Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2- Explorers of Darkness/Time Part 2



HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 34

Dinasty = 34





After one tough battle, they’ll leave. Go to check Chatot! OMG! He’s badly

hurt!! Wigglytuff and Grovyle will arrive and a second after them the whole

guild. Everyone is worried about Chatot, looks like it’s the second time

he receives the impact to save a friend. First Time was with Wigglytuff.

Chatot feels proud and then he faints. He’s close to die… so he better

return to the guild. Your Partner, Grovyle and you should keep going tho,

otherwise Chatot’s efforts would be useless. You’ll reach a rocky section

by the sea. On the wall, you’ll see the Relic Fragment pattern. Your partner

will place the Relic Fragment on the floor and the Pattern will start shining

and a light will appear. Lapras will arrive. Apparently, he’s the messenger

of Hidden Land. Hidden Land is across the sea, so get on!








To reach the Hidden Land, you must go through a gap of time. Want to know a lil

bit about the expedition Chatot and WT had in Brine Cave? Looks like Chatot

was the shield that protected Wigglytuff from being pwned. Still, WT is one

tough Pokemon… so he defeated Kabutops and the Omastar. Since Chatot was

badly hurt, Lapras helped him and Lapras made WT promise that he wouldn’t

reveal the Hidden Land. Now something about the Relic Fragment. It is said

that it chooses someone with a good heart to be it’s owner. That’s your partner!

By now you’ve probably reached the Hidden Land portal. Lapras will start flying

and cross the sea of time. You’ll reach Hidden Land and the first thing you’ll

notice is that the Temporal Towerr is located on the Sky! To reach it, you must

have the Rainbow Stoneship, which can be found in the Old Ruins. I reccomend

reaching level 36+ before going there. If you’re not, return to Treasure Town by

talking to Lapras.


CarlosPit Note: I reached level 37 and Platinium Rank.


——————-HIDDEN LAND———————-























*All-Type Dungeon!


*Pray so you don’t finish in a Monster House!


*Reaching the 15th floor, you’ll get to a SP


*Yes, hardest dungeon until now


*Grovyle will be with you


*Grovyle won’t earn exp.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 37

Dinasty = 37

Grovyle = 46



Level (OUT):


Timatria = 37

Dinasty = 37

Grovyle = 46

——————HIDDEN LAND———————–



You’ll get to a Kanghaskan Statue. Use it if needed.



—————–HIDDEN HIGHLAND——————–




10 + Old Ruins
















*Be careful of Monster Houses. Use a Pure Seed if needed.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 37

Dinasty = 37

Grovyle = 46


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 37

Dinasty = 37

Grovyle = 46

—————-HIDDEN HIGHLAND———————



Once you reach the Old Ruins, you’ll see images of Mew, Kyogre, Groudon, Palkia

and Dialga. You’ll notice that there’s that weird pattern again. You’ll get to a

place with a tablet. Something is written there, but it’s in Unown Language…

Oh no… what are you gus supposed to do now? Super Grovyle to the rescue!!!

The inscription says "This is Rainbow Stoneship, put the Relic Fragment in

the hole"


Hmmm, I’m pretty sure that’s what said.


When you’re about to put the Relic Fragment in the hole, Dusknoir and Sableye

Squad will appear. They take you to another yard where a Dimensional Hole is



You know this time had to come right? Time to fight against all-mighty Dusknoir



7.19.2 Boss Battle: Dusknoir





HP: Less than 650




Sableyes are a pain in the ass too. They are 6! SIX!

They have low HP tho, about 90 each one so you are probably

able to OHKO them.


Try to sleep, confuse or inflict any status to Dusknoir.





HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 37

Dinasty = 37

Grovyle = 46





After defeating Dusknoir, he won’t accept it. He’ll try to suck you guys with

his stomach but you return his attack.


After that attack, Dusknoir gets pwned by sure. The Saleye Squad will be afraid

of you guys and they will return to the future by the dimensional hole. Grovyle

will tell your partner to insert the Relic Fragment. Dusknoir will wake up

and tells something you surely don’t want to hear. Apparently, if you save the

Temporal Tower, all the Pokemon from the future will dissapear. That includes

Grovyle, Dusknoir, Celebi and you. You will realize that you have no choice.

Grovyle will give a speech about your partner.


::Save Point::


Your partner will activate the Rainbow Stoneship. Dusknoir will surprise you by

using an attack, but Grovyle becomes your shield. Grovyle will make Dusknoir

go back to the future by going with him. Pretty sad moment. He’ll give you the

Time Gears he got and remember that you and your partner are the greatest

combination… bye Grovyle! Thanks for everything!









Get on the Rainbow Stoneship. You’ll start flying and you get to your destiny.

Yes, Temporal Tower. You’ll see a Kanghaskan Statue.




You can return to Treasure Town, but if you do it, you’ll have to get through

Hidden Land again WITHOUT Grovyle.


If you decide to return to Treasure Town, buy lots of Reviver Seeds, Berries

and if you have a Brick Break, teach it to any of your Pokemon.


You can also do missions. Once you’re done, talk to Lapras. You can find him

at the beach.





—————–TEMPORAL TOWER——————–



















*Be careful of Porygon. Discharge hurts all your members.


*Ohter than Porygon, it’s a fairly easy dungeon.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 40

Dinasty = 40


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 40

Dinasty = 40

—————-TEMPORAL TOWER———————



Once you get to the Kanghaskan Statue, save your damn game!



—————–TEMPORAL SPIRE——————–











Porygon 2


Porygon Z






*Harder because of the Porygons


*Salemence is hard to defeat.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 41

Dinasty = 40


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 40

Dinasty = 41

—————-TEMPORAL SPIRE———————



When you reach to the Temporal Pinnacle, the sky will be full of thunders. Keep

going until you see a pedestal. There’s a big circular pattern with 5 holes.

Yes, the Time Gears. When your partner is about to insert them, a thunder will

fall and everything will be black. You’ll hear a voice saying you wanna destroy

the Temporal Tower, so you’re going to be pwned.




Primal Dialga’ll appear. He just won’t listen! Wait a second! That Primal Dialga

is not as Dark as the one you saw in the future! There might be a chance!

There’s still hope! Fight! This is… SPARTA!!



7.20.2 Final Boss: Primal Dialga




——————PRIMAL DIALGA———————-


HP: Less than 800




Use fighting moves or Ice moves. If you don’t have Reviver

seeds, I won’t lie… it’s going to be tough. Try using different

seeds on him and use long range attacks. Be careful of

Roar of time, since he can use ti anywhere and it’ll cause

major dmg on your Pokemon. He won’t OHKO you unless it’s

a critical hit.





HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 40

Dinasty = 41


——————-PRIMAL DIALGA———————



When you pwn Dialga, he’ll faint. You guys did it! Now go! Put the Time Gears

in their place!! Done!! Zomg! The tremors won’t stop! Why?!?!?


Where you guys too late? Waaa!! Thunder!!





You’ll wake up with your partner next to you, but where are you? Dialga has the

answer. It’s Temporal Tower. It hasn’t collapsed. You saved it. Dialga’s recover

his reason. Time is running again! Temporal Tower is badly damaged, but it won’t




"The world’s peace has been restored"


You guys did it! It’s time to return to Treasure Town!


::Save Point::


When you’re returning, you’ll feel your body really heavy. You know what is

happening right? Could it be? Your time has arrived? Light’ll start comming out

from your body… yes… your time with your partner… is over… is it?


I won’t mess such an awesome ending. Enjoy!



:::Congrats!! You finished the storyline!!:::




Maybe right now you’re really happy and don’t want to be disturbed…

BUT, my mission here is to inform you that there is a Post-Storyline! Happy?











"As a result of Timatria’s and Dinasty’s heroic actions, the destruction of the

time was stopped and peace returned to the world of Pokemon. Of course,

not everything returned to normal right away. Some Places remained where

time was still out of control, but things were becoming better everywhere.

As for Timatria and Dinasty… They returned to Wigglytuff’s Guild and fell back

into their daily routine of vigorous training.

One morning, several months later…"







Zomg! It’s your graduation day! Congratulations! Of course, you will graduate

if you get through your last mission, which is investigating Luminous Spring,

which is the place where Pokemon once went to Evolve.


But apparently, is not that easy. Loudred failed the exam. LOL!


Ok, what your’re supposed to do is bringing the treasure, but a strong enemy

lives there… and his name is… The Grand Master of All Bad Things!


Go to Treasure Town so you can get ready. When you get there, you’ll meet

Teddiursa and Ursaring. You’ll wonder where are they going, and it turns out

that they are going to Mystifying Forest, which is the dungeon where the

Luminous Spring is located. You warn them saying that in the Mystifying Forest

lives the Grand Master of All Bad Things, but they will reply saying that they

go there and play all the time. That’s weird isn’t it? Well, time to go there.













– Teddiursa

– Raticate

– Metapod

– Nuzleaf

– Stunky

– Munchlax

– Aipom

– Roselia

– Ivysaur

– Flygon

– Grotle

– Nidoran (M)

– Nidoran (F)

– Bidoof

– Bulbasaur

– Scyther

– Rattata

– Kricketot

– Wurmple

– Weepinbell

– Skuntank

– Spearow

– Seedot

– Gulpin

– Torterra






*So many different Pokemons!


*Pretty… Large Dungeon.


* You should be at least level 40.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 40

Dinasty = 40



Level (OUT):


Timatria = 41

Dinasty = 41




After those 18 floors, you’ll get to the Mystifying Forest Clearing. Once you’re

there, you’ll meet with Teddiursa and Ursaring and it looks like they are going

to Luminous Spring too! Yay!


Go with them, BUT DON’T STEP ON THE TRAP!!


You stepped on it right?


You’ll fall into a Dark Place… and you’ll hear a voice.


Holy Sheezcakes! It’s the Grand Master of All Bad Things!! Am I right?


No, I’m wrong… looks like it is Wigglytuff and the whole guild…


How do I know that? Because Bidoof messed it up! Lol!


Even Though you know that Wigglytuff is the one in there, he’ll keep saying he’s

the Grand Master of All Bad Things and the clan members are like his minions.


Time to Battle the Grand Master of All Bad Things!





Wigglytuff’s HP: 800




You will not only fight against Wigglytuff, you’ll fight against ALL

the guild! That means Chatot, Sunflora, Loudred, etc. This can

be pretty hard since you’re only 2 and they are like 6. You may

want to try using an X-Eye Seed against Wigglytuff, since It will

make Wigglytuff start walking around the room, and since he has

no long range attacks, he will be out of the battle for some turns.


Most of the Guild Members will die with 1 attack, but Chatot will

may be a little harder. Be careful of his Fury Attack.


Try to use Fighting Moves against Wigglytuff. Fortunately, WT

doesn’t have strong attacks, so it shouldn’t be THAT hard.





HostleX team:

Level :


Timatria = 41

Dinasty = 41






::Save Point::



Meet with Ursaring and Teddiursa, there will be a box in front of you guys.

Your partner will ask you to use your Dimensional Scream to find out if it’s

dangerous. After using it, you’ll discover that Wigglytuff was the one who

placed it there. Ok, so it’s ok to open it. Try to guess what’s inside. Let’s

see. What’s the 1st thing you think about when I say Wigglytuff? That’s right.

A Perfect Apple! That actually suits Wigglytuff. A light will appear. It’s the

Luminous Spring! Teddiursa goes there and he evolves into a Ursaring. Cool!

Your partner wants to evolve too, but nothing happens because there’s a

distortion of space going on with you and your partner. Soo… both of you guys

can’t evolve. Go back to the guild.


Once you’re back in the Guild, they will deny everything! But Congratz! You’ve

graduated from the guild! You know what’s the best part? They still keep most

of your money! Yay! Oh yea, and there are no more obligated missions.



"The Exploration Team Federation has send a message"


"Timatria’s Team was rewarded with an enlarged Treasure Bag!"


"Also, as start-up for the newly affiliated team, the guild sent Team HostleX a

whooping 10,000 coins."


"Congratulations Team HostleX! You graduated!"



Some Things have changed now you’ve graduated. You can’t use the room of

your guild anymore, so you’ll sleep in Sharpedo Bluff. Try going back to the

guild and you’ll meet Chimecho. He’ll explain you that now you’re in a 1st Rate

Exploration Team, you can choose your own Team Leader, since it always

were you. You can go now to Zero Isle, it’s a pretty tough Dungeon so be

ready if you’re planning to go there.


Ok now, go to the Marohwak Dojo, once there, you’ll feel a tremor. Go inside

the Dojo and you’ll find a new Entrance. Inside it, there’s a warp point that

sends you to the Final Maze, which is not that hard, but it ain’t easy either.


Also, sometimes you visit the Bulleting Board, you’ll see some jobs with

"?????" as location, accept them to have new dungeons available.









There should be a Mr. Mime by the Kecleons Brothers Shop, talk to him. He’ll

explain you that there used to be a great explorer named Scizor. Once he went

to a dungeon located in Blizzard Island, but he never returned. You can now

go to Blizzard Island.




—————–BLIZZARD ISLAND——————–










– Delibird

– Piloswine

– Golduck

– Marill

– Azumarill

– Vigoroth

– Smoochum

– Swablu

– Piplup

– Castform

– Nosepass






*You can try to use a Fire Attack against the Ice Pkmn.


*It may hail sometimes.


*Be careful of traps.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 41

Dinasty = 41



Level (OUT):


Timatria = 43

Dinasty = 43

—————-BLIZZARD ISLAND———————



After completing this dungeon, you will gain access to Crevice Cave.



——————-CREVICE CAVE———————-










– Glaceon

– Golduck

– Vigoroth

– Altaria

– Snovel

– Azumarill

– Slakoth

– Mamoswine

– Piloswine

– Snorunt

– Sneasel

– Piplup







* It may Hail sometimes.


* Mamoswine is HUGE! ;D




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 43

Dinasty = 43



Level (OUT):


Timatria = 43

Dinasty = 44

——————-CREVICE CAVE———————–




Little Room with a Kanghaskan Statue. Use if needed.














– Nosepass

– Empoleon

– Altaria

– Azumarill

– Glaceon

– Mamoswine




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 43

Dinasty = 44



Level (OUT):


Timatria = 44

Dinasty = 44





When you get to the Crevice Cave Pit, you will see Scizor frozen. After that,

you will hear a voice. It’s Frosslass and he was the one who froze Scizor.


Time to Battle!





HP: 760




Oh Come On! You’ve defeated Primal Dialga, you’ve defeated

the entire guild and you can’t beat this Pushover? Oh That’s

impossible! He only has 760 HP so he shouldn’t be tough at all.





HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 44

Dinasty = 44





Once you defeat him, he’ll dissapear and Scizor will be free. Scizor will

remember what happened and he will introduce himself.


Back in Treasure Town, Scizor will thank you guys again. He wants to give

you a reward but he has no coins, but since you guys are an Exploration Team,

he’ll award you with the Secret Rank, he can do that because he is a Honorary

Member of the Pokemon Exploration Team Federation.


W00t! Secret Rank! What is it for? I don’t know but it sounds awesome!!



**Comming Soon**







(S) = Starter

(I) = Item Needed





### – Pokemon – Dungeon / Evolution


001 – Bulbasaur – (S) Mystifying Forest

002 – Ivysaur – Mystifying Forest

003.- Venasaur – Evolve From Ivysaur

004 – Charmander – (S) Dark Crater

005 – Charmeleon – Dark Crater

006 – Charizard – Sky Rift

007 – Squirtle – (S) End Lake

008 – Wartortle – End Lake

009 – Blastoise – End Lake

010 – Caterpie

011 – Metapod – Mystifying Forest

012 – Butterfree

013 – Weedle

014 – Kakuna

015 – Beedrill

016 – Pidgey

017 – Pidgeotto

018 – Pidgeot

019 – Ratatta

020 – Raticate

021 – Spearow

022 – Fearow

023 – Ekans

024 – Arbok

025 – Pikachu

026 – Raichu

027 – Sandshrew

028 – Sandslash

029 – Nidoran(F)

030 – Nidorina

031 – Nidoqueen

032 – Nidoran (M)

033 – Nidorino

034 – Nidoking

035 – Clefairy

036 – Clefable

037 – Vulpix

038 – Ninetales

039 – Jigglypuff

040 – Wigglytuff

041 – Zubat

042 – Golbat

043 – Oddish

044 – Gloom

045 – Villeplume

046 – Paras

047 – Parasect

048 – Venonat

049 – Venomoth

050 – Digglet

051 – Dugtrio

052 – Meowth

053 – Persian

054 – Psyduck

055 – Golduck

056 – Mankey

057 – Primeape

058 – Growlithe

059 – Arcanine

060 – Poliwag

061 – Poliwhirl

062 – Poliwrath

063 – Abra

064 – Kadabra

065 – Alakazam

066 – Machop

067 – Machoke

068 – Machamp

069 – Bellsprout

070 – Weepinbell

071 – Victreebel

072 – Tentacool

073 – Tentacruel

074 – Geodude

075 – Graveler

076 – Golem

077 – Ponyta

078 – Rapidash

079 – Slowpoke

080 – Slowbro

081 – Magnemite

082 – Magneton

083 – Farfetch’d

084 – Doduo

085 – Dodrio

086 – Seel

087 – Dewgong

088 – Grimer

089 – Muk

090 – Shellder

091 – Cloyster

092 – Gastly

093 – Haunter

094 – Gengar

095 – Onix

096 – Drowzee

097 – Hypno

098 – Krabby

099 – Kingler

100 – Voltorb

101 – Electrode

102 – Exeggcute

103 – Exxegutor

104 – Cubone

105 – Marowak

106 – Hitmonlee

107 – Hitmonchan

108 – Lickitung

109 – Koffing

110 – Weezing

111 – Rhyhorn

112 – Rhydon

113 – Chansey

114 – Tangela

115 – Kangaskhan

116 – Horsea

117 – Seadra

118 – Goldeen

119 – Seaking

120 – Staryu

121 – Starmie

122 – Mr. Mime

123 – Scyther

124 – Jynx

125 – Electabuzz

126 – Magmar

127 – Pinsir

128 – Tauros

129 – Magikarp

130 – Gyarados

131 – Lapras

132 – Ditto

133 – Eevee

134 – Vaporeon

135 – Jolteon

136 – Flareon

137 – Porygon

138 – Omanyte

139 – Omastar

140 – Kabuto

141 – Kabutops

142 – Aerodactyl

143 – Snorlax

144 – Articuno

145 – Zapdos

146 – Moltres

147 – Dratini

148 – Dragonair

149 – Dragonite

150 – Mewtwo

151 – Mew







Here I’ll post some Wonder Mails for you to unlock all the Dungeons.


I’ll also post some Wonder Mails for some Items you probably want to adquire

since with them you can have a higher recruitment %.


Notice that I’m getting most of this information from Drayano’s guide. He

was kind enough to let me use the information of his guide. Thanks a lot.


To read Drayano’s Legendary guide visit:












Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Venomoth.

Place: Beach Cave B2F

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: D (15)

Reward: Golden Mask

Wonder Mail:

@ Q Y P S J @ – N – J %

T H 6 = 4 – S K 3 2 C R





Client: Hoothoot

Objective: Prospect with Hoothoot.

Place: Beach Cave B4F

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: D (15)

Reward: ?????? (Information on the reward would be helpful.)

Wonder Mail:

# C 3 W P 4 & X 3 Q 8 6

5 5 2 C & 6 K – 8 P P 5

(Look with Hoothoot for a Mystery Part on B4F.)





Client: Houndoom

Objective: Prospect with Houndoom.

Place: Crevice Cave

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: *5 (500)

Reward: 600 Poke + ?

Wonder Mail:

S = W 7 3 & 8 S 2 C S Q

0 – 7 Y H P 3 + H 2 6 0










Client: Cranidos

Objective: Explore with Cranidos.

Place: ???

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: *5 (500)

Reward: 600 Poke

Wonder Mail:

9 2 M K Q F 2 X M # H Q

9 T # 1 & K J # W 1 K 9




Client: Shroomish

Objective: Explore with Shroomish.

Place: ???

Restrictions: With Poison-type partner

Difficulty: *5 (500)

Reward: TM64 Explosion

Wonder Mail:

X 7 = C J 8 + 3 F R W K

+ 9 1 9 H % 0 9 Y + F +




Client: Magcargo

Objective: Explore with Magcargo.

Place: Shimmer Hill

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: *4 (400)

Reward: ???

Wonder Mail:

M P 5 5 1 0 F 4 2 6 H T

T P 1 S 4 F M F & K S J




Client: Yanma

Objective: Explore with Yanma

Place: Mt. Mistral

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: *5 (500)

Reward: ???

Wonder Mail:

Q & + 2 % 1 C S S 1 X M

W Y – 4 8 T 0 T C 2 0 Y




Each of these Wonder Mails will give you a letter that will tell you to hunt

down a particular item.




Objective: Search for the Icy Flute!

Amount of Floors: 19F / Peak

Wonder Mail:

4 M P = K 9 8 # C T % Y

R @ – – & P 7 % % K 8 6




Objective: Search for the Grass Cornet!

Amount of Floors: 29F / Deep

Wonder Mail:

X % 8 S W Y Y + S – J F

P F H @ @ # # K 5 W 8 K




Objective: Search for the Aqua-Monica!

Amount of Floors: B49F / Depths

Wonder Mail:

F N 0 1 H W N – 0 0 % F

8 6 7 8 + X Y @ & % # 3




Objective: Search for the Earth Cymbal!

Amount of Floors: 9F / Interior

Wonder Mail:

# & S 6 N Y 2 & Y J N =

1 P 5 7 F 0 M N M H 7 Y




Objective: Search for the Sky Melodica!

Amount of Floors: 49F / Apex

Wonder Mail:

H W + 8 6 6 % T 5 S 5 1

+ J 5 Y 4 – K # H @ P –




Objective: Search for the Fiery Drum!

Amount of Floors: 19F / Summit

F H 0 T H Y N H R 0 Q F

8 6 N 8 + S Y @ & % Y N




Objective: Search for the Rock Horn!

Amount of Floors: B29F / Pit

W N W Y J X T K & 5 C 1

4 N 3 – P 4 N M 8 K & C










Q: Where can I talk about any of your guides?

A: www.carlospit.co.nr


Q: Any difference between Explorers of Time and Darkness?

A: I think the Storyline doesn’t changes, but the Pokemons

and their appearance % does.


Q: I always get the same Pokemon! Any help?

A: Have u ever lied? lol. There’s a nice guide in GameFaqs

so you know what to answer to be a certain pokemon.


Q: How many Pkmns can I recruit in this game?

A: Hmm, If I ain’t wrong… 491. I’ll soon release a section named

"You gotta Catch ’em All" where you can see all the locations.


Q: How can I evolve my Pkmn?

A: You can only evolve them after you finish the Storyline, you can

evolve them by going to Luminous Cave.


Q: I’m playing Explorers of Darkness but I can’t recruit Celebi!

A: Your answer is there! You’re playing Explorers of DARKNESS!

Explorers of Darkness allows you to recruit Mewtwo, not Celebi.


Q: I’m playing Explorers of Time but I can’t recruit Mewtwo!

A: … You’re playing Explorers of TIME! This version allows you

to recruit Celebi, not Mewtwo.


Q: Where can I find the latest version of this guide?

A: www.gamefaqs.com


Q: How to unlock Marine Resort?

A: 5 days after Manaphy returns, he will say there’s a place with a lot

of goommies. That’s Marine Resort.


Q: Where can I find Gummies?

A: Blue = Craggy Coast

Anyone = Marine Resort



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Author: Nick2930

I am a 33 year old librarian, part time writer, all time gamer, and what my cousin refers to as an intellectual badasss. Normally I wouldn't brag, but I like that so much I feel compelled to.