FIFA 09-Quick Tactics

Quick Tactics


Quick Tactics allow you to change the way your team plays on the fly. This is different than simply adjusting your team’s Mentality, or sending your Central Defenders on the attack. Quick Tactics enable you to totally change the way your team plays by switching to either a preset or custom tactic in game. You don’t have to even exit out of the pause menu. Simply push up on the D-pad to get the Quick Tactics menu.



Each team has four tactical slots to choose from. You can assign any of the following tactics to those slots:

  • Default Team Tactic

  • Counter Attack

  • High Pressure

  • Possession

  • Long Ball

  • Up to 28 Custom Tactics that you have created


For example, if you take the lead late in the contest and want to kill off the game, you could switch up to the Possession tactic. If your opponent is sending players forward to press you in your own penalty area, switch to the Long Ball tactic. Now you can punish him for his aggressive game plan.


Author: Nick2930

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