Review: Hexic Rush for Windows Phone 7

Hexic should be a familiar game to many people since it comes pre-installed on many Xbox 360 systems. The classic puzzle game from Carbonated Games and Microsoft Games Studio, called Hexic Rush on the Windows Phone 7 platform, lets you rotate trios of hexagonal pieces in order to make a match of three pieces.

The Windows Phone 7 version, as with the original, cause players to be more strategic than most puzzle games. Unlike games such as Bejeweled, the goal of Hexic is to strategically make matches in order to make single-colored circles, which turn into a star. From there you can create a pearl out of stars and then a flower of black pearls. The mobile version even gives Achievements on Xbox Live.

Unlike the Classic mode, in the Rush mode, you can turn the pieces, even when they don’t result in a three color match. Even though this makes creating stars easier there is a balancing effect to the Rush version: bombs. Every few seconds, one appears. As the level continues, the bombs appear more frequently, causing the adrenaline to start flowing.

If you’re a fan of Hexic, or a fan of puzzle games in general, you’ll love Hexic Rush.

Hexic Rush is available for $2.99 from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. A trial version is available.

Author: George Roberts

George Roberts is the Editor of Twist: on Tech