Challenging Conventions 16: Bite-Sized Gaming

I wasn’t planning to write about E3 in this column as that will be discussed elsewhere, but there’s one trend in the gaming industry that E3 really reminded me of. No, it wasn’t motion control. Nor was it open-world games. It was downloadable titles. Once thought to be a curiosity full of vintage classics and . . . → Read More: Challenging Conventions 16: Bite-Sized Gaming

Portal 2 Preview

Jeff saw Portal 2 at E3. He expects another triumph.

Portal was as close to a perfect game as I’ve ever played. An inventive mechanic, clever puzzles, a simple story that was neither too ambitious nor pandering, and a modest length that ensured it never outstayed its welcome conspired to make Portal a tour . . . → Read More: Portal 2 Preview

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