Split/Second Review

Unlike many modern day driving games, Split/Second is as subtle as a lightning bolt tearing through a fireworks factory. That’s not to say that careful maneuvering, perfect powerslides, and skillful overtakes aren’t all integral parts of Black Rock Studios latest arcade racer, but it is hard to concentrate on any of these tactics when a . . . → Read More: Split/Second Review

Mega Man 10 Review

Friends and loved ones aside, the Mega Man series was my childhood. Not only did I spend hundreds of hours crushing Guts Man, slowing down Quick Man, and laughing in the face of Hard Man, but I even recorded myself playing Mega Man 2 on several occasions. Why, you ask? So that I could . . . → Read More: Mega Man 10 Review

God of War III Review

From the corpse laden depths of the Aegean Sea to the fiery anguish at the mouth of Hades, Kratos’ lengthy journey to taste the bittersweet nectar of revenge has ripped every last ounce of humanity out of his tired, broken shell. Yet the Spartan moves ever onward, tasked with avenging the deaths of his . . . → Read More: God of War III Review

Dante’s Inferno Review

His fiery blades slice through the tattered, rotting flesh of his savage adversary, just another body in the increasingly large pile. As the enemy’s blood begins to dry on the base of his neck, he ponders as to why he’s in this mess: the sins that he committed against his beloved, and how he . . . → Read More: Dante’s Inferno Review

Editorial: Gaming Looks Too Good

Watched any good movies lately? How about scripted television? Notice anything in particular about the lead actors of these forms of entertainment? Hollywood is obsessed with perfection, from the chiseled jaws and rippling biceps on the fellas to the delectable curves and finely sculpted figures of the ladies. And that’s the way that we seem . . . → Read More: Editorial: Gaming Looks Too Good

Top of the Trash Bin: The 5 Best Worst Games of 2009

As I whittled down my 2009 ’Games of the Year’ list, I came to the realization that ten slots just weren’t enough. The past twelve months have been overloaded with ’so bad that they’re good” games, in particular shooters. Take these five examples: they all have solid mechanics and cohesive gameplay, but their . . . → Read More: Top of the Trash Bin: The 5 Best Worst Games of 2009

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