Classic Games That Are Overlooked by Gamers

Classic Games Overlooked by Gamers

There have been thousands of video games unjustly overlooked over the years. Some were copies of better games; others were simply not interesting enough to warrant attention. Among those we forgot stand several true examples of exquisite game designs that just faded away from various reasons. Although there have been games we will never wipe out from our memories, others didn't make such a lasting impression.

Did you know that Outlast is not a survival video game? In spite of some rather cool effects, players didn’t seem to really enjoy the experience. With no weapons and no back-up, your only chance to survive was to run faster than Forest Gump. Let’s see some other video games cruelly overlooked lately.

Rayman: Legends
Developer – Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher – Ubisoft

It was back in 2011 when Ubisoft decided to revive The Rayman, one of the most hailed mascots in the gaming industry. Their attempt to reboot the game with Rayman Legends was almost successful. Everyone was overjoyed when Ubisoft announced that the game will be a Wii U exclusive, but that was until their delayed the release for September. Unfortunately, by the time Rayman was out, gamers were already playing Grand Theft Auto V; needless to say, the game was unjustly overlooked. If only they had released Rayman Legends in February!

Metro: Last Light
Developer – 4A Games
Publisher – Deep Silver

Metro: Last Light is an exceptional video game you just have to try out. The essence of the game is that there's a nuclear apocalypse in the future and only some people on a subway manage to survive. You fight for survival along a well-told story in a grim future world where bullets are rare as hell. Also, there are super human mutants, so we can’t really understand why people didn’t like it. In spite of a rather appealing storyline and overall game graphics, it looks like the critics didn’t appreciate the linear sequences.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Developer – Starbreeze Studios
Publisher – 505 Games

Believe it or not, Brothers was one of the most enticing and creative video games ever made; and also one of the most ignored of 2013. The co-op game was a bit confusing and its goal was to navigate through dangerous mountains and snowy places to find The Tree of Life. The design of the game was brilliant. It complimented the story perfectly, not to mention that the connection between the two brothers was also quite interesting too. A Tale of Two Sons can be considered a masterpiece, and yet not many got to play it.

X-com: Enemy Within
Developer – 
Firaxis Games
Publisher – 2K Games

X-com: Enemy Within is the expansion to X-com Enemy Unknown, and it keeps much of the same game play whilst adding new weapons, operatives and even an enemy paramilitary human faction to fight. New psionics missions and new enemies make the game a little bit more sophisticated. Playing this game might take some time to get used to for anyone who hasn't played the original or who hasn't played a turn-based squad shooter before (a condition known as born after 1993). 

The strategy and management elements are addictive and will have you micromanaging your squad for sure. The true fun comes when you have a random group though and have to make do with your limited resources; suddenly you become a resourceful commander leading human troops with faults and skills of their own against a mysterious enemy. In spite of all that action, Enemy Within didn’t appeal to a very large crowd, which is why having to place it on our list. 

There have been numerous others video games overlooked these past few months, such as Gone Home and Metal Gear for instance. Did you know that Metal Gear was not a Nintendo exclusive? It was actually meant for a Japanese Microsoft computer if you can believe that. Furthermore, Gone Home is one of the most rational and accurate video games currently available on the market. Is the mature, realistic gameplay that made it so inaccessible? Why was the game overlooked if it was so good? Give it a try, maybe you'll like it. 

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