FIFA 09-Penalties


Once you are given a penalty kick, it is time to select your best option to bury the ball in the net. Refer to the “Penalty Target Zone Diagram” to pick the zone you think will surprise the keeper. Obviously, the corners of the goal are the most difficult for the keeper to get to the ball. If the tendency of the keeper is to dive, sometimes right down the middle works really well, but it is risky because if the keeper does not dive it is about the easiest save possible. It is important to note that the longer you hold the shot button, the further the ball will travel in that direction.

Try not to do the same thing twice in a row, mix up what you do, and remain unpredictable.


Use the screen center as your aiming target. The colored zones listed break down the percentage of chance you have to score when you hit each zone, Red a guaranteed to score, Orange you have a high percentage, Green is a 50/50 ( the keeper guesses right he should get it) chance, and yellow is very risky.

Driven Shot

Taken with the laces of the boot, this is a hard shot where you hope to overwhelm the keeper with paces. Again, remember to be careful of the shot meter as the ball can rise very quickly, missing the goal altogether if the correct power is not applied.

Placed Shot

Hit with the instep of the boot, this is a more controlled shot with less pace on the ball but is more accurate. Remember that the longer you hold the shot button, the further towards the post in the direction you pulled the stick the ball will travel. If you hold the button too long, you could pull a John Terry from Chelsea at the Champions league final in 2008 in Moscow against Manchester United, and miss the goal wide altogether. Not a good feeling.


Chip Shot


This is a cheeky little shot that is very risky, but if successful, really makes your opponent look foolish. Remember when doing this that it is guaranteed that only one of you is coming away looking silly. This is just your best guess at what the keeper might do and is usually placed right down the middle, counting heavily on the fact that the keeper will pick a direction and make a strong committed dive in one direction. If not, once you stop blushing from embarrassment, regain your composure and retreat to position for the keeper to distribute the ball.



Penalty Saving

This is a total guess, no doubt about it. However, look at the favoured foot of the kicking player, and sometimes that helps when he approaches the ball to make a correct guess. Be aware as well that he may go right down the middle, so make a strong decision and watch what he does. More than likely, he will not do that same direction the next time, especially in an overtime shootout. Remember what he did last and commit to moving your keeper in another direction the next time.

Move GK

Use the Right Stick to select a direction you want the keeper to move in left or right along the line. You might want to cheat your keeper in one direction along the line before the kick is taken to try and provoke your opponent to hit the shot to the opposite side of the goal.


Use the left stick to tell your keeper what direction you want him to dive. If you have cheated him to one direction, then when the kick is taken, dive in the opposite direction and hope for the best! Again, just make your best call; you are expected to miss so you have nothing to lose, and if you save it you just became a hero. Again, take note of what your opponent did the previous time, and assume he will do something different the next time.


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