FIFA 09-Player Roles

Player Roles


The Player Roles screen allows you to pick which players you wish to use for set pieces and dead ball situations. You will assign players for the following roles:


  • Left Corner Kick

  • Right Corner Kick

  • Direct Free Kick

  • Direct Free Kick-Long

  • Penalties

  • Caption


These roles are pretty much self-explanatory. The nice feature of this screen is the quick view you can get to the key ratings for each player. Power, Free Kick Accuracy, Curve, and Penalty taking ability are all shown at the top of the screen.


Take a moment to look at the primary foot for your corner kickers. If you prefer to hit out swinging corners all the time, you’ll want a right footer on the right side and a left footer on the left side.


Be sure to double-check your Player Roles when you make substitutions. You want to make sure you have your best possible kick takers assigned to each role.


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