StarDrive: The Beta Report

There are fewer things I find more satisfying in video games then being able to take a more strategic approach to situations. Even when the option of just applying violence to the situation is readily available, which is the case more often then not, I enjoy being able to circumvent a difficulty with . . . → Read More: StarDrive: The Beta Report

Endless Space Review

Endless Space box art

Although the graphical representations and storylines of 4X strategy game change, the heart of RTS/Turn Based space strategy has remained the same since its inception: build your fleet, find the opponents, kill, bribe, be diplomatic to aliens and waste a tremendous number of hours attempting to micro-manage your ever-burgeoning empire.

While . . . → Read More: Endless Space Review

Rainbow Moon Review – HD RPG for the PS3

Don’t let the cutesy name fool you, there’s no rainbows in this PlayStation 3 exclusive. It’s easy for the stereotypical hard core gamer to overlook this title, not just because of the name but because of the cartoon like visuals and abstract character design, but for a meagre £9.99 you’re getting . . . → Read More: Rainbow Moon Review – HD RPG for the PS3

VIDEO: Endless Space Launch Trailer

In case you missed it with the holiday, Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive announced the launch of their 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) sci-fi strategy game, Endless Space, for Windows PC on July 4. Today, we're sharing an exciting look into the game's robust sci-fi universe with the official launch trailer, titled “Exterminate all Resistance”.

. . . → Read More: VIDEO: Endless Space Launch Trailer

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