Winter Stars Release Date for Xbox Kinect, Wii and Sony Move Announced

Xbox 360 Kinect Box Art

Deep Silver has announced that its winter sports title, Winter Stars, will be released to stores on November 8, 2001. Winter Stars will be available on the Kinect for Xbox 360 and the PS3 with PlayStation Move support as well as the Wii with support for the Wii balance board.

Winter Stars features a little . . . → Read More: Winter Stars Release Date for Xbox Kinect, Wii and Sony Move Announced

Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake has finally been delivered to Xbox 360 owners after so many years of waiting and hoping, and like all healthy newborns, it’s come out screaming and bloody. It shrieks, “I am Twin Peaks! I am The X-Files! I am Stephen King! Love me, for I am more than just a game!” While it . . . → Read More: Alan Wake Review

Lost Planet 2 Review

The ice may have melted away, but we still can’t shake this cold feeling that Lost Planet 2 has left us with. The long-in-the-works sequel has finally arrived after many months in the cooler (no pun intended), but we can’t help but feel a little lukewarm over its offering. It’s still a functional action game . . . → Read More: Lost Planet 2 Review

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Those who claim that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick have clearly never worked with Sam Fisher. Despite being nearly 60 years old, this formerly-elite super spy has defected from his government employers, launched a hell-bent crusade to track down his daughter’s killer, and has even found the time to learn . . . → Read More: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Final Fight: Double Impact Review

Capcom is no stranger to re-releasing classic games on download services. Final Fight: Double Impact, an arcade twosome that is comprised of the original Final Fight and mythical hack-and-slasher Magic Sword, proves their mastery over all things retro, as this compilation is one of the best available on Xbox Live and PSN.

For those . . . → Read More: Final Fight: Double Impact Review

Divinity 2 Review

Imagine a dangerous world where the land is ravaged by evil and ruled by massive dragons. Dragon killers are at war with dragon protectors, as the eternal struggle for stability and peace rests solely in your hands. This is the world of Divinity 2, an epic RPG that just landed on the Xbox 360.

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