FireWatch Review for PS4

Firewatch is a single-player first-person game where your character is a man named Henry. As a newly recruited as a fire lookout for the summer, Henry explores mystery and adventure throughout the breathtaking vistas of the Wyoming wilderness. . . . → Read More: FireWatch Review for PS4

20XX Review – A Treat for Mega Man Fans

20XX-MM-featured image

Mega Man like game by Batterystaple Games, Definitely still in Beta, Definitely not bad…

            Capcom has severely left Mega Man fans in ruins over the last 5 years. From cancellation to cancellation (Mega Man Legends 3/Maverick Hunters X) to re-releases of games you’ve played countless times over (Mega Man Legacy Collection, and just this . . . → Read More: 20XX Review – A Treat for Mega Man Fans

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