Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions walkthrough part 8(the end)


Spike Shoes Spiked Boots

Feather Boots Winged Boots

Sprint Shoes Hermes Shoes

Power Wrist Power Gauntlet

Magic Gauntlet Magepower Glove

Genji Gauntlet Genji Glove

Defense Ring Protect Ring

Magic Ring Magick Ring

N-Kai Armlet Nu Khai Armband

108 Gems Japa Mala

Defense Armlet Guardian Bracelet

Diamond Armlet Diamond Bracelet

Small Mantle Shoulder Cape

Leather Mantle Leather Cloak

Wizard Mantle Mage’s Cloak

Elf Mantle Elven Cloak

Dracula Mantle Vampire Cape

Feather Mantle Featherweave Cloak

Vanish Mantle Invisibility Cloak

Salty Rage Sortile’ge

Setiemson Septie`me



Eye Drop Eye Drops

Echo Grass Echo Herbs

Soft Gold Needle

Magic Shuriken Fuma Shuriken

Yagyu Darkness Yagyu Darkrood

Fire Ball Flameburst Bomb

Water Ball Snowmelt Bomb

Lightning Ball Spark Bomb



[1998 PSone translation] [2007 PSP translation]



Destiny of the Company The Highwind

Sunken Salvage Tour Salvage Expedition

Sailor Tour Diving Expedition

Larner Channel Waves Rhana Strait

Attractive Workplace Dredge Work

Salvage the Trade Ship![Zald.]The Hindenburg

Envoy ship, Falcon The Falcon

Heir of Mesa Mesa’s Legacy

Salvage the Trade Ship![Goug] The Durga

Emissary of Lionel Lionel Emissary

Zaland Embassy Zaland Embassy Antiques

Stolen Ancient Writings Stolen Tomes

Good Workplace and Job Salvage Work

Sea of Gredia Island Gleddia Isle

Stranded Trade Ship Foundered Vessel

Trade Ship Doving The Dawn Queen

Mine Excavation Tour Abandoned Mine

Miner’s Tour (2) (Second) Coal Mining Expedition

Will of Elder Topa Old Toppa’s Will

Dream of a Miner Miner’s Dream

Vacancy! Miner Shortage

Miners Wanted! (2) (More) Coal Miners Wanted

Girl in Gulg Volcano Mount Gulg Mother Lode

Hidden Trap at the Maze Endless Caverns

The Lord’s Ore Ore of the Gods

One Activity Past Glory

Rolade Ore Company Lorraide Mine

Testimony of Ex-miner Miner’s Tale

Death Canyon Death’s Gorge

Discovery Race (2/3) (Second/Third) Frontier Marathon

Poeskas Lake Bottom Lake Poescas Depths

Legendary Traces Ancient Wonder

Deep in Sweegy Woods The Siedge Weald

Ruins at Bed Desert Beddha Sandwaste

Adventurer Ramzen Lamzen the Adventurer

I saw it. Trick of the Light

Discovery Tour Frontier Expedition

Storm of Zigolis! Fenland Mystery

Ominous Dungeon Cellar Dungeon

Adventurer Wanted! Adventurers Wanted

I saw it! I swear! Shadows from the Past

Concerns of a Merchant Merchant’s Regret

Mountain of Rain Rain-Swept Slopes

Defeat Golden Gotsko! Twilight Gustkov

Defeat Behemoth! The Behemoth

Trap of the Bandits Bandits

Son, Pappal! Young Lord Pappal

Within the Darkness In the Darkness

Defeat Whirlwind Karz! The Typhoon

Minimum’s Melancholy Count Minimas

Terror of Assault Cave Terror’s Maw

Challenge of Zero Zerro’s Challenge

Phantom Thief Zero! Zerro Strikes

Thief Zero Returns! Zerro’s Return

Thief Zero Reborn! Zerro Strikes Again

Thief Zero’s Last Stand Zerro’s Final Heist

Legendary Monster Hellspawned Beast

Sullen Experiment Metamorphosed Misery

Fiar’s Request Fia’s Wish

Dream child Missing Boy

Protect the Little Life Father’s Nightmare

If wishes come true Ducal Disaster

Secret Door Cries in the Dark

Orders of Coast Guard Shoreline Defense

Mother Nightwalker

My treasure Uninvited Guests

The Greatest Plan Historic Revolt

How much is Life worth? Appraisal

Letter to my Love Lettre d’amour

Road of Beasts Beastly Trail

Shy Katedona Cattedona

Master Math! Arithmetic Tutor Wanted

Sad Traveling Artist Minstrel in Distress

Machinist Contest Clockwork Faire

Traveling Artist Mameko Mameco the Minstrel

Chocobo Restaurant Gysahl Greens

Ringing of the Bell Guard Duty

Hard Lecture Tutoring

Win the Yardow Fight! The Yardrow Melee

Win the Zaland Fight! The Zaland Melee

Win the Magic Contest! The Gariland Magick Melee

Meister Contest Artificers’ Contest



Four Gods Set Four-Deity Plate

Statue of Lylis Statuette of Lilith

Beetle Charm Scarab Charm

Zeni-Sword Coin Blade

Malice Mask Hanya Mask

Kid’s Bread Moppet Bread

Adult’s Bread Goliath Bread

Yurgeivogue Lugae

M-Fiction Novel Mesa’s Musings

Diary of Nanai Nanai’s Histories

Wyuvle Veil of Wiyu

Book of Enavia Enavia Chronicles

Magical Gun Enchanted Pistol

M Machinegun Enchanted Machinegun

Magi-Sword Zanmato

Minu Orb Orb of Minwu

Tarot of Ben Tarot de Bennstat

Excalipar Excalipoor

Parasite Tree Yggdrasil Mistletoe

Longibunne Spear Lance of Longibunne



Magic Continent Floating Continent

Castle of Trials Fortress of Trials

Falgabird Falgabard

Magic Train Phantom Train

Touzas Village Tozus Village

Semite Falls Semitt Falls






This FAQ is copyright 1998 and 2007-2008 by Fritz Fraundorf. Final Fantasy

Tactics: The War of the Lions is copyright 1997 and 2007 by Square Enix. This

FAQ is not associated with or endorsed by Square Enix or Sony.


You may freely distribute this FAQ if it is not altered in any way and I am



This FAQ is distributed by weight, not volume, and some settling of its

contents may have occurred during shipping.




—PSP VERSION CREDITS———————————————————


– Aaron N. Price for the name of one of the errands in the new translation.

– ace luna for suggesting I add a note about Midlight’s Deep always staying

red on the map.

– Adam Scarrett for some adaptions to the "Simple Method" of leveling for use

with story characters without Focus.

– Agostino Gruppi for pointing out typos in the range for bows and crossbows,

and for the Charm/Entice trick vs. Adrammelech.

– Albert K.G. for the late-game save files that allowed me to quickly update

a lot of the retranslated names, for some of the starting conditions for the

new subquests, and for Dark Knight stats and abilities.

– Alexander Scott for suggesting I add using cure spells on the undead to the

Various Tricks section.

– Amen Vang for additional cities where the "Rash of Thefts" rumor can be found.

– Andrew Lyfoung for the PSP version’s removal of the infinite-JP trick.

– Anocruxis via the secrets page for the procedure for

recruiting Balthier.

– AquaMan984 for Ignore Elevation not working at Lionel Castle Gate.

– Archie Fiasco for suggestions on how to level up characters without Focus.

– The ASCgen dotNet software – – for

producing the ASCII art logo.

– Avaj’s great FFTastic save editor for the PSone version – available at – for helping me collect

data on the Errands and enemy-only abilities, as well some of the PSone-to-

PSP changes.

– azymyth for info on the new Chapter IV Argath battle and some of the info.

on how your choice on Mandalia Plain in Chapter I affects your Bravery.

– Benji Parish for noting Belias uses petrification attacks if you Silence him.

– BradyGames’s official guide for the game for the Brass Coronet stats, for

the location of the rare items during the Eagrose Castle Keep battle, and for

the Seraph Song + Mana Shield party strategy.

– Brent Clevenger for pointing out that the Balthier quest isn’t immediately

available in Chapter IV.

– Carlos Alexandre for pointing out some of the merits of Ramza’s Squire job.

– Cecil Beoulve for the Oracle level-down stat raising trick.

– Chris Ng for confirming that buying Aerith’s flower is a one-time

opportunity and for the bug where enemies use swordskills without a sword.

– Christopher Nong for a number of strategies against Wiegraf/Belias.

– Cody Hickman for suggesting the missable items list.

– Cristiano Bruzzo for some of the new JP costs for abilities.

– D_Blade for pointing out that every generic character having a unique quote is

another PSone->PSP change (in the English version).

– Darius Rodriguez for the info on how Bravery and Faith increases are

calculated after a battle.

– Darrel Wade for noting that monks can equip clothes, and correcting the

price of two of the guns.

– David Jamison for correcting the location of the Faerie Harp.

– Derek Kupper for pointing out that bows are unlike all other weapons in that

they don’t require a direct line of fire.

– DeleteriousRx for using Chicken to pick up items in the corner of Midlight’s


– Desmond Gaban for the correct size of the roster increase in the PSP version.

– Devin Osborne for confirming all the summon & -ja magick learning rates and

Teleport failure rate in the PSP version.

– Don Jon for using elemental-absoring equipment when learning magick from being


– Doug for pointing out that you can’t steal a Blood Sword from Gaffgarion

until the Gallows.

– Doug Prevo for more info. on enemies using swordskills without a sword.

– Drew Seleski for correcting the amount that Intimidate and Enlighten lower

Bravery and Faith.

– Edgar Hernandez for pointing out I had the coordinates for the Excalibur

reversed in the Midlight’s Deep item locations.

– Emanuel Mak for learning Ultima in the multiplayer mode.

– Felix_Omni for Dark Knight, Sky Pirate, and Game Hunter abilities.

– Flaring Bahamut for when the new Cletienne battle occurs in Chapter IV, for

when Agrias’s subquest actually becomes available, and for pointing out some

typos :).

– Freaky Liar for highlighting Flails as a great weapon to throw.

– Geomancer8 for some information on random battles changing between chapters,

for suggesting adding a note about using Beast Tongue to the FAQ about

recruiting monsters, for the complete set of Degenerator locations, and for

suggesting I clarify that the special characters’ innate abilities only apply

to their base job.

– gunblade15 for using Balthier’s Barrage to attack more than one enemy per

turn, for reminding me to note the difference between the Angel Ring and the

Chantage, for suggesting I make a more obvious warning about saving in

the final sequence of battles, for pointing out a typo in the Nagnarok’s

stats, and for some of the stats on the multiplayer-only items.

– Gunther Kris Santos for catching a few more abilities with different JP costs

in the PSP version.

– Harvey Ng Lee for when failed errands reappear in the Tavern, for some

magick-based strategies against Wiegraf/Belias, and for also pointing out the

reversed Excalibur coordinates.

– Havamere for info on the Onion Knight.

– and for information on some of the various changes to the PSP


– J.J. Garcia for pointing out that I had the Red Chocobo and Behemoth King

poached items backwards, for when the Clockwork Faire errand is available,

and for pointing out a typo in the weapons list.

– James Derr for first suggesting the usefulness of Ramza’s Steel ability in

raising Bravery.

– James Lau for using an invisible Chocobo rider in Midlight’s Deep.

– Jason Corbett for copy-editing and clarity/formatting suggestions.

– Jason Wood for which quests do and don’t require Alicia and Lavian, and that

you only need to protect Beowulf during the *first* Lionel Castle battle.

– Jeff Mathews for character strategy suggestions for Meliadoul and a couple

ability combos.

– Joe Davidson’s great lioneditor save editor for the PSP version – available

at – for giving me a way to look up the

names of the Lucavi job commands in the PSP version, the job stat growth

rates, and many of the rare random battle encounters.

– John Hoffman for the new names for the Deep Dungeon/Midlight’s Deep floors,

and the rumor necessary to start the Beowulf Subquest.

– Jonathan Tabish for some of the information on the sound effect changes in

the PSP version.

– Johnny World for the new name of the Zorlin Shape (Zwill Straightblade) and

for pointing out that both players always earn the same number of chests in

Rendezvous Mode.

– Joseph Welke for correcting the job prerequisities for Dragoon.

– Joshua Evans for pointing out a typo in one of the battle strategies.

– Juan Mejia for suggesting Aurablast and Leg Shot as useful abilities against


– Judg3m3nt for a couple tactics for the Lionel Castle Gate battle.

– kami_amaya via the secrets page for the sound test.

– Ken Bernardo for the current name and stats of the Almagest monster ability.

– Leonardo Vaz for Luso learning Ultima, for being able to catch Scorpion

Tails with Sticky Fingers, and for the new names of the Great(er) Malboro

and Malboro Virus (now Malboro Spores).

– Leonardo Vidal for some more requirements on the Tynar Rouge event.

– Levi Middleton for correcting the effects of Atheist/Faith on Nether Mantra,

and using the Rod of Faith to allow Marach to use both Nether Mantra and

regular magicks.

– Logicmanhero for Dark Knight, Balthier, and Luso abilities.

– Luze for Reflexes mechanics and the Featherweave Cloak/Reflex combo.

– Manny for suggesting I add a note about the character departures due to low

Bravery/high Faith.

– Matt Dorothy for Balthier being available as soon as you finish Bervenia.

– Mauro Schiavo and Benedict Icton for bringing the clear-game save problem to

my attention.

– Michael Wood for a number of tactics against Wiegraf/Belias, including

Silencing him.

– Miguel Colon for noting I’d omitted Vanish from the list of abilities that

can grant Invisible status and for pointing out an incomplete sentence in the

Ninja job description.

– Mike Leddick for trapping monsters using petrified allies for stat grinding.

– Minh Vu for pointing out the EXP section was misleading about when attack

strength and speed go up, and for strategies for stat grinding.

– Muhammad Iqbal for the FF VII reference in one of the multiplayer missions.

– Mytherial J for the changes to Meliadoul’s abilities in the PSP version

(they now work on unequipped enemies and monsters!)

– Naveen Pillai for the JP cost of Shadowblade and some Dark Knight abilities,

the correct ability that Wisenkins get with Beastmaster, pointing out that

Crushing Blow is height-limited, for sword techniques gaining the elements of

your equipped weapon, for correcting Cloud’s MP stats and the vertical effect

radius of Cross Slash, for the correct parry rate of the Excalibur, for

corrections on the Allure and Toot abilities, for a second strategy for

locating the Invisibility Cloak at Mount Germinas, for gaining spillover JP

while in Stone status, for Treasure Hunter yielding gil when you already have

99 of the item, and for catching quite a few of my many typos 🙂

– Nicholas Robb-Hodson for pointing out I’d forgotten to list Darkness as

another ability improved by Attack Boost.

– Not Dice for pointing out that the FAQ about stealing the Genji equipment was

a little confusing.

– OfficerTJHooker for the Blood Sword being available in Melee Mode.

– Olivier for pointing out when Cloud becomes available in the PSP version, and

for being one of several readers to point out that Beowulf is available from

the start of Chapter IV.

– paladinkaji for tips on timing the Dragoon’s Jump effectively, general

information on charging speed and clock ticks, and typo correction.

– Pat Polk for correcting when the Tynar Rouge quest becomes available, for

quite a few of the new PSP names, for correcting a few item locations in

Midlight’s Deep, for the Mana Shield + Manafont combo, for the Keep Yourself

Alive party strategy, for some of the mechanics of Balthier’s Barrage

ability, for character strategies for Orlandeau, for insights on gaining

levels, and for pointing out a few other typos and errors.

– Rafael Reyes for typo correction.

– RalphTheBleeder for the Black Magicks strategy for Lionel Castle Gate.

– Reninzo for catching another point where I’d still said Reis couldn’t use any


– Renny Roufail for noting that Meliadoul CAN use Crush Armor even if her

Defender is stolen during the Bervenia battle.

– RevenantThings and LDKAngel via the FF T secrets page for the

PSP version job prerequisities.

– Rob Eberly for the Lordly Robe that can be stolen from Valmafra.

– Rob Mako for the procedure for recruiting Luso.

– Romuald Brunet for suggesting Teleport at the Lionel Castle Gate battle.

– Ryu for correcting a mistake in the button descriptions for the Midlight’s

Deep item directions, for correcting an error in the height of one of the

tiles, and for pointing out I’d forgotten to list that Mimes can’t equip


– sahkuh on YouTube for the video demonstrating the Toad-based automated

leveling technique.

– Sane Valios for info on the inability to steal from Elmdore in the PSP


– Sean Buelow for crystallizing enemy Summoners as another strategy for

teaching Zodiark to additional characters.

– Seraph07 for the Ninja Gear being winnable in Rendezvous Mode.

– Seth X.H. for the correct prerequisites for the Nelveska Temple battle.

– Shadow Phoenix for using tile height as another guide to find the exits in

Midlight’s Deep.

– Shaun Tang for pointing out the Chemist with the Glacial Gun in the colliery

may have Maintenance, for suggesting Inviting the Pig in the colliery, for

pointing out that Beowulf is available at the beginning of Chapter IV, for

the Disable tactic on the Riovanes Castle Roof, and confirming that Luso can

learn Ultima in Chapter III.

– Stephen Wang for catching the omitted month from the Zaland Melee errand.

– Tam Thanh Truong for pointing out that I’d written "Oracle" instead of

"Mystic" more than a few times in the FAQ.

– Tom Dougall for pointing out that my Learning Ultima instructions were a

little TOO opaque.

– Tony Lawrence for using Balthier’s Barrage with Poach.

– Trevor Webb for the Pig that appears in the Fenlands in Chapter II.

– Ty’ere Mosley for pointing out that Zodiark isn’t learned 100% of the time

when you’re hit with the spell; it’s random.

– UnshakableWill for recommending Break or other petrification/instant KO

attacks as a strategy for the Finnath Creek battle.

– Vincent Cheng for suggesting clarifications to the Arithmetician’s job

description and for JP-raising tips.

– Warren for suggesting using Magick Break against Elidibus, for alternate

strategies against Wiegraf/Belias, and for pointing out that Masamune Iaido

is somewhat limited in usefulness since Masamunes are so rare 😛

– winddraco for the stats on almost all of the mutiplayer-only items, for

weapon damage stats, for the Simple Method for automatic experience gaining

and tactics for grinding stats, for confirming that the Tynar Rouge event

never expires even if you miss it on 1 Cancer the first time, for the

mechanics of Balthier’s Plunder and the Dark Knight abilities, for when and

how Onion Knights get more powerful, for Brawler improving stealing, for

Cloud’s Limit using Magick Attack, for quite a few ability combos and

character strategies, and for pointing out other typos and goofs.

– XmushXroomX via the secrets page for "previewing" monster eggs.


—PSONE VERSION CREDITS——————————————————-


– Alex Jennings ( for one FF reference.

– Andrew Schoonmaker ( for general corrections, the Bonus Gil

info, and the Shock trick on the final battle.

– Ben Ford ( for improving the Shoot Enemies Close to You Trick.

– Billy Sauls ( for tips on the "Roof of Doom" (Riovanes

Castle Roof).

– C.J. Showers ( for info on the Bloody Strings

draining HP.

– for the suggestion to use Teleport to light up the

Deep Dungeon.

– Dan Polcari ( for the Chaos Blade’s stats, the Stop

Galaxy quote, and the Deep Dungeon / Vietnam War connection.

– David Artman ( for correcting which option to choose on

the battle to save Mustadio.

– D. B. Brown ( for suggestions on the Knight job.

– H. Clower ( for tips on the Riovanes Castle roof,

dismissal quotes, a lot of thoughts on various jobs, and correcting my

mistake on Fire/Ice/Bolt 4.

– Henry LaPierre ( for writing the Alundra FAQ. This has

nothing to do with FF Tactics, but I never would have gotten through that

game without it.

– Jacob Carson ( for most of the rare poaching items.

– James Yoon ( for some JP costs.

– Jason Narad ( for where to get the Escutcheon II and

Javelin II.

– Jason Wong ( for stats on the Zorlin Shape and Scorpion


– Jeff Smith ( for the suggest to Rend Weapon Gaffgarion.

– Jeremy Frey for some Draw Out quotes.

– for the poaching list, as well as the stats on the other


– for tips for the Riovanes Castle Roof, the Wild Boar

abilities, and the effect of Malboro Gem.

– for some spell quotes and Riovanes Castle roof tips.

– John LaRusic ( for making the excellent HTML version

of the FAQ.

– Joshua Kodroff ( for the suggestion to use Phoenix Down on the


– Justin Kudo-Pfeiffer’s ( Deep Dungeon Guide for a lot of

background info on the Deep Dungeon and the location of the Kaiser Plate.

– John Jung ( for the effect of the Wild Boar’s Please Eat


– Justin McKennon ( for spell quotes, character

quotes, the item stats I was missing, and the strategy for the Bethla

Garrison north gate.

– Ken Bernardo ( for noting that you need Mustadio to do the

Cloud subquest.

– Ladotheus ( for the Monk / Dual Wield suggestion.

– Marcin Szymanski for the Mincing Minuet / Vanish strategy (from PSM Online).

– Masumo’s Final Fantasy Tactics page ( for

some info on some of the poaching items, and stats on the Rubber Costume.

– Matt32 ( for reminding me to add Golagros’s name to

the walkthrough, and for the dismissal quotes I was missing

– Matthew Weng ( for tips on stealing the Genji gear.

– Matt Hobbs ( for the Commonly Found part of the poaching

list, a lot of the poached item stats, the JP costs for the abilities I was

missing, propisition info, dismissal quotes, where to get the Sasuke Knife

and Nagrarock, and for revamping the ENTIRE spell quotes list.

– Mike Stucke ( for explaining the meaning of the Deep

Dungeon floor names.

– for the Bard / Dancer JP trick and using Don’t Move with

call spells.

– Not Me ( for the explanation of how Jump and

axe/mace weapons work.

– for being the first to point out that there

really ARE items on level 10, and for the "Holy Justice" team.

– Patrick Chalnik ( for the stats on the second Escutcheon.

– Paul Nathans ( for poaching info and pointing out the Wild

Boar monster.

– PlayStation Gamer ( for the instructions on

how to get Cloud.

– PSM magazine for the location of the Vanish Mantle.

– PSM Online ( for the "buy unpurchasable items"

trick, and many of the ability strategies.

– Rori Bryant-Raible ( for numerous tips and advice, plus

the weather effects.

– for the monster abilities I was missing, and some poaching


– Shane Lile ( for mistranslations info.

– for some poached items.

– for general info, stealing a Defender and Chantage from

Meliadoul, and the unhittable ninja.

– The Falcon ( for how JP and gil is determined on errands.

– The Mighty Octopus ( for one FF reference and the Brave/Faith

permanent change info.

– Tony Barath ( for where to find Dark Behemoths.

– Zachary Piper ( for strategies for Golgorand

Execution Site.

  • And Square, for making one of my favorite strategy RPGs.


This walkthrough reposted to with permission of the author.

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