FIFA 09-Tactics



Tactics are performed down using the D-pad. These are simple strategies that can make quick changes to the way your team plays.. You can use this strategy to override some game defaults based on what you notice in the game to really assist your team in being successful either on the attack or in defending. There are six basic tactics that are listed below.


CB Attack


Press up on the D-pad to trigger your CB to join in with your next attack. If you find the opposing defence constantly has you outnumbered, this is a simple way to add another attacker without actually changing your formation. Your opponent may not be expecting another attacker, so oftentimes this can give you an advantage.



Opposing Wing Attack


Press left on the D -pad to trigger a player on the opposite side of the pitch to move forward to join the attack. Like the CB attack, this is a great way to increase your attacking numbers and make your team a little tougher to defend. You can use this to make him a target for a big switch or a cross. Even if you don’t switch the ball, he can pull defender out so that another player can exploit the vacated space.



Offside Trap


Press down on the D-pad to trigger your defensive line to pull up towards midfield to try and catch a possible opposing target player offside. Look for the forwards making high runs and use this to keep those cherry pickers honest. Once they are caught, they are more conservative next time. Timing is crucial as you do not want to give your opponent a breakaway, either.





Team Press


Press right on the D pad to give your team a stronger pressing mentality. This will make your team push for the ball harder to win it back and make them much more physical. This is a good idea if time is running out and the other team is in possession mode, killing the clock.



Decrease Mentality


No, this does not mean you remove intelligence from your players! By pressing left on the D -pad, it does, however, decrease your team’s attacking mentality and put them into a more defensive posture. This is best used to hold onto a lead against a very tough team late in the game.


Increase Mentality


Pressing right on the D-pad increases your team’s attacking mentality causes them to press to create turnovers and scoring attempts. Again this is usually used late in the game to try and get a much needed goal. More players will go forward into the attack. On the Ultra Offensive setting, pretty much everybody by the keeper and centerbacks will go forward.



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