IEX Gaming Chair Improves Game Time

As gaming chairs go, I have always been into the idea of them. I just don’t fancy having something that looks like it should have legs or is like a stripped down racing car that has been dumped in my front room. We all know wives /partners tend to frown on such items and eventually it will end up in a spare room with laundry draped over it when the novelty wears off, your pocketbook being £300 lighter (~ $467.22 USD). That’s why when the lovely people over at BEANBAGBAZAAR sent me one of their IEX gaming chairs I thought “hmm bean bags, will I end up sitting on the floor eventually as I maneuver around and have to keep getting up and shaking the thing back into shape”. We’ve all been there and it’s not cool or elegant.

Well folks those days are over! This product doesn’t look like a bean bag, and it does’t perform like one either. The other bonus (this bit is for the wives and girlfriends) it won’t stand out in your living room like a large multi-colored plastic bag, neither which is cool. The tough faux leather covering and the built in integrity makes for a solid well made construction (just don’t sit in it for too long in your underpants as you will stick to it!). [Ed: Eeewww!] Obviously I can’t say how long it will last, as I have only had mine a few days. But the build quality is excellent and unless you sit in it with a sharp object in your back pocket, let your 4 year old jump up and down on it all day or climb on it in stilettos, I can’t see having a problem (the covering is pretty thick).

The IEX stands nearly a meter tall with a nice comfortable backrest and wide seat (I suffer from a bad back and had no problems with it, in fact I spent even more time playing as I was so comfortable!) It also supports your elbows without being intrusive. They don’t come in any other color apart from black. But you can have green or silver trim, so there is some choice. I don’t know if other colors are planned, but it would be nice to have a greater choice. There is also a kid’s version which is slightly smaller.

Of course the best thing about this chair is the price, currently £74.99 (~ $116.79 USD). For a quality item like this, that is a bargain. OK, you don’t get any fancy speakers fitted inside, which other even cheaper chairs offer, but what you do get is build quality. This chair is built to last! It will give you many hours of comfort as you race and shoot your way through whatever virtual world you are in at the moment.


To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the IEX GAMING CHAIR compared to other chairs I have tried in the past. It is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and built to last and doesn’t look out of place in any living room, so you can persuade the wife/girlfriend/partner that it’s a good idea and you can have one, seeing as there are no speakers inside you don’t have the problem with wires sticking out everywhere, if you do need to have surround sound in your seat then go elsewhere.

The IEX GAMING CHAIR is all about tough reliability and comfort and for this kind of money it’s one of the best around. A choice of different colors would have been nice and maybe different coverings as I did find that the plastic does stick to you if any bare skin touches it but that is a minor thing really.

If you need any more info on this chair go to:

  • Product :IEX Gaming Chair
  • Manufacturer: Beanbag Bazaar
  • Price: £74.99 (~ $116.79 USD as of 11/26/2011)

Author: Dayvid

3D modeller freelance writer and artist based in the UK ,gaming enthusiast