Warhammer: End Times Vermintide – First Impressions

The game offered many variations on each character with each being customizable so that each one, more likely than not, can be adjusted to fit your playing style. The game has a magic user, a rouge archer and a warrior class, along with many more. I played the rouge archer and want to try playing the wizard next.

The game looks cool in the Beta version in my opinion. Now for the game itself it is in first person and you started out at a bar, This part is what blows me away. This game makes you feel like you’re in another place. but one thing I would need to add is it kind of feels empty with you, and the bar owner being the only ones there. I would have thought they would add other non-essential characters just to make it feel more realistic 

To me the first person feel in this game seems alot like that in Skyrim. There are over 4 classes of characters and each one offers a different role and way to destroy your enemies when playing on team missions. The one problem I did have is that the game crashed on my PC a couple of times. To give you a perspective on how it ran this Warhammer beta, my PC has no problem running games like League of Legends, but it sucked at running Dota 2s original source engine. 


I have been around seen many places, world but in my free time play games of all kinds. Looking forward to a good time in whatever I do, and I am always blunt as well deep when comes what I think or come to know.