Kinect Sports: Season Two – Here We Go Again!


Ok it's time for KINECT SPORTS 2, another round of interactive games from MICROSOFT. Now if you have already tried Season 1 then you will be aware as to what is coming. Yes another session of games that have already been played to death on other consoles, but this time with the freedom . . . → Read More: Kinect Sports: Season Two – Here We Go Again!

Review: Hexic Rush for Windows Phone 7

Hexic should be a familiar game to many people since it comes pre-installed on many Xbox 360 systems. The classic puzzle game from Carbonated Games and Microsoft Games Studio, called Hexic Rush on the Windows Phone 7 platform, lets you rotate trios of hexagonal pieces in order to make a match of three pieces.

The . . . → Read More: Review: Hexic Rush for Windows Phone 7

Halo 3: Combat Re-Reviewed

Microsoft’s prize-winning cash cow certainly provided when it took in $170 million worth of sales on its first day. It smashed its own record of first day sales, beating Halo 2 which made $125 million. Gamers everywhere rejoiced…then many of them shouted in arms as hatred for the Halo series returned. Everyone has something to . . . → Read More: Halo 3: Combat Re-Reviewed

Crackdown Review

The term ‘sandbox gameplay,’ describing open-ended and expansive game worlds with a considerably higher level of freedom than typical gaming experiences has become somewhat of a buzzword as of late. The sub-genre was arguably pioneered by Grand Theft Auto 3, with many games copying or modifying the hugely successful formula that made that game so . . . → Read More: Crackdown Review

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