New Microsoft Bundle for Xbox X

XBox Game Pass

This just in… Microsoft is offering a bundles of Xbox X along with GamePass Ultimate for around$35 per month over 24 months. It is financed through a third party (Citizen’s Pay) with no down payment and a $0 interest.  Of course there is the fact that this requires being able to qualify for the financing, but if one is able to do you, it seems like a pretty good option compared to spending money upfront to outright buy an Xbox X console which runs anywhere from around $635 to $950 (bundled) and that does not include Gamepass Ultimate.

Xbox X Bundle March 2022

Microsoft does not sell this bundle direct, it is a bundle being offered though the following retailers:

  • Best Buy –
  • Walmart –
  • Target –
  • Gamestop –

Also available are similar bundles for the Xbox Series S  for under $25.

All bundles include EA Play with access to Electronic Arts library of games. This is not surprising given the recent acquisition of EA by Microsoft.


Author: Dan White

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