FIFA 09-Standard Skill Moves

Standard Skill Moves


All players in Fifa 09 can perform skill moves. The type of skill a player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest level of skill can perform the most fancy and effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of a trick or may altogether fail in his attempt of that skill.


Players like Ronaldinho and Franck Ribery can perform the full arsenal of tricks and skills in the game.


Each player in the game can perform all of the skills on this page. In order to best explain how the moves work, we use a numbering system corresponding with the directions on the Right Thumbstick.


These instructions assume that you are facing forward (like in the Arena) and that you have held down the Skill modifier button (L2 on PS3 or LT on Xbox 360).



How to Execute


How to Execute

Body Feint Right

Flick Right (3,0)

Body Feint Left

Flick Left (7,0)

Body Feint Exits

Hold Left Thumbstick in any direction after a Body Feint

Step-over Right

Forward to Right (1,2,3)

Step-over Left

Forward to Left (1,8,7)

Step-over Exits

Hold Left Thumbstick in any direction after a Step-over

Reverse Step-over Left

Right to Forward (3,2,1)

Reverse Step-over Right

Left to Forward (7,8,1)

Step-over Exits

Hold Left Thumbstick in any direction after a Reverse Step-over

360 Roulette Left

Back to Left to Forward to Right (5,6,7,8,1,2,3)

360 Roulette Right

Back to Right to Forward to Left (5,4,3,2,1,8,7)

Drag Back

Flick Left Thumbstick Back (5,0) – Standing Only

Drag Back Exits

Hold Left Thumbstick in any direction after a Drag Back – Standing Only

Flick Ball over Slide Tackle

Triple Flick Forward

Ball Roll Left

Hold Left (7)

Ball Roll Right

Hold Right (3)

Body Feint Left/Right


The Body Feint is one of the simplest moves to master, yet it can be quite effective. The objective of the Body Feint is to fool the defender into thinking your player is going to make a change of direction. If you get the defender leaning the wrong way, you can quickly exit in the opposite direction to gain space.



Step-over Left/Right


The Step-over or Scissor move fakes a change of direction using the outside of the foot. The foot is brought from inside to out around the front of the ball. This move requires a fair amount of space to perform effectively. Try it too close to the defender and it will be easily tackled away. The exit moves from the Step-over are pretty explosive and can get your player good separation.


Reverse Step-over Left/Right


The Reverse Step-over fakes a change of direction or cut with the inside of the foot. The player moves their foot around the front of the ball from outside to inside. While this move can be performed while jogging, it is most effective from a standing position followed by an explosive exit move. You will need some distance between your player and the defender to execute this move.



360 Roulette Left/Right


The 360 Roulette is a spin move used to shield the ball and manoeuvre around a defender. You don’t need as much space as the Step-over or Reverse Step-over to execute this move. It is a good choice when you want to make a quick move around the defender, but want to protect the ball at the same time.




Drag Back


This move can only be executed from a standing position. Your player puts his boot on the ball and drags it backwards. This can be useful to pull the ball away from a defender that is reaching for a tackle. Combine this move with different exits and you can pull off some nice combinations, including the Pull Behind the Standing Left and Pull to V.



Flick Ball Over Slide Tackle


Use this move to flick the ball up and over an oncoming slide tackle. This move is very effective if you anticipate the slide tackle well. It is especially useful if you are playing a human opponent who has a tendency to slide a great deal. A second use skill move is to flick the ball up so you can rocket a thunderous volley.



Ball Roll Left/Right


This is another simple move that is highly effective when timed properly. In this move, the player simply rolls the ball to one side with the sole of their foot. If your opponent is coming at you aggressively, a simple slap roll to take the ball out of their path can be all you need to break free. You will want to move the direction opposite that your opponent is shading you. So if the defender is coming straight on, but towards your right shoulder, roll it to the left side. You can also use this move down in the corner when you have squared up to cross. Defenders will often come at you full speed and a quick roll will give you all the room you need to get your cross in.



Final Thoughts


It is important that you practice and master each of these Standard Skill moves, as you will use them the most often during games. Experiment with different types of exits and you will be surprised at how effective the moves become.


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