Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2- Explorers of Darkness/Time Part 1

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2- Explorers of Darkness/Time




Made by: Carlos Knox (CarlosPit)


WalkThrough and FAQ


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© 2008 Carlos Knox (CarlosPit)


Guide Version 1.20


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Table of Contents:


1.- Legal Info

2.- Version History

3.- Welcome to this FAQ

4.- Allowed Sites/Banned Sites

5.- Introduction to the game

6.- My Game Info

7.- Storyline

~~~~~~7.1 Getting Started

~~~~~~7.2 Chapter 1: Stormy Sea

~~~~~~7.3 Chapter 2: The New Guild Recruits

~~~~~~7.4 Chapter 3: The Scream

~~~~~~~~~7.4.2 Boss Battle: Drowzee

~~~~~~7.5 Chapter 4: Gatekeepers

~~~~~~7.6 Chapter 5: The First Official Exploration

~~~~~~7.7 Chapter 6: Team Skull

~~~~~~7.8 Chapter 8: Groudon’s Heart

~~~~~~7.9 Chapter 9: The mystery of Fogbound Lake

~~~~~~~~~7.9.2 Boss Battle: Groudon?

~~~~~~7.10 Chapter 10: Dusknoir

~~~~~~~~~7.10.2 Boss Battle: Luxray

~~~~~~7.11 Chapter 11: Grovyle the Thief

~~~~~~~~~7.11.2 Boss Battle: Mespirit

~~~~~~7.12 Chapter 12: The only option

~~~~~~~~~7.12.2 Boss Battle: Grovyle

~~~~~~7.13 Chapter 13: Dusknoir’s Secret

~~~~~~7.14 Chapter 14: Into the Future

~~~~~~~~~7.14.2 Boss Battle: Spiritomb

~~~~~~7.15 Chapter 15: The secret of World’s Paralysis

~~~~~~7.16 Chapter 16: A new Dawn

~~~~~~7.17 Chapter 17: The guild’s crew

~~~~~~7.18 Chapter 18: Lapras

~~~~~~~~~7.18.2 Boss Battle: Kabutops + Omastar

~~~~~~7.19 Chapter 19: To the Hidden Land

~~~~~~~~~7.19.2 Boss Battle: Dusknoir

~~~~~~7.20 Final Chapter: The Last Adventure

~~~~~~~~~7.20.2 Final Boss: Primal Dialga

8.- Post-Storyline

~~~~~~8.1 Chapter 21: Finally… Graduation!

~~~~~~~~~8.1.2 Boss Battle: Wigglytuff’s Guild

~~~~~~8.2 Chapter 22: Scizor The Explorer

~~~~~~~~~8.2.2 Boss Battle: Frosslass

9.- Gotta Recruit ‘Em All!

10.- Wonder Mails

11.- FAQ

12.- Help me with the Guide :]

13.- Contact Me!

13.- Special Thanks




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This guide was made by me, Carlos Knox aka CarlosPit. This guide can’t be

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It’s nearly impossible that I deny your request if you follow these rules:


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If you agree with those 3 rules, you can do the following:


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Version 0.00 (5/1/08)

– Bought the game and checked it out.

– Took notes until chapter 2.


Version 0.15 (5/2/08) (18 kb)

– Complete Sections: Legal Info, Welcome to this FAQ, Allowed Sites,

My Game Info.

– Walkthrough From Getting Started until the beggining of Chapter 4.

– Took notes until I killed Groudon.


Version 0.25 (5/3/08) (31 kb)

– Made a Tiny FAQ and I made the Table of Contents look cooler.

– Checked some typos in the Walkthrough

– Worked on Chapter 4 and 5.

– Took notes until the appearance of Dusknoir.


Version 0.30 (5/4/08) (35 kb)

– Typos

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– Added one question to the FAQ

– Worked until Apple Woods. (Sorry for not working that much)


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Version 0.35 (5/6/08) (44 kb)

– Added Special Thanks, One FAQ and Help me with this Guide sections.

– Bigger Table of Contents

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Version 0.40 (5/7/08) (47 kb)

– 5 More Allowed Sites

– Made a correction

– Worked all my way until Fogbound Lake


Version 0.55 (5/12/08) (64 kb)

– Finished the Game

– Took Notes until the appearance of Manaphy

– Worked until Mespirit

– One more FAQ

– Finished the Table of Contents


Version 0.60 (5/14/08) (66 kb)

– Worked Until Chapter 12

– Took Notes until defeating Darkrai

– Added 2 Faqs

– Some typos


Version 0.67 (5/16/08) (70 kb)

– Worked Until Chapter 13

– Finished the Entire Game

– Got Master Rank

– Created my own Forum (Check it out and register)

– Recruited Darkrai (W00t)

– 1 more FAQ

– 1 more allowed site


Version 0.75 (5/17/08) (78 kb)

– Worked until chapter 15

– Worked in my forum


Version 0.80 (5/18/08) (83 kb)

– Worked until chapter 16

– Worked in my forum

– Added 2 FAQs


Version 0.90 (5/19/08) (91 kb)

– Worked until Chapter 19

– Ascii


Version 1.00 (5/22/08) (100 kb)

– Finished the storyline


– Making a new Ascii


Version 1.20 (6/1/08) (118 kb)

– Introduction to the Game.

– Wonder Mail Section Completed.

– Started the "Gotta Recruit ’em All" Section

– Worked until Chapter 22








Hi guys! Let me introduce myself first. I’m Carlos Knox but mynickname is

CarlosPit. I’m 15 and I live in Peru (That’s why you may find some

grammar mistakes in this guide). I’m a huge Pokemon Fan. I’ve played

both Pokemon D/P and Mystery Dungeon Series. I love both of them.

Since I enjoyed Blue Rescue Team a lot, I decided to buy this one.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness. And, since there are

no "Step by Step" guides, I decided to make one. In this one, you’ll find

what to do in each part of the game. So, please enjoy this walkthrough!


Please, this is the First Time I’m going through the game, so be patient

with me and with the updates, because while I play I have to take notes,

so it takes long. But don’t worry, I’ll give my 100%.








Allowed Sites:













Banned Sites:








Now I’m done with the Storyline, I’ll make this section.


If you have played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue/Red Rescue Team, you’ll

know the main problem. YOU ARE A POKEMON! Zomg how can this be? There

must be a reason. Maybe you have a mission in this Pkmn world? Maybe you’re

like a God? Maybe you just had amnesia. Who knows? But in this new Pokemon

World, everything is new to you. You don’t know a single thing about this. You

will also start noticing that your feelings are more like a Pokemon’s one.


Intrigued? Then go buy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Darkness/Time








Main Pokemon———————Chimchar (Timatria)

Partner—————————Piplup (Dinasty)

Exploration Team Name————HostleX

Game Version——————–Explorers of Darkness

Favorite Character—————-Wigglytuff

When did I buy it?—————–May 1st







*Note: Instead of Saying "The Hero" I’ll say YOU, cause in this

game you’re the hero.*



7.1 Getting Started



Turn on your Nintendo DS and choose New Game. Then you’ll have

to answer a questionaire, this will determine your personality. You’ll

also be asked to put your finger on the screen so they can detect

your aura. Put either the tip of your finger or the stylus for about

10 seconds and then stop. A Pokemon will be assigned according

to your personality. If you don’t like what you got, there’s a nice

guide in GameFaqs about Starter Pokemons. Anyway, back to MY

guide, when you’re happy with what you got as Starter, you’ll need

to choose a Partner. This Pokemon will help you during the story.

Remember that you can’t have two pokemons of the same type.

IE: You can’t be a Charmander and have Chimchar as your partner,

since both of them are fire types. I chose Chimchar as Starter and

Piplup as partner. But it’s up to you.







On the screen you’ll see someone talking, suddenly the screen

will turn white. When you have vision again, you’ll see a rock that

looks like a sharpedo. Then you’ll see a quiet beach. Conclusion:

you’ll see pictures. Finally, when you stop watching images, you’ll

see your Main Pokemon at the shore of the beach. He can’t even

get up. After that, you’ll see your Partner in front of a building.

He’ll say something about being brave, and stand on a grate, but

immediately step off. He’s afraid of it for some reason. He feels

dissapointed because he even had his personal treasure to give

him courage. He’s so dissapointed he leaves to his relax spot.

What your partner didn’t know, was that Zubat and Koffing were

listening to everything he was saying and they heard about his

personal treasure and they decide to get it.


Again, you’ll see some images. A beautiful beach and lots of

bubbles, these are produced by Krabbies. Your partner

appears and says the reason why the Krabbies appeared,

which I can’t remember at the moment ’cause I pressed A

before I took note.


Your partner then realized there was something weird by

the other side of the shore. When he goes to check, he found

you! He asks if you’re ok but you don’t reply. You finally get up

and your partner feels relieved. You ask yourself where are

you, but you don’t remember at all what happened. Your partner

will introduce himself. He asks for your name. That’s when you

have to choose a nickname. I reccomend using a nickname

because I don’t think it would be nice if there existed a

Pokemon with your name. I chose Timatria. You will also say

that you’re not a Pokemon! You’re a human! When you tell this

to your partner he thinks you’re a liar but later he thinks you’re

saying the truth and he feels sorry for doubting. He also says

that the Bad Pokemon number has increased lately. Suddenly,

Zubat and Koffing hit your partner and his treasure fell in the

ground.They pick it up and say your partner is way too

coward to make a move and they take off. That treasure

means everything to your partner so he wants it back and he

asks you for help. Accept to his request and you’ll head to

your first dungeon of Explorers of Darkness.



———–BEACH CAVE————–




4 (3 + Beach Cave Pit)




Client: Partner















*Easiest Dungeon In-Game

*Wonder Tile: Heal Stat Changes

*You can only carry 1 item

*Kill 6+ foes = Level Up

*Foes HP = Less than 20






Zubat + Koffing


Location: Beach Cave Pit


Strategy: It’s fairly easy, just use

attacks that inflict damage. You

probably only have one attack that

inflicts dmg (Pound, Scratch, etc).




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 5

Dinasty = 5


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 6

Dinasty = 6


————BEACH CAVE—————-



When you reach Beach Cave Pit, you’ll meet Zubat and Koffing.

They’ll keep calling your partner a coward. They intend to sell

it. Want it back? Fight for it! After u beat them, they will return

the treasure and run away. Your Partner will say thanks and you

guys will return to the beach.


Once you’re there, your partner will explain you about the

treasure he has. It’s called Relic Fragment. He gives a LOT of

information, so enjoy…


He also tells you that he always wanted to be in an exploration

team. He tried joining one, but he chickened out. He asks you

what are you going to do. Let’s see, you’re a human in a Pkmn

body… what are you supposed to do? Maybe a picnic? NO!

You have no idea what to do! So, your Partner asks you if you

want to form and exploration team with him. He has a lot of

confidence. He’s sure that team would pwn. If you decline,

he will beg you. So just accept. As a matter of fact you only

accept because you want to know why did you become a

pokemon. Your partner says you gus have to go with

Wigglytuff to sign up as exploration team. Training will be

tough… But do your best!!



"And so, Dinasty and Timatria formed and Exploration Team.

This turned out to be their very first step into many fantastic

realms of adventure that await their arrival"







Starring: YOU


:::Save Point:::







You’ll see Wigglytuff’s guild as soon as you can see

again. You must register there to have an Exploration Team.

You gotta train until you become First Rate Explorers. Your

Partner starts chickening out again, but he decides to be

brave ´cause you’re next to him now. He steps on the Grate

and his footprints get scanned. He’s still afraid, but he’s

allowed to go in.


"Partner must step on the grave too"




"That’s you idiot!"


Uh… ok! Step on the grate, but they won’t be able to

be sure about which pokemon are you. But who cares…

come on in! There’s a hatch leading underground. You go

down. Woah! So many Pokemons!! It’s Wigglytuff’s guild!

You’ll see a Chatot appear. He’s Wigglytuff’s right hand.

He thinks you guys are salespersons. Your partner will

clarify that you want to become an Exploration Team.

He finds it weird ’cause usually young pokemons do not

tend to make an Exploration Team because the training is

tough… but I DON’T KNOW WHY… he changed his mind…

and said training is a piece of cake. Oh well, who cares.

You’re about to meet the GuildMaster! Be Nice! Always

say Please and Thanks!!


You’ll meet Wigglytuff and asks you the name you want

for your Exploration Team. I chose HostleX ´cause… it

sounds kewl. W/e you choose, it’s going to be a good

name for your partner. REMEMBER that the word TEAM

is automatically put before your name, so don’t make the

silly mistake to choose "FlameTeam" as your team’s

name because it would be "Team FlameTeam". Ohhh,

Blue Rescue Team Memories…


Back to Explorers of Darkness… Once you say the

name you want, your team will now be OFFICIAL!

Yay! Now you will receive your Pkmn Exploration Team

Kit which contains:


-Explorer Badge: Team ID

-Wonder Map: Just a Map, they added the word Wonder

-Treasure Bag: It’s the Bag where you carry the items

you get in dungeons. 16 Items max atm.


Inside your Treasure Bag you’ll find a rare item

and a *Color* Bow which are pretty kewl items.



CarlosPit Note: *Color* is decided depending on your

aura color. Thanks Mipe for the correction.


Now you’re an official apprentice, you gotta train your ass off.

After that, Chatot will show you guys your room and your … wait

…there’s gotta be a mistake… WHAT? Those are our beds?!?!?!?

What are we chickens? (Sorry Torchic). Oh well, as long as you’re

are inside the guild.


While you’re trying to sleep, your partner will start talking… a LOT.

He says how cool it is that you guys are already in the guild bla

bla bla. But you start wondering why did you become a Pkmn and

what the hell you’re doing there. You’re too tired to think about it.


::Save Point::


TIP: From now on, you can save your game by climbing on your




Next Morning, an annoying voice will FORCE you to get up. It’s

Loudred (Yesh, indeed. He’s loud) Loudred say you guys better get

up ’cause Wigglytuff (From now on we’ll call him WT), may sound

cool, but he can get mad. And, oh man, we don’t want that right? So

you better hurry! After that you’ll see like an assembly. After that

the apprentices will start singing a tacky song. Now it’s time to work!


As soon as you try to go somewhere, Chatot will talk to you. And you

will follow wherever he goes. He’ll head to the Bulletin Board. He’ll

talk about the evil pokemons that are appearing in the world apparently

’cause the time got whacked. That also caused a mass outbreak of

mystery dungeons. Your partner will explain you what the Mystery

Dungeons are. When he stops talking, Chatot will look for an easy job

for you.


Your first job is rescuing a pearl that belongs to Spoink. Your partner

will think that it is way too lame, he wants to go for treasures. But do

you think WT cares? No. You gotta go ’cause you’re a rookie.








7 Floors




Client: Spoink















*Ancient Pkmns are found here.

*You’ll get several tips while you’re here.

*Good place to get a pair of lvls.

*Gather some items.

*Foes HP: 25-35




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 6

Dinasty = 6


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 8

Dinasty = 8





When you reach the seventh floor, you’ll see the pearl and get it. Somehow,

you’re back in WT’s guild again and have Chatot in front of you. Spoink will

be very thankful and give you:





-3000 Coins


Wow! 3000 Coins! Unfortunately, you won’t get them! That’s right! ALL THE

MONEY goes to Wigglytuff. That big fat bastard… Well, let’s be fair. You

can keep 200 coins… yay…


Then you’ll see Chimecho announcing that the dinner’s ready and you’ll see

a lot of munch munch munch…


Again, when your trying to sleep, your partner will start talking alone. He’ll

say how cool it was when you got thanked by Spoink and then he’ll finally

fall asleep.









Next Morning… Loudred Again


::Save Point::


Routine: Go out of the room! Sing the Tacky Song! Work time!


Talk to Chatot and he will ask you guys to follow him. You guys will go to

the bulletin board, but this time he heads to the Outlaw’s Board. That

means Bad Pokemons who are wanted. Before he assigns you a mission,

Chatot will call Bidoof so he can give you guys a tour for you guys to know



Bidoof will explain you everything about the Guild Room and the Treasure

Town, but everything is even better explained in your Instruction Booklet.

I will not cover this part. C’mon just read your Instruction Booklet… u lazy



Bidoof says he will be waiting you guys by the Outlaw Board. Before that,

head to Kecleon’s Brothers Shop. Talk to him and then close it. Don’t buy.

Marill Team (Azurill+Marill) will appear and buy an apple. Kecleon will tell

you guys that their mother is sick. Immediately after that, Azurill appears

again saying he found an extra apple in his bag and he can’t afford it, but

Kecleon is one nice Pokemon so he let Azurill keep it for free, but when

Azurill is leaving he fall down and the extra apple too. You pick it up, but

when you return it, you have a terrible headache. And you hear Azurill



" H – h – h… HELP!!"


Unfortunately, you were the only one who listened it and Azurill was right

in front of you, so you probably were daydreaming. Of course, you’re

prolly sleepy since Loudred woke you up so damn early right?


When Azurill leaves, follow him and you’ll see the Marill Team talking with

a Drowzee that looks pretty cool and nice. Marill Team will explain you

that they’ve lost an important item for them and Drowzee’s going to help

them find it. Cool!


But when they are going to the montains to look for the item, Drowzee

bumped with you and you had another vision…



Drowzee: "Talking won’t help you… you’re going to get hurt now!"

Azurill: "H… help!!"


You tell your partner what you saw, but he convinces you that you

probably were daydreaming again, since that Drowzee looked like a

really kewl pokemon.


What now? Oh yea… Bidoof… Zomg poor bidoof! He’s still waiting! xD

Hurry! To the Outlaw Board!!


When you get to the Outlaw Board, Bidoof will ask you what kind of

Outlaw you want. Your partner, showing how brave he is, asks for

one that is not too scary…


When Bidoof is about to choose one… the Outlaw Board flips, that

means it’s updating, so you’ll have to wait a little bit. He’ll explain that

updating the board is Dugtrio’s job and even though is not noticed,

it’s really important. When the update is over, your partner starts

shivering out of nowhere… You know why? Do you? No Idea? Could it

be? YES!! Drowzee! Outlaw!! Meanie!! Without thinking, you guys will

run to save Azurill. When you’re heading to the mountains, you’ll meet

with Marill., which is afraid because he got lost while they were exploring

the mountains. He started calling Drowzee’s and Azurill’s names, but he

got no reply. He’ll show you where was the last time he saw them, so,

are you ready? I hope you are ‘casue it is rescue time!!!






———————MT. BRISTLE————————




7 Floors















*Be level 7/8 when you go in

*Be careful with quick attack

*I was level 9 and my partner got pwned,

so check your partner too!

*Foes HP: No more than 45








HP: No more than 100




If you have any seed that inflicts paralysis or

make the foe sleep, USE IT! It would be really

helpful! When he’s asleep, use ONLY attacks

that inflict damage. Make sure your partner

too. If you follow this strategy, Drowzee’ll

be gone before you can say Carlos Knox!




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 8/9

Dinasty = 8/9


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 10

Dinasty = 10


——————–MT. BRISTLE————————-



Drowzee will be very shocked when he see you guys, but your partner

will start shivering so he realized he’s afraid. He has no idea you guys

kick his ass! He has no idea you guys are reading MY walkthrough! Ha!



When Drowzee’s pwned, you’ll talk to Azurill to make sure he is fine. He is.

When you’re returning home, you’ll meet Magnezone Team (Magnezone +

2 Magnemite). Magnezone is like the sheriff of that zone and the

magnemites are holding Drowzee so he won’t escape. They’ll be very

thankful and they’ll say that the money will be sent to your Guild. Sniff,

Bye Bye Money! When the Magnezone Team is gone, Marill Team will

say thanks and give a big bug *Sniff Sniff* Love happy endings!



"Exploration Team Federation has sent a message…

Timatria’s Team was awarded with an enlarged Treasure Bag!"



You’ll appear in the guild (How?) and Chatot will inform you guys that

he received the money, 3000 Coins, but WT’s part is 2700…


So… 3000-27000= 300… Yay?


But… how come you were able to predict what was going to happen?

Are you an Alakazam? Weird…


It’s dark outside and you wanna sleep, but your talkative partner will

start talking about the storm. Then he will ask you if you remember

something before you were a Pokemon, but you don’t. He thinks there’s

some kind of relation between your dream and you (Duh)


Then he’ll start talking about Time Gears. These are hidden in forests,

underground caverns and even Volcanoes! They have an important

function, which is protect time and keep time flowing properly in it’s

region. If one of this is taken away, time would probably stop running

in that zone.


You’ll see a new image, a Pokemon, you know which one is it?

Yup, Grovile (I don’t know if it’s always Grovile) and looks like he is

going to steal a Time Gear! Was he able to steal it? We don’t know…


::Save Point::


Wake Up, Routine, Hooray! Chatot will assign you a job. Go

downstairs and check the Job/Outlaw Bulletin. Choose any job, I’m

pretty sure the ones I get are not the same ones you get, but still,

I’ll post the ones I did and if I had any difficulties.


*Reccomendation: Stay with Level C missions atm*


*When I post 3 Missions, that means that in no more than 3 days

you’ll be able to go on with the storyline."


Outlaw Hunt 1:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Spinarak

Spinarak’s HP: Less than 150

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 6

Reward: 200 Coins

Explorer Points: 20



Outlaw Hunt 2:


Client: Chingling

Objective: Pwn Shellder

Shellder’s HP: Less than 160

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 4

Reward: 200 Coins + Red Gummi

Explorer Points: 20



Outlaw Hunt 3:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Pwn Shellos

Shellos’ HP: Less than 155

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 5

Reward: 200 Coins + Gold Gummi

Explorer Points: 20









After sleeping and doing the rutine, Loudred will call you two guys, then

Digglet ask you guys if you can do his Sentry Duty because he gotta help

Dugtrio in his updating job. You obviously accept. The game is fairly easy,

you get to see the footprint of a Pokemon in the upper screen of your DS.

In the other screen you’ll have 4 options and you gotta decide from which

Pokemon those footprints belong. Consider it a Mini-Game ’cause if you

don’t do it ok, it’s not important during the storyline. Still, try to do it ok

because you can get nice items if you have more than 5k of score.


More Info: Page 33 of your Instruction Booklet


Sentry Duty #1…. Score: 4570


Reward: 100 Coins and 1 Protein


After one tough day of Sentry Duty, you’ll go to eat and then sleep.


… Loudred


::Save Point::


After doing the "Hooray!", Chatot will ask you to do look for a Job in

the Outlaw Board or Recovery/Escort Board.



Outlaw Hunt 4:


Client: Lileep

Objective: Pwn Geodude (Tough One)

Geodude’s HP: Less than 200

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 3

Reward: 200 Coins + Reviver Seed

Explorer Points: 20



Outlaw Hunt 5:


Client: Geodude

Objective: Pwn Kabuto

Kabuto’s HP: Less than 195

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 5

Reward: 200 Coins + Sky Gummi

Explorer Points: 20



By this time, you obviously have Bronze Rank already. What’s good with this?

You can now have up to 96 items in you Storage. Yay.






After you get up, Chatot will make an announcement for all the guild. He’ll say

that in a place named Treeshroud Forest, a Time Gear has been stolen. Chatot

says that Magnezone has started the investigations because if one was stolen,

than means many Time Gears can be stolen. Everyone seems worried about it.

When all of them go to work, Chatot will assign you two guys your first official

exploration. Apparently there’s a waterfall nearby and he wants you to explore

it. Yay! No time to lose! Well, we can make an exception for Chimecho. He’ll

call you when you go downstairs. He’ll explain you that he has started an

assembly, which means you can now recruit other Pokemon! So, your

Exploration Team will be bigger and bigger! How does this works? When you

defeat Pokemons, some of them will respect you and, therefore, will want to

join your Exploration Team. You can either accept them or refuse to their

request. He’ll explain you the basics, even though I already did.


Also, if you go to Treasure Town, you’ll see that Marowak’s Dojo is now open!

Let’s go take a look! Awww, Marowak has no clients at all… But YAY! Since

you guys were his first clients, he will let you guys get in for free. Marowak

will explain you that when you enter to his Practice Dungeons, you’ll lose all

the items that were in your inventory, so you should probably store them

before you train. Coins are safe tho.


Anyway… Let’s head to Waterfall! Prepare your inventory. When you go there

you’ll see a big waterfall in front of you. It’s soo strong you can’t even stand

close to it. Your partner tells you to try it but the waterfall is a strong one

so you get pushed by it. After that, you have a vision. According to your

vision, if you jump towards the waterfall, you can trespass it and get

to a hidden cave. Your partner trusts you, and there you go! Zomg!!!

It was true! You get to a totally new Dungeon! Welcome to Waterfall Cave!



——————WATERFALL CAVE———————




8 Floors + Gem Zone




















*I recruited a Lvl 10 Tangela when I was there

*Try not to use Fire-Attacks ’cause they are

not effective at all (Except Tangela).




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 13

Dinasty = 13


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 13

Dinasty = 13

Tangela = 11


—————–WATERFALL CAVE———————-



When you get to the Gem Zone (Name invented by me!), you’ll see a giant

gem stucked in the wall. Your partner thinks that if you guys take it, it would

be awesome. He tries to get it but he can’t because it’s REALLY stucked.

Your partner says you should give it a shot. You’ll try to, but you have no

success. After trying, you have ANOTHER vision. A Pokemon trying to get

the gem but when the gem started moving, a giant wave came. As soon as

you finish having your vision you’ll see your partner saying "Hey! It’s moving"

… Damn it. A Huge wave is coming! You try to escape, but your legs are

way too short, so the wave got you guys, but hey… at least now you

know how it feels to fly. You’ll land in a place called Hot Springs. These hot

waters are good for you to recover yout tired muscles and creaky joins.

Torkoal will show you were is Hot Springs located in the Wonder Map.

You guys decide to stay there so you can recover.


::Save Point::


Back in the guild, you will explain what happened in the Waterfalls. Chatot

considers it a MAJOR, HUGE discovery! You should be happy, but you’re

not, because you’re still thinking in the vision you had. The shape of that

Pokemon looked familiar… Yes… No doubt about it.. WIGGLYTUFF!

You tell your partner that you had a vision where WT intended to take

the gem. Your partner tells the same to Chatot and he thinks that has no

sense at all Still, he decided to ask WT about it, even though he has no

idea why would some rookies accept they were not the ones who

discovered the dungeon. Oh well, immediately Chatot will say that,

indeed, WT had already been there. Actually, WT said something like:

"Yes, I think so… YOOOMTAH!!!!". We guess he tried to say yes.


Time to sleep… or not? You’re trying to sleep but your comprehensive

partner will start talking. He says that his dream is to solve the mistery

of his Relic Fragment. He also realizes that every time you had a vision,

is because you touched it. But hey, it’s true! Drowzee, the Waterfall, the

Gem. Here’s something tricky. You saw the future in Drowzee’s case, but

you saw the past in the Waterfall/Gem one. Weird huh? When you finally

are about to sleep, Chatot will show up saying Wigglytuff wants to talk

with you and your partner. Wigglytuff will tell you and your partner that he

plans to make an expedition soon. Usually, rookies are not even

considered in this expeditions, but you guys have done an awesome job,

so they decide to take you guys in consideration. But, beware! You’re

still not in the expedition. You guys are candidates… so work your asses

off the next few weeks.







Next Morning. Loudred.


::Save Point::


Chatot will inform all the guild that there’s going to be the Lake Expedition.

Everyone seems happy. Haha! Suckers! You guys already know 🙂

Well, it’s work time. So, let’s check the Bulletin Board.


Whn you go to the Job Board area, you’ll see Koffing and Zubat. They are

an exploration team… Team Skull! They wonder what the hell are you guys

doing there, so you tell him you are a Exploration Team too. They want to

talk alone with your partner. They keep telling your partner that he’s a

coward, but he tells them that they are here to train. Koffing and Zubat call

their chief, Skuntank. That’s right! Zubat + Koffing + Skuntank = Skull Team.

Skuntank uses a weird attack (Let’s call it the Stunky Attack), after making

all the place suck, they leave. W/e they suck! Haha! Got it? They used an

attack that sucked, so they suck! Haha! I’m funny?


Anyway, let’s continue. Job Time.

Outlaw Hunt 6:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Kabuto

Spinarak’s HP: Less than 225

Dungeon: Mt. Bristle

Floor: ?

Reward: 200 Coins

Explorer Points: 20-30



Next Morning, Loudred.


::Save Point::


Hooray! Ok, are we done? Yay! Guess What? SENTRY DUTY! YAY!


Sentry Duty #2: 3600 Points (I let my Little Cousin do it)

So no reward… Boo


Again, you’ll go sleep. Next morning Loudred will wake you up.


::Save Point::


Chatot will announce that there are new allies in the guild. Guess who are

they? Yesh… Team Skull. Theyll live with you guys for a few days until

the expedition. After introducing theirselves, they will leave, but all the

room starts smelling bad. It’s a new day of work! But you guys give a

lame hooray. Wigglytuff seems sad… oh no… COVER YOUR EARS!!!

C’mon guys! Make a good Hooray!!



Outlaw Hunt 7:


Client: Geodude

Objective: Pwn Lileep

Lileep’s HP: Less than 160

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 6

Reward: Special Band

Explorer Points: 20



After doing a mission, you’ll see a little conversation. It’s Team Skull,

they are trying to eat ALL the food! Noes!)


Next Morning… Loudred…


::Save Point::


Hooray! Ok guys, your mission today is: Gather some Perfect Apples.

Why is that? Because for a "Weird" reason, all the Perfect Apples that

were in the Kitchen dissapeared. So you guys must go to Apple Woods.



——————APPLE WOODS———————




12 + Deep Apple Woods






















*I recruited a Weedle and a Hoppip

*Use fire attacks. They pwn anything in this dungeon.

*Flying Attacks (Peck, Wing Attack) are also cool.

*Team Skull followed you.

*You can find Perfect Apples in Deep Apple Woods




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 13

Dinasty = 13

Starly = 9


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 14

Dinasty = 14

Starly = 11

Leafterz = 12

—————–APPLE WOODS———————-



When you get to Deep Apple Woods, you’ll see a big tree with apples.

You can’t get them. Team Skull will arrive, don’t worry, there won’t be

a Boss Battle. Skuntank will use a tackle against the tree so the Perfect

Apples will drop. They will get them. Koffing and Skuntank will use a

Double Skunty Attack. Gosh! You kinda faint. When you get up, Team

Skull will be gone and so will the Perfect Apples. You have nothing else

to do there. Just return home.


When you inform Chatot that you couldn’t get the Perfect Apples, he

will get crazy and won’t listen to your partner’s explications. You 2

guys are going bed without dinner! But that’s not all, you’ll go with Chatot

to inform Wigglytuff that there are no more Perfect Apples for him. Gulp.


Some seconds later, you’ll be in Wigglytuff’s office, of course, he’s



CarlosPit Note: I gotta admit, I didn’t like Wigglytuff when I started the

game, but he’s probably my favorite character now! He’s kewl!



Ok… back to your Epic Story, Chatot will inform Wigglytuff that you guys

didn’t get any Perfect Apples. Wigglytuff won’t be mad at all, since he

thinks there are some more Perfect Apples in the kitchen…

Uhh, when Chatot tells him that, as a matter of fact, there are no more

Perfect Apples at all… Oh no… Oh no… COVER YOUR EARS!!!

Fast!! Zomg… Guess who’s comming to the rescue? That’s right.

Team Skull! Ugh… They will give a Perfect Apple to Wigglytuff,

and you can’t imagine how happy he looks. He’s soo happy, but you

guys are mad! Wigglytuff now consider Team Skull as childhood friends.

You guys are sent to your room. You wonder why did Team Skull

help you by giving Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple? Well, they don’t care

a tiny rat’s ass about you… they want to earn Wigglytuff’s trust so they

can go to the expedition and then kick your ass.


Next Morning… Loudred again.


::Save Point::


Chatot will announce that the expedition members will soon be known.

So everyone will work a lot. It’s working time! When everyone leaves,

Chatot will want to talk with you and your partner. He explains you two

that’s going to be nearly impossible for you guys to be in the expedition.

The reason? You failed a very important mission yesterday, so just don’t

get your hopes up.


When Chatot tells you to go to work, you’ll hear Bidoof calling you. he’ll

tell you to go to you "room". When you are there, you’ll see Bidoof,

Sunflora and Chimecho. What’s going on? They have 2 apples for you!

Yay!! Finally some food, you guys were starving!


After eating those delicious apples, go outside and Croagunk will call

you saying that his shop is now open. For more Info check your

Instruction booklet.


So… it’s working time!



Outlaw Hunt 8:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Gloom

Spinarak’s HP: Less than 175

Dungeon: Waterfall Cave

Floor: 5

Reward: Overheat

Explorer Points: 30



Dinner Time!


Next Morning, Loudrer as usual…


::Save Point::


Hooray! Job Time? Noes!! It’s Sentry Duty time :D!



Sentry Duty #3…. Score: 7745


Reward: 400 Coins + Pecha Scarf + Reviver Seed + Max Elixir



Munch Crunch Munch Crunch Munch Crunch Munch Crunch


After a good dinner, a good nap. Next Morning…




::Save Point::


Ugh, Bulletin Time



Outlaw Hunt 9:


Client: Surskit

Objective: Arrest Nidorino

Nidorino’s HP: Less than 220

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 3

Reward: 200 Coins + Gravelerock

Explorer Points: 20



Outlaw Hunt 10:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Pwn Shellder

Nidorino’s HP: Less than 170

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 4

Reward: 200 Coins + Gravelerock

Explorer Points: 20



Outlaw Hunt 11:


Client: Tangela

Objective: Pwn Anorith

Nidorino’s HP: Less than 150

Dungeon: Drenched Bluff

Floor: 5

Reward: 200 Coins + Max Elixir

Explorer Points: 20



After a lot of work, it’s finally Dinner Time! Before you start eating, Chatot

has an announcement… The expedition members will be announced tomorrow.

The moment has finally come, how do they expect you guys to sleep with all

the anxiety?


You’re such a good pal that you’d rather your partner to be chosen instead of

you, since you know he has given his 110%. You’ll see another image,

Grovyle stealing another Time Gear.


Next Morning, Loudred…


::Save Point::


The moment of truth… So… the chosen ones are:


-Team Skull









-Your Partner




That’s right… ALL the guild is going. Isn’t that great? Oh well, Wigglytuff

seems to love it. It’s time to get ready! Buy Reviver Seeds, Max Elixirs,

Sleep Seeds, Big Apples, etc. You can’t bring recruited members, so don’t

waste your time trying to bring someone. Store your coins with Duskull so

you don’t lose them.



"The Exploration Team Federation has sent a Message


Timatria’s team was rewarded with a bigger treasure bag"



Once you’re all set, talk to Chatot.


Objective: Exploration of Fogbound Lake


Since you’re such a big group, Chatot decides to separate you guys by groups.


Group 1: Wigglytuff and Chatot

Group 2: Sunflora, Digglet, Loudred and Croagunk

Group 3: Dugtrio, Chimecho and Corpish

Group 4: Team Skull

Group 5: Your Partner, Bidoof and You.


Anyone unhappy with the groups? Yesh, Wigglytuff! LOL! He says it’s kinda

boring being with Chatot.


CarlosPit note: Wouldn’t it be awesome having WT in your group? I’d love

to know in which level WT is.




::Save Point::


You’ll be in the beggining of a cave. You’ll see a Kanghaskan Statue, if you

want to, you can use it to Save your Game or you can use it as storage.


When you enter to the cave, your partner will say that you have two choices.


Option 1: Craggy Coast

Option 2: Missing Data (Didn’t take note)


Thing is like this, each time you have to choose between 2 options, you can

either train or keep going with the storyline. The first one is used to continue

with the storyline and the second one is the one used to train and gather

some items you missed.




——————CRAGGY COAST———————




10 Floors
















*Bidoof won’t earn Exp. Points.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 14

Dinasty = 14

Bidoof = 14


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 14

Dinasty = 15

Bidoof = 14


—————–CRAGGY COAST———————-




Since your plan is not to go directly to the cave, but to meet in the base

camp, your partner will decide to rest there.


Next Morning


Kanghaskan Statue, Save Point.



Again you’ll have 2 options…


Option 1: Mt. Horn

Option 2: Rock Path


Just like I said before, go to Rock Path if you feel like training and go to

Mt. Horn if you want to continue with the storyline.



——————MT. HORN———————




14/15 Floors


















*Aerodactyl will be a pain in the ass. He’s tough.


*If you have a Fire Pkmn, you’ll pwn.





HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 14

Dinasty = 15

Bidoof = 16


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 15

Dinasty = 15

Bidoof = 16


—————–MT. HORN———————-








You’ll reach to the Base Camp. You think you were fast? No! You guys are

the last ones! Boo! You find that place extremely familiar, but there’s no

time to lose… You must continue with the expedition. When everyone gathers,

Chimecho will tell a legend he heard about Fogbound Lake. It is said that

Fogbound Lake is the home of Uxie, one member of the Legendary Trio. Chimecho

explained that Uxie tries to keep this place as a secret by cleaning their

visitors memories. Uhh… wait a second…


You? Familiar with the place? Erase Memories? Maybe… who knows…



Fogbound Lake Missions:


* Find a way to elminate the fog that is everywhere.

* Find Fogbound Lake


When everyone leaves, you have two options.


– Foggy Forest (Continue with the storyline)

– Forest Path (Level and gather some items)


Whatever you choose, your find is going to find a weird shiny orb. It’s red.

What is it? Hmmm, who cares, maybe it’s good money!



CarlosPit Note: Forest Path has 6 Floors, where you can find; Linoone,

Houndour, Dunsparce, etc.




——————FOGGY FOREST———————




11 Floors + Pond





















*The dungeon will have a Foggy Weather, which

means your hit % will decrease, so don’t get

frustrated if you miss several hits.


*You can’t recruit in this dungeon if it’s

your first time.


*Bidoof will be gone





HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 15

Dinasty = 15


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 15

Dinasty = 15


—————–FOGGY FOREST———————-



When you reach the pond, you’ll meet Corpish. Even though none of you have

found a way to eliminate the fog, Corpish has found a statue of Groudon,

the Continent Pokemon. It has an scription. It says that igning life to the

statue will show the path to the treasure. Since you guys have no clue what

does that means, your partner will ask you to touch the statue, for you to

have a vision. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?


"It’s here! It’s here!"


"Place the Drought Stone in groudon’s heart"


"That lifts the fog"


"Very well done! Good Job Partner!"


This time you didn’t see anything, you only heard voices. But, Drought Stone?

Could it be possible? Maybe… the red stone your partner found earlier?

When your partner inserts the Red Stone in the little hole the Groudon Statue

had in his heart, the fog will dissapear and you’re now able to see clearly.

Corpish is planning to tell everyone you guys solved the puzzle, so he leaves.

Suddenly, the bad guys of the movie will show up. Yep, Team Skull. They are

planning to pwn you guys but suddenly my favorite character arrives! That’s

right! Wigglytuff chasing his perfect apple! Obviously, Team Skull won’t

attack you guys. Wigglytuff will tell you two to go find out more about

Fogbound lake. You’ll leave and you’ll see Team Skull preparing an attack

to hurt Wiglytuff! Noess!








Save the Game. After entering to the cave, you’ll see a little movie where

you see Wigglytuff receiving Skuntank and Koffing’s "Stunky Attack" Sniff,

poor Wigglytuff…



——————STEAM CAVE——————




8 Floors


















*I think it had foggy weather.


*As you may’ve seen, most of the Pkmns here are

fire type, so a water type is perfect for this occasion.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 15

Dinasty = 15


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 16

Dinasty = 16


—————–STEAM CAVE——————-



You’ll then face a Kanghaskan Statue, so save your game in case you

get pwned.


Keep on going, you’re close.




——————UPPER STEAM CAVE———————




7 + Steam Cave Peak














HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 16

Dinasty = 16


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 16

Dinasty = 16


—————–UPPER STEAM CAVE———————-



Once you get to the peak, you’ll listen to a mighty roar.




Then you’ll see a little movie of your guild and Wigglytuff looking the

Groudon Statue. Uh wait, Wigglytuff? Yay! He’s fine! You’ll also see

Team Skull, they got pwned by Wigglytuff.


Once the movie is over, you’ll see yourself again. Oh yea, you’ll also

see Groudon, the Continent Pokemon. Guess what? He will challenge

you to a battle! Yay! Boss Battle!!



7.9.2 Boss Battle: Groudon?






HP: Missing Data



CarlosPit Note: The (?) after groudon is not a typo.




I noticed something weird about this Groudon. He didn’t use

a single fire attack during my battle. I also noticed something

weird about the turns.




it’s more like…




You’ll receive some dmg after you attack Groudon. As I already

said, you and your partner will be able to attack twice before he

makes a move, so that’s one BIG Adventage.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 8/9

Dinasty = 8/9





Once you’re done with Groudon, you’ll probably be thinking

"Zomg I effin pwn, no one can beat me!! bring mewtwo!" …

Well, let’s see if you knew what I’m about to say…




That’s right! You defeated nothing but a Groudon Illusion!


Your partner will hear a voice, accusing you guys to go

Fogbound Lake just for messing the place. Your partner will

swear saying you guys are not intruders, you just want to know

some answers. He realizes you’re being honest so he shows up.


It’s Uxie, one member of the Legendary Trio. He will show you

guys the Fogbound Lake, it’s really beautiful. In the middle of it,

you can see a Time Gear. You’ll feel a weird sensation… Uxie is

the guardian of the lake. A few seconds later, Wigglytuff will

arrive introducinghimself to Uxie. He seems pretty excited. Then,

the whole guild will arrive. Wigglytuff asks Uxie to protect the Time

Gear. Wigglytuff will also promise not to tell anyone about the lake.

Guild Members? Time to get back to the guild…




"And so… the guild’s long and challenging expedition finally came

to an end. Wigglytuff and the members safely returned to the guild.

For Timatria and the Apprentices, going to the guild meant taking

up the standard training schedule. It was life as usual back to the








Next Morning…. DAMN IT! Loudred is back! Yawn… Routine… Hooray!

CHatot will be very happy ’cause everyone has a lot of energy. Suddenly,

you’ll hear Loudred screaming (Weird huh?). He’s complaining ’cause Digglet

can’t identify a Pokemon’s footprints. The Pokemon says he wants to talk with

Wigglytuff and his name is… Dusknoir. You may wonder "Who the hell is

Dusknoir?" Well, he’s one of the best Explorers. He’s so good he doesn’t even

needs a Exploration Team, he’s solo. He’s very wise. He has a lot of Pokemon

Knowledge. Wigglytuff seems really friendly, but hey… he’s always like

that. WT introduces Dusknoir to all the guild. Dusknoir asks about the last

expedition you guys had, but Wigglytuff says it was pretty useless because

you found nothing. Yeah, he’s keeping the promise.

Dusknoir seems like a pretty kewl guy. Very humble. He’s heading to Treasure




Ok, back to work. Your mission? Job/Outlaw Bulletin 🙂



CarlosPit Note: If you talk to Drapion by the Job Bulletin he’ll explain

you something about Zero Island.


Job 1:

Client: Granbull

Objective: Deliver Totter Orb

Dungeon: Foggy Forest

Floor: 7

Reward: ? (Egg)

Explorer Points: 50



Job 2:

Client: Yanma

Objective: Rescue Yanma

Dungeon: Foggy Forest

Floor: 11

Reward: 300 Coins+ Sky Gummi

Explorer Points: 50



Once you complete 1 or 2 missions, after you go to sleep, you’ll see a

movie where Team Skull is outside WT’s guild and they want revenge…

you know, ’cause WT pwned them. They know they can’t defeat Wigglytuff,

so they’re planning to hunt your asses down.


Next Morning… Loudrd… Routine…Hooray…

Chatot will ask you guys to go check if Kecleon is planning to sell

Perfect Apples. When you reach Kecleon’s Market, you’ll see Dusknoir

chatting with the Kecelon’s brothers. Kecleon will ask your partner what

does he wants, he’ll reply that they are not planning to put Perfect Apples

in stock. Awwts. Marril Brothers will appear, guess what? They’re still

looking for their Water Float. Team Skull was listening to everything and

they say something about informing Skuntank. They’ll leave and you have to

return to the guild too! When you inform Chatot about the Perfect Apples,

he’ll be dissapointed. Oh well, bulletin time.




Job 3:

Client: Buneary

Objective: Reach 10th floor

Dungeon: Apple Woods

Floor: 10

Reward: Insomniscope

Explorer Points: 50



Job 4:

Client: Shuckle

Objective: Find Carnivine

Dungeon: Apple Woods

Floor: 12

Reward: Embargo

Explorer Points: 130




By this time, you obviously have Silver Rank already. What’s good with this?

You can now have up to 200 items in you Storage. Plus, you’ll get a weird

item like Zinc or Iron, yay!




During Dinner Time, Chatot will inform that ANOTHER TIME GEAR HAS BEEN STOLEN!

It’s the second Time Gear that has been stolen, so you guys better not tell

anyone about the Time Gear Uxie is protecting.

During the night your partner will start wondering why would someone want to

steal them. He also wonders how’s Uxie doing. Immediately after that, you’ll

see a movie. Groudon being defeated and Uxie saying he shouldn’t have trusted

us. Then you’ll hear Grovyle saying no one told him about this Time Gear.

He will take it.



::Save Point::



Morning! It’s Working Time. When you guys are about to go work, Loudred will

inform you that you have visitors. It’s the Marill Bros. They found a scrap of

paper at the beach.


"The water float is now under our posession. Just try to take it from us! We’ll

wait in the deepest part of Amp Plains."


Amp Plains is a place where you can find lots of Electric Pokemons.So bring

Reviver Seeds if needed. Of course you will go! C’mon! You’re the hero of this




——————AMP PLAINS——————




10 Floors



















*I recruited a Plusle, which has Helping Hand.



*If you have the chance to recruit a Shinx, do it!




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 19

Dinasty = 19


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 20

Dinasty = 20

Reddie = 21


—————–AMP PLAINS——————-



After reaching the 10th floor, you’ll see a Movie. In it, Marill Team will be

talking with Kecleon. Marill Team will be telling him how cool you guys are.

Dusknoir will appear. When he is told that we are in Amp Plains he freaks out.

Being in Amp Plains right now is dangerous! So he’s going to save you!



—————-FAR AMP PLAINS—————-




7 Floors + Amp Clearing















HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 20

Dinasty = 20

Reddie = 21


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 21

Dinasty = 21

Reddie = 22


—————FAR AMP PLAINS—————–



Your partner will start chickening out., but when he sees the water float he’ll

be relieved. But… you thought it was going to be that easy? Nooo!!


Luxray and Luxios x7 !!!


CarlosPit Note: Awwts! My favorite Pkmn! Oh well…



7.10.2 Boss Battle: Luxray





HP: 210




Sleep Luxray by either using a Sleep Seed or Sing. After

that, get rid of the Luxios. They have less than 80 HP.

After pwning the Luxios, Kill Luxray.




HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 21

Dinasty = 21

Reddie = 22





When you defeat them, Luxray will start charging a Super Attack, but when he’s

about to attack, Durknoir appears. He apologizes for your actions and explain

that your intention wasn’t to control their territory. Apparently, Luxray likes

that place ’cause by that time of the year, there are Thunderstorms.


You found the Water Float! But, who hid the Water Float there? Skull Team…

They’ll run because we have Dusknoir and he would pwn.


Oh well, it’s time to deliver that item.


::Save Point::


After giving the item, Marill Team will be very thankful. You’ll start talking

of one of your visions. You’ll explain it to Dusknoir, in case he knows

something about it. Dusknoir will explain you that the ability you have is

called Dimensional Scream. You ask Dusknoir if he knows something else.


Somehow, you will appear in the beach. You will tell Dusknoir your story. You

know, Beach, Human, Pokemon, Sk… wait, Human? Dusknoir seems pretty

shocked after hearing that. Dusknoir will ask you for your name, and when you

say it, he’ll have a weird expression in his face, but he denies knowing

something about you. Dusknoir will explain you what does Dimensional Scream

is. After it, you’ll see lots of Pelipper flying and Bidoof will appear.

Apparently there’s an important announcement… so you guys better go.









Woah! Another Time Gear has been stolen! And guess which one… the one

Uxie was protecting!! Noeess!! Dusknoir seems impressed ’cause WigglyTuff

had told him that your guild found nothing in their expedition. WT explains

Dusknoir that it was a promise you had made to Uxie. Apparently, Uxie was

knocked, but he’s ok now. Wigglytuff will start crying. Wigglytuff decides to

to make an expedition to catch Grovyle. Let’s get ready!!


Get some Reviver Seeds, Max Elixirs, Huge Apples, Oran Berries and some

Violent Seeds.


When you’re ready, go to see Chatot.


Chatot will divide the guild by teams. Next Stop: Northern Desert.



CarlosPit Note: Zomg Zomg! WT looks awesome when he’s mad!







16 Floors





















*I recruited a Cacnea.


* If you have a grass type, you’ll pwn.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 21

Dinasty = 21


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 22

Dinasty = 22

Manolito = 21





When you reach the end of the Northern Desert, you’ll see some quick sands.

You’ll also feel the same sensation you felt when you saw Fogbound Lake,

but you decide to return since you had no choice. Back in the guild, no one

found anything. Well, that’s not truth, Bidoof took a little souvenir from the

Crystal Cave.


::Save Point::


While Chatot and Dusknoir are thinking in a strategy, they give you guys the

freedom to go wherever you want to. Because of the sensation you felt, you

want to return to the Quick Sands. When you return, it will be the same, you

get to a point where you can’t go farder. Those Quicksands… they MUST

be the key! You tell your partner your idea, and he trusts you. Ready to

jump? There we go!







10 Floors

















* Weather: Sandstorm




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 21

Dinasty = 21


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 22

Dinasty = 22

Manolito = 21


—————-QUICKSAND CAVE—————-




You’ll face a Kanghaskan Statue, Save your game. 10 more floors to go!








10 Floors + Underground Lake

















* Weather: Sandstorm




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 22

Dinasty = 23


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 24

Dinasty = 24






When you get to the Underground Lake, you’ll find Mespirit. He’s another member

of the Legendary Trio. Yup, it’s Boss Time!



7.11.2 Boss Battle: Mespirit





HP: 350-




Sleep Him and he’s be a pushover. Nothing hard.




HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 24

Dinasty = 24






Once you defeat Mespirit, he’ll try to stop you guys, because he thinks you’re

planning to steal the time gear. Apparently, Uxie used Telekinesis to talk with

Mespirit and inform him/her that the Time Gear from Fogbound Lake was stolen

by a thief. Grovyle will appear and immediately attacks you. You’re weak at the

moment so he’ll pwn you and then pwn Mespirit. You’ll try to stop him, but

he will pwn you again. Now there’s nothing to stop him, so he’ll take the

Time Gear. Mespirit will say he/she is sorry for doubting about you guys. But

there’s no time to talk! Run because the time is freezing here!









Magnezone will be in the guild, informing that Mespirit is ok. The guild will

try to cheer you up by saying you guys did an awesome job and they agree that

it would be easier if they had a clue. Dusknoir will say that you have a clue…



CarlosPit Note: Pokemon Fans, little question. Who can tell me the 3 members

of the Legendary Trio? Uxie, Mespirit and? Yes, Azelf! Good Job!



So Azelf must be the guardian of another Time Gear. What else? Uxie and

Mespirit were located in lakes… Both of them were in place where there’s not

supposed to be water. So check again everywhere! But before that, Dusknoir

will ask Bidoof to bring the little souvenir he got from Crystal Cave. Reason?

He wants you to try the Dimensional Scream. Bidoof accepts and gets the little

crystal. When you touch it, you’ll see Grovyle and Azelf, and Grovyle is about

to take the Time Gear. But is it past or future? Who cares?!?!? It’s the only

option you have to capture Grovyle! Let’s go for it and pray it was future!

Oh yea, by the way, Wigglytuff is sleeping ^^ Time to go Crystal Cave!




—————CRYSTAL CAVE—————




11 Floors



















* I got pwned… tough luck I found a monster house.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 25

Dinasty = 25


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 27

Dinasty = 27


—————-CRYSTAL CAVE—————-



After 11 floors, you’ll reach Crystal Cave Depth. there you will see 3

huge crystals of different colors. Your partner will realize that when you

touch them, the color changes. Check it out by yourself. As soon as you

touch one, BANG! Dimensional Scream :]


By the vision, you learn that you must make the 3 crystal have the same





Make all the crystals blue. An Ice cave will rise. What are you waiting

for? Go in!







13 Floors
















* You may find some monster houses.


* You can recruit fairly easy here.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 27

Dinasty = 27


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 28

Dinasty = 28

Beldum = 23






After these 13 floors, you will get to the Crystal Lake. Your partner will

notice there are 2 pokemon in an island nearby. Go check! It’s Azelf and

Grovyle! So it was future huh… Grovyle is about to take the Time Gear,

but Azelf had something planned and ice spikes appear and they make

impossible to reach the Time Gear. Grovyle plans to attack Azelf when

you arrive. Grovyle isn’t happy… Boss Time



7.12.2 Boss Battle: Grovyle







HP: Less than 630




If you have a fire based move… Oh my Dear Riolu… use it!

He’s the toughest Pkmn you’ve found. According to my

math, he should be lvl 35 more less.





HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 28

Dinasty = 28




Even if you win, in the storyline it will appear as if he pwned you. You two

are badly hurt and Grovyle is going to kill your partner when Dusknoir

appears. Looks like Dusknoir knows Grovyle. When they’re about to

battle, Grovyle vanishes. Dusknoir vanishes too. Guild will arrive and they

take you back to the guild ’cause you are badly hurt. You will wake up,

Chimecho will realize that and he’ll call everyone. Everyone seems happy.

You will explain all of them that you think Dusknoir knows Grovyle. It is

shocking for everyone. Magnamite will announce that Magnezone is with

Dusknoir in Treasure Town, so time to go and it’s also the end of this

chapter ;D








When you get to Treasure Town, you’ll see how the Legendary Trio meets

again. Such an amazing moment *sigh*. Dusknoir has an announcement to

make. Apparently, he and Grovyle are Pokemon from the future. He feels

sorry for lying for such a long time. He also explains Grovyle’s plan. His

plan is to paralyze the world, which also would be the end of it, by

stealing the Time Gears. Fortunately, Dusknoir and the Legendary Trio

have come up with a plan.


1 Million Dollar Plan: Spread a rumor where it is said that the Legendary

Trio is going to seal a Time Gear so no one can steal it. That way,

Grovyle will go to steal it asap and BANG! Dusknoir catches him.

Of course Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf’s lives would be in danger, but

they agree with that.


So, your job is… spreading the rumor. FINALLY AN EASY JOB!


Still, we shouldn’t make Grovyle suspicious so it’s time to work.



Job 5:

Client: Zigzagoon

Objective: Explore with him

Dungeon: Craggy Coast

Floor: 5

Reward: 300 Coins + Royal Gummi

Explorer Points: 50


Job 6:

Client: Shuckle

Objective: Look for Spinarak

Dungeon: Craggy Coast

Floor: 9

Reward: Special Band

Explorer Points: 30



You’re about to sleep when your partner starts talking… nothing

important though.


::Save Point::


There are no news about Dusknoir and the Legendary Trio… so keep




Outlaw Hunt 12:


Client: Magnezone

Objective: Arrest Yanmega

Nidorino’s HP: Less than 195

Dungeon: Mt. Bristle

Floor: 5

Reward: 250 Coins + Frustration

Explorer Points: 30


Outlaw Hunt 13:


Client: Tauros

Objective: Take Item from Trapinch

Nidorino’s HP: Less than 200

Dungeon: Mt. Bristle

Floor: 8

Reward: Roayl Gummi

Explorer Points: 30


Again, your shy and quiet partner will start talking. Again, nothing important.

He’s just wondering how Dusknoir and the Trio is doing.


::Save Point::


Next morning, Chatot will say that there are still no news about them. A

weird sound will start. Looks like Grovyle was caught by Dusknoir!

Hooray! He’s going to send Grovyle to the future, but he’s returning too.

Everyone to Treasure Town! Once there, you’ll notice a dark hole in the

middle of the town. It’s a Dimensional Hole. Dusknoir arrives with Grovyle.

Dusknoir trusts in the Legendary Trio with the Time Gears. He says good

bye to everyone, but he calss you and your partner…


It’s the sad end… or is it?


BANG! He grabs you guys and touches the Dimensional Hole. You’re gone.



::Save Point::








You’ll wake up in a jail with your partner. Why are you there? What happened?

Oh right… the Dimensional Hole… ZOMG! We’re in the future!!


CarlosPit Note: Holy sheezcakes!


Go to the gate to realize that yes, you’re locked…


A few seconds after that, about 6 Sableye will appear and and blindfold you

and your partner. When you regain the awesome gift of the sight, you’ll

notice that you, your partner and GROVYLE are tied to 3 poles. You’ll talk

to Grovyle, he’ll inform you guys that those Sableyes are ready to pwn your

tiny asses. Dusknoir and the Sableye appear. Indeed… he wants to eliminate

you… How nice.


Grovyle will ask you what can you do… the answer is… attack.


So this is the new plan:


2 Million Dollar Plan: When the Sableyes are about to pwn us with their Fury

Swipes, you’ll attack them.




But… Grovyle was right… As soon as they start using Fury Swipes, you

regain movement and attack them. When you’re free, Grovyle uses a

Luminous orb and then Poof… you’re gone. Dusknoir and the Sableyes

will leave the room and you’ll appear again. Grovyle used Dig to hide you

guys. No time to talk! Escape! Run! Run! Run!


Finally, you’ll leave the building and… WOAH… What the F… is this?

Is that the future? There’s no movement at all… no air… no morning.

Sableyes are comming so you better keep running… You’ll reach a cave.

Grovyle will offer you guys to team up, but your partner declines because

he thinks Grovyle is the bad guy… There’s one question though…


Why is the world paralyzed? Didn’t you guys stop it?


Woah… those damn Sableyes… Time to keep running. Grovyle will enter

the cave, and you should do that too…


Save/Take/Store by using the Kanghaskan Statue. Move on…



—————CHASM CAVE—————




8 Floors

















* No Dark Pkmn at all.


* Recruit Level = Hard




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 28

Dinasty = 28


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 29

Dinasty = 29


—————-CHASM CAVE—————-



When you leave the cave, you’ll see a fountain but it’s not moving. Try to

use your Dimensional Scream. TRY… because it won’t work. Oh well,

time to keep going.


Again you’ll see a Kanghaskan Statue. Use it if you need to.



——————-DARK HILL——————-




15 Floors



















* Ghost Pokemon can tresspass walls.


* Recruit Level: Very Hard




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 29

Dinasty = 29


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 30

Dinasty = 30


——————–DARK HILL——————–



Once you’re done with Dark Hill, you’ll reach a cliff. Your partner will

start freaking out, so, since you’re such a good friend, you’re going

to confort him… right? He’ll ask you what to do.


Answer is: Meet Grovyle


After a long and nice converstation, you’ll get to a cave.


Use the Kanghaskan Statue if needed.



—————SEALED RUINS—————




7 Floors

















* Shelgon is probably the toughest Pkmn here


* No Ghost Pkmn




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 30

Dinasty = 30


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 31



—————-SEALED RUINS—————-




::Save Point::


After saving your game, you’ll see a little movie, with Grovyle as main star.

He reaches an open place and hears some creepy voices. Who is it?









6 Floors















* Easy Dungeon




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 31


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 31





You’ll see Grovyle with an aura around him… He warns you that there is

a pokemon close… NEXT TO YOU!



7.14.2 Boss Battle: Spiritomb





HP: 450




Spiritomb can be rather annoying, since he has no weakness.

Just use your strongest attack and try to inflict him as much

dmg as possible.




HostleX team:


Level :


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 31





After defeating him, the aura will be gone. Grovyle will explain that good

Pokemon have become bad ones because the hostile enviroment. He’ll

ask your partner if he trusts him now, but your partner wil doubt.

According to Grovyle, they can’t be together if there is no trust. He’s

right… so your partner decides to trust him. Follow Grovyle


::Save Point::








Grovyle will start explaining that the reason of the planet’s paralysis

is the collapse of Temporal Tower, which is where Dialga, the Deity

of Time lives. After the collapse of the Temporal Tower, Dialga lost

almost all his reason, and now, governed by darkness, he’s turned

into Primal Dialga, a Pokemon that only seeks self preservation and

has no emotion.


Primal Dialga doesn’t likes Grovyle ’cause he’s trying to stop it by

collecting the Time Gears. Looks like the only way to stop the tower

collapse is to place the Time Gears there. Dusknoir is Primal Dialga’s

spy, but your partner doesn’t believes that. Grovyle hasn’t given up

yet, so he wants to return to the past to collect the Time Gears. He

must find Celebi to return to the past. Follow him. Destination?

Dusk Forest! That’s the place where Celebi, the Legendary Pokemon



Celebi was the one who enabled Grovyle to return to the past. Because

of that, Celebi is now in trouble too, because she’s affecting history.

Oh well, let’s hurry! There’s a Kanghaskan statue is you need it. Your

partner will STILL don’t trust Grovyle, but you guys should focus on

returning. You start feeling the same sensation that you had when you

were going to meet Uxie. Anyway… let’s go… ZOMG A SABLEYE!





—————–DUSK FOREST—————–



















* If you can, recruit the Gabite! Pretty impossible, but

if he asks you… ACCEPT!


*Grovyle won’t gain exp.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 31

Grovyle = 46


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 32

Grovyle = 46


——————DUSK FOREST——————




When you get to Deep Dusk Forest, you won’t see a single thing, so

you’re worried Celebi is not there. You’ll hear a voice and Celebi will

appear. Your partner will make fun of Celebi ’cause her appearance.

Celebi gets angry, so your partner apologizes. Celebi accepts his

aplogizes. You must find the passage of time. You two wonder what

the f… is that. Grovyle and Celebi will explain that. There’s a Kanghskan

statue, so use it if needed.

























*Celebi makes it way too easy!


*Grovyle won’t gain exp.


*Celebi won’t gain exp.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 31

Dinasty = 32

Grovyle = 46

Celebi = 45


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 32

Dinasty = 32

Grovyle = 46

Celebi = 45

—————-DEEP DUSK FOREST—————-



After those 12 floors, you’ll reach an open place where you can see the

Passage of Time. Celebi is the one who is supposed to open it, but when

she’s moving, you hear a voice. It’s Dusknoir… he was following you guys.

Actually, it’s Dusknoir and the Sableye Squad. Grovyle tells you to get

ready ’cause you’ll fight, but Dusknoir introduces a new member to his

team… Primal Dialga. Damn! Grovyle gives up, ’cause there’s no way you

can defeat him. One thing is to battle Dusknoir, but a totally different thing

is to battle Primal Dialga. Fortunately… there’s still a chance. When

Grovyle traveled back in time, he traveled with someone else…

a human… named… *your name*!


CarlosPit Note: Holy Cow!


Dusknoir tells Grovyle that you’re that human he was talking about. Grovyle

seems confused, since his partner was a human not a Pkmn. AGAIN,

Dusknoir explains that you used to be a human. Dusknoir sends the

Sableye Squad to attack you, but Celebi uses his time travel skill and

warps you to to the Passage of Time. TIME to go back to our TIME.







You wake up at the beach. You guys made it! Back in your time! You probably

want Grovyle to explainev everything, but where should you talk? Wigglytuff’s

Guild? Nay, remember that Grovyle, in this time, is a Wanted Outlaw. Thanks

God your partner has a secret spot, which is by Sharpedo Bluff. It’s your

partner’s house! He used to live there before you joined the guild. Anyway,

Grovyle will start explaining everything, apparently, you and Grovyle were

exploring the planet’s paralysis, so you were looking for the location of the

Time Gears in the past by using your Dimensional Scream.


Note: The Dimensional Scream can only be used when your close to a trusted

Pokemon Partner.


Grovyle will be happy that you’re ok, ’cause even though you’re different,

he know’s your still his human partner. You’re his best friend. Oh well,

it’s late, so you guys better go to sleep! Tomorrow you have to go explore!


3 Million Dollars Plan: Collect the Time Gears. The time will stop in the

region where the TG is removed, but the time will be restored if the Temporal

Tower doesn’t collapse.


::Save Point::


Grovyle will wake up, but he won’t see your partner. Grovyle will go outside

and see your partner looking the sea. Your partner was thinking about lots of

things. They will start talking untill the sun rises. It’s time to collect

those Time Gears. You should probably go to Treeshroud Forest first because

there’s no guardian there.


























*Longest Dungeon, but it should be rather easy

because you have Grovyle with you.


*If you don’t have Fire-Type Pkmns in your team,

I reccomend you taking at least one Reviver Seed.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 32

Dinasty = 32

Grovyle = 46


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 33

Dinasty = 33

Grovyle = 46




Once you’re in Deep Treeshroud Forest, you’ll notice that the time is not

moving. Why not?!?!? The Time Gear is there! Apparently the time is not

running because the Temporal Tower is already collapsing. So you must collect

the Time Gears asap! Temporal Tower is located in Hidden Land, which is

hidden FYI. So your mission will be to gather some information about Hidden

Land while Grovyle collects the Time Gears.


Time to start looking for it! Where? No idea…







Uhh… Back at Wigglytuff’s. Scared? Nay. Digglet scans the footprints of

your partner and he shocks. Zomg you guys are back! Everyone goes outside to

say hi. Wigglytuff too. After telling your story to Chatot, he will not

believe it. Sigh. Everyone is still thinking Dusknoir is the good guy because

he was nice to them. Finally, Sunflora remembers when Dusknoir grabbed you

and took you guys to the future. Everyone starts wondering why would he do

that. After thinking a little about it, everyone believes you, even WT!

Still, Chatot won’t. But it won’t take long, since Chatot always agrees with

Wigglytuff. Chatot will give a lame excuse and start believing you. How to

find out how to reach Hidden Land? If someone knows… it’s Torkoal! Let’s



::Save Point::


Going to Waterfall Cave. 9F = Hot Springs.


Unfortunately, once you meet the old Torkoal, he won’t help much since he

doesn’t remembers much. Only thing he knows is that you must show some proof.

Oh well, too bad… Let’s go back to the guild.


::Save Point::


Morning… Loudred…


Just because you didn’t find it on your first day it doesn’t means you should

give up! Keep looking!


A few seconds later, Digglet will detect Torkoal’s footprints. Yesh! He

remembered some new things! That "proof" you need to show has a weird pattern

which is hard to describe. Are you thinking the same I am? That’s right! The

Relic Fragment! Apparently, Wigglytuff and Chatot have already seen that logo

before. Where was it? Brine Cave! But you guys must be careful… there’s a

strong Pokemon inside. One adventage? Good, old Chatot will be with you.


Go to Treasure Town to get ready. Team Skull will meet Torkoal and talk with

him. Before going to Brine Cave, we should see if Grovyle is back, so go to

Sharpedo Bluff. Grovyle is not there, but there’s a note. He’s Ok, he has 3

Time Gears already. Looks like Azelf cooperated and more people is trusting

him. Still, he doesn’t wants to be near Treasure Town because Dusknoir may

return. He may go to Sharpedo Bluff or the beach tho. Since he’s not in

Sharpedo Bluff, you should check the beach. Let’s go!







Go to the beach, no Grovyle! Awwwts! Check the sunset though! Your partner

realizes that if the time stops, there won’t be more sunsets. He’s a genious!

You start remembering old times, when you guys were nubcakes. Your partner

will notice a Pokemon on the Sea. It’s a Lapras. Oh well, time to return to

the guild for dinner.


Little Movie: Wigglytuff talking with Lapras. Seems like they know each other

really well.


Next Morning… Loudred..


::Save Point::


Wigglytuff is not there, so Chatot (¿?) will lead us to Brine Cave…


Objective: Reach the deepest part of Brine Cave.


You’ll team up with Chatot.



——————–BRINE CAVE———————–
























*Don’t use water attacks… Damn Gastrodon


*High Level Difficulty for Fire Users.




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 33

Dinasty = 33

Chatot = 36


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 33

Dinasty = 33

Chatot = 36

——————-BRINE CAVE————————



Kanghaskan Statue. Chatot will inform you 2 that you guys are close…

Suddenly, Team Skull appears and hit your partner. They get the Relic

Fragment. Chatot goes after them… so now you’re alone… Nice



—————–LOWER BRINE CAVE——————–




















*Same as Brine Cave




HostleX team:


Level (IN):


Timatria = 33

Dinasty = 33

Chatot = 36


Level (OUT):


Timatria = 34

Dinasty = 34

Chatot = 36

—————-LOWER BRINE CAVE———————



You’ll get to a little Room, where you can see Team Skull all pwned. They

give you the Relic Fragment. They weren’t that bad… Go to the next room!

Chatot is alone there!!


Be careful… there’re pokemon close… Look up!


You’ll see 1 Nasty Kabutops and 2 ugly Omastar…


They’ll go down and try to attack you, but Chatot protects you and he

receives the attack. One Omastar remembers Chatot from the last expedition.

Come on! Chatot is risking his life for you guys to have a chance! Don’t

mess it up!!



7.18.2 Boss Battle: Kabutops





HP: Less than 380




Use a X-eye seed on Kabutops. While he’s dancing,

eliminate the 2 Omastar, they should suck. After

pwning the Omastars, throw Gravelerocks at Kabutops

if you don’t have a long range attack. That should

do it. Repeat the process.



Author: Nick2930

I am a 33 year old librarian, part time writer, all time gamer, and what my cousin refers to as an intellectual badasss. Normally I wouldn't brag, but I like that so much I feel compelled to.