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Review: Project Gotham Racing 4

 Rating Preview  Fun Factor  8.0   Graphics 9.0  Sound 8.6  Multiplayer 8.5  Single Player 9.2  Controls 0.1 The Good: Stunning environments and rain effects, great control,…

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Blue Dragon is worth the time spent on it!

Slow start.  The characters need time to grow and the battles are a little boring in the beginning.  As the game evolves and your little tykes…

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Hollywood is About to Ruin Your Favorite Video Game

Let’s face it; film adaptations of video games are generally terrible. Hollywood has a long reputation of turning excellent video games into mediocre to horrible…

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Halo 3 Easter Egg – Chiefs not Here Man

While playing Halo3 campaign a bit this evening, I came across an Easter Egg during the mission to secure the perimeter and clear the hangar. The…

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Fallout 3 Previewed

With the forced change over of development from Black Isles to Bethesda, a lot of people have been worried about whether the spirit of the…

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Blazing Angels II Secret Missions of WWII

 Rating Preview  Fun Factor  7.0   Graphics 6.7  Sound 6.9  Multiplayer 7.8  Single Player 7.3  Controls 0.1 Positive: Easy enough to pick up and play, arcade-like…

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