Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions walkthrough part 7


From Riovanes Common : Floating Eye, Ahriman, Plague Horror

Uncommon : Exploder, Skeleton, Bonesnatch,

Skeletal Fiend, Archer

Rare : Bomb, Grenade, Cockatrice

Very Rare: Mystic


From Zeklaus Desert Common : Grenade, Bonesnatch, Skeletal Fiend

Uncommon : Exploder, Floating Eye, Behemoth

Rare : Bomb, Black Mage

Very Rare: Skeleton, Ahriman, Jura Aevis, Geomancer



From Grogh Heights Common : Chocobo, Steelhawk

Uncommon : Black Chocobo, Coeurl, Jura Aevis,

Wisenkin, Behemoth, Knight

Rare : Red Chocobo, Bomb, Grenade, Exploder,

Red Panther

Very Rare: Dryad, Monk


From Bervenia Common : Chocobo, Coeurl, Behemoth

Uncommon : Black Chocobo, Jura Aevis, Steelhawk, Archer

Rare : Red Panther, Wisenkin

Very Rare: Red Chocobo, Bomb, Dryad



From Bervenia Common : Dragon

Uncommon : Grenade, Bonesnatch, Floating Eye, Ahriman,

Plague Horror

Rare : Bomb, Exploder, Steelhawk, Wisenkin,

Minotaur, Behemoth, Blue Dragon, Archer,

Black Mage, Mystic

Very Rare: Coeurl, Vampire Cat, Geomancer


From Fort Besselat Common : Bomb, Grenade, Exploder

Uncommon : Skeleton, Bonesnatch, Skeletal Fiend,

Floating Eye, Ahriman, Dragon, Knight

Rare : Red Panther

Very Rare: Behemoth, Behemoth King, Blue Dragon,

Archer, Thief



From Bervenia Common : Chocobo, Black Chocobo, Red Chocobo,

Piscodaemon, Squidraken, Mindflayer

Uncommon : Ochu, Summoner, Mystic, Dragoon

Rare : Red Panther, Coeurl, Dragon

Very Rare: Malboro, Blue Dragon, Archer


From Zeltennia Common : Chocobo, Red Panther, Coeurl, Dryad, Malboro

Uncommon : Squidraken, Ochu, Dragon

Rare : Red Chocobo, Treant, Elder Treant,

Greater Malboro, Archer, Ninja

Very Rare: Black Chocobo, Mindflayer, Red Dragon,




From Sal Ghidos Common : Jura Aevis, Archer

Uncommon : Chocobo, Red Panther, Coeurl,

Plague Horror, Dragon, Red Dragon

Rare : Black Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Vampire Cat,

Steelhawk, Wisenkin, Behemoth, Black Mage,


Very Rare: Minotaur


From Lake Poescas Common : Red Panther, Coeurl, Jura Aevis, Dragon

Uncommon : Plague Horror, Wisenkin, Red Dragon,

Archer, Monk

Rare : Vampire Cat, Steelhawk, Minotaur, Behemoth,


Very Rare: Blue Dragon



From Mt. Germinas Common : Bomb, Grenade, Skeleton, Bonesnatch

Uncommon : Skeletal Fiend, Ghoul, Ghast, Behemoth King

Rare : Exploder, Revenant, Cockatrice, Red Dragon,


Very Rare: Steelhawk, Behemoth, Archer, Monk


From Limberry Common : Bomb, Grenade, Exploder, Behemoth

Uncommon : Bonesnatch, Ghast, Minotaur, Dark Behemoth

Rare : Ghoul, Behemoth King, Archer

Very Rare: Revenant, Wisenkin, Chemist, Black Mage



From Limberry Common : Goblin, Gobbledygook, Piscodaemon,

Squidraken, Wisenkin, Malboro

Uncommon : Skeletal Fiend, Archer

Rare : Mindflayer, Skeleton, Bonesnatch,

Blue Dragon

Very Rare: Minotaur, Summoner


From Fort Besselat Common : Skeleton, Bonesnatch, Wisenkin, Malboro

Uncommon : Black Goblin, Squidraken, Blue Dragon

Rare : Piscodaemon, Time Mage

Very Rare: Bomb, Pig, Monk


%%%MIDLIGHT’S DEEP RANDOM BATTLES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00mdrb


Battles in the bonus dungeon, Midlight’s Deep, are basically random battles,

and all the rules for random battles apply here as well. (The exception is the

story battle that occurs the first time you visit floor 10, Terminus.)


When you select a particular floor of Midlight’s Deep from its menu, you will

always get into a battle. (Unlike in the overworld, there is no chance of NOT

encountering enemies.) Simply moving onto the Midlight’s Deep dot on the map

will never result in a battle.


Each floor has a different map and a different set of enemies. There is only

one "entrance" to each floor (unlike with the overworld battles, where you can

encounter different enemies depending on which direction you’re headed).


Midlight’s Deep also has some other special rules that relate to opening exits

and lighting up the darkened maps; see the Midlight’s Deep section

of the walkthrough for explanations of these changes.



Common : Goblin, Black Goblin, Bomb, Wisenkin

Uncommon : Red Panther, Coeurl, Chemist, Knight, Monk

Rare : None

Very Rare: Gobbledygook, Exploder, Piscodaemon, Squire, Archer, Black Mage,

Time Mage, Summoner, Thief



Common : Goblin, Skeleton, Bonesnatch, Archer

Uncommon : Black Goblin, Ghoul, Ghast, Floating Eye, Ahriman, Dragon

Rare : Knight, Monk, Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Ninja

Very Rare: Blue Dragon



Common : Piscodaemon, Squidraken, Knight, Archer, Black Mage

Uncommon : Bomb, Red Panther, Coeurl, Mindflayer, Wisenkin, Minotaur,


Rare : Grenade, Behemoth King

Very Rare: Skeletal Fiend, Jura Aevis, Steelhawk, Cockatrice, Elder Treant,

Squire, Thief, Orator, Mystic, Geomancer, Dragoon



Common : Jura Aevis, Malboro, Archer, Black Mage, Mystic

Uncommon : Steelhawk, Cockatrice, Ochu, Summoner

Rare : Sekhret, Greater Malboro, Monk

Very Rare: Gobbledygook, Mindflayer, Floating Eye, Minotaur, Hydra



Common : Gobbledygook, Dryad, Treant, Elder Treant, White Mage, Black Mage

Uncommon : None

Rare : Red Panther, Ahriman, Knight, Monk, Time Mage, Summoner

Very Rare: Squire, Chemist, Archer, Thief, Orator, Mystic



Common : Vampire Cat, Archer, Ninja

Uncommon : Black Goblin, Squidraken, Mindflayer, Ahriman, Wisenkin, Behemoth

Rare : Goblin, Red Panther, Coeurl, Piscodaemon, Floating Eye,

Plague Horror, Minotaur, Sekhret, Dark Behemoth, Knight,

Black Mage, Samurai

Very Rare: Chocobo, Black Chocobo, Exploder, Behemoth King, Dragon



Common : Skeleton, Ghast, Archer, Mystic

Uncommon : Bonesnatch, Revenant, Wisenkin, Minotaur, Sekhret, Monk,

Black Mage, Thief

Rare : Skeletal Fiend, Behemoth, Behemoth King

Very Rare: Piscodaemon, Squidraken, Mindflayer, Dragon, Hydra, White Mage,

Summoner, Dragoon



Common : Bomb, Archer

Uncommon : Red Panther, Coeurl, Dryad, Malboro, Ochu, Behemoth, Dragon,

Red Dragon, Black Mage, Summoner, Arithmetician

Rare : Grenade, Exploder, Treant, Elder Treant, Greater Malboro,

Behemoth King, Dark Behemoth, Blue Dragon, Hydra, Greater Hydra

Very Rare: None



Common : Cockatrice, Blue Dragon, Black Mage, Dragoon, Samurai, Ninja

Uncommon : Dragon, Knight, Archer, Summoner

Rare : Black Chocobo, Red Dragon, Time Mage, Mystic

Very Rare: Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Red Panther, Sekhret, Behemoth, Hydra



Common : Chocobo, Black Chocobo, Hydra, Greater Hydra, Pig

Uncommon : Red Dragon, Tiamat, Swine, Archer, White Mage, Black Mage, Mystic

Rare : Time Mage, Summoner

Very Rare: None


%%%SPECIAL RANDOM BATTLES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00special


Each wilderness location on the world map has a "special" random battle that

you can sometimes encounter in place of the regular enemies listed above.


These special battles often feature unusual enemy parties, and are often extra

challenging! (The infamous 11-monk melee at Grogh Heights is particularly

brutal.) But in some of them, you may have a Guest character who helps out 🙂


The special battles can all only trigger when you enter a location heading in a

specific direction. For example, the special battle at Araguay Woods can only

be encountered by entering Araguay Woods from Zeirchele Falls, not from any

other direction. Even when you’re heading the correct direction, there’s still

only a random chance of triggering the special battle — you might get no battle

or a regular random battle instead. (When a battle DOES occur, there seems to

be only a 10% or less chance of getting the special battle.)


The special battles can’t be trigged until you get to Chapter IV.


Below, I’ve listed all the special battles, the directions that you need to

walk in order to trigger them, and the enemies you’ll face. In some cases, the

exact composition of the enemy party varies, but I’ve listed the different



Completing any or all of the special battles does not earn you any kind of extra

prize. They’re just for fun. But, the special battle at Mount Germinas offers

you a good chance to steal some of the rare guns, the battle at Araguay Woods

lets you catch weapons from the enemy Ninjas, and the battle at Dorvauldar Marsh

sometimes offers you a Swine to recruit (it’s the only Swine that appears in

battle outside of Terminus in Midlight’s Deep).


The special battles never expire, so you can complete the same battle multiple




Mandalia Plain Brigands’ Den 1x Red Dragon,

0-3x Blue Dragon,

0-3x GUEST: Dragon


The Siedge Weald Dorter 2x Archer (male),

1x Knight (f) or Geomancer (f),

1x Black Mage (f) or Time Mage (f),

1x Summoner (fem.) or Mystic (fem.)


Zeklaus Desert Dorter 1x Minotaur,

1x GUEST: Knight (male)


Lenalian Plateau Gariland 5x Arithmetician (random genders)


Fovoham Windflats Ziekden Fortress 2x Archer (male) or Knight (male),

3x BlackMag(fem.) or TimeMag(fem.),


Araguay Woods Zeirchele Falls 1-7x Ninjas (random genders)


Zeirchele Falls Fort Besselat 2x Black Mage (m), Time Mage (m),

Mystic (m) or Summoner (m)

1x Time Mage (m), Mystic (m), or

Summoner (m)


Balias Tor Lionel Castle 1x Chocobo or Red Chocobo,

1x Red Chocobo,

1x Behemoth,

1x Behemoth King,

1x Dark Behemoth,

1x Dragon,

1x Hydra,

1x Greater Hydra,

1x GUEST: Black Chocobo or

GUEST: Red Dragon or neither

1x GUEST: Behemoth King or

GUEST: Greater Hydra or neither


Tchigolith Fenlands Goug 2x Knight (male),

1x Archer (male) or Samurai (male),

1x Dragoon (fem.) or Archer (fem.),

1x Monk (female) or Squire (female)


Balias Swale Golgollada Gallows 1x Ahriman or Chocobo,

1x Plague Horror or Black Chocobo,

1x Malboro or Red Chocobo,

1x Malboro or Tiamat,

1x Ochu or Tiamat


Grogh Heights Lesalia 11x Monk (male)


The Yuguewood Yardrow 7x Samurai (male)


Mount Bervenia Riovanes Castle 1x Goblin or Black Goblin,

1x Ghast or Black Goblin,

1x Revenant or Red Chocobo,

1x Behemoth or Chocobo,

1x Behemoth King or Black Chocobo


Dugeura Pass Grogh Heights 3x Monk (male) or Time Mage (fem.),

1x Archer (female) or Black Choc.,

1x Archer (female) or Red Choc.


Beddha Sandwaste Bervenia 1x Knight (m) or Archer (f),

1x Archer (f) or Geomancer (m),

1x Knight (m) or Summoner (f),

1x Archer (f) or Geomancer (m),

1x Geomancer (m) or Summoner (f)


Finnath Creek Zeltennia Castle 5x Behemoth,

1x Piscodaemon,

1x GUEST: Goblin,

0-4x GUEST: Wisenkin


Mount Germinas Sal Ghidos 3x Chemist (random genders),

2x Orator (random genders)


Lake Poescas Mount Germinas 2x Black Mage (male),

1x Time Mage (m) or Mystic (m),

1x Summoner (f) or Chemist (f),

1x White Mage (f) or Black Mage (f)


Dorvauldar Marsh Fort Besselat 2x Squire (male) or Minotaur or


2x Squire (male) or Wisenkin or

Black Chocobo,

1x Squire (male) or Sekhret or

Red Chocobo or GUEST: Swine


%%%GUEST CHARACTERS IN RANDOM BATTLES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00guest


At a few random battle locations, you’ll occasionally get into a random battle

where you’re joined by a Guest character. These characters (usually monsters)

will fight alongside you for the duration of the battle.


In general, these Guests are just temporary assistance and cannot be permanently

recruited to your roster. However, the Swine at Dorvauldar Marsh will join your

team after the battle, assuming it wasn’t killed during the battle (KOed is




Mandalia Plain Eagrose Castle Chocobo

Mandalia Plain Gariland Red Panther

Mandalia Plain Brigands’ Den Chocobo

Mandalia Plain Brigands’ Den Dragoon (female)

Zeklaus Desert Dorter Knight (male)

Zeklaus Desert Gollund Steelhawk

Balias Tor Lionel Castle Black Chocobo

Balias Tor Lionel Castle Behemoth King

Balias Tor Lionel Castle Red Dragon

Balias Tor Lionel Castle Greater Hydra

Finnath Creek Zeltennia Castle Goblin

Finnath Creek Zeltennia Castle Wisenkin

Beddha Sandwaste Bervenia Red Dragon

Dorvauldar Marsh Fort Besselat Swine






%%%BASIC MECHANICS AND TACTICS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00basic


This section covers some basic elements of the gameplay system, as well as a

few key tactics for almost any battle!



You’ve probably noticed that the status screen features three numbers for each

character’s evade rate. The first number, C-Ev, comes from the character’s

current class/job. It’s effective only against attacks from the FRONT. The

second number, S-Ev, comes from the character’s shield; it’s effective against

attacks from the front and side, but NOT from the back. The final number,

A-Ev, comes from the character’s accessory (i.e., cloaks) and is effective

against ALL attacks.


And, of course, there are separate evade rates for both physical and magick

attacks. No job actually has a magick C-Ev greater than 0, so magick can be

evaded only with a shield or cloak.


You can plan your attacks with these evade rates in mind. If an enemy has a

shield, attack him or her from behind. (Note that if an enemy doesn’t have a

shield, attacking from the side or behind are equally effective.) If an enemy

has a high overall physical evade rate, use magick — or guns, which ignore

evade rates completely. Finally, equipping the Archer’s Concentration ability

completely prevents your physical attacks from being evaded. And, of course,

positioning your own characters so that their backs/sides can’t be attacked

helps you evade enemy attacks.


Note that the Shirahadori, First Strike, and Archer’s Bane reaction abilities

stop attacks outright and are independent of evade rate.



Most magicks affect not just the targeted character or tile, but also the

surrounding panels. (The radius of this effect varies from magick to magick.)

Geomancy, Iaido, and a number of sword techniques and monster abilities also

have this effect. This area effect can of course be used to hit multiple

enemies, but you can also exploit it in a number of other ways. If an enemy

is a little too far out of range to target directly with the magick, you may

still be able to target a somewhat closer tile and catch the enemy in the

wider effect radius. (This is a good tactic for hitting more distant enemies.)

The same is true for using White Magick or Time Magick to assist distant



Of course, you also need to watch out for a "friendly fire" effect when casting

magicks — you don’t want to hit your own characters in the effect radius! If

one of your allies is standing close to an enemy, you’ll hurt him or her if you

target the enemy directly. So, one solution is to target a more remote panel

that will catch the enemy in the effect radius of your spell, but leave your

ally out of range. (Of course, this also works in reverse for when you want to

heal an ally, but not an enemy.) Just make sure the enemy won’t be able to

move before the magick is cast.


Note that Summons and Iaido abilities ONLY target the "correct" units. They

won’t hurt allies, or heal enemies.



A character who’s been KOed (lost all his or her HP) has a countdown over his

or her head. This countdown starts at 2 and then counts down to 1, 0, and

finally death.


When a character’s KO countdown counts down to death, the character permanently

dies and turns into either a chest or a crystal that someone else can pick up.

> Chest: This contains an item — either a consumable Item, or a piece of

equipment that the character was wearing. (Monsters will only yield

consumable Items.)

> Crystals: Picking up a crystal gives you a choice of EITHER fully restoring

your HP and MP, OR learning some of the dead character’s abilities.

(Monster crystals only allow you to restore HP/MP.)


A character who is currently KOed with a counter can be cured with many

different abilities (e.g. Phoenix Down, Raise, Revive, etc.) or by completing

the battle before the countdown expires.


However, there is NO way to bring back a character who has been turned into a

chest or crystal (aside from reloading from a previous save).



The CT gauge controls when each character gets a turn. When your CT gauge

fills, you get a turn. (Unlike many Final Fantasy games, there is no real-time

ATB element here. The CT gauge does not fill when you’re looking at a menu.)

Your character’s Speed determines how quickly the CT gauge fills; raising your

Speed will get you more turns!


Normally, you can both Move and Act during a turn. If you do both, your CT

gauge empties to 0. However, if you do only ONE and then select Wait, your CT

gauge only drops back to 20, and if you do neither (just Waiting out your

turn), the CT gauge drops back to 40. This means that you can get turns much

more quickly! So, you shouldn’t have each character always Move AND Act if

they don’t really need to do one or the other. Using Wait to get extra turns

like this is a CRUCIAL tactic on maps where you’re outnumbered and need to get

as many turns as you can. Have your characters attack while remaining

stationary whenever possible.


(The Immobilize and Disable status conditions, which prevent you from Moving

or Acting, respectively, actually penalize your CT gauge as if you DID Move

or Act. Alas.)


The Haste status makes a character’s CT gauge fill faster and the Quick magick

makes it fill to 100 instantly. On the other hand, the Slow status makes it

fill more slowly and the Stop status makes it fill not at all.



Most abilities that do not activate instantly give you a choice between Unit

and Panel targeting when you select a target.

> Unit targeting: The magick will target the unit you’ve selected, even if

he/she moves to another tile. Note that it does NOT matter if the unit is

no longer within the magick’s original range.

> Panel targeting: The magick will target the tile on the map that you’ve

selected, even if the unit that’s currently there moves out.


Use Unit targeting if you want to target a specific character — say, to heal a

specific ally or attack a specific enemy. (This is probably what you’ll use

most of the time.) Another nice thing about Unit targeting is that you can use

it to hit an enemy even if s/he tries to flee out of range. You can also

target an enemy with Unit targeting, then retreat from danger. The magick will

still hit its chosen target even though you’re now well away from the enemies!


Use Panel targeting if you’re more concerned with hitting a group of targets

than any specific individual. This way, even if one individual unit moves, you

can still cast the magick on all the other units. Another good time to use

Panel targeting is when you’re aiming a magick at a particular "choke-point" on

the map (such as a bridge or hallway). Here, you’re not trying to hit any

particular enemy so much as blasting whatever enemy approaches you.


The Archer’s Aim attack, the Dragoon’s Jump attack, and Cloud’s Limit abilities

can ONLY use Panel targeting. If the enemy moves out of the way while these

attacks are charging, you’re out of luck.



Bravery and Faith are two really important statistics — so important, in fact,

that I’ve created an entire section about them! See "Bravery and Faith" under

Statistics and Leveling 🙂



You can boost the success rate of the Steal command in a number of ways:

– Put the enemy to Sleep – using a Sleep Blade weapon, Mimic Darlavon

(Orator), Repose (Mystic), etc.

– Target the enemy from behind or to the side, so the move will be harder to


– Putting Disable status on the enemy (e.g. with Arm Shot) will also prevent

the enemy from evading, although the steal may still fail.

– Equip Concentration (Archer) or Brawler (Monk) as a support ability. (If

you’re using Concentration, then there’s no need to try to steal from behind

as the enemy can’t evade anyway.)

– Increase your Speed statistic, or decrease the enemy’s Speed. Or, switch

your stealing character to a job that has a high speed rating (e.g. Thief or


– Use Balthier’s Plunder abilities, which have a somewhat higher success rate

than the regular Steal command

– Surround the character from whom you’re trying to steal with both your main

thief and a Mime; the Mime will duplicate all of your Steal attempts

– And, of course, stealing using a character who has good Zodiac compatibility

with the target will improve your success, though you often don’t have a lot

of options here…

It’s helpful to use one or more of these tactics if you’re interested in

stealing enemy gear, as the Steal command has a pretty low success rate




The Auto-Potion reaction ability normally causes you to (sometimes) use a

Potion when attacked. However, if there aren’t any Potions in your inventory,

you’ll use a Hi-Potion instead, and if there aren’t any Hi-Potions, you’ll use

an X-Potion. Once you start getting Hi-Potions and X-Potions, then, it’s

actually a great idea to throw out your weaker potions so Auto-Potion will

only use Hi-Potions or X-Potions — you can heal yourself for a lot more HP

that way! (This trick is particularly important in the Wiegraf battle in

Chapter III.)



When you collect a crystal from a defeated enemy human and select Acquire

Abilities, you can point the cursor to any of several abilities. Don’t be

fooled! You’re not making a choice here, you actually learn ALL the abilities

listed. This makes collecting crystals a great way to learn abilities quickly!



When moving, it’s possible to move "through" friendly units but not enemy

units. Enemy units must be navigated AROUND rather than through. KOed allied

and KOed enemies follow the same rules as their conscious counterparts. (The

Teleport and Fly movement abilities *will* let you move through enemy units.)



It’s not possible to stand on the same tile as a KOed character. This means

you can actually use KOed bodies as a pretty good "shield" to guard your back,

which can come in handy in maps with a lot of enemies.



As per Final Fantasy standards, undead enemies take damage when hit with Cure

spells, and the Arise spell works like an instant KO attack! (Raise will also

do damage equal to 1/2 of the enemy’s max HP — thus KOing if it’s at half HP

or below.) On the other hand, undead characters are also *immune* to attacks

that drain HP to the user, like the Blood Sword or the Mystic’s Invigoration.

These attacks backfire if used against an undead monster! (The undead monster

gains HP, and you lose HP!)


Undead characters include monsters from the Skeleton and Ghost families, as

well as human enemies in a few story battles, units who have had the Mystic

spell Corruption cast on them, and any ally equipped with the Cursed Ring.

Note that the Chakra ability actually restores HP to undead monsters and does

not damage them.



Normally, KOed units disappear and turn into a crystal or chest when their

countdown hits 0. Undead monsters or humans, however, may instead resurrect

themselves with full HP! Fortunately, there’s two easy ways to stop this:

First, you can turn the undead unit to stone, so it’s never actually KOed.

The Seal Evil ability used by Mustadio and Balthier works great for this.

Second, for undead monsters, you can Poach or Tame them. Poached monsters

disappear from the map completely (and hence can’t resurrect), and Tamed

monsters will actually fight on your side!



If you push Triangle while the enemies are moving, the game will pause after

the current enemy stops moving. (When you press Triangle, you’ll hear a chime

sound indicating the pause was activated.) Once paused, you can check out

everyone’s status. When you’re done, just click on any character and choose

Done to resume.



The Turn List is a very helpful screen that displays which characters will be

getting their turns next, and when magicks currently charging will activate.


To look at the Turn List, press Triangle during battle to get out of the

current menu. (You can also do this using the Pause Battles command above.)

Then click on any blank tile and choose "Turn List."


You can also access the Turn List when selecting an ability. Simply press

the right arrow when you’re on the list of ability. This will show you when

the selected ability when finish charging.


There are many reasons to check the Turn List. For example, you can make sure

a charged attack will activate before the enemy moves, you can get out of

the way before an enemy magick activates, you can focus your attacks to KO the

enemy who will move next, and you can make sure to pick up crystals before an

enemy will have a turn to collect them.


Note that the Turn List always assumes that characters will both Move and Act

on their turns. If they use Wait to keep some of their CT gauge filled, or if

Haste or Slow is cast on them, their position on the Turn List may of course




Characters get to take a turn when their CT gauge fills up from 0 to 100. How

does the CT gauge fill? It’s controlled by an invisible "battle clock" that

ticks forward between turns.


Between turns, the in-game clock "ticks" forward. During each "tick," all

characters’ CT gauges increase by an amount equal to their Speed statistic.

If a character reaches 100 CT, he or she gets a turn. If no character gets a

turn, the clock ticks forward again and again until someone DOES get a turn.

If more than one character hits 100 CT on the same tick, all those characters

get to take a turn before the clock continues.


The clock calculations are done automatically, so you won’t see any actual pause

between turns. It’s just the mechanic that controls the order of turns.


Since the rate at which your CT gauge fills is based on your Speed, increasing

your Speed statistic fills your CT gauge more rapidly and allows you to get

more turns relative to the enemy!


Some abilities (magicks, mostly) must be "charged up." After being selected,

these abilities are delayed by a fixed number of clock ticks before they

activate. For example, when you choose to have a character cast Curaga, it

takes 7 clock ticks for Curaga to charge up, and then it activates. The number

of ticks varies by ability, with more powerful abilities requiring more ticks

to charge. Before you begin charging an ability, you can use the Turn List

(see above) to preview when it will activate. (In-game, the charge time for

abilities is displayed as a "speed" number; the number of required ticks is

equal to 100 divided by this number.)


Generally, the charge time of magicks is FIXED. Increasing a character’s

personal Speed statistic has NO effect on the charge time of abilities. The

exception is the Dragoon’s Jump ability — this ability DOES charge faster if

you have a higher Speed. For all other abilities, Speed does not improve their

charge time, but you can reduce the charge time of magicks and Limit by

equipping the Time Mage’s Swiftness ability. (Swiftness has no effect on Jump

or Aim).


Since Speed goes up but the number of ticks required for delayed abilities

remains fixed, abilities that require charge time tend to get less useful as you

gain levels and increase Speed. You can get more "regular" (non-charge) turns

relative to the charge time of delayed abilities.


FF Tactics is completely turn-based. While you are looking at the menu and

thinking, the battle clock does NOT tick. (It is not an ATB system.) The

clock only ticks between turns.



When it comes to calculating Zodiac compatibility, monsters are actually

considered a third sex. All monsters are considered to be the same sex as

each other (maybe that explains why they all lay eggs), but they’re all

considered to be "different sex" vs. any human.



During a thunderstorm, lightning-elemental attacks do 125% normal damage and

fire-elemental attacks do 75% normal damage. Movement through swamp tiles is

also slowed during a storm. These effects occur only during a thunderstorm

(when the screen occasionally flashes) and not during a light rain.


During a snowstorm, ice-elemental attacks do 125% normal damage. Snowstorms

are pretty rare: they only occur during a handful of single-player story

battles and on those same maps in multiplayer. They never occur during random

battles in single-player.



As in Final Fantasy XII, Ivalice alternates between wet and dry seasons. Each

year has two wet seasons (Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricon/Aquarius) and

two dry ones (Leo/Virgo/Libra/Scorpio and Pisces/Aries/Taurus). Thunderstorms

(see above) are more common during the "Wet" months than the "Dry" ones.



Didn’t catch what happened during a story scene? You can rewatch most of the

game’s story scenes. On the world map, open the menu and choose Chronicle and

then Events. You’ll see a list of the major story events that you’ve seen so

far. Choose a scene to read a text description of it, and press Triangle if

you want to rewatch the scene.



When removing characters’ equipment, if you select Remove and then tap left on

the D-pad, all of the character’s item slots will be highlighted. You can then

equip all of the character’s gear in a single click. This is handy when you’re

stripping a character you won’t be using for a while, or when you’re

transferring one character’s set of equipment to another equipment.


%%%ADVANCED TACTICS AND SECRETS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00adv


This section covers tricks that are applicable in a smaller number of

situations, as well as a few important game secrets.



Normally, you can’t shoot enemies close to you with a bow or gun, but all you

have to do is target a square in a straight line behind the enemy you want to

hit (there doesn’t even have to be anybody in the square). You’ll end up

hitting the enemy in front of you.



The Shoot Enemies Next To You trick above can be combined with Balthier’s

Barrage ability to attack two or more different enemies in one turn. This only

works if Balthier has a weapon with a range of 2 or more, and if the enemies

are both in a line from Balthier (and within range of his weapon). Target the

enemy that’s further back with Barrage. Balthier will use a series of four

attacks; of course, the initial strikes will actually hit the enemy closer to

Balthier. However, once that first enemy is KOed, Balthier will continue

attacking and hit his "original" target — the enemy in back! This way, you

can divide your damage between two targets instead of wasting a lot of damage

finishing off an enemy that was already low on HP. This trick works with guns,

bows, polearms, and any other weapon with a range of 2 or more.



Luso’s Game Hunter job and Ramza’s Chapter IV Squire job both have an extra

ability that can’t be learned with JP: Ultima! This ability can only be

learned by having Ramza or Luso be hit with the spell while he is in the

relevant job. In the main game, the best time to learn this ability is the

Limberry Castle Gate, where Celia and Lettie will cast the spell on you. You

can also learn it from them in the subsequent Limberry Castle Keep, and Luso

can also learn it on the roof of Riovanes Castle at the end of Chapter III.

Ultima Demons also cast the spell, but more rarely; these appear in the third

battle at Limberry Castle and the third battle at Mullonde Cathedral.


Once you’ve acquired the spell, you can have Ramza and Luso cast it on the

other to learn it that way. You can even learn Ultima in the multiplayer mode

by having one of the other player’s character cast it on you. (Note that only

Ramza’s "Chapter IV" version can learn Ultima.) This is a great way to still

get the spell in case you miss it during the main quest.


During the final battle, Alma can also learn Ultima if Ramza or Luso casts it

on her, and all three can learn Ultima from the Ultima Demons present.



Similar to Ultima, the strongest summon magick also can’t be learned with JP.

This one can only be learned from the boss at the end of Midlight’s Deep, the

bonus dungeon. You only have a single chance to learn this one. Like Ultima,

the magick is learned by having the boss cast it on a character currently in

the Summoner job. If you take at least 1 HP or MP damage and survive the

magick, you’ll be given a 90% chance of learning Zodiark. (If you don’t learn

it the first time, you’ll be given another chance each time the boss casts the

magick.) The easiest way to survive Zodiark is to use the Mana Shield reaction

ability (Time Mage); for additional tactics, check the Midlight’s Deep battle



After learning Zodiark from the boss, you can also teach it other allies, but

only through a rather roundabout manner. Since you can’t cast summons directly

on allies, you’ll have to first cast Zodiark onto an enemy Summoner, and then

have the enemy Summoner cast it onto the intended ally. Use Magic Break on

your Zodiark caster first to make sure s/he doesn’t accidentally kill the enemy

Summoner. Since Zodiark costs 99 MP, you’ll also need to make sure the enemy

Summoner’s MP stays above 99 (using Ethers or Chakra) or s/he won’t ever cast



Alternately, if you KO the enemy Summoner after s/he has learned Zodiark and

let him turn into a crystal, you can also learn Zodiark that way. Of course,

there’s no guarantee that the enemy will turn into a crystal (or that the

crystal will contain Zodiark), but this tactic can be good if you’re having

trouble getting the enemy Summoner to cast Zodiark.


The Catacombs, The Switchback, and The Interstice are all good places to find

enemy Summoners for this procedure.



In addition to Ultima and Zodiark, there are a few other magicks that can be

learned from being hit with the magick (see list below). In all cases, the

character learning the magick must be in the appropriate job — for example,

you can only learn Blizzaja this way if you’re currently a Black Mage. The

character must not be KOed or otherwise incapacitated (e.g. Stopped), and must

lose or gain at least 1 HP or MP in damage/healing from the magick (for attack/

healing magicks) or have the relevant status change bestowed (for status change



The odds of learning magicks this way is much lower for other magicks besides

Ultima and Zodiark.


Since summons can only be cast on enemy units, they can only be learned from

enemy Summoners. Other magicks can be learned by having one friendly unit cast

it on another.


A list of the magicks learnable this way and the chance of learning them per



Curaja (White Mage) – 40% chance

Protectja (White Mage) – 10% chance

Shellja (White Mage) – 10% chance

Firaja (Black Mage) – 30% chance

Thundaja (Black Mage) – 30% chance

Blizzaja (Black Mage) – 30% chance

Hasteja (Time Mage) – 20% chance

Slowja (Time Mage) – 20% chance

Bahamut (Summoner) – 20% chance

Odin (Summoner) – 20% chance

Leviathan (Summoner) – 40% chance

Salamander (Summoner) – 30% chance

Lich (Summoner) – 20% chance

Cyclops (Summoner) – 10% chance

Zodiark (Summoner) – 90% chance (see "Learning Zodiark" above)

Ultima (Squire [Ramza]- 100% chance (see "Learning Ultima" above)

Game Hunter



Magicks that are not on the above list *cannot* be learned in this way.


Teaching your characters the -ja Black Magicks this way can be particularly

helpful if you’re trying to have multiple characters master Black Mage to

unlock Dark Knight.


A trick for learning elemental damage magicks is to have the target equip gear

that absorbs the element in question. For example, you can use the Flame

Shield for Firaja, the Ice Shield for Blizzaja, and the Sage Ring’s for any of

the elements. (You’ll need to use Equip Shields so that the Black Mage can

equip a shield.) This ensures that the target won’t be killed by the magick

when s/he is trying to learn it. In order for this trick to work, you’ll need

to gain at least 1 HP from the absorbed magick, so make sure you’re not at full

HP to start with. (Equipping gear that CANCELS the damage will also not work;

you need to ABSORB it in order to get any HP change!)


For non-elemental summons, you can use Rend Magick on the caster to reduce

his/her magick attack and minimize the damage that the target will receive.



There are a number of "special" random battles at particular wilderness

locations. If you enter these location heading the correct direction, there’s

a chance you’ll sometimes get into an unusual random battle. (They don’t

ALWAYS show up.) Nothing tells you explicitly that you’re in one of these

battles, but they feature novel enemy parties.


For instance, you can enter a battle against a large team of enemy Monks if

entering Grogh Heights from the south, and one against a team of enemy Samurai

entering the Yuguewood from the east. Mount Germinas has a rare battle against

some gun-wielding Chemists and Orators, where you can steal additional copies

of the magick guns, and sometimes the Stoneshooter (see below). Mandalia

Plains has a battle against a large set of enemy dragons.



Also found at Mount Germinas is the Invisibility Cloak, an accessory that gives

a character an automatic Invisibilty at the start of every battle. The Cloak

can be found during the initial story battle, or later during a random battle.

To get the cloak, put the Treasure Hunter ability and move to the very top of

the peak. The top of the peak forms sort of an "L" shape; the tile holding the

Cloak is the one between the two "legs" of the L:



/ X

–/ —

(During the initial battle at Mount Germinas, another way to ID this tile is

that it’s the same one where the enemy Ninja starts.)


When you land on this tile, you’ll receive either an Ether or the Cloak; your

chance of getting the Cloak goes up the lower your Bravery. You only get to

pick up the item once, so if you get the Ether, you can no longer get the




The Stoneshooter is an unusual weapon … it’s the strongest gun without a

"magical" effect, but it’s not without some drawbacks. If you equip it, you’re

turned to stone at the start of the battle! If you de-stone the character with

an item or spell, he or she can then fight normally, but the gun isn’t all

that strong and doesn’t have any special effects. It’s not worth the hassle,

in my opinion.


Where to find the Stoneshooter? Occasionally, at Mount Germinas, you’ll get

into a random battle where you’ll see one of the enemy Chemists turned into

stone at the start of the battle. That’s because he’s equipped with the

Stoneshooter. Use a Remedy or Esuna to de-stone him and then you can steal the

Stoneshooter. (You can also get the Stoneshooter by poaching a Dark Behemoth,

although this is the "rare" poach.)



Rare weapons like the Excalibur and Whale Whisker can’t be bought in stores …

but there’s a way to get an infinite supply of them! They’re thrown by high-

level (90+) enemy Ninjas, and if you equip the Thief’s Sticky Fingers reaction

ability, you can catch the thrown weapons and add them to your inventory. You

can find lots of enemy Ninjas in the Rendezvous Mode mission "Littering" and on

level 9 of Midlight’s Deep, The Interstice, but you’ll have to raise your own

levels to 90 or so to see enemy Ninjas at that level. Unfortunately, rare

weapons that can’t be thrown, like staves and rods, can’t be attainable in this

way, so they’re one (or two) of a kind. Weapons exclusive to the multiplayer

mode also can’t be obtained this way since they also can’t be thrown.



The Ninja’s Dual Wield support ability lets you equip two weapons at once.

This is a great ability with a number of applications. First, it can make your

regular attack up to twice as strong. You can also use it to equip weapons

with two different beneficial status effects (e.g. auto-Haste from an Excalibur

and auto-Regen from a Chaos Blade). Dual-Wielding a weapon that inflicts a

status ailment also gives you two chances to inflict that ailment! For magick-

users, Dual-Wielding rods or staves lets you equip two weapons to boost your

magick attack, although in most cases you’re better off simply with Arcane



If you’re equipping a weapon that can drain enemy HP (i.e., the Blood Sword

or Orochi ninja blade), be sure to equip that in the top slot. Otherwise,

your first attack may KO the enemy and you won’t get a chance to drain its



When pairing Dual Wield with abilities that depend on your weapon strength

(e.g. sword techniques like Holy Sword and Darkness), be sure to equip the

stronger weapon in the TOP slot. This is because only the FIRST weapon you’re

holding determines the power of these abilities.


Note that this is true for sword techniques, even if the first weapon isn’t a

sword! For example, you can equip a flail in the top slot and a sword in the

second, and your sword technique power will be determined by the flail power!


So, one trick is to equip a sword in your second slot (to activate the sword

technique command) and then a more powerful weapon in the top slot! In

practice, this trick isn’t all *that* great because knight’s swords are more

powerful than most other single-handed weapons. However, if you’ve switched to

another job and are using Equip Swords to enable your sword techniques, then

you’re limited to "regular" swords, which are substantially weaker. In this

case, this trick can be quite useful as there may be a stronger weapon to equip

in the top slot!


Finally, Dual Wield paired with Arts of War gives you two chances to perform a

Rend attack.


The Samurai’s Doublehand ability, which allows you to wield one weapon two-

handed to increase its attack power, is somewhat similar to Dual Wield. Both

sacrifice your shield slot for a potential doubling of your attack power. In

general, Dual Wield is the better ability. It allows you to perform the above

tricks, works with fist attacks (Doublehand does not), and also divides your

attack strength over two attacks, which means you can often land at least one

attack even if the enemy dodges or blocks the other. And there are many times

when one attack is enough to KO an enemy! (This is particularly useful against

enemies with Shirahadori, since they can only block the first of your two



Doublehand, however, is useful when you’re equipped with a pole or polearm,

which can be used with Doublehand but not Dual Wield. It can also be good if

you only have 1 copy of your strongest weapon in a category and nothing good to

Dual Wield in the other hand.



Annoyed by long charge times for Raise spells? Well, who says you can’t start

charging the spell before the target dies? If somebody’s low on life and you

know they’re going to die, start charging up Raise or (preferably) Arise.

And if they fail to die for Arise, kill them and the Arise will bring them

back to full health! (why waste the spell?)



Trying to breed a particular kind of monster? You can actually take a "sneak

peek" as to what an egg will hatch into. Open your party roster, position

the cursor over the egg in question, and move the cursor back and forth to

another party member to the left or right. When you move over the egg, the

future monster’s portrait will display for a fraction of a second, and if you

can move back and forth quickly, you can get a decent glimpse of what the

monster is going to be. You can identify the monster family by its portrait,

and from the color scheme, you might even be able to tell which monster it is

within that family. (See the Monsters list for the color scheme of each

monster type.) If the monster in the egg is not what you want, you can go

ahead and dismiss the egg.



You can use Construct 8 as a stepping stone to reach high places — another

character can move onto its head as it were a normal panel, and move from there

to somewhere else. You can’t END your move on top of Construct 8, but you can

use it for a mid-move boost. In addition, Holy Dragon Reis, malboros, dragons,

and hydras can all be used the same way… even enemy ones!



It’s actually not too useful, but you can ride Chocobos. Move a character onto

the same tile as a friendly chocobo (of any color). The character will mount

the chocobo and they’ll move and act as a single unit. Basically, this allows

you to have a human character with the movement range of a Chocobo. All

Chocobos have a nice movement range (6), and Black Chocobos can fly … but, in

most cases, it’s probably not worth taking up a whole slot on your battle team

with a Chocobo.



Silence status prevents you from casting magick or summons, but all that

matters is whether or not you’re Silenced at the time the magick is actually

cast, not when you start charging. It’s possible to start casting magick while

you’re Silenced and *then* have someone else remove the Silence effect, as long

as you do so before the magick finishes charging. This can come in handy if

your magick-user happens to get his/her turn before the character who can

remove Silence. It’s also useful if you get Silenced while in the middle of

charging a spell — if you quickly cure the Silence, you can still use your



You can also use the timing of Silence in dealing with enemy magicks — e.g.,

casting Silence on an enemyshortly before his or her magick activates will

cancel the spell.


Note that Silence also prevents the use of Speechcraft, but since Speechcraft

abilities all activate instanteously, these timing effects don’t come into




The Rod of Faith, found on the fourth floor (The Catacombs) of the Midlight’s

Deep bonus dungeon, has an interesting effect. While equipped with the Rod,

a character has permanent Faith status, giving him or her 100 Faith. Of

course, this is good simply for making your own magick maximally powerful, but

it also allows you to make a more versatile character. Whenever the Rod is

removed, the character’s Faith reverts back to its "normal" value. So, if you

want a flexible character who can also defend well against enemy magick, lower

his or her Faith very low (as close to 03 as you can). Without the Rod

equipped, the character is virtually invulnerable to enemy magick and makes a

good fighter. But *with* the Rod equipped, s/he is now a high-Faith magick

user! Using the Reequip ability, you could even make this change mid-battle,

although it costs you a turn.


The Rod of Faith can also be particularly useful for Marach. Normally, his

Nether Mantra abilities require LOW Faith while other magicks require HIGH

Faith, meaning he can’t really effectively use both. However, the Faith effect

maximizes the damage from both regular magick and Nether Mantra, allowing him

to use both types of abilities effectively.


Since there’s only one Rod of Faith available, though, you can only use this

tactic with a single character at a time.



Once you max out at level 99 and 99 experience, you can easily cast healing or

defensive magicks to your whole party using Arithmeticks and Level Multiple of

3 or Exp Multiple of 3. (Of course, you might hit a few enemies too.)



If you have a character you’re going to dismiss anyway, you can instead send

him or her into a battle, get him or her killed, and have one of your other

characters pick up the crystal. This will allow the other character to at

least learn some of the "dismissed" character’s abilities, and you were going

to remove him/her from your roster anyway. (There’s only a random chance of

getting a crystal, but you can keep trying this until you get a crystal.)


Of course, doing this will count as a Casualty on your Chronicle screen, so if

you want a spotless save file, you won’t want to use this tactic.



To access a "sound test" where you can listen to all the game’s music, select

New Game on the title screen and then enter your name as PolkaPolka . You’ll

immediately be brought to the sound test. Just turn the game off when you’re



%%%IVALICIAN CALENDAR%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00calendar


Aries 30 days [Mar. 21 to Apr. 19] Dry month

Taurus 31 days [Apr. 20 to May 20] Dry month

Gemini 32 days [May 21 to June 21] Wet month

Cancer 31 days [June 22 to July 22] Wet month

Leo 31 days [July 23 to Aug. 22] Dry month

Virgo 31 days [Aug. 23 to Sep. 22] Dry month

Libra 31 days [Sep. 23 to Oct. 23] Dry month

Scorpio 30 days [Oct. 24 to Nov. 22] Dry month

Sagittarius 30 days [Nov. 23 to Dec. 22] Wet month

Capricorn 28 days [Dec. 23 to Jan. 19] Wet month

Aquarius 30 days [Jan. 20 to Feb. 18] Wet month

Pisces 30 days [Feb. 19 to Mar. 20] Dry month


Thunderstorms are more common during wet months than dry months.


%%%ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00zodiac



Zodiac compatibility plays in a role in determing how effective most abilities



GOOD compatibility increases…

> Damage dealt by offensive abilities

> HP or MP restored by healing abilities

> Success rate of abilities that change status (and Stealing)

BAD compatibility does the reverse of the above 😉


The exceptions to Zodiac compatibility are mostly abilities that do damage

based on the target’s current or maximum HP or MP, or status change / buff

abilities that always have a 100% hit rate (e.g. Ramza’s Steel). Zodiac

compatibility also has no effect on evade rates.



Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis









Sagittarius GOOD ??? GOOD BAD BAD

Capricorn BAD GOOD ??? GOOD BAD

Aquarius BAD GOOD ??? GOOD BAD



Where is compatibility is listed as "???", it depends on gender:

SAME sex characters = WORST compatibility

DIFFERENT sex characters = BEST compatibility

Monsters are considered to have the same sex as other monsters, but to differ

in sex from both male & female humans.


Finally, one optional boss has the "Serpentarius" zodiac sign. This sign has

neutral compatibility with all other Zodiac signs.


%%%PARTY & BOSS ZODIAC SIGNS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00boss


While generic units (even those in story battles) have random Zodiac signs,

most story characters have predefined Zodiac signs. Those for your party

members and enemy bosses are listed below. Temporary party members are

indicated by (parentheses).


Aries : Lavian, Boco

Taurus : (Ovelia)

Gemini : Marach, Construct 8

Cancer : Agrias, Luso, (Orran), (Zalbaag)

Leo : Balthier, (Alma)

Virgo : (Argath), (Gaffgarion)

Libra : Mustadio, Beowulf

Scorpio : Orlandeau

Sagittarius : (Delita)

Capricorn : Ladd, Meliadoul

Aquarius : Cloud

Pisces : Alicia, Rapha, Reis


random : The Byblos

user-entered: Ramza


Note that no permanent story characters have Taurus, Virgo, or Sagittarius as

their Zodiac sign. If you want a complete set of Zodiac signs, you could give

Ramza one of these signs. (See the Calendar above for which sign corresponds

to which dates.) On the other hand, due to the proliferation of Gemini and

Virgo bosses, you’re probably better off making him a Capricorn to give him

good compatibility with those bosses.




This chart details when you’ll encounter enemy bosses with each Zodiac sign.

For each Zodiac sign, the numbers indicate a story battle where a boss has that

sign (e.g. the 25 for Gemini means that battle #25 has a Gemini boss). See the

chart above for which Zodiac signs will be effective against each boss.


Some battles are listed more than once in this chart because some battles have

more than one boss. If a numbers doesn’t appear anywhere in the chart, that’s

because there’s no boss in that battle!


Aries : 8

Taurus : none

Gemini : 25, 29, 32, 34, 45, 47, 48, 51, 55, Lionel’s New Liege Lord #2

Cancer : 52

Leo : 51, 57

Virgo : 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 18, 19, 26, 33, 34, 44, 45, 46, 58

Libra : none

Scorpio : 21, 49, Lionel’s New Liege Lord #1

Sagittarius : 23, 34, 38, 39, 44, 45, 56

Capricorn : 36, 51, 54

Aquarius : none

Pisces : none

Serpentarius: Midlight’s Deep floor 10


random : Gollund Colliery #4, Nelveska Temple


Note that Zodiac signs are NOT evenly distributed across bosses — most bosses

are Geminis and Virgos, with a few Sagittariuses and Capricorns. So, you might

want to adjust your party line-up accordingly:

– Against Gemini bosses, Virgos, Capricorns, and especially opposite-gender

Scorpios are effective

– Against Virgo bosses, Tauruses, Capricorns, and especially opposite-gender

Pisces are effective

Since Capricorn is good against BOTH Gemini and Virgo bosses, it’s a

particularly helpful Zodiac sign to have!




The chart below details which enemy boss characters have which Zodiac signs.

Don’t peek if you don’t want to know all the boss names!





Aries : Boco

Taurus : none

Gemini : Isilud, Marach, Elmdore, Zalera, Cletienne, Bremondt

Cancer : Zalbaag

Leo : Folmarv, Hashmal

Virgo : Milleuda, Wiegraf, Argath, Gaffgarion, Belias*, Celia, Ultima

Libra : none

Scorpio : Cuchulainn, Dycedarg, Adrammelech, Aliste

Sagittarius : Zalmour, Lettie, Barich

Capricorn : Meliadoul, Loffrey

Aquarius : none

Pisces : none

Serpentarius: Elidibus


random : Syneugh, Construct 7


* Note: While Belias is ostensibly the Lucavi of Aries, its actual in-game

zodiac sign during the battle is Virgo, because it transforms from Wiegraf.












%%%STATUS CHANGES (QUICK REFERENCE)%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00status1


—Status Related to Game Mechanics—


Charging Gold "C" Charging up spell; increases physical damage


Performing Sing / dance Charging up song or dance

Defending Crossed arms Doubles evade rate (both physical & magickal)

Critical Kneeling None; just indicates that you’re low on HP.

(Some reaction abilities trigger only when


KO Lying down Character dies after counter gone

Chicken Becomes a chicken Character cannot be controlled and will only

flee into corner


—Positive Status Changes—


Float Floats in air Move over water as if land; immune to earth

attacks; character’s height is 1 unit higher

Reraise Angel icon Revived on next turn after being KOed

Invisible Transparent > Single-player & Rendezvous: Can’t be attacked

until you Act or are targeted by an action

> Melee Mode: Your attacks can’t be evaded

Regen Blue tint HP increases after each of character’s turns

Protect Triangle icon Lowers physical damage received

Shell Square icon Lowers magick damage received

Haste Fast animation CT gauge fills faster


—Negative Status Changes—


Sleep "Zzz" Can’t do anything; receive more damage from

physical attacks

Poison Green tint, HP decreases after each of character’s turns

skull icon

Blind Sunglasses icon Doubles enemy’s chance to evade your attacks

Oil Black tint, oil Receive double damage from fire attacks

spill icon

Stone Turns gray Can’t do anything or take damage. Game Over if

all units KOed or Stone

Silence "…" Can’t use magick or Speechcraft

Toad Becomes a toad Can’t use any abilities except Attack and Toad

magick. Stats down.

Slow Slow animation CT gauge fills more slowly

Stop No animation CT gauge doesn’t fill at all; can’t do anything

Immobilize Gold arrow icon Can’t "Move"

Disable Hand icon Can’t "Act" or use Reaction Abilities

Doom Countdown KOed when countdown expired

Vampire Bat icon Character is undead AND confused

Charm Heart icon Character temporarily fights on enemy’s side

Traitor none Character has permanently joined enemy team

Berserk Red tint, angry Attack power up; character cannot be controlled

face icon and only performs physical attacks

Confuse Weird animation, Character performs random actions

"?" icon


—Neutral Status Changes—


Reflect none Magicks bounce off target onto another tile

Undead Purple tint Healing spells damage character; drain attacks

restore HP

Atheist Ankh & down arrow Faith temporarily changed to 0

Faith Ankh & up arrow Faith temporarily changed to 100


%%%STATUS CHANGES (DETAIL)%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00status2


—Status Related to Game Mechanics——————————————–



Appearance: Gold "C" icon appears over character’s head

Effect : Character is charging up an ability or magick

Character receives 50% more damage from physical attacks

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Using any ability with The ability is cast n/a

"speed" listed Character is KOed or loses

ability to perform actions



Appearance: Character is seen singing or dancing

Effect : Character uses the chosen Sing or Dance ability at each new turn

until a new action is chosen

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Using Dance or Sing Taking another action n/a

command Character is KOed or loses

ability to perform actions



Appearance: Crossed arms

Effect : Physical and magickal evade rates are doubled

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Defend [Squire & most Character’s next turn n/a

special jobs] Character is KOed or loses

Vigilance [Thief] ability to perform actions




Appearance: Critical is kneeling or crouching

Effect : Some Reaction Abilities activate only when in critical HP.

Monsters in critical HP after a physical attack can be Tamed.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Lowering character’s HP Restore character’s HP n/a

below 20% of max above 20% of max



Appearance: Character lying on the ground

Effect : Character cannot do anything; all other attacks miss character.

Counter over character’s head decreases by 1 each turn; when it

goes past 0, the character permanently dies and turns into a

crystal or chest

If all characters KOed and turned to Stone, battle is lost

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by*:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Reduce HP to 0 Phoenix Down [Chemist] Barette [hair adornment]

Death [Black Mage] Revive [Monk] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Magma Surge [Geomancer] Raise, Arise [White Mage, Chameleon Robe [robe]

Northswain’s Strike [Holy Celebrant, Sorceror] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Knight, Sword Saint, Squeak [Pig] Angel Ring [ring]

White Knt., Rune Knt.] Reraise status

Compress [Automaton]

Valhalla [fell sword]

Heave [Behemoth family]

Dark Whisper [Tiamat]

Doom status

Bioga [The Impure, Reaver,

Rune Knight]

Suffocate [Assassin]


* These items only grant immunity to instant-KO attacks, not to being KOed from

losing all your HP.



Appearance: Character becomes a chicken.

Effect : Character cannot be controlled, and simply flees towards a corner.

1 Bravery point is restored per turn.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Lower character’s Bravery Increase character’s nothing

below 10 Bravery to 10


—Positive Status————————————————————-


These are status changes that are beneficial for your characters. Some of

these can be granted during battle, and will last only for the duration of the

battle (or shorter). These positive status effects can also be removed by

certain other abilities — so if you see an enemy with a positive status effect

and want to get rid of it, you can.


Some pieces of equipment will also grant a permanent positive status effect as

long as the character has the item equipped. These effects CANNOT be directly

removed by any abilities, only by stealing or rending the relevant piece of



Note that while the Bard’s Nameless Song ability can bestow most positive

status, it only gives each ally one status change, and the particular status

given is random. If you definitely want a specific status change, you’ll

probably want to use a different ability to bestow it, if possible.



Appearance: Character hovers in air

Effect : Character can move over water as if it was land.

Character is immune to Earth-elemental attacks.

Character’s vertical position is increased by 1 over the actual

height of the panel on which he or she is standing.

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Float [Time Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Levitate [Time Mage]

Dispel [Templar] Winged Boots [shoes]

Dischord [Squidraken] Cherche [perfume]

Dispelja [Arch Seraph] Bomb family

Ghost family



Appearance: Angel hovers next to character

Effect : Next time character is KOed, s/he automatically revives on his/her

next turn.

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Reraise [White Mage] After used once Chantage [perfume] *

Dragonheart [Dragoon] Harmony [Mystic] Grand Armor [armor] *

Nameless Song [Bard] Dispel [Templar] Onion Armor [armor] *

Aegis [Princess/Cleric] Dischord [Squidraken] Brave Suit [clothes] *

Angel Ring [ring] Dispelja [Arch Seraph]


* Note: Reraise normally wears off after one revival, but the Reraise from

these items is PERMANENT and allows you to revive an infinite number of times

per battle. The Angel Ring item only gives you Reraise per battle.



Appearance: Character looks partially transparent

Effect : In single-player and Rendezvous Mode: Character cannot be targeted

by enemy units

In Melee Mode: Your attacks cannot be evaded (same as


Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Vanish [Ninja] Character takes any action nothing

Ninja Gear [clothes] besides moving

Invisibility Cloak [cloak] Character loses HP

Septie`me [perfume] Harmony [Mystic]

Dispel [Templar]

Dischord [Squidraken]

Dispelja [Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Character glows blue

Effect : HP is restored at end of each of character’s turns

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Regen [White Mage] After time elapses Chaos Blade [knigt’s swd]

Regenerate [White Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Pantherskin Bag [bag]

Masamune [Samurai] Dispel [Templar] Grand Armor [armor]

Nameless Song [Bard] Dischord [Squidraken] Onion Armor [armor]

Aegis [Princess/Cleric] Dispelja [Arch Seraph] Brave Suit [clothes]

Chantage [perfume]



Appearance: Triangle icon

Effect : Decreases physical damage received by character

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Protect [White Mage] After time elapses Save the Queen [knt. sd]

Protectja [White Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Durandal [knight’s sword]

Wall [White Mage] Dispel [Templar] Onion Armor [armor]

Kiyomori [Samurai] Dischord [Squidraken] Lordly Robe [robe]

Nameless Song [Bard] Dispelja [Arch Seraph] Sortile’ge [perfume]

Aegis [Princess/Cleric] Tynar Rouge [lip rouge]

Guardian Nymph [Dryad/

Elder Treant]



Appearance: Square icon

Effect : Decreases magick damage received by character

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Shell [White Mage] After time elapses Ragnarok [knight’s sword]

Shellja [White Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Durandal [knight’s sword]

Wall [White Mage] Dispel [Templar] Onion Armor [armor]

Kiyomori [Samurai] Dischord [Squidraken] Lordly Robe [robe]

Nameless Song [Bard] Dispelja [Arch Seraph] Sortile’ge [perfume]

Aegis [Princess/Cleric] Tynar Rouge [lip rouge]

Shell Nymph [Treant/

Elder Treant]



Appearance: Character animates quickly

Effect : CT gauge fills more quickly

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Haste [Time Mage] After time elapses Moonblade [sword]

Hasteja [Time Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Excalibur [knight sword]

Masamune [Samurai] Dispel [Templar] Brigand’s Gloves [gloves]

Nameless Song [Bard] Dischord [Squidraken] Septie`me [perfume]

Aegis [Princess/Cleric] Dispelja [Arch Seraph] Tynar Rouge [lip rouge]


—Negative Status————————————————————-


Some abilities and weapons will inflict one of several negative status changes

on a target. As with positive status changes, there are also abilities that

can remove this bad status. In addition, some pieces of equipment render a

character immune to a particular status change — it can’t even be inflicted on

the character to begin with.


Note that while Dragon’s Gift can remove many status ailments, it only works

on monsters from the dragon and hydra families.


A few abilities can inflict several different status changes. In most cases,

the ability inflicts only ONE status change per target, and this particular

status effect is random. These abilities include Forbidden Dance, Celestial

and Corporeal Void, Finishing Touch, and Nightmare. NOT included in this list

are Bad Breath, Parasite, Grand Cross, and Poisonous Frog, which can all

inflict multiple status changes per target, making them particularly vicious!


All negative status effects except Traitor are removed at the end of a battle,

and many wear off sooner.



Appearance: Character kneels, "Zzz" icon

Effect : Character cannot do anything

Character receives additional damage received from physical


Chance to steal from character increases

Character is not affected by Bardsong or Dance abilities

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Mimic Darlavon [Orator] Any HP damage Grand Helm [helm]

Repose [Mystic] After time elapses Barette [hair adornment]

Will-o’-the-Wisp [Geom.] Character is KOed Ribbon [hair adornment]

Forbiddn Dance [Dancer] Remedy [Chemist] Mirage Vest [clothes]

Celestial Void [Skyseer] Purification [Monk] Protect Ring [ring]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.] Esuna [White Mage/Celebrant]

Sleep [Templar/Celebrant] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Parasite [Byblos] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

Zwill Straightblade [knife]

Sleep Blade [sword]

Sleep Touch [Ghoul]

Bad Breath [Malboro/

Greater Malboro]

Dark Whisper [Tiamat]

Toot [Swine]

Nightmare [The Impure/Death


Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]

Hypnogas trap



Appearance: Skull icon; character glows green

Effect : Character’s HP decreases after each turn

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Poison [Black Mage] After time elapses Cachusha [hair adornment]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Salve [Squire/Game Hunter] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Celestial Void [Skyseer] Antidote, Remedy [Chemist] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.] Purification [Monk] Japa Mala [armlet]

Parasite [Byblos] Esuna [White Mage/Celebrant]

Poison Rod [rod] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Poison Bow [crossbow] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

Venom Fang [Red Panther, Eight-fluted Pole [pole]

Coeurl] Choco Esuna [Chocobo,

Bad Breath [Malboro, Black Chocobo]

Greater Malboro]

Bio [The Impure/Reaver]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]

Poisonous Frog [Serpentarius]

Mossfungus trap in Melee Mode



Appearance: Sunglasses icon

Effects : Doubles enemy evade rate when you use physical attacks

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Umbra [Mystic] Salve [Squire/Game Hntr] Grand Helm [helm]

Sandstorm [Geomancer] Eye Drops [Chemist] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Blind [Templar] Remedy [Chemist] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Eye Gouge [Goblin, Purification [Monk] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Gobbledygook] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Japa Mala [armlet]

Ink [Mindflayer family] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

Blind Knife [knife] Eight-fluted Pole [pole]

Chaosbringer [fell sword] Choco Esuna [Chocobo,

Knightslayer [crossbow] Black Chocobo]

Bio [The Impure/Reaver]

Darkness [Death Seraph]

Blindja [Death Seraph]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Character turns gray, oil drop icon

Effect : Receive double damage from next fire-elemental attack

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Parasite [Byblos] Any fire attack nothing

Self-Destruct [Bomb family]Remedy [Chemist]

Oily Touch [Ghoul/Ghast] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

Bad Breath [Malboro, Eight-fluted Pole [pole]

Greater Malboro]

Bio [The Impure/Reaver]

Mine trap in Melee Mode



Appearance: Character turns completely gray and stops moving

Effect : Character cannot do anything or take damage

If all characters KOed and turned to Stone, battle is lost

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Induration [Mystic/Loffry] Gold Needle [Chemist] Barette [hair adornment]

Contortion [Geomancer] Remedy [Chemist] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Seal Evil* [Machinist, Purification [Monk] Mirage Vest [clothes]

Sky Pirate] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Break [Templar] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric] Jade Armlet [armlet]

Finishing Touch [Soldier] Choco Esuna [Chocobo,

Parasite [Byblos] Black Chocobo]

Chaos Blade [knight’s sword]

Stoneshooter# [gun]

Blaster [Coeurl,

Vampire Cat]

Bewitching Gaze [Ahriman,

Plague Horror]

Beak [Steelhawk,


Bad Breath [Malboro,

Greater Malboro

Biora [The Impure/Reaver]

Bioga [The Impure/Reaver]

Petrify [Gigas/Assassin/The Wroth]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]


* Note 1: Seal Evil is only effective against undead targets.

# Note 2: The Stoneshooter causes the user to begin the battle with Stone

status. It does not inflict Stone status when attacking.



Appearance: "…" word balloon

Effect : Cannot use Magick, Summons, Speechcraft, or Ultima. (Arithmeticks

and Spellblade are unaffected!)

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Sylph [Summoner] Salve [Squire/Game Huntr] Brass Coronet [hat]

Quiescence [Mystic/Loffry] Echo Herbs [Chemist] Gold Hairpin [hat]

Snowstorm [Geomancer] Remedy [Chemist] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Purification [Monk] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Hallowed Bolt [Holy Esuna [White Mage, Magick Ring [ring]

Knight, Sword Saint, Celebrant]

White Knight, Rune Knt] Choco Esuna [Chocobo,

Celestial Void [Skyseer] Black Chocobo]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Silence [Templar/Celebrant]

Parasite [Byblos]

Mage Masher [knife]

Bewitching Gaze [Ahriman,

Plague Horror]

Bad Breath [Malboro,

Greater Malboro]

Biora [The Impure/Reaver]

Aphony [Gigas/The Wroth]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Character is a small toad

Effect : Can’t use any abilities except regular attacks and the Toad magick.

Stats down.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Toad [Black Mage] Maiden’s Kiss [Chemist] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Torrent [Geomancer] Remedy [Chemist] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Purification [Monk] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Celestial Void [Skyseer] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Japa Mala [armlet]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.] Toad [Black Mage]

Parasite [Byblos] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

Nagnarok [sword] Eight-fluted Pole [pole]

Bad Breath [Malboro, Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Greater Malboro]

Toadja [Death Seraph]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]

Poisonous Frog [Serpentarius]



Appearance: Character animates slowly

Effect : CT gauge charges more slowly

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Slow, Slowja [Time Mage] After time elapses Cachusha [hair adorment]

Ama-no-Murakumo [Samurai] Eight-flued Pole [pole] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Unholy Sacrifice [Dark Knt.] Onion Gloves [gauntles]

Wind Blast [Geomancer] Diamond Bracelet [armlet]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Empyreal Armband [armlet]

Celestial Void [Skyseer]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.]

Arondight [fell sword]

Slasher [axe]

Ague [The Impure]

Biora [The Impure/Reaver]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Character stops animating

Effect : CT gauge does not charge; character cannot do anything

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Stop [Time Mage] After time elapses Barette [hair adornment]

Tanglevine [Geomancer] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Eight-fluted Pole [pole] Black Garb [clothes]

Crushing Blow [Dark Knt.] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Judgment Blade [Holy Choco Esuna [Chocobo, Jade Armlet [armlet]

Knight, Sword Saint, Black Chocobo] Empyreal Armband [armlet]

White Knt., Rune Knt.]

Finishing Touch [Soldier]

Celestial Stasis [Astrol.]

Balmung [fell sword]

Blaster [Coeurl/Vampire Cat]

Shadowbind [Assassin]

Bind [Death Seraph, Bringer of Order]



Appearance: Gold arrow plus red X

Effect : Cannot use "Move" menu to move around the battlefield, but can

still take actions while standing in place

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Immobilize [Time Mage] After time elapses Thief’s Cap [hat]

Sinkhole [Geomancer] Purification [Monk] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Leg Shot [Machinist, Sky Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Pirate] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin] Onion Gloves [gauntlet]

Ancient Sword [sword] Eight-fluted Pole [pole] Rubber Boots [shoes]

Bewitching Gaze [Ahriman, Choco Esuna [Chocobo, Guardian Bracelet [armlt]

Plague Horror] Black Chocobo] Empyreal Armband [armlet]

Goo [Ochu] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Celestial Stasis [Astrol.]



Appearance: Hand plus red X

Effect : Cannot perform any actions under "Act" menu or use Reaction

Abilities, but can still move around battlefield

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Hesitation [Mystic] After time elapses Thief’s Cap [hat]

Wind Slash [Geomancer] Purification [Monk] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Disable [Templar/Celebr.] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Arm Shot [Machinist, Sky Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin] Onion Gloves [gauntlet]

Pirate] Eight-fluted Pole [pole] Guardian Bracelet [armlt]

Spellbinder [ninja blade] Choco Esuna [Chocobo,

Bewitching Gaze [Ahriman, Black Chocobo]

Plague Horror] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric]

Celestial Stasis [Astrol.]

Fowlheart [The Impure,

Death Seraph, The Wroth]



Apperance : Countdown over character’s head

Effect : Count decreases from 3 each time the character gets a turn; when

it hits 0, the character is KOed (before s/he can act)

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Doom Fist [Monk] When character is KOed Cachusha [hair adornment]

Condemn [Orator] White Staff [staff] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Quicksand [Geomancer] Onion Gloves [gauntlets]

Muramasa [Samurai] Protect Ring [ring]

Cleaning Strike [Holy

Knight, Sword Saint,

White Knt., Rune Knt.]

Assassin’s Dagger [knife]

Deathbringer [fell sword]

Doom [Ahriman, Plague Horror]

Nightmare [The Impure/Death Seraph]

Death Trap trap



Appearance : Bat icon

Effect : Character is undead (see below) AND confused

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Vampire [Vampire Cat, Holy Water [Chemist] Barette [hair adornment]

Ark Knight] Dispelna [Princess/Cleric] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Onion Gloves [gloves]

Japa Mala [armlet]



Appearance: Heart icon.

Effect : Character cannot be controlled, and temporarily fights as if on the

other team.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Steal Heart* [Thief] Any HP damage Acacia Hat [hat]

Plunder Heart* [Sky Pirate] After time elapses Barette [hair adornment]


Faerie Harp [instrument] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Snort# [Swine, Wild Boar] Onion Gloves [gloves]

Allure* [Assassin] Nu Khai Armband [armlet]


* Only effective on humans of the opposite sex and on monsters.

# Only effective on humans (of either sex); not effective on monsters.

(Note that the Faerie Harp is effective against all targets!)



Appearance: Character’s portrait box displays "Guest" (if recruited to your

side) or "Enemy" (if recruited to enemy side)

Effect : Character has switched sides, and now fights as a member of the

other team. If the character has joined your team, you will have

the option of permanently recruiting the character after the


Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Entice [Orator] Inflict Traitor on target Barette [hair adornment]

Tame [Orator, Dragonkin] again before end of Ribbon [hair adornment]

Dragon’s Charm* [Dragonkin] battle Onion Gloves [gloves]

Cursed Ring [ring]

* Note: Dragon’s Charm is only effective on dragons and hydras.



Appearance: Character is tinted red

Effect : Character’s attack strength increases, but character can only use

physical attacks and cannot be controlled

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Insult [Orator] Purification [Monk] Acacia Hat [hat]

Fervor [Mystic] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Barette [hair adornment]

Berserk [Templar] Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Mind Blast [Squidraken, Onion Gloves [gloves]

Mindflayer] Magick Ring [ring]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Weird animation patterns, "?" icon

Effect : Character performs random movements & abilities, which may include

attacking allies and/or enemies.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Delirium [Mystic/Loffrey] Physical attack Acacia Hat [hat]

Tremor [Geomancer] Remedy [Chemist] Barette [hair adornment]

Muramasa [Samurai] Purification [Monk] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Forbidden Dance [Dancer] Esuna [White Mage/Celeb.] Onion Gloves [gloves]

Divine Ruination [Holy Dispelna [Princess/Cleric] Nu Khai Armband [armlet]

Knight, Sword Saint, Dragon’s Gift [Dragonkin]

White Knt., Rune Knt.]

Celestial Void [Skyseer]

Corporeal Void [Nethersr.]

Confuse [Templar/Celebr.]

Parasite [Byblos]

Lamia’s Harp [instrument]

Mind Blast [Squidraken,


Bad Breath [Malboro,

Greater Malboro]

Toot [Swine]

Befuddle [Gigas/The Wroth]

Confuseja [Death Seraph]

Grand Cross [High/Arch Seraph]


—Neutral Status————————————————————–


These are status conditions that aren’t necessarily good or necessarily bad.



Appearance: No visible change

Effect : Most magick bounces off character and strikes another tile instead.

See ability lists for which magicks can be Reflected.

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Reflect [Time Mage] Harmony [Mystic] Mirror Mail [armor]

Carbuncle [Summoner] Dispel [Templar] Reflect Ring [ring]

Lick [Ochu, Malboro] Dischord [Squidraken] Cherche [perfume]

Dispelja [Arch Seraph]



Appearance: Character is tinted purple

Effect : All abilities that normally restore HP instead cause HP loss.

Abilities that normally remove KO instead cause instant KO.

Attacks that normally drain HP from you instead restore HP to you

and cause the user to lose HP.

Inflicted with: Remove with: Immunity granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Corruption [Mystic] Holy Water [Chemist] Cachusha [hair adornment]

Zombie [Templar] Ribbon [hair adornment]

Zombie Touch [Revenant] Onion Gloves [gloves]

Bioga [The Impure/Reaver] Japa Mala [armlet]

Cursed Stone trap in Melee

Mode Permanently granted by:


Skeleton family

Ghost family

Cursed Ring [ring]



Appearance: Ankh down icon

Effect : Character temporarily has 0 Faith, preventing him/her from using

magick and also rendering him/her immune to magick.

Also causes any Nether Manta abilities used by or targeting the

character to do 0 damage, even though these normally do more damage

when Faith is low.

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Disbelief [Mystic] After time elapses Automaton monster job

Doubt [Templar]

Gokuu Pole [pole]



Appearance: Ankh up icon

Effect : Character temporarily has 100 Faith, increasing both the damage

dealt by magick and the damage received by magick

Also causes any Nether Manta abilities used by or targeting the

character to do high damage, even though these normally do less

damage when Faith is high.

Granted by: Remove with: Permanently granted by:

————————- ————————- ————————-

Belief [Mystic] After time elapses Rod of Faith [rod]

Faith [Templar] Harmony [Mystic]

Rod of Faith [rod] Dispel [Templar]

Dischord [Squidraken]

Dispelja [Arch Seraph]


%%%ELEMENTAL AFFINITIES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00elem


Many abilities and a few weapons have one of eight elemental affinities: Fire,

Lightning, Ice, Wind, Earth, Water, Holy, or Dark. By paying attention to

these elemental affinities, you can increase the power of your attacks and

decrease the damage from enemy abilities!


Elemental affinities can increase damage in two ways. First, many monsters are

weak to a particular element. An attack of this element will do DOUBLE its

usual damage! A few pieces of equipment will also make a character weak to an



Second, some equipment "boosts" one or more elements. When you have such an

item equipped, any attacks you use of that element are 25% stronger. This is

in addition to any weakness effect. For example, if Luso has the Gaia Gear

(which Boosts: Earth) equipped, any earth attack he executes does 25% more

damage. The Boost effect does NOT "stack" — equipping more than one boost for

the same element has no additional effect. For example, equipping both a Flame

Rod and a Japa Mala (both of which boost Fire) is the same as equipping just

the Flame Rod.


Elemental effects can be defended against in three main ways. Some equipment

will HALVE the damage you taken from a given element. Other equipment grants

you IMMUNITY to a particular element, which means that you take NO damage at

all from that element. Finally, some equipment ABSORBS an element, which means

that damage from that element is converted into a HP *gain*. (So, absorbing

water means that a water attack that normally does 200 HP damage will instead

restore 200 HP!) Many monsters also have some innate elemental defenses.


Finally, elemental affinities come into a play in a few other ways:

– The Oil status doubles damage received from fire attacks.

– The Float status makes a character immune to earth attacks.

– During a thunderstorm, fire attacks are 25% weaker and lightning attacks are

25% stronger. (A light rain has no effect on elemental damage.)

– During a snowstorm, ice attacks are 25% stronger. Note that there are only

snowstorms during specific story battles and in multiplayer; random battles

in the single-player quest never have snowstorms.


For each of the eight elements, the chart below lists which attacks carry that

element, and what is weak or strong against that element.





Fire [Black Mage, Flame Rod] Nether Ashura [Netherseer]

Fira [Black Mage, Flame Mace] Fire Breath [Holy Dragon, Dragonkin,

Firaga [Black Mage] Red Dragon]

Firaja [Black Mage] Flame Attack [Grenade]

Ifrit [Summoner] Spark [Exploder]

Salamander [Summoner] Breathe Fire [Minotaur, Sekhret]

Will-o’-the-Wisp [Geomancer] Tri-Flame [Greater Hydra, Tiamat]

Magma Surge [Geomancer] Meltdown [Bringer of Order]

Ashura [Skyseer]



Flame Rod [rod] Blaze Gun [gun]

Flame Mace [flail] Flameburst Bomb [bomb]


Boosted by : Flame Rod, Kaiser Shield, Black Robe, Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Skeleton family, Ghost family, Treant family, Blue Dragon


Halved by : Ice Shield, Venetian Shield, Reverie Shield, White Robe

Immunity : Minerva Bustier, Automaton

Absorbed by : Flame Shield, Sage’s Ring, Bomb family, Red Dragon


Any unit with the Oil status change receives double damage from fire attacks.

After being struck with a fire attack, the Oil status disappears.


During a thunderstorm, damage from fire attacks is decreased by 25%.





Thunder [Black Mage, Thunder Rod] Hell’s Wrath [Netherseer]

Thundara [Black Mage] Thunder Breath [Holy Dragon, Dragonkin,

Thundaga [Black Mage, Lightning Bow] Red Dragon, Blue Dragon]

Thundaja [Black Mage] Thunder Anima [Skeleton]

Ramuh [Summoner] Tri-Thunder [Greater Hydra, Tiamat]

Heaven’s Wrath [Skyseer]



Coral Sword [sword] Lightning Bow [bow]

Thunder Rod [rod] Gungnir [polearm]

Blaster [gun] Spark Bomb [bomb]


Boosted by : Thunder Rod, Kaiser Shield, Black Robe, Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Ice Shield, Mindflayer family, Automaton


Halved by : Venetian Shield, Reverie Shield, White Robe, Sage’s Robe

Immunity : Minerva Bustier, Rubber Suit, Rubber Boots

Absorbed by : Sage’s Ring


During a thunderstorm, damage from lightning attacks is increased by 25%. This

is in addition to any increase from Boosts and/or enemy Weaknesses.





Blizzard [Black Mage, Ice Rod] Snowstorm [Geomancer]

Blizzara [Black Mage] Ice Breath [Holy Dragon, Dragonkin, Blue

Blizzaga [Black Mage, Icebrand] Dragon]

Blizzaja [Black Mage] Ice Anima [Bonesnatch, Skeletal Fiend]

Shiva [Summoner]



Icebrand [sword] Glacial Gun [gun]

Ice Rod [rod] Ice Bow [bow]


Boosted by : Ice Rod, Kaiser Shield, Black Robe, Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Goblin family, Ahriman family, Malboro family, Hydra family,

Red Dragon


Halved by : Flame Shield, Venetian Shield, Reverie Shield, Minerva Bustier,

White Robe, Sage’s Robe, Bomb family

Immunity : Automaton

Absorbed by : Ice Shield, Sage’s Ring, Blue Dragon


During a snowstorm, damage from ice attacks is increased by 25%.





Wind Slash [Geomancer] Nether Blade [Skyseer]

Sandstorm [Geomancer] Wind Anima [Skeletal Fiend]

Wind Blast [Geomancer] Twister [Behemoth King, Ultima Demon]

Adamantine Blade [Skyseer] Tornado [Bringer of Order]



Air Knife [knife] Windslash Bow [bow]


Boosted by : Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Hydra family


Halved by : Reverie Shield, Sage’s Robe, Ahriman family, Aevis family

Immunity : Minerva Bustier, Automaton

Absorbed by : Sage’s Ring





Shockwave [Monk] Impiety [Netherseer]

Titan [Summoner] Earthsplitter [Sekhret]

Tremor [Geomancer] Quake [Bringer of Order]

Divinity [Skyseer]





Boosted by : Gaia Gear, Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Panther family, Aevis family


Halved by : Reverie Shield, Minerva Bustier, Sage’s Robe

Immunity : Float status, Automaton

Absorbed by : Gaia Gear, Sage’s Ring, Treant family





Leviathan [Summoner] Maelstrom [Skyseer]

Torrent [Geomancer] Nether Maelstrom [Netherseer]

Quicksand [Geomancer] Water Anima [Skeleton, Bonesnatch]



Snowmelt Bomb [bomb]


Boosted by : Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Flame Shield, Bomb family, Minotaur family


Halved by : Reverie Shield, Minerva Bustier, Sage’s Robe

Immunity : Automaton

Absorbed by : Sage’s Ring, Mindflayer family





Holy [White Mage, Holy Lance] Holy Breath [Dragonkin]



Durandal [knight’s sword] Holy Lance [polearm]

Nirvana [staff]


Boosted by : Excalibur, Tynar Rouge, Sage’s Ring, Japa Mala


Weakness : Skeleton family, Ghost family


Halved by : Reverie Shield, Minerva Bustier, Sage’s Robe

Immunity : Automaton

Absorbed by : Excalibur, Chameleon Robe, Sage’s Ring





Lich [Summoner] Dark Whisper [Tiamat]

Unholy Sacrifice [Dark Knight] Unholy Darkness [Sorceror, Archaoedemon,

Ultima Demon]



ALL fell swords


Boosted by : Sage’s Ring


Halved by : Reverie Shield, Sage’s Robe, Nu Khai Armband

Immunity : Minerva Bustier, Automaton

Absorbed by : Sage’s Ring, Skeleton family, Ghost family


%%%ARITHMETICKS CHART%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00arith


The chart below is a quick reference as to which numbers can be targeted by

each multiple when using Arithmetician. For example, characters at height = 3

will be hit by a Height Multiple of 3 or Height Prime spell, but not Height

Multiple of 4 or 5. You might find this chart handy when using Arithmeticks,

or trying to avoid enemy Arithmeticks attacks.


Some numbers, such as 34, can’t be hit by ANY Arithmeticks multiple. (These

are numbers that are not prime but do not have 3, 4, or 5 as a factor.) These

numbers are indicated in the table by a solid horizonal line. If you expect to

face enemy Arithmeticians, you can use these numbers to help avoid their

attacks in two ways:

– As long as you stand on tiles with height of 0, 1, or any fractional number

(e.g. 2.5), you cannot be hit by Height-based Arithmeticks.

– If you have level 99 characters, you may want to level them down using a

Degenerator trap (e.g. at Zeklaus Desert) so that they can’t be hit by Level

Multiple of 3.

That said, enemy Arithmeticians appear only very rarely.



2 3 5 7 11 13 17

19 23 29 31 37 41 43

47 53 59 61 67 71 73

79 83 89 97



0 1 14 22 26 34 38

46 49 58 62 74 77 82

86 91 94 98

All fractional height numbers (e.g. height = 2.5)




0 ———————————— | 25 X

1 ———————————— | 26 ———————————-

2 X | 27 X

3 X X | 28 X

4 X | 29 X

5 X X | 30 X X

6 X | 31 X

7 X | 32 X

8 X | 33 X

9 X | 34 ———————————-

10 X | 35 X

11 X | 36 X X

12 X X | 37 X

13 X | 38 ———————————-

14 ———————————– | 39 X

15 X X | 40 X X

16 X | 41 X

17 X | 42 X

18 X | 43 X

19 X | 44 X

20 X X | 45 X X

21 X | 46 ———————————-

22 ———————————– | 47 X

23 X | 48 X X

24 X X | 49 ———————————-



50 X | 75 X X

51 X | 76 X

52 X | 77 ———————————-

53 X | 78 X

54 X | 79 X

55 X | 80 X X

56 X | 81 X

57 X | 82 ———————————-

58 ———————————– | 83 X

59 X | 84 X X

60 X X X | 85 X

61 X | 86 ———————————-

62 ———————————– | 87 X

63 X | 88 X

64 X | 89 X

65 X | 90 X X

66 X | 91 ———————————-

67 X | 92 X

68 X | 93 X

69 X | 94 ———————————-

70 X | 95 X

71 X | 96 X X

72 X X | 97 X

73 X | 98 ———————————-

74 ———————————– | 99 X

All fractional numbers ———————————-


%%%TRAPS AND TREASURE HUNTER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00traps



Almost every map in the single-player game has four treasure tiles. These

tiles aren’t visibly marked, but if a character with the Treasure Hunter

movement ability [Chemist] steps on the tile, you’ll receive an item.


Almost all treasure tiles have two different items you can get: a more valuable

one and a less valuable one. Your odds of getting the LESS valuable item are

the same as your character’s Bravery, so a LOW Bravery character is better for

getting the more valuable items. Once you claim either item, BOTH disappear

for good, even if you later return to the map. You can get only one.


Treasure tiles usually also contain a trap. If a character WITHOUT Treasure

Hunter steps on the tile, the trap is sprung and some harmful effect occurs.

(See below for a list of the possible traps.) Unlike treasures, traps can be

repeatedly sprung and never go away. Also, once you’ve already obtained the

item from a treasure tile, even a character with Treasure Hunter will spring

the trap if s/he steps on the tile. On the other hand, you can use the traps

as an easy way of identifying treasure tiles.


Most Treasure Hunter items are actually just generic items that you can buy in

stores anyway, and aren’t really worth going out of your way to collect.

However, a few maps have rare items that you can’t buy in stores and in some

cases can ONLY find with Treasure Hunter. These maps include Mount Germinas,

Eagrose Castle, Mount Bervenia, Nelveska Temple, and all of Midlight’s Deep,

See the appropriate battle strategies for the locations of these items.


Simply moving across a trap does not trigger it; you must END your move on the

trap tile to trigger the trap (or find the Treasure Hunter item).



In Melee Mode, there are no Treasure Hunter items, but there ARE traps. Unless

traps are turned off in the battle settings, each player has the chance to

place a number of traps before the battle. (Traps can be placed either

manually or automatically, depending on the battle settings.) These include a

number of new traps that only appear in Melee Mode.


Your characters cannot spring traps that you placed, but they can still be

affected if they’re standing in the effect radius when an enemy springs the



Rendezvous Mode does not have traps or Treasure Hunter items.



Many traps have a different effect radius in single-player vs. Melee Mode:

> An effect radius of 1 affects only the unit who springs the trap.

> A trap with an effect radius of 3, when triggered, also hits all tiles at a

distance of up to 2 tiles away from the trap tile. (However, the trap still

only TRIGGERS if you step on the one particular trap tile.)




Degenerator 1 Doesn’t appear Lowers character’s

experience level by 1

Death Trap 1 1 Inflicts Doom status

Hypnogas 1 3 Inflicts Sleep status

Sten Needle 1 3 Inflicts HP damage

Mine Doesn’t appear 3 Does minor damage and

inflicts Oil status

Mossfungus Doesn’t appear 3 Inflicts Poison status

Cursed Stone Doesn’t appear 3 Inflicts Undead status


The level-down effect from the Degenerator trap can be used to boost your stats

by leveling down as a job with crummy stat growth and then leveling back up as

a job with good stat growth. For more on this strategy, see "Level-Downs and

Stat Grindng" under the Statistics and Leveling section.






%%%ZODIAC STONE LOCATIONS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00stones




Aries — Get when you beat Wiegraf in Riovanes Castle.

Taurus — In Mustadio’s possession; you receive it after the battle in Goug

Machine City. Re-obtained in Riovanes Castle.

Gemini — Received after defeating Elmdore.

Cancer — Received after defeating Construct 7. [optional]

Libra — T.G. Cid (Orlandeau) has it; you’ll get it when he joins

Scorpio — Received after you defeat Delacroix. Re-obtained in Riovanes


Sagittarius — Meliadoul has it; you’ll get it when she joins.

Capricorn — Obtained after killing Adrammelech.

Aquarius — Given by Beowulf when he joins. [optional]

Pisces — Received from Isilud in Riovanes Castle.

Leo — You never get this one, Folmarv has it.

Virgo — As above; Folmarv also has this one.

Serpentarius — Receive after you defeat Elidibus in Midlight’s Deep.





%%%FMV MOVIE LIST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00fmv




This is a list of the FMV cutscenes (found only in the PSP release).


#1: Title Screen

#2: New game — Delita escapes with Ovelia captive


–Chapter I–

#3: Ramza thinks about Argath’s words. Whistling with a blade of grass.

#4: Ziekden Fortress explodes; Ramza disappears in the snow.


–Chapter II–

#5: Ramza and Delita speak at Zeirchele Falls; Delita leaves Ovelia in Ramza’s

care. Flashback to Tietra’s demise.

#6: Ramza and Delita meet again in Warjilis Port City.


–Chapter III–

#7: At Zeltennia, Ovelia and Delita discuss their personal histories. Delita

pledges to build a new Ivalice.

#8: Luso is pursued by Behemoths across Zeklaus Desert; Ramza throws a sword

to rescue him.


–Chapter IV–

#9: Delita’s reveals the Church’s plans to Ramza at a church in Zeltennia.

Zalmour arrives and surrounds the church.

#10: Thieves ambush Ramza in Dorter; Balthier appears on the scene. [optional;

only seen if you complete the Recruiting Balthier subquest]

#11: Ending. Account of Alazlam discovering Orran’s papers. Ramza and Alma

ride off into the sunset.

#12: End credits.




%%%FF REFERENCES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00ffr


I haven’t included FF series mainstays like the classes, summon monster gang,

Chocobos and other monsters, Cid, etc. just the references to specific games.


Final Fantasy I:

Wonders: Mirage Tower, Fortress of Trials, Matoya Cave, Shrine of Chaos

Artefacts: Rat’s Tail


Final Fantasy II:

Wonders: Pandaemonium, Semitt Falls, Shrine of Chaos (Jade)

Artefacts: Minwu Orb


Final Fantasy III:

Wonders: Forbidden Land Eureka, Crystal Tower, Falgabard, Tozus Village

Errands: Enterprise, Yggdrasil (World Tree), Chocobo Restaurant Gisahl

Other: Salonia (Materia), Unei (in proposition "Endless Caverns")


Final Fantasy IV:

Wonders: Tower of Babel, Castle of Trials, Chocobo Forest

Artefacts: Lugae, Calcobrena, Rat’s Tail

Errands: Enterprise, Anna and Gilbert [Edward], Assault

Door ("Minimum’s Melancholy")


Final Fantasy V:

Wonders: Ronkan Ruins

Artefacts: Excalipoor

Other: Almagest spell, Boco, Byblos, Apanda, Mossfungus (Mossfungus

is an enemy in the last dungeon)


Final Fantasy VI:

Wonders: Phantom Train, Floating Continent

Errands: Setzer, Blackjack


Final Fantasy VII:

Artefacts: Materia, St. Elmo’s Fire [attack used by Ghost Ships]

Errands: Black-caped man ("Nightwalker"), Highwind

Multiplayer Missions: Teioh the chocobo

Other: Cloud and Aerith (duhhh…..), Adamantainmai (mentioned

in a work history, it’s an enemy near Wutai)


Ogre Battle:

Other: Zodiac Stones, Zeltennia






%%%GAME CHANGES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00psone


Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was originally released in 1997

(Japan) and 1998 (North America) as Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSone.


Here’s a list of the known changes between the 2007 PSP version and the

original 1997/1998 PSone version:


* Two new crossover characters have been added as party members: Balthier, from

Final Fantasy XII, and Luso, from the forthcoming Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

2 (try saying that two times fast!).


* Additional subquests and accompanying battles have been added to Chapter IV.

In addition to the mission to recruit Balthier, there are also the new Agrias’s

Birthday, Disorder in the Order, and Lionel’s New Liege Lord quests.


* Two new jobs are available for all characters: Dark Knight and Onion Knight.


* Two multiplayer modes have been added. One allows you to compete against

other player’s team. The other has you team up with another player to clear a

variety of special missions. Both are playable only over an "Ad Hoc" (i.e.:

local) connection — no Internet play, sadly.


* Key story scenes are now illustrated with cel-shaded animated cutscenes and

(in the English version) voice acting, instead of the in-game cutscenes and CG

movies of the original.


* There are a number of new story scenes and battles added to the main

storyline, including:

– Loffrey recruiting Wiegraf near the end of Chapter II.

– Delita traveling with Ovelia at Zeirchele Falls, also near the end of

Chapter II. (This scene also involves a new story battle!)

– Ramza’s meeting with Luso in Chapter III and the battle to rescue him.

– As assasination attempt against Ovelia near the end of Chapter III.

(There’s a new Delita battle here as well.)

– Delita demonstrating the blade-of-grass whistle to Ovelia soon after the

beginning of Chapter IV.

– A battle against Argath at Limberry Castle in Chapter IV.

– An additional battle against Cletienne in Dorter on the way back to Eagrose

in Chapter IV.


* The maximum roster size has been increased by 8 (from 16 to 24), to allow

you to add Luso and Balthier to your crew without having to kick out any of the

other story characters.


* Many abilities now cost more JP to learn.


* Job prerequisites have been changed–specifically, some jobs now require the

prerequisite jobs to be leveled up to a higher level. Additionally, the amount

of each JP to reach each job level (except job level 2) has also been

increased. In other words, jobs require much more JP to unlock.


* The Speed of some abilities has also been changed. Some abilities (mostly

Summons, plus a few Time Mage abilities and the Mystic’s Petrify/Induration)

now take longer to charge.


* The sword techniques used by Meliadoul and Orlandeau can now still damage

enemies even if they don’t have the relevant piece of equipment. This means

that these abilities can now damage monsters as well.

In fact, using these abilities against a character not equipped with the

relevant item (including monsters) *increases* the damage dealt. The specific

amount varies by ability:

– Crush Armor – bonus is user’s Physical Attack stat times 5

– Crush Helm – bonus is user’s Physical Attack stat times 4

– Crush Weapon – bonus is user’s Physical Attack stat times 3

– Crush Accessory – bonus is user’s Physical Attack stat times 2


* New pieces of equipment have been added. A few are obtainable in the single-

player game as Balthier’s initial equipment and from the Agrias’s Birthday

quest; the rest can only be found by completing the multiplayer missions.


* The quest to recruit Cloud is immediately after completing Fort Besselat (and

the other prerequisite subquests). In the PSone version, this quest could not

be done until substantially later–after defeating Adrammelech.


* It’s no longer possible to steal any of Elmdore’s equipment. Actually, this

is consistent with the original Japanese PSone release, where you couldn’t

steal his equipment either–the ability to steal his gear is unique to the

North American PSone version.


* Rapha and Marach’s Mantra abilities (a/k/a Truth and Un-Truth) have been

upgraded. Each use of one of these abilities results in 1 to 10 "strikes"

instead of 1 to 6 in the PSone version. They also seem to be more accurate and

are more likely to hit the targeted panel/unit rather than the adjoining

tables. Similarly, Reis’s Holy Breath ability also has now 1-10 strikes

instead of 1-6.


* The "item duplication" trick/glitch (which allowed you to buy extra copies of

some weapons that you couldn’t normally buy) has been removed from the game, as

has the glitch that allowed you to earn infinite JP via a bug in the ability-

learning menu.


* Instead of using the Gregorian Calendar (January to December), dates are now

displayed in Zodiac format (e.g. 3 Capricorn). The year also now alternates

between "Wet months" (in which storms are more likely) and "Dry months,"

similar to the cycle on Final Fantasy XII’s Giza Plains.


* Victory conditions for the Bethla Garrison/Fort Besselat sluice battle in

Chapter IV have changed. In the PSone version, you had to throw a pair of

switches to finish the battle. This meant that you could hang around even

after you’d killed all the enemies to have your characters hit each other and

easily level up. In the PSP version, the battle ends as soon as you defeat all

the enemies.


* All of Rapha’s skills are now learnable as soon as she joins the party. In

the PSone version, many did not appear until Chapter IV.


* The Oil status effect, which did not do anything in the PSone version (even

though it was supposed to), now actually works — it doubles the damage from

the next fire attack.


* In the PSP version, when a summon spell is cast, the name of that summon’s

special attack is displayed (e.g. Shiva casts "Glacial Shards"), as in most

Final Fantasy games. The PSone version simply displayed the name of the

summoned creature itself (e.g. "Shiva"). Similarly, each Iaido ability now has

a special name when being cast, rather than simply the name of the katana.


* In the PSone version, the game would cycle through various "attract" movies–

a trailer for the game and videos demonstrating all the jobs–if left on the

title screen for a while. These movies do not exist in the PSP version; the

title sequence just repeats over and over if the game is left running on the

title menu.


* The icons for some of the status conditions have been changed — probably to

be more visible on a smaller screen.


* Some other visual display elements have also been changed. For example, the

party roster screen now has more characters per row (to fit the widescreen

format), the victory condition and battle clear screens are different, and the

text map on the map screen is printed in a different & bigger font.


* On the bad side of things, the game runs somewhat slower than the original

PSone version.


* Also on the bad sides, some of the sound effects (e.g. some ability effects,

and the "death screams" when characters are KOed) also sound different (and

poorer) on the PSP hardware. To be honest, I have such a tin ear for these

kinds of differences that it’s hard for me to tell exactly what has and hasn’t

changed, but it’s been widely reported that they do sound different 🙂


* And, of course, the game has been retitled Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of

the Lions, given a new logo, and rebranded as part of Square Enix’s new Ivalice

Alliance franchise.


In addition, the North American, European, and Australian releases boast some

further changes:


* The game has been completely retranslated, with the Engrish-y awkwardness

from the original version being replaced with a "medieval" style similar to the

English version of Final Fantasy XII. If you’re familiar with the old 1998

PSone translation and want to get up to speed with the new one, check out the

name conversion guide below.


* The slowdown in the North American and European releases is not as bad as it

was in the Japanese PSP release (or so I’m told).


* Voice-acting has been added to the cutscenes. In the Japanese version, the

dialogue is only displayed in subtitles, with no voice-over.


* In the PSone version, using a spell or special technique would occasionally

cause the character to shout out a special quote (e.g. "Life is short…Bury!

Steady Sword!"). These quotes have been removed from the English PSP version.


* Using the Select button "help" feature and then selecting a character’s name

on his/her status screen gives you a short quote from the character. In the

PSone version, only the story characters had unique messages; generic characters

only had one of a few generic quotes. In the PSP version, every default name

for a generic character now has his or her own unique quote! (This feature has

always been in the Japanese version; it was only in the English PSone version

that the generic characters did not all have unique quotes.)


* The X and O button mappings are reversed from the North American PSone

release — X now selects things in menus and O cancels, as in almost all North

American releases. (Explanation: In Japanese versions of games, using O to

select and X to cancel is actually the standard. In North America, the

reverse is true; usually X selects and O cancels. Games being localized from

Japan generally have the X and O buttons swapped — in fact, this is a Sony-

mandated change. The original PSone translation of FF Tactics apparently

slipped through the cracks, in keeping with the general kookiness of its

localization, and ended up with the O button to confirm. The PSP localization

brings things back in life with the North American standard.)


%%%NAME CONVERSION CHART%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%00names


The new English translation has changed quite a few names from the much-

maligned 1998 translation seen in the PSone version, so I’ve provided this

chart to help FF Tactics veterans get up to speed with the new translation.


—Game Mechanics————————————————————–

[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]

Brave Bravery

Propositions Errands

Treasure (from Prop.s) Artefacts

Unexplored Land Wonders of the Ancient World

Strengthen: (equipment) Boosts:

Cancel: (equipment) Immune:

Always: (equipment) Equip:

Bonus Money Bonus Coin

War Trophies Battle Trophies



Transparent Invisible

Darkness Blind

Petrify Stone

Frog Toad

Don’t Move Immobilize

Don’t Act Disable

Blood Suck Vampire

Death Sentence Doom

Invitation Traitor

Innocent Atheist



Bar Tavern

Shop Outfitter

Soldier office Warriors’ Guild

Fur shop Poachers’ Den

Formation Party Roster

Brave Story Chronicle

Record [Brave Story] Events

Person [Brave Story] Personae

Job [Brave Story] Feats

Injured [Brave Story] Kills



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]



Adramelk Adrammelech

Alazlam J.D. Arazlam Durai

Algus Sadalfas Argath Thadalfus

Alphons Draclau Alphonse Delacroix

Altima Ultima

Balbanes Beoulve Barbaneth Beoulve

Balk Fenzol Barich Fendsor

Balmafula Lanandu Valmafra Lenande

Besrodio Bunanza Besrudio Bunansa

Bestrada Larg Bestrald Larg

Beowulf Kadmus Beowulf Cadmus

Buremonda Bremondt

Cidolfas Orlandu Cidolfus Orlandeau

Delita Hyral Delita Heiral

Druksmald Goltana Druksmald Goltanna

Elidibs Elidibus

Gaff Gafgarion Goffard Gaffgarion

Gelkanis Barinten Gerrith Barrington

Golagros Levine Gragoroth Levigne

Gustav Margueriff Gustav Margriff

Hashmalum Hashmal

Izlude Tingle Isilud Tengille

Kletian Drowa Cletienne Duroi

Lede Lettie

Malak Galthana Marach Galthena

Marge Funeral Marcel Funebris

Mesdoram Elmdor Messam Elmdore

Miluda Folles Milleuda Folles

Mustadio Bunanza Mustadio Bunansa

Olan Durai Orran Durai

Omdolia Atkascha Ondoria Atkascha

Orinas Atkascha Orinus Atkascha

Professor Bordam Daravon Master Darlavon

Queklain Cuchulainn

Rad Ladd

Rafa Galthana Rapha Galthena

Reis Dular Reis Duelar

Rofel Wodring Loffrey Wodring

Rudvich Bart Ludovich Baert

Ruvelia Atkascha Louveria Atkascha

Simon Pen Rakshu Simon Penn-Lachish

Sinogue Syneugh

Teta Hyral Tietra Heiral

Velius Belias

Vicks Biggs

Vormav Tingel Folmarv Tengille

Worker 8 Construct 8

Zalbag Beoulve Zalbaag Beoulve

Zalmo Rusnada Zalmour Lucianada



Hokuten Knights Order of the Northern Sky

Nanten Knights Order of the Southern Sky

Death Corps Corpse Brigade

Bart Company Baert Company

Temple Knights Knights Templar

Black Sheep Knights Blackram Knights

Lion’s War War of the Lions

Mosfungus Mossfungus



The Manipulator & the The Manipulative & the

Subservient Subservient

Somebody to Love In the Name of Love



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]



Ygros Castle Eagrose Castle

Sweegy Woods The Siedge Weald

Sand Rat Cellar Sand Rat’s Sietch

Thieves’ Fort Brigands’ Den

Lenalia Plateau Lenalian Plateau

Fovoham Plains Fovoham Windflats

Fort Zeakden Ziekden Fortress

Zirekile Falls Zeirchele Falls

Fort City Zaland Castled City of Zaland

Bariaus Hill Balias Tor

Zigolis Swamp Tchigolith Fenlands

Goug Machine City Clockwork City of Goug

Warjilis Trade City Port City of Warjilis

Bariaus Valley Balias Swale

Golgorand Execution Site Golgollada Gallows

Goland Coal City Mining Town of Gollund

Lesalia Imperial Capital Royal City of Lesalia

Grog Hill Grogh Heights

Yardow Fort City Walled City of Yardrow

Yuguo Woods The Yuguewood

Doguola Pass Dugeura Pass

Bervenia Volcano Mount Bervenia

Finath River Finnath Creek

Bed Desert Beddha Sandwaste

Bethla Garrison Fort Besselat

Zarghidas Trade City Trade City of Sal Ghidos

Germinas Peak Mount Germinas

Dolbodar Swamp Dorvauldar Marsh

Murond Holy Place Mullonde



Deep Dungeon Midlight’s Deep

NOGIAS The Crevasse


DELTA The Hollow

VALKYRIES The Catacombs

MLAPAN The Oubliette

TIGER The Palings

BRIDGE The Crossing

VOYAGE The Switchback

HORROR The Interstice

END Terminus



Sand Rat Cellar The Sand Rat’s Sietch

Windmill Shed Windflat Mill

Slums of Goug Goug Lowtown

Inside of Lionel Castle Lionel Castle Oratory

Back gate of Lesalia Castle Lesalia Castle Postern

Underground Book Storage Monastery Vaults

Inside of Riovanes Castle Riovanes Castle Keep

Church outside the town Outlying Church

Inside of Limberry Castle Limberry Castle Keep

Underground cemetery of Limberry Castle Undercroft

Limberry Castle

Inside of Eagrose Castle Eagrose Castle Keep

St. Murond Temple Mullonde Cathedral

Hall of St. Murond Temple Mullonde Cathedral Nave

Chapel of St. Murond Temple Mullonde Cathedral Sanctuary

Murond Death City The Necrohol of Mullonde

Lost Sacred Precincts Lost Halidom

Colliery Underground 1-3 Gollund Colliery Floor/Slope/Ridge

Underground Passage in Gollund Coal Shaft




[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]

Priest White Mage

Wizard Black Mage

Mediator Orator

Oracle Mystic

Lancer Dragoon

Calculator Arithmetician



Delita’s Sis Commoner

Dark Knight Fell Knight

Engineer Machinist

Heaven Knight Skyseer

Hell Knight Netherseer

Holy Swordsman Sword Saint

Arc Knight Ark Knight

Temple Knight Templar

Steel Giant Automaton

Dragoner Dragonkin



Impure King The Impure

Holy Priest Celebrant

Warlock Gigas

Angel of Death Death Seraph

Lune Knight Rune Knight

Ghost of Fury The Wroth

Regulator Bringer of Order

Holy Angel High Seraph

Arch Angel Arch Seraph



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]

Gobbledeguk Gobbledygook

Cuar Coeurl

Vampire Vampire Cat

Explosion Exploder

Living Bone Skeletal Fiend

Bull Demon Wisenkin

Minitaurus Minotaur

Sacred Sekhret

Gust Ghast

Pisco Demon Piscodaemon

Squidlarkin Squidraken

Mindflare Mindflayer

Flotiball Floating Eye

Plague Plague Horror

Juravis Jura Aevis

Woodman Dryad

Taiju Elder Treant

Morbol Malboro

Hyudra Hydra

Hydra Greater Hydra

Uribo Pig

Porky Swine

Wildbow Wild Boar

Apanda Reaver

Archaic Demon Archaeodaemon



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]



Basic Skill Fundaments

Accumulate Focus

Dash Rush

Throw Stone Stone

Heal Salve

Monster Skill Beastmaster

Gained Jp UP JP Boost



Throw Item Throw Items

Maintenance Safeguard

Equip Change Reequip

Move-Find Item Treasure Hunter



Battle Skill Arts of War

* Break Rend *

Magic Break Rend MP

Mind Break Rend Magick

Weapon Guard Parry

Equip Armor Equip Heavy Armor



Charge+x Aim +x

Speed Save Adrenaline Rush

Arrow Guard Archer’s Bane

Concentrate Concentration



Punch Art Martial Arts

Spin Fist Cyclone

Repeating Fist Pummel

Wave Fist Aurablast

Earth Slash Shockwave

Secret Fist Doom Fist

Stigma Magic Purification

HP Restore Critical: Recover HP

Hamedo First Strike

Martial Arts Brawler

Move-HP UP Lifefont



White Magic White Magicks

Cure 2 Cura

Cure 3 Curaga

Cure 4 Curaja

Raise 2 Arise

Protect 2 Protectja

Shell 2 Shellja

Regenerator Regenerate

Magic DefendUP Arcane Defense



Black Magic Black Magicks

Fire 2 Fira

Fire 3 Firaga

Fire 4 Firaja

Bolt Thunder

Bolt 2 Thundara

Bolt 3 Thundaga

Bolt 4 Thundaja

Ice Blizzard

Ice 2 Blizzara

Ice 3 Blizzaga

Ice 4 Blizzaja

Frog Toad

Magic AttackUP Arcane Strength



Time Magic Time Magicks

Haste 2 Hasteja

Slow 2 Slowja

Don’t Move Immobilize

Demi Gravity

Demi 2 Graviga

MP Switch Mana Shield

Short Charge Swiftness

Float [movement ability] Levitate



Summon Magic Summon

Silf Sylph

Fairy Faerie

Zodiac Zodiark

MP Restore Critical: Recover MP

Half of MP Halve MP



Gil Taking Steal

Caution Vigilance

Gilgame Heart Gil Snapper

Catch Sticky Fingers

Secret Hunt Poach



Talk Skill Speechcraft

Invitation Entice

Persuade Stall

Threaten Intimidate

Solution Enlighten

Death Sentence Condemn

Negotiate Beg

Finger Guard Earplug

Train Tame

Monster Talk Beast Tongue



Yin-Yang Magic Mystic Arts

Blind Umbra

Spell Absorb Empowerment

Life Absorb Invigoration

Pray Faith Belief

Doubt Faith Disbelief

Zombie Corruption

Silence Song Quiescence

Blind Rage Fervor

Foxbird Trepidation

Confusion Song Delirium

Dispel Magic Harmony

Paralyze Hesitation

Sleep Repose

Petrify Induration

Absorb Used MP Absorb MP

Defense UP Defense Boost

Any Weather Ignore Weather

Move-MP Up Manafont



Elemental Geomancy

Pitfall Sinkhole

Water Ball Torrent

Hell Ivy Tanglevine

Carve Model Contortion

Local Quake Tremor

Kamaitachi Wind Slash

Demon Fire Will-o’-the-Wisp

Blizzard Snowstorm

Gusty Wind Wind Blast

Lava Ball Magma Surge

Counter Flood Nature’s Wrath

Attack UP Attack Boost

Any Ground Ignore Terrain

Move on Lava Lavawalking



Level Jump x Horizontal Jump x

Dragon Spirit Dragonheart

Equip Spear Equip Polearms

Ignore Height Ignore Elevation



Draw Out Iaido

Asura Ashura

Koutetsu Kotetsu

Bizen Boat Osafune

Heaven’s Cloud Ama-no-Murakumo

Meatbone Slash Bonecrusher

Blade Grasp Shirahadori

Two Hands Doublehand

Walk on Water Swim



Ball Bomb

Stick Pole

Spear Polearm

Knight Sword Knight’s Sword

Dictionary Book

Sunken State Vanish

Abandon Reflexes

Two Swords Dual Wield

Move in Water Waterwalking



Math Skill Arithmeticks

Prime Number Prime

3 Multiple of 3

4 Multiple of 4

5 Multiple of 5

Distribute Cup of Life

Damage Split Soulbind

Gained Exp UP EXP Boost

Move-Get Exp Accrue EXP

Move-Get JP Accrue JP



Sing Bardsong

Angel Song Seraph Song

Life Song Life’s Anthem

Cheer Song Rousing Melody

Battle Song Battle Chant

Magic Song Magickal Refrain

Last Song Finale

MA Save Magick Boost

Face Up Faith Boost



Wiznaibus Mincing Minuet

Polka Polka Polka

Disillusion Heathen Frolic

Nameless Dance Forbidden Dance

Last Dance Last Waltz

A Save Fury

Brave Up Bravery Boost


SQUIRE [Ramza]

Guts Mettle

Accumulate Focus

Dash Rush

Throw Stone Stone

Heal Salve

Yell Tailwind

Wish Chant

Cheer Up Steel

Scream Shout

Equip Axe Equip Axes

Monster Skill Beastmaster

Gained Jp UP JP Boost



Dark Sword [command] Fell Sword

Night Sword Shadowblade

Dark Sword [ability] Duskblade



Stasis Sword Judgment Blade

Split Punch Cleansing Strike

Crush Punch Northswain’s Strike

Lightning Stab Hallowed Bolt

Holy Explosion Divine Ruination



Holy Magic Holy Magick

Mbarrier Aegis

Deathspell 2 Dispelna



Snipe Aimed Shot

Leg Aim Leg Shot

Arm Aim Arm Shot



Starry Heaven Astrology

Galaxy Stop Celestial Stasis



Truth Sky Mantra

Heaven’s Thunder Heaven’s Wrath

Asura Ashura

Diamond Sword Adamantine Blade

Hydragon Pit Maelstrom

Space Storage Celestial Void

Sky Demon Divinity



Un-Truth Nether Mantra

Heaven Bltback Hell’s Wrath

Asura Back Nether Ashura

Dia Swrd Back Nether Blade

Dragn Pit Back Nether Maelstrom

Space Str Back Corporeal Void

Sky Demon Back Impiety



All Swordskill Swordplay



Mighty Sword Unyielding Blade

Shellbust Stab Crush Armor

Blastar Punch Crush Helm

Hellcry Punch Crush Weapon

Icewolf Bite Crush Accessory



Destroy Sword Blade of Ruin

* Ruin *sap



Magic Sword Spellblade

Aspel Syphon

Innocent Doubt

Despair Dispel

Shock! Vengeance



Work Tasks

Crush Pulverize



* Bracelet * Breath

Dragon Tame Dragon’s Charm

Dragon Care Dragon’s Gift

Dragon PowerUp Dragon’s Might

Dragon LevelUp Dragon’s Speed



Braver Brave Slash



Energy Energize

Shock Vengeance

Difference Manaburn



Fear Dread

Chicken Race Fowlheart

Death Cold Ague

Impure Befoul

Bio 2/3 Biora/Bioga

Lose Voice Aphony

Seal Petrify

Loss Befuddle

Warlock Summon Summon Gigas

Dark Magic Dark Arts

Lifebreak Karma

Dark Holy Unholy Darkness

Use Hand Subdual Arts

Shadow Stitch Shadowbind

Stop Bracelet Suffocate

Teleport 2 Master Teleportation

Night Magic Demon Magicks

Spell Bind

* 2 (Zalera) *ja

Melt Meltdown

Ultimate Magic Arcane Magicks

Complete Magic Divine Magicks

All-ultima Divine Ultima

Saturation Divine Providence

Mute 2 Disempower

Despair 2 Dispelja

Return 2 Return

Dark Cloud The Dark

Snake Carrier Snakecharm

Midgar Sworm Midgarsomr



Choco Attack Choco Beak

Choco Ball Choco Pellets

Scratch Claw

Poison Nail Venom Fang

Cat Kick Cat Scratch

Blood Suck Vampire

Small Bomb Bomblet

Turn Punch Spin Punch

Bloodfeast Mutilate

Knife Hand Chop

* Soul * Anima

Aqua Anima Water Anima

Wave Around Feral Spin

Blow Fire Breathe Fire

Mimic Titan Earthsplitter

Gather Power Beef Up

Throw Spirit Ectoplasm

Grease Touch Oily Touch

Tentacle Tentacles

Black Ink Ink

Odd Soundwave Dischord

Look of Fright Dread Gaze

Wing Attack Wing Buffet

Look of Devil Bewitching Gaze

Death Sentence Doom

Circle Beam

Scratch Up Talon Dive

Shine Lover Glitterlust

Beaking Peck

Shake Off Pickaxe

Leaf Dance Leaf Rain

Spirit of Life Life Nymph

Protect Spirit Guardian Nymph

Clam Spirit Shell Nymph

Bad Bracelet Bad Breath

Malboro Virus Malboro Spores

Stab Up Gore

Sudden Cry Heave

Dash Charge

Tail Swing Tail Sweep

Hurricane Twister

Ulmaguest Almagest

Triple * Tri-*

Straight Dash Reckless Charge

Oink Squeak

Pooh- Toot

Nose Breath Snort

Please Eat Bequeath Bacon



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]


Ninja Sword Ninja Blade

Knight Sword Knight’s Sword

Hammer Flail

Dictionary Book

Spear Polearm

Stick Pole

Ribbon Hair Adornment

Mantle Cloak

Magic Ball Bomb



Zorlin Shape Zwill Straightblade

Hidden Knife Ninja Blade

Ninja Knife Kunai

Short Edge Kodachi

Ninja Edge Ninja Longblade

Spell Edge Spellbinder

Sasuke Knife Sasuke’s Blade

Koga/Iga Knife Koga/Iga Blade

Nagrarock Nagnarok

Sleep Sword Sleep Blade

Koutetsu Kotetsu

Bizen Boat Osafune

Heaven’s Cloud Ama-no-Murakumo

Rainbow Staff Serpent Staff

Wizard Staff Mage’s Staff

Sage Staff Staff of the Magi

Faith Rod Rod of Faith

Flail Iron Flail

Flame Whip Flame Mace

Romanda Gun Romandan Pistol

Blaze Gun Glacial Gun

Glacier Gun Blaze Gun

Blast Gun Blaster

Night Killer Knightslayer

Gastrafitis Gastrophetes

Ultimus Bow Artemis Bow

Bloody Strings Bloodstring Harp

Fairy Harp Faerie Harp

Battle Dict Battle Folio

Monster Dict Bestiary

Papyrus Plate Papyrus Codex

Madelgelm Omnilex

Oberisk Obelisk

H Bag Hydrascale Bag

C Bag Croakadile Bag

P Bag Pantherskin Bag

FS Bag Fallingstar Bag

Persia Damask Cloth

Ryozan Silk Wyrmweave Silk



Platina Shield Platinum Shield

Kaiser Plate Kaiser Shield



Barbuta Barbut

Cross Helm Close Helmet

Feather Cap Plumed Hat

Triangle Hat Wizard’s Hat

Twist Headband Headband

Holy Miter Celebrant’s Miter

Black Hood Black Cowl

Flash Hat Lambent Hat

Thief Hat Thief’s Cap



Platina Armor Platinum Armor

Carabini Mail Carabineer Mail

Reflect Mail Mirror Mail

Leather Outfit Leather Clothing

Leather Vest Leather Plate

Chain Vest Ringmail

Adaman Vest Adamant Vest

Judo Outfit Jujitsu Gi

Power Sleeve Power Garb

Earth Clothes Gaia Gear

Black Costume Black Garb

Wizard Outift Wizard Clothing

Secret Clothes Ninja Gear

Rubber Costume Rubber Suit

Linen Robe Hempen Robe

Silk Robe Silken Robe

Light Robe Luminous Robe

Robe of Lords Lordly Robe


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