Classic Games That Are Overlooked by Gamers

Classic Games Overlooked by Gamers

There have been thousands of video games unjustly overlooked over the years. Some were copies of better games; others were simply not interesting enough to warrant attention. Among those we forgot stand several true examples of exquisite game designs that just faded away from various reasons. Although there have been games we . . . → Read More: Classic Games That Are Overlooked by Gamers

Kontrol Freek Control Stick Extenders Review

In the online gain of first-person shooters, any edge one can get over another opponent that gives an advantage is fair game for most. Some FPS players will play a single map over and over again exploring every nook and cranny, every vantage point, and sight-lines for the best way to score on other players. . . . → Read More: Kontrol Freek Control Stick Extenders Review

Battlefield 3

It’s here at last! The latest outing for the BATTLEFIELD series by EA GAMES and DICE, which is so popular with pc and online gamers. This version is mainly geared up for XBOX LIVE, with the campaign thrown in to give you a taste of what is to come when . . . → Read More: Battlefield 3

Prey Review

Prey has a lot of things going for it; it makes great use of the Doom 3 engine, it’s got a unique character with some never before seen game play elements, the level design breaks some new ground, and it’s story and voice acting are above average. However, despite the great use of the engine, it’s . . . → Read More: Prey Review

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