FIFA 09 Guide-Throw-Ins



Throw ins are not really rocket science, and usually do not involve a lot of trickery. However, it is a good idea not to aim at the player you want to throw the ball to right away; try to provide at least a little deception for your opponent. One good tip to use especially if there is a lot of player traffic around is to not aim at the intended target player until the last second before throwing, thus giving your opponent the least amount of time to react.


Throw Direction


The direction you aim is the direction in which the ball will be thrown. As mentioned above, try not to be too predictable. Attempt to fake out your opponent to committing to a player you do not intend to throw the ball to, and then change direction. Hit your target player and build the attack once again.



Short Throw


Use the X button on the PS3 and the A button on the XBOX 360 to hit the closest player in the direction your player is facing. A good tip if the player is marked is to immediately pass the ball back to the thrower to build the attack up once again.



Manual Short Throw


A manual short throw throws the ball into space rather than to a player to allow one of your players to run on to the space to get the ball on the fly rather than receiving the throw from a standing position. Press the Triangle button on the PS3 or the Y button on XBOX 360 to trigger this short throw.



Long Throw


Press and hold the Square button on the PS3 or the X button on the XBOX 360 to achieve the desired distance to hit the intended player. The longer you hold the button, the further he will throw the ball. Again, make sure you are not obvious right away where you are aiming, so you do not give your opponent much time to set up.




Move Receiver


Tap the L1 button on the PS3 or the LB button on the XBOX 360 to gain control of a receiving player closest to the throw. Move the player where you want him to go, preferably to the most open space, and then tap the same button a second time to regain control of the thrower put the ball back in play.


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