TGR Comic Con Interview: X-Blades

While at Comic Con, we recently had the opportunity to talk to Bert Jennings from TopWare Interactive about the upcoming action-adventure game: X-Blades. Check back through we week for additional Comic Con Coverage.

TheGameReviews: So tell us a little bit about X-Blades.
Bert Jennings: Sure. X-Blades is a great hack and slash game that is a whole lot of fun. Its one of those games that harkens back to the old school arcade games where you ran around hacking guys up without getting overwhelmed with too much plot and story. Obviously they are there, but the focus is on the action. The game itself is very high energy and fast-paced, along with some deeper elements of RPG magic and adventure-exploration. You can spend an equal amount of time beating up all the enemies or wandering around the environments. The choice is up to you.

TGR: Can you talk a little bit about the weaponry and attacks that you will be equipped with in the game?
Bert: In addition to the magic, the main character Ayumi has a bevy of guns and blades. There are plenty of unique combos that you can string together to deepen the combat experience. For example, you can knock them down, freeze them and then start slashing away to chip away their life. There is plenty of depth in the combos.

TGR: Can you talk about some of the creatures that will stand in your way?

Bert: One of the great things that I pride myself on in the game is a large diversity in the enemies. A lot of games get really boring very quickly because you end up fighting the same guy over and over.

TGR: Many games…

Bert: Yeah, yeah. We really wanted to vary it up for the player. Enemies require different strategies, so you have to use all of the moves and weapons in your arsenal to take them down. We wanted to reward the player with a sense of accomplishment when they eliminate that last enemy or beat the boss and we think we have accomplished that.

TGR: So X-Blades was originally a PC game released internationally awhile back. Any changes for the U.S. release?
Bert: Yep, it was originally released in Russia as Oniblade, but we have taken that game and enriched the experience by adding new levels and graphics that really made it a whole lot better.

TGR: Approximately how long is the game?
Bert: It depends on the player’s style. If you are really aggressive, it will take you about 20-22 hours. Something I like about the game is the dichotomy between light magic and dark magic, and the choice that you make between which of those two that you use changes the game and affects you ending, so there is plenty of replay value.

TGR: And it comes out when?
Bert: This week on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

TGR: Bert, good luck on the game and thanks for the interview.
Bert: Thank you.

Author: JoeDelia