a fight with a Minotaur and some archers. Just grab
each archer to kill them and get them out of the way. For the big guy, get him
close to a wall if you want and do a level 3 Efreet and then another; so long
as you get the first and last hit from the Efreet on him, just two will allow
you to do the circle prompt on him which is just a three button sequence. And
then you get one more, so two more Efreets and a button press.

Use the multi-chest, most likely on magic, and then go up the left stairway.
One soldier and then save your game. Break the wall and follow the walkway for
an orb chest, and then sidle along the wall to get to the other side. Break
the cracked wall and pull the lever. Drop down and there are two chests, but
you probably don’t need them. Go up for four archers you can grab, and then
pull the lever. Go grab the Cryptkeeper’s Key on the wall, and then kick his
body over the side. Go right and save your game.

Jump back down to the open area and place his body on the pressure pad in the
center, and then use the key on the lock. Cross the bridge for two chests and
another save point, so use it and go into the shrine area. Fight the two armors
where just two Efreets should do it. Then touch the center of the floor and
you must quickly spin the joystick around to pull down the statue of Zeus. Grab
the Gauntlets of Zeus.

*NOTE: You can charge up ALL of the combos and moves for this thing, so keep
that in mind as you get upgrades.*

Then you must fight a bunch of soldiers with shields. You can charge up the
Square attack to break them if you want, but the Efreet works fine too. After,
cross back over the bridge, use the two chests on the right if you saved them,
and then break the wall. Go through and a spiked wall will chase you to the
revolving door, and you just use a few light Square attacks to bust the walls.
Break the Statue of Zeus, then Poseidon for a chest, and then Hades for the

You’ll emerge in a big room with a fight with just three Harpies. First, go
right and cross over the lower chain to climb a wall where you hit a chest and
a save point. Follow the path and drop into a battle with Harpies and an
Armored Cyclops. Use the Gauntlet to break his layers of armor and then beat
him up with charged hits and roll away to avoid his; kill the Harpires first,
which should be a given, and you can just hit them with Square with the
Gauntlet and then press O to kill them. And remember, Efreet does wonders
against the big guy.

*NOTE: Don’t forget the chains coming out of the ground and that you can
press Down on the D-pad to switch weapons. Also, you can upgrade the Gauntlets
if you want; the new move you get is similar to the Stinger/Streak from Devil
May Cry 4.*

Turn both cranks and then go across the new chain links to be back at the
starting point. Kill the two soldiers and consider going back to the save
point as there is are Medusas coming up. Climb up the wall on the left and
kill two Medusas and some shielded soldiers; Efreet the Gorgons and then pound
the soldiers to death. Use the two chests on the left and then turn the single
crank. Go back to the start area and double jump along the platforms. Follow
the tunnel and open the door.

Just three archers to grab, and then take the right path for more naked
prisoners and then open a door for a quick scene. Go right for a chest and then
up the rock wall. You’ll notice at the top there is a small gap in the wall,
so jump over it and follow it to a door at the top. Open it and go through for
a chest in the tunnel, drop down for three chests, and then take the ladder
back up. Return to the gap and go up for a single Minotaur (Efreet to death)
and then either Light of Dawn them or reflect a lot of arrows (face them if
you want to reflect them). Turn the right crank for a chain, and then turn the
left crank for an orb chest, and don’t forget the magic chest before you cross.

*NOTE: Even getting the level 2 Gauntlets, I was still able to get level 5
Blades of Chaos around this point, so keep that in mind. And the new combo for
it is pretty good.*

Save your game and go into the next room for a fight. Kill the two waves of
archers first with grabs, and then the soldiers. Pull both cranks and climb
along the wall and ceiling. Open the two chests, pull the lever, and then go
back to the chain room. Approach the new opening for a quick scene and then
jump on the wall. You can wait for the enemies to come toward you and then do
a Triangle attack to avoid risking being grabbed. Make it to the other side and

Get on the platform, kill the birds, and then start turning. Along the way,
two soldiers pop up so kill them quickly and keep turning, then two more birds,
and that should be it to the end. Jump onto the lower gear and start turning.
Three soldiers that can be Efreeted twice, and then three birds and a shield
soldier (just use the gauntlet to knock him off), and keep turning. Jump over
and up to reach a chain you can knock across to make a long bridge. Cross the
bridge for a cutscene and you’ll be somewhat out of the depths.


Climb and go to the open area with two chests. Break the wall and you’ll be
back in the sawblade room, but you DON’T have to fight. Just go right to be at
the familiar save point. Save, crush the gate, and go through.

BOSS: Charon Round 2 ( CHAR21212 )

Same as before for the first part. Just Square attacks, block his attacks,
and reflect his magic. This time, when he goes to power up, quickly run to the
green pillars with your Gauntlets and break one.

Now he will do an attack I don’t believe you can avoid, but you can try to
roll away; he’ll only use it twice, and then he goes back into the same routine
as before. So remember to quickly smash a pillar when he recharges.

After the second pillar, he will start doing a ground point that sends shock-
waves for a good distance. Just get some distance, wait for him to lift his
scythe, and then double jump until the wave passes. He’ll do it 3 or 4 times,
and after the middle shockwave he will be stuck, so go up and use your best
combos, maybe some Cyclones. Then he will keep the shockwaves, so keep avoiding
and attacking after the center shockwave. Three Cyclones in a row and he may
go back to his normal routine, or keep the shockwaves going.

When he goes to the pillars for the last time, bust it and he will be stunned.
Go up and press O, and then go grab the mask, but the fight is not quite over.
It’s just his torso, and he only has the magic orb attack. Reflect three, go
press O, follow two button presses and then mash the O button to end the


The Temple of Persephone ( TTOP1313 )

You gain Charon’s Wrath after the scene. Test this attack, which doesn’t use
magic, on the enemies here and kill them. Go onto the docks for health and a
save point.

*NOTE: After the first fight on the ship, Charon’s Wrath then will consume
magic, so feel free to use the Efreet over it.*

Go in the temple and you’ll be a room with some reading material. You can
smash the pedestal things in here, two chests on both sides, and three tablets
to read. Go up into the next room to fight two Sabres in a row along with
bombers and normal enemies. Efreet saves all and use the Gauntlet. After,
there are three chests to grab before you go up the stairs.

*NOTE: The Gauntlet help in all these fights, at least to stun enemies, so
keep the equipped by default. And you should have more than enough to get it
to level 3. Don’t forget Charon’s Wrath and it’s upgrades.*

You’re still chasing Calliope, and in this long room you’ll fight birds,
soldiers, and Medusa Statues. Use the Gauntlet’s held Triangle attack to smash
a few of the heads to make a safe area. Then kill the birds, and just Square
attack the enemies to death. Don’t need Efreets, but feel free.

After the fight, go into the next room for three chests and a save point. In
the next room you face Harpies and three Armored Cyclops. Grab the Harpies
and don’t forget to Efreet the big guys to death if you want easy kills; and
you can pound them before they fully emerge to break their armor with the
Gauntlet. After, open the top door to see two chests, and then take the other

You’re back in another of these rooms, so quickly smash a few statue heads to
make a safe area. More of the same as last time, so just Square attack with
the Gauntlet for easy kills. Then into the next room for Minotaur action.
Again, Efreets kill, especially if you back them into the walls. Olympic Strike
(L + Square) is especially devastating. It’s three Minotaurs, four or so
soldiers, and then a final Minotaur, so spend all your Efreets on the big guys
and just Gauntlet the smaller ones.

Use the chest and go to the lift down the hallway. As you go up, there will be
a broken wall to fight birds, then a room with two chests, another broken wall
with birds, then a broken wall with a chest, and then you’ll be at the top.
You fight some birds, then some purple Medusas, and then an Armored Cyclops.
Birds and Cyclops are same as before, and all the new Medusas do is curl up
tight and then launch at you to wrap you up, which turns you into stone so
quickly tap to get free. Just Gauntlet them and the Cyclops; Olympic Strike
is good for distance hits, but the normal Square attack is best.

After the fight, go through the door on the right for two chests and then
through the upper door for a save point and probably two chests you don’t need.
Save, upgrade as much as you can (which should be almost everything), and then
go through the door to the groves.

Run forward for a cutscene, and correct me if I’m wrong, or just way too
immature, but her’s are the first concealed jugs of the game. After, press O at
the tree and follow the three commands to lose all your stuff. Then go through
the portal for a cutscene.

Fields of Elysium ( FOE1414 )

Bravely fend off your daughter and then start killing the ghosts, all of them
to gain your blades back. With them will be enemies that spawn on the field,
but just ignore them and keep hunting down all the ghosts you see. You’ll
gain several abilities and everything else.

*NOTE: Don’t forget, you should officially have all your powers upgraded to
the max!*

After the scene where you leave Calliope, just run toward the ruins, ignoring
the enemies in the field, and there will be a fight. Archers and soldiers,
then a Sabre, and then an Armor and Archers; use the Gauntlet for all phases,
and though it seems odd, the regular Square attack and charged Square attack
works too great.

With the last of the normal enemies behind you, go use both chests, save, and
then up the stairs. Don’t forget to max out any upgrades left.

BOSS: Persephone ( PER1515 )

After the cutscene the final fight is on. There are two phases to this fight.
The first is a standard fight. Just use the Blades of Chaos and pelt here with
two or three or four Square attacks at a time, and then double jump away from
her punches. She will either fly up with green fists and charge at you for a
double punch, or she will toss a rock at you; double jumping avoids the punches
and just moving to the side avoids the rock. Feel free to back her up to a
corner and Efreet, because if you do it in the open most of it will miss. And
use up all the Efreet too because you’ll get more.

At about the halfway point, be ready to tap L and R and then go into a button
press sequence with Atlas. If you pull it off, you’ll be in phase 2 of the
fight with full health and magic.

*NOTE: Remember you have Rampage of the Furies too, which is better than the
For phase 2, she will be in the air. Just get some distance, but not too far
away, and be ready to reflect her dark energy ball. When she is stunned, feel
free to use Charon’s Wrath and then jump in the air and do Cyclones on her.
She may do a beam of light after, so just run away. And then it will start to
take more energy balls to stun her, so stay frosty. Be ready to run from many
beams and pillars, and for the pillars you need to just run in zig zags. At
some point she will start to re-reflect the energy ball, which will look like
a fireball, so be ready to keep reflecting it as much as possible if you want
to stun her. And yes, it will take more and more reflecting after each stun
from here on out.

When she is almost dead, she will fall to the ground and you’ll see dark mist
around her. This is when you’ll use the beam of light in the center of the
arena. Press L inside to use the Sun Shield and then be ready for the button
presses, and don’t rush on the presses, but don’t worry if you mess up as you
will be right back at this point. It’s just three buttons, and don’t have your
finger over any button as you will probably press that button no matter what.


After this, just sit back and watch the final cutscene and credits. Stay tuned
after the credits for one last scene that ties stuff together in that deus ex
machina kinda way.

* 5. Attacks and Combo List ( COMBO55 ) *

The Blades of Chaos

The good old favorite of the series, and the things you’ll use the vast
majority of the game. They are great, but the longer combos leave you exposed
to attacks, so use them wisely.

Icarus Lift (air)*

*Not really an attack, just letting you know you have a double jump.

Hyperion Ascension*
Hold Triangle

*Perhaps the best attack for the blades, and you can combo it with the Harpoon
or any other aerial combo.

Orion’s Harpoon (air)*

*Just an aerial grab.

Plume of Prometheus
Square, Square, and Triangle

Cyclone of Chaos*
L + Square

*You’ll need to hold off trying to abuse this.

Cyclone of Chaos (air)*
L + Square

*You’ll need to hold off trying to abuse this.

Spirit of Hercules
Triangle x 3

Valor of Hercules
Triangle, Triangle, Square

Hyperion Might*
Hold Square

*Not much of an attack, just a strong hit.

Rampage of the Furies*
L + O

*A long combo, and better than the cyclone.

Rampage of the Furies (air)*
L + O

*A much better aerial combo than the cyclone in the air, but you fall quicker.

Hermes Rush (evading)*
R + L + move, Hold Square

*Done while rolling.

Hermes Rise (evading)*
R + L + move, Hold Triangle

*Done while rolling.

Tartarus Rage*
L + Triangle

*Good, strong attack, but slow.

Tartarus Rage (air)
L + Triangle

The Gauntlet of Zeus

This is way better than the Blades, especially after some upgrades. Just normal
attacks will stun normal enemies, and then the charged attacks own big guys
too. It’s not like a game-breaker, but it’s darn close.

*NOTE: You can charge ALL of these attacks by holding the buttons down a bit.*

Strength of Zeus*
Hold either Square or Triangle

*Just charged version of the normal attack. Charged Square breaks shields

Olympic Strike*
L + Square

*This is just like the Streak and Stinger from Devil May Cry 4, only this move
isn’t nearly useful. It’s nice, but not as nice to abuse.

Olympic Strike (air)*
L + Square

*This slams you down to the ground at an angle.

Hermes Cross (evading)*
R + L + move, Hold Square

*Done while rolling.

Hermes Revenge (evading)*
R + L + move, Hold Triangle

*Done while rolling.

Lightning Run*
L + O

*This is the base move for the next two.

Lightning Thrash (running)*
L + O + Square

*As you are doing a Lightning Run.

Lightning Surge (running)*
L + O + Triangle

*As you are doing a Lightning Run.

Lightning Thrash (air)
L + O

Olympic Thunder*
L + Triangle

*Powerful ground slam.

Olympic Thunder (air)*
L + Triangle

*While in the air, this will slam you into the ground.

*NOTE: Again, you can charge ALL of those attacks by holding the buttons down
a bit.*

The Efreet

Perhaps the best magic attack from ANY GAME EVER MADE! And I do mean that. The
first upgrade allows you to keep pounding the ground, and the third gives
Efreet a powerful finishing blow. Did I mention each upgrade makes it stronger?
Perhaps get this as strong as you can BEFORE the Blades of Chaos, or at least
get it’s level 2 ASAP.

Demon Fury
R + Triangle

Demon Fury (air)
R + Triangle

Demon Inferno*
R + Triangle + Tap O

*This is key, so tap as soon as you can or you’ll miss it.

Light of Dawn

Eh, never used it. Why use it when the Efreet does so much more? Don’t waste
orbs on the upgrades.

Solar Flare
R + Square

Solar Flare (air)
R + Square

Radiant Sun
R + Hold Square

Charon’s Wrath

Good the first time you use it, and then you realize it consumes a lot of
magic. Actually semi-useful against the last boss, but keep using Efreets
instead. Upgrades allow you to hit more enemies, yipee (that means don’t
bother until after you have everything else)!

At least you can aim it???

Charon’s Wrath
R + O

Charon’s Wrath (air)
R + O

Sun Shield

The normal reverse, which blocks melee attacks, is the most useful. I hardly
used the counter moves. The reflect is mostly used for key situations, as it’s
not really worth using on arrows and such. Upgrade is best saved for after
you have everything else.

Helios Reverse
Tap L

Helios Flash (parry)
Square after a successful reverse

Helios Offensive (parry)
Triangle after a successful reverse

Helios Reflect
Tap L on projectiles

* 6. Bonus Stuff and Game Modes ( EXTRA66 ) *


Unlocked with first completion:

Challenge of Hades
Character images
God Mode
In-Game Movies
Inside Ready at Dawn Studios movie
Spud of War costume
Bonus Play


Beat Challenge of Hades:

Environments images
The Lost Levels movie
McKratos costume


Beat God Mode:

Making of Attica movie
Outtakes images
Mime of War costume


Bonus Play: Just start a new game from the difficulty you beat to get the
option to use all your old powers and weapons, as well as any new costumes.

Challenge of Hades: Just five challenges that I have yet to complete. If
some expert would like to make a guide for this for me, I’d gladly accept it as
I need to tackle the Mass Effect DLC. I could even post three or so from three
different people; just keep it short.

God Mode: Is just the hardest difficulty of the game.

* 7. Author Info / Copyright *






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