Half Life 2: Episode 1 walkthrough

*Half-Life 2: Episode One*

Half-Life 2: Episode One FAQ/Walkthrough
For Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Version 1.0 (11/2/07)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
(email at the bottom)

Version 1.0 - got the guide and other sections.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls CON2222
3. Starter Tips TIPS333
4. Walkthrough FAQ4444
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Chapter 1: Undue Alarm
Chapter 2: Direct Intervention
Chapter 3: Lowlife
Chapter 4: Urban Flight
Chapter 5: Exit 17

5. Weapons GUNS555
6. Enemies BAD6666
7. Copyright/Misc.

* 1. A Brief Foreword *

Just a quick guide for the first episode of the three to be released. I played
this game first on the PC and what an ordeal it was to load the game. Though
I have figured out Steam at this time, I decided to do this guide after getting
the Orange Box and covering Episode Two. After this I plan to cover the first
game as well and Portal at some point. I may make some sort of Half-Life 2
package for all the related games, but not Team Fortress 2.

For now, just enjoy this quick guide on a short, but sweet, episode.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *

Here are the 360 controls:

A - jump
B - reload
X - pickup/use/activate
Y - flashlight
RT - fire primary
LT - fire alternate
RB - Gravity Gun/last gun
LB - sprint
RS - look/aim; click to zoom
LS - move; click to crouch
START - pause; save game
BACK - move squad (not used in Episode Two)

The PC has standard FPS controls, and the same since the last game. For all
three of you with PCs and without knowledge of the controls, you can choose
what buttons do what in the options menu.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *

*Save SMG grenades and Energy balls for Hunters - both are the alt fire for
the SMG and Pulse Rifle. You run into Hunters often enough that saving these
will pay off.

*Explore to success - always search areas for health and ammo. The areas are
not too expansive, so a little searching won’t kill you.

*Use the Gravity Gun when you can - if you see a saw blade, that’s an obvious
clue to use the GG. See a lot of gas tanks and red barrels? Same story. Even
a rock or normal barrel will be enough to inflict damage.

*A loaded gun is a not happy gun - sitting on a full clip of ammo in any
weapon does you no good, and you get plenty of ammo throughout.

*Chuck a grenade into big groups - simple as that. Tossing a grenade will send
it pretty far, so always know your range.

*Don’t forget to run - not just the normal stride, you also have a sprint
button. It’s your only way to avoid charging enemies, but don’t forget to use
it during normal encounters.

*Drive in bursts - the best way to drive the car is to press the gas in little
spurts. Pushing forward at full speed is just crazy.

*Play for achievements later - some can be attained during a normal run, but
don’t go after the more elaborate ones until after you get through one game at
least. Don’t forget you can check your achievement progress from the pause

*Alyx is a B****! - really, she is a combat ally in this game, but most of the
time she will be right on your back and prevent you from backpedaling. Not to
mention she will be blocking the path behind you in most situations, such as
going back through a door. Just know that she’s behind you.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *

This guide was made on the default settings. Achievements are somewhat
addressed, but this is not a guide on how to get every one. Read ahead to get
a better sense of what is happening. The only thing you can do is read and
hopefully connect the dots with what you see on the game screen.

Picking up right where we left off.

Chapter 1: Undue Alarm

Okay, so after the very odd opening cutscene, you awake under some debris and
have a bit of a scene. Pick up the Gravity Gun and follow the events that
follow. When Alyx hops up, go to the right and look at the wooden boards
holding up a gate. Pull down all three boards to drop the gate and get up. Go
to the computer and watch and listen.

After that, Dog pulls up some wreckage from a dropship and you can crouch under
to get through. Inch over the edge to find the path along the cliff. When you
get to the gap, stand back, press your sprint button, and then jump across; you
should barely make it. Keep following the path, crouch under some debris,
blast away a car with the GG (gravity gun), and you will hit a dead end.

Not much to do but watch where Dog goes. He goes behind somewhere and starts
searching for something, so just stand back and watch out for the falling car.
Then jump in and enjoy the pleasant ride.

After you step out of the van, and after it falls to oblivion, look left and
go that way (straight ahead is nothing). Follow the corridor until you hit a
load screen.

Move ahead and then you two will stop to look out into a canyon-like area
where things look really messed up. Then hop over the rails on the left to get
on track. Follow the hall and you end at a locked field with Stalkers on the
other side. Alyx then sees some Roller Mines in another area and she will open
a field to let you through.

Crouch down and follow the small path. You will arrive at a ledge with a rugged
looking platform just a bit down below. You have to jump down to this platform
and then quickly jump down to the right before the platform falls. Do so and
then go across an active elevator to reach the mines. First, use the suit armor
station on the wall to get some hitpoints. If you’ll notice, you’re still all
juiced up from the first game.

Go over to the button. When you push it, the mines will drop and they will all
try to attack you. Blast a few away and make sure you grab at least one, the
rest will bounce themselves away. Don’t stand by the sides or the mines may
bounce you off. And if you lose all of them, more will fill the tube so you can
try again.

Make your way to the elevator and take the mine back to Alyx. Hold it to her
and she will make it friendly. Just drop it by the field and the mine will do
the rest. Then you are free to pass.

Take the open path to get back out to the canyon area. When you make a turn
along the ledge you will see Combine out and about, but they don’t harm you at
the moment. Crouch under debris to reach the bridge they came from and follow
it the way they came. Move the debris with your GG and be careful of the flames
in this room. Some energy thing will happen, but just keep going.

When you get to a rail, hop over to find a ledge. There will be a bridge not
far away, and if you look across you will see soldiers coming right for you.
All you can do is watch. The only way to get across is by sprint past the
energy vortex thing. Step a bit onto the bridge and as soon as you see the
swirl of energy go away, hold down sprint and run. Stop and wait for your
friend to join you and then proceed.

Keep following the path before you and hop over another rail when you hit it.
Watch as the girl works on the computer. Something strange happens and then you
guys will be on your way. Move along until you hit another confiscation room
where the GG is changed back to the way it was at the end of the last game.
Collect it and move onto another load screen.

Move to another bridge, but you will have to turn this one on. Look down for
some energy balls just hangin’ around, and pick one up with the GG. Send it
into the energy port below the bridge with the red light to be on your way.
Cross the bridge, but you are stopped by fire and then some Combine appear.
Suck them in with the gun and try to launch the bodies at the other guys, but
you will probably end up just sucking in all of them. Get off the bridge and
look left to find more coming from a fieldway and down a path on the side.
After about nine or so they will all be gone.

Now go to the other inactive bridge and put energy orbs into each port. Go
across and you get yet another round of Combine. This time they come from
literally all sides; behind, front, the side, and up. Get the ones up high
and then keep an eye on the few that come from your back as you take care of
the ones coming from the left side field.

After that, go to the bridge and look down yet again. The port on the right is
fine, but the one on the left is blocked by a shield. You have to send a ball
at an angle to the spot just above the shield. You are trying to get the ball
to hit the wall and then the shield and then bounce itself into the port. After
that is done, get across the bridge.

Follow the path until you see some kind of spark on the floor. Go around the
corner and be anticipating some soldiers. Keep moving until you hit yet another
part of the canyon area. Go around the corner and when you hit a floor area
that is clear, look right to see a lone soldier trying to shoot at you. Suck
him in and then a Dropship will come up and fly over you, so just watch what
it does.

Stay to the path after a while you find a opening in the wall that leads you
to a door for Alyx to open. Go through, another spark on the ceiling, and then
a load screen.

Move along to an elevator. Use the armor station to power up and then grab a
ball to use on the port across the elevator. When you do the descent begins.
Get to a side of the elevator and look up. There will be two objects falling to
start it off, then after a pause there is another. Your best bet is to barely
pull at the things with the GG and then blast them away. May take a few tries.

Then you stop. No more falling sky for the moment. Instead, look across the way
to see another energy port behind some glass. Pull at the computer on the right
from afar to open a hole. Then turn around and grab a ball from the beams.
Send it to the wall behind the hole so that it will bounce toward the port and
hopefully right in; may take a few tries.

Then things get back to going, so look up. Just one falling sky item this time
and then another stop. There are two computers on each side of the wall-piece
in front of the port, so move both. Then grab a ball and send it into the
port. You should go down a bit, but then come back up. There is a Stalker in
the room to the left that is messing with you. You must grab a ball and send
it into that area so that you take out the dude. There is an opening to the
room on the left of the port, so angle in some orbs a few times and one will
hit him. Then power up the lift and get going.

The lift begins to move very fast, so now you should look down in anticipation
of the exit. When you get to the bottom you can look up to see something very
big start to fall. Just get off the elevator and onto solid ground. Turn around
to watch the elevator get pummeled. Move through the sliding door to a load

Chapter 2: Direct Intervention

When you go through the next gate you run into a group of soldiers in a
computer room. Those little bastards were busy trying to blow everyone up.
After a bit of a scene, follow Alyx into the side room with a armor station.
Take the elevator into the reactor room to get this thing over with.

Move into the big room and you will see two Stalkers on platforms across the
way. Look up and grab some energy balls and send them at the enemies so that
you can do your work; you can hold the ball right toward them and align the
crosshair, they usually don’t move fast enough.

Now activate the port above you, and then the one across from you to get the
first bridge up. Then go across and activate the other port across the other
bridge to get it up. Go across and press a button to get all bridges pointing
toward the center platform. Go to it and take the ladder up. Get off and at
the top and go around the ledge to find a path on the wall.

Inside and toward a room you run into another group of Combine and more from
up above. Kill them and then go back outside to grab an energy ball. Take it
back to the room and send it into the port. After you get this part of the
core stabilized, more soldiers drop in from above and the opened door on the
side. They bring Manhacks, grenades, and their mean attitude to the fight.
Keep moving, take out the soldiers first, and then grab the bots. Just grab a
Manhack and shoot it directly into the floor or wall to blow it up.

Go through the door after you recharge your suit and you hit a dead end. Pull
off the cover for a corridor and jump in. You need to move quickly and you need
to avoid the coming orbs. Move left and right to avoid them and grab one if
you are toward the end so you can quickly get out. Then go up the path until
you hit another dead end. Blast off this cover and jump through for another
tango with the Combine. Kill them and get back outside.

Follow the bridge toward the core, but watch yourself. You have a very slim
path to get to the other bridge, and the core itself is pulsating. When it
receeds, sprint across to the other bridge. On the wall is another path to
a room with yet more soldiers waiting. Get the ones in the hall as they run
to you and then get the ones from above in the room itself.

There is an orb in this room for you to use on the port, and there are always
more outside. Another door opens up and you can hear more soldiers in the
distance. Take the elevator up and then go down the hall and be ready for
more enemies around the corner. Use the station on the wall and then move ahead
to the core room. Then turn around and wait for two soldiers to try and sneak
up on you.

The goal here is to get on the carousel above the core and follow the ride
until you can jump onto the platform on the right. But when you jump onto one
of the four beams, get up to the top and jump to the next one against the flow
and you should be able to get to the platform much quicker. You can then face
the oncoming Combine and get them out of the way, and then turn your attention
to the Manhacks. But if you want to spin around the ride for a while, that
does work too, you just won’t have anywhere to throw the bots.

Take the path until you hit another cover on the wall; blast it and hop through
it. Go to the end and hop through another hole to reach another corridor with
more flying balls (yes, I meant to say that). The way best way to get through
this one is to move down one path and just blast the orbs as they fly toward
you. You might take some damage, but if you keep moving you will make it to the
path at the end.

Blast off the cover and get ready for more soldiers in the room (be on your
toes for energy balls fired from Pulse Rifles, those can be used against the
Combine if you can react fast enough). When they are cleared, grab an orb from
the broken glass on the wall and send it into the port. The machine will get
stuck, but you can go down below to fix the problem. Go down there to find
that three energy stations are without their balls ... I mean energy. Look up
near them to find a crack in the ceiling that has the flying orbs from the
previous corridor. Grab two and shoot them into the stations. Grab one more
and go to the platform that will take you back up, then shoot the orb into the
last station (if you light up all three from down here, the lift won’t take you
back up, so you have to be on the lift).

Back up top, grab another orb and put it in the port. Then watch as everything
is back to squares. You lose all your beefiness though, for some reason, and
then you can take the opened door right back to Alyx. You hear of some black
holes and revelations and then you watch a video clip. Run with Alyx to the
safety elevator. Take it down to the train area and there is a load screen.

Go through the blast doors to a room where Alyx locks you guys in from the
enemies. Two Roller Mines drop in, so grab both and let Alyx hack them. Set
them down and wait for the door to open leading into the next room. The mines
will take out the soldiers inside ... eventually.

Then you can go through and get on the train, but use the health station near
the train before you step in. Turn on your flashlight if you must and get on.
Just stand around and wait for you to crash. Crawl to Alyx after you do and
pull the top of the Stalker-holder to get it off her. Then blast open the
cover near her and jump down. Crawl through an opening to hit a load screen.

Chapter 3: Lowlife

After she is ready and opens the field, go through and hit the roadway where
you run into your undead friends. The turrets on the ceiling are of no use
because they have run out of bullets, so you and her have to clear the place.
Use debris to kill the zombies, and toward the middle area you run into the
mines, so pick them up to make them friendly, but they will kill the zombies
either way. Kill the ones around the trucks and then take the dark path on
the right. Follow it to a door and then look right and down to find a vent.
Take off the cover and crawl through.

Grab some items across a gap, and one of them will be a flare that will light
your path if you want. Keep going, take a ladder, and soon you find a vent
cover. Below will be a Headcrab, so just blast down the cover to kill it, or
hop down and use something to kill it. Go to the right corner of the room to
find a fence holding some good items behind it. Use the GG to pull them to
you and through an opening in the corner of the fence. Get the Handgun and
Shotgun and others, as well as some items in the lockers nearby. Then use the
handgun on the lock on the other side of a door on the other fence. On the left
wall is the power box to let Alyx through.

Go outside with the flashlight on. Look right and pick up a red gas tank and
flinge it at the zombies with the GG. Then turn around and go get some ammo
by a dead guy. Come back and keep going right. You will hit a car with some
zombie bodies, and when you get close to the car the bodies will wake, so be
ready. Find the hole in the wall on the road to keep moving. Go around the
field of dead Antlions and then you hear some commotion. Use the GG to pick up
a gas tank on the ground and send it into the fighting bugs and zombie, kill
any survivors.

Not far away is a train, so go inside and find a body of a new type of enemy
(and where you hear the classic name Alyx gives them: Zombines). Soon, one on
the other side will blast open the path so you can get through. Grab the items
in here and get back in the tunnel. Yes, now you will fight the Zombines in
battle. Use the GG to start with to send red barrels all over the place, then
follow that up with some shotgun shells, but always stay close to Alyx so she
can help. Cautiously use the barrels so that none will blow up in your face.
Move forward and keep on your toes for more undead from all directions. Pick
up a flare from a car and set it down by the locked door if you need to catch
your breath and recharge your flashlight.

*NOTE: Zombines will sometimes pull an active grenade from their chest and
run toward you. Either kill them quickly or try to pull the grenade and shoot
it away with the GG, or back away real fast.*

Move forward and you should run into some Barnacle tongues, so avoid them and
find a door leading to a small room on the left side. Go in and use the power
box to turn on the lights. Grab the items and look back to find more zombies
on your tail; I just used the rocks on the ground to kill them. Run back to
the locked door and go through and up the stairs. Have your gun ready for the
poison headcrabs up top: one in the stairway, and two more through the door.

Go up the path a bit until you see a car, a hole in the ground, and a gate in
the corner. Use the GG to blast the car over the hole to keep the Antlions
at bay, kill the one that may have got through. Then go to the turn-wheel by
the door and hold it down so you can go through. Two headcrabs will come out,
so take care of them after the door is open. Go through and two more headcrabs
will be along the path along with some items.

When you go through a fence you will notice the huge bunch of Barnacles
covering up the path, and in the distance you will see a bunch of zombies
coming down the way. Alyx will not to stopped from killing the Barnacles, but
not shinning your light will help some, or shine the light only on the
Barnacles near you guys. Let the tongues catch the zombies, use barrels to
kill the survivors, and let Alyx clear the path of Barnacles.

When you get to the corner, more Zombines will greet you. Blow up the barrels
at the right moment to get a few in one hit, and hit the barrels by the glass
on the wall to get the others. When they are gone, go through the door and up
the stairs for a load screen.

In the next area you will see a bunch of Zombines rise and they will start
fighting some Antlions. Shoot a gas tanks to take out one Zombine, then run
down the path to get into the open. Kill the Zombines and let Alyx take out
the bugs, you need to find the car in the center of the room and knock it over
one of the three Antlion holes on the ground. When the middle one is locked
up, go up a beam to reach the second level. You will see another car in a hole
in the wall. Blast open the crate in the doorway nearby and get in so you can
get the car out. Knock it out of the hole and down to the ground, then hop
down and push it onto the nearby bug hole.

*NOTE: You can use the GG to knock over Antlions for Alyx to blast, but at no
time during this fight should you actually stop to fight bugs, unless you
really have to.*

That leaves just one more. Go up to the second level and around the sides to
find your third car behind a downed gate. Find a beam over the middle of the
room that leads to the third level. When you get up here, go around and find
another beam that will lead you to the right side. Go through the opening on
the wall and drop down to the area with the car below. Wait for the Zombine
to wake up and kill him, then go turn the wheel on the wall. When the gate is
open, quickly blast the car through and over the side where you can knock it
over the last bug hole to make this area safe.

Now you can explore the room to find more items. In the room on the second
level there are some grenades, and near the gate for the car there are some
items too. Not much on the third level, so just get up there and turn the wheel
on another gate to open up the path. Go through and take the stairs down. You
can get off on the door, or you can do down a bit more to find a torso zombie
and a crate.

Head through the door to enter a watery room. Move into the middle area and
about four Zombines will rush from the front. When you get to the other side,
more zombies from the front and back; be sure to use the barrels on your terms
so that you don’t get fried.

Proceed and you will hit a big room. This is called the Nightmare Room because
it will haunt you long after you get through it, if you get through it. Start
by turning around to find some items in the corner. Then go toward the light
where you should charge up your flashlight, you’ll need all the juice you can
get. After the lights go out, save the flares for later, just know they are
there. Go around the elevator to the right side to find some items in a
corner. Grab what you can and send the rest toward the elevator with the GG,
all for later.

Now make your way back to the elevator and this time go down the side of the
room you didn’t come from (it’s the side across the fence, just go straight).
You will run into a lot of items and flares and exploding stuff. Don’t spend
too long exploring because there are enemies in the area. I suggest using the
exploding stuff now so that it doesn’t hurt you later. There is a cache of
items behind a fence on the wall, and more stuff in a room at the back with a
Zombine (send a barrel at him before he gets up).

*NOTE: You want to throw items toward the elevator for easy grabbing later.*

When ready, find a door between both items stashes and removing a wooden
board holding the doors in place. When you open this door a Zombine will go
suicide-bomber on you and pull out a grenade, so back away. Go inside and use
the power box on the wall to call for the elevator. Grab the items and quickly
get back to the elevator doors.

There is no set plan to get you through this without taking damage, so long as
you survive, you win. Turn around on the steps and look for the zombies. Blow
up the exploding stuff nearby to take them out, but I highly urge against you
using the GG as a weapon here, or you’ll end up with a lot of barrels blowing
up in your face. Always look in every direction and use your hearing to know
if something is nearby. When a Zombine gets close and you hear that ticking
sound, bail out and run in any direction, but be sure to come right back to
the steps. When you hear a shierking sound, that be the fast zombies, so take
them out quickly.

*NOTE: The only time to use the GG as a weapon will be early on, but after you
flinge a couple of gas tanks, you should probably stop.*

A novel plan is to bail out to the area on the right side of the elevator,
since the undead won’t come from the side you are on. Everything goes smooth
enough until your light goes dead. When this happens, just run to the middle
area and pick up some health items, but don’t wait for it to recharge all the
way, just enough to get you by. You cannot just leave Alyx alone or you will
lose her and you will fail. If you feel lucky, toss a grenade to a side of
the doors to hopefully hit something. All you can do is keep your light on,
keep shooting, and keep moving. When the elevator arrives, just run inside and
this fight will be over.

Chapter 4: Urban Flight

After the entertaining ride up, run with Alyx. The gate is locked, but no
worries. Turn around to find a wheel on the wall by another gate. Turn it and
collect the items in here. Blast away the boxes to find another wheel on the
ground in the corner. Pick it up and bring it back to the locked gate. Set it
into the red box on the wall and turn that sucka.

Go up to witness the state of the city - nothing a little duct tape won’t fix.
Listen to the doc for a while if you like and then head toward some metal
sheets blocking the path. Pull them down and go through to run into some
security bots, just pull them in and shoot them into the wall. Free up the path
and keep moving to see some Combine drop into the alley. Let them run into the
raised area in the middle where you can use the gas tank to kill a few. Proceed
to a moving wall of the citadel and run through when it moves.

*NOTE: Killing the previous soldiers is when you gained the SMG, so don’t
forget that you have it.*

More bugs in the next area, so you know the drill. Three bug holes and you get
one medic to help. Just get to the cars and move them into place. When you
head down the road you will see two zip lines where soldiers will rappel from,
so be ready.

After all is calm, go toward the door at the end and move the boards in the
way. If you can, peek through and toss a grenade inside, or grab something and
throw it into the red lasers to set the place on fire and eliminate the bad

With the flames going, you are in for one clever little puzzle. If you were not
reading this, you might spend the half hour I first did figuring this one
out. Grab the items in here and then go around the corner to find a see-saw.
Now, the trick is to disregard the similar puzzles in the first game. Instead
of adding weight to the saw, just pick up the plastic box and set it under the
right side of the rock so that the right end won’t move when you step on it.
If you understand that the object is to prevent the saw from moving by jamming
something under it, you will quickly see what I mean. With the box in place,
jump on, run to the end and jump to the ledge on the wall, and then turn off
the gas. Now come back to the front, pick up Alyx, and go up the stairs for
a loading.

At the top you will see the full extent of zombie brainpower as one will walk
directly into a trap. Then more will get up, but just avoid their projectiles
until a Roller Mine drops in. Grab it and let Alyx convert it to the light
side. It will take care of the rest, so just collect the items. Don’t run in
front of the window because it’s covered by a sniper. Sprint down to the stairs
and go down a bit to see another roller for you to convert. Shoot it and the
other one into the open where they will distract the sniper. Grab the items and
quickly run to the side of the doorway.

When ready, sprint over to the cover a building to the right. You should toss
a mine toward the side of the sniper so it can be a distraction, then you need
to use the cover of the cars in the road (crouch), and then run to a doorway
on the left. From here you can run to the area with the turret and find some
boxes of grenades in the back. Use the GG to get the grenades and send one up
to the sniper. When he’s gone, Alyx will join you.

*NOTE: A Dropship may drop more mines, so be ready. Also, one time an Antlion
appeared from nowhere and attacked me - odd.*

She will take up point as you play decoy. Take the ladder when it’s there and
go over. Go to the right just a bit to wake the sleeping zombies, then make a
dash for the pit area in the road. Kill whatever gets close to you, but Alyx
will handle most of the threats. Items in the room by the first barricade.

Then go into the room near the second barricade to get on path. There is a
headcrab by a box soon after you enter. Keep moving and go up some stairs. In
the walkway over the street, toss a grenade to the other side to take out the
sleepers. Then use the GG to knock down all the planks on the left side so
Alyx can have a clean shot. Go to the other side and bait the zombies around
the corner, or drop a grenade. Either way, run back to the walkway and let
Alyx do some sniping, but watch out for the Zombines, you may have to run
from side to side if you want Alyx to get them.

Proceed after a calm and drop down to the ground level, and don’t miss all the
crates in this area of the building. When you go out into the streets, there
is a bug hole, a Combine barricade at the end, and a turret gunner in a post.
Go pull down a metal sheet from the back of this post to give Alyx a clear
read. Then push the car all the way over to the bug hole and seal it up. Now
soldiers will constantly come from the barricade doors until you run through.
So the best thing to do is lay low and wait until one guy is left and then
make a sprint for the open doors, or just wait til the next group comes. When
you get through, clear out the enemies and wait for Alyx to start running
toward you. Antlions will follow her, so take them out and all is well.

Look up to the tower to see that it’s back to square one. Go into the building
to hit a loading. Move along an have your shotgun ready when you go through a
doorway; just four soldiers. Go into a storage room and look left for a Pulse
Rifle and other items. Two health stations on one wall and more rifle ammo
on another. Then sit back and watch the two locked doors for just four Combine
to break through. The rifle will kill them quickly. After, stock up on supplies
and go out the left door to find the dark path with a lone enemy at the end.

Go up the steps and pick up each armor unit and drop it over so that you can
have more for later. When you drop down, get ready for a big fight. You will
see the Combine and that’s all good, but soon an Antlion Guard will show up.
Let the Combine stick around as long as they can as you use the red barrels to
get in some damage on the big guy. When it’s just you and him, and Alyx and
more Antlions, lure him around to the other red barrels and shoot those to
get in big damage. Ignore the little guys and try to stay around the building
you came from so Alyx can help, but don’t forget that you have a lot of space
in this area. Just use the Pulse Rifle, then shotgun, then SMG on the guard
and it will fall in no time. Don’t forget to lure him to charge into walls, you
remember that from the first game, right?

When the big guy falls it’s just you and the little ones, and more Combine.
Cover the two bug holes around the corner as quickly as you can, then get ready
for more Combine to come from their barricade and also from up high. Kill them
and go through, but if you need some supplies don’t hesitate to go back a bit
and scope out the previous area for stuff (don’t miss the SMG crate if you
want full ammo by the start area).

When ready, jump into the pit and follow it. I say shoot the red barrels and
then duck for cover, or just grab the mine behind the barrels before it blows
and takes you with it. Find the vent and then take it. When you can turn right
and go up a ladder do so. When you can see some items at the end, stop. Use
the GG to pull those items to you (if you go too close you will fall back to
where Alyx waits and she will say, "Back so soon?" in that snobby manner).
Then go back and follow the main vent down until it falls and reveals some
laser traps.

*NOTE: Where you hit the ladder in the previous vent, if you look way up you
will see a health pack if you need it.*

Don’t go out. Look up to find a vent cover that you can grab with the GG, but
don’t shoot it or you will probably die. Just grab it and move it to a new
spot on top of the vent and then stand up. You better save now in case of the
worst. The best thing I could do was grab one of the red barrels that was not
touching a laser and pull it to me (careful not to grab it and hit a laser in
any way). I placed it by the bunch of red barrels near the vent, then I stepped
on the first one, then on the one I placed, and from this one I just jumped
over the highest set laser and into the elevator. Another way would be to just
sprint into the elevator as quickly as you can.

Either way, the elevator drops into the water and you will have to bust open
a hatch to get out and swim back up for air. You now have some interesting
things to do from down here. Let’s handle the bottom room first. There are
two ways to get to the items in this room. You could ride the Barnacle tongue
up a bit and then fall to a ledge on the same level as the previous laser-
trapped room. Here you will find a vent that leads you directly to the items
in a small room with a headcrab as company. Or you could touch a laser and
real quick like fall back into the water. Either way or neither way, your

*NOTE: If you ever lose all the Barnacles and have no other way to get up
to the mission-related vent, you will have to go through the bottom room (just
jump in and jump out to take out the lasers), hop through the window, and
follow this vent to the level of the ladder. Just jump to the side ledge and
then to the ladder side.*

Now there is the matter of continuing the mission. For this you must get to a
vent at the very top. You can ride a tongue up there, or you can get to the
same level as the last room, and the last vent, and then take a ladder up to
the top from where you will jump down a bit to the vent. Follow it to a vent
cover over a laser-filled room. No need to worry about being blasted, just
pop off the cover and sit back a bit as the explosions go off. Drop down and
grab the three mines in here to make them friendly. Then turn on the power via
the box on the wall. Move ahead for a loading.

Go into the next room with your pistol in hand. Peek around the corner and
shoot a barrel just enough so that it starts to light, then back away as the
room gets cleared. Go in and disarm the mine in the corner with your GG.
Collect the supplies and then go around the corner and look up some stairs.
Have your SMG in hand and stand back just enough so that you can see the door.
When it opens, shoot the red barrel inside before it is thrown to you, and
then clean out the survivors.

Collect the supplies in here and grab the Crossbow on the shelf in the back.
Look up in the corner for a green light on a plug. Pull it out to free up the
path down the steps. Go down and take that path to get back outside.

Three Combine greet you, so kill them and avoid their grenades tosses. Grab the
items behind a fence on the right and then go down the street. More Combine at
the other end and around the corner. When you hear a ticking, look to the very
end of this street to see more coming from a door. Go over to this spot after
it is cleared to pick up the Rocket Launcher among others. Maybe some more in
the area as you come back a bit to find a friendly in a crevice who has
opened up the path. Go through.

Follow him and when he drops off a side, look behind this edge to find some
crates. Jump over and follow him to a door and through for some good laughs.
If you go through the doorway and look to the right wall for the STORAGE sign,
open the door for yet another laugh; that makes three! Pull the TV off the
socket so that it shuts up.

Go up the stairs and to the top until the way gets blocked. Open the nearby
door and be ready for two Zombines. Keep moving until you hit an open looking
room, but no matter what you will have to fall through the floor and into a
zombie pit. Blast away the ones near you and get to a safe corner, then you
can use the GG to smash the others, or use the crossbow. Then move the debris
by the door and go through. In this small room you can look down through a
crack in the floor and peep in on some juicy conversation. Open the next door
and get back up to the room with the broken floor. Just hug the side to get
across, and a Zombine is waiting by the doorway.

*NOTE: You may be able to avoid the zombie pit, but you have to jump to the
left side of it; but then you miss the scare and the conversation.*

*NOTE: I ran into another funny bit. When I rejoined Alyx and brought her semi-
back down to the second level, she ran back down to the ground and told the
others, "I wouldn’t recommend using the stairs," and then she rejoined me. It’s
just funny because it wasn’t expected.*

Follow the path and you are reunited with Barney, and everyone loves Barney.
After a scene, Barney at long last gives you the Crowbar, it’s just too bad any
use was lost after you got through the early parts. Oh well, cross the bridge
and get moving. At the foot of the stairs will be some crates and when you go
up your will find one headcrab. At the top you hit a room full of the things,
so just toss in a grenade. Two Zombines are on the roof outside, so take them
out of let them go after the Combine across the bridge. You can take them out
and run, or you can handle the other guy that pops up to the right. Now you
are in a hospital building so you must hit a load screen.

Keep moving until you hit a big hallway with undead and soldiers going at it.
Let them mess with each other for a while and the Gunship outside will also be
at work. When ready, hug the right wall to avoid the ship and move forward.
There is a room on the side at the end of the hall, but it’s empty, so just
keep going forward. Smash some crates and get to the room for a showdown.

The Gunship fight in the attic will be tough, but you have an infinite stash
of rockets in a crate in the right corner. You must first know that the whole
place is liable to fall apart, so anything shot at will break; this means the
roof and floor. You can let the Gunship have all the fun of breaking the place
apart, or you can speed up the process by taking out parts of the roof, but
that means less cover for you, but you also need to get a clear shot on the
ship - pick your poison.

The fight is simple, more or less an memory in the game. Just avoid falling
through open floor and take your shot when it’s through an open section of
roof. I hope you do know that you launch a rocket, keep the laser dot on the
ship, and the rocket will get there; and that the ship may try to shoot down
the rocket, so play smart. Just keep firing and keep reloading and after five
hits the fight is over. Collect the supplies and use one last rocket on the
ground level door when some soldiers try to break in. Proceed.

When you see a box, grab it with the GG and pull it out of the way. Then pull
up the mine that was behind it. Go to the corner and then pull at the box by
the fence to set off the laser traps. Alyx will upgrade to a boomstick and
then she opens the field. Move along and when the music cues you know something
kickass is about to happen. Alyx will be surgical with the shotgun as you move
along, ignore the rooms on the side. When some doors blow open, just sit back
and watch and Combine and undead coexist in perfect harmony; then blast away
whichever side wins the fight. Go through and you will run into more this
fighting. Kill the surviving side and collect the supplies before moving onward
to the station.

Nearby is a surgery room and a zombie locked behind a door on the other side.
When you go into the surgery room he will bust out, so be ready. Health in
here and then you will notice some fighting in the nearby hallway. Go out
and watch as more of the eternal struggle unfolds before you. Go to the left
to find a mine that you can plant in the center for mucho damage. Start killing
the Combine after a while or until they notice you and finish up the fighting.

Go to the end of the hall and enter a small room where the ceiling will fall
and drop some headcrabs; clear it out if you desire the crate inside. Collect
any supplies and keep moving. Kill the zombies lying around in the longue
area on the left, then notice the group on the other side of a door. You can’t
go throug, so check out the other rooms down the hall. The one on the left has
a free crate; the one on the right has two soldiers, so explore both. Then
come back to the door to have it open. toss over a grenade and then use an SMG
grenade to finish off the remainder, or however. Then go through.

Drop down a hole to fall into the water below. Swim under and to some steps.
Get up and blast the headcrab here, and then the other in the small room next
to you. Then follow the walkway to and over the water to a corner where you
will pick up a blue barrel. Grab it and turn to find more tongues in your way.
Get the barrel directly to the other side of the room. Do you see the walkway
that slightly sinks in the water when you step on it? Get the barrel and place
it under this walkway.

Now go to the support column nearby and flip the switch. The water is now lava,
and lava hot. You need to jump from the floating walkway to the platform by
the sparking power box. But there be Barnacle tongues in your way. You could
turn off the power, jump into the tongue in your way, and then kill the beast,
or you could just toss a grenade into the tongue and be done with it (be sure
to aim the crosshair slightly to the left). From the middle platform, look
right and jump on the broken pillar connected to some pipes. More tongues
will drop obstructing the pipes on the right, so take the ones on the left, and
be sure to crouch for better balance. From here you can jump onto a broken
walkway connected to the small room. Then jump through the window, step as far
to the right and top of the stairs as you can, and then you are free to exit
through the open door.

Go up and onto the level of the Barnacles. Collect the crates and move along to
wait for Alyx to drop in. Then go through the door and past a bloody scene.
Stop at an edge above some headcrabs. Get right to the edge and wait for them
to jump at you so you can blast them. Grab the items across the gap before
jumping down and set anything you want to the area down below if you want it
after the coming fight. Save, have your best gun ready (Pulse Rifle), and then
drop down.

Quickly dispatch the Carrier zombie down here before he tosses too many
headcrabs. Kill the ones he does and then go grab a mine off the shelf. Set it
by the doors on the right. Then go grab another and go to the left, but just
set this one over the crack in the window to try and take out the other
Carrier. Kill his headcrabs and do the same thing with the last mine (if you
can manage to toss them through the window, that’s great). If you pull this
off, save and get ready for a big group to come through the right side doors.

Get rid of them in a hurry (Pulse Rifle energy ball, the alt fire), and then
prepare for group two from the left. There may also be some stragglers on the
right side when you go through, so be ready. When it’s all clear, head out and
follow the hallway to the right. Down the path you will see some zombies get
only to get taken out by automatic fire.

Sprint over to the left side and look down the hall. Use the GG to pull out the
mine closes to you and then set it back in the ground. What you will do is
sprint over to the cover of the wall on the right wall, then you will turn
around and go back to the start as zombies pour from a nearby room. A Zombine,
then zombies, then a fast zombie, and all the while you have more mines and
the turrets after you. When that’s over with, get back to the right wall cover,
and from here sprint into the room.

Grab the items in here and then peek around the corner to grab more mines. Set
them up in the hall and in the room. When you go after the third one you will
get more undead. This is a good time to use the crossbow and retreat back into
the room. After this group is gone, sprint over to the room they came from.

From here you can grab one mine, but you can get right next to the field and
pull out a green plug to disable the field and the turrets. Then grab the last
mine and get to moving to hit a load screen.

Chapter 5: Exit 17

Move out to the open to meet up with Barney. Follow him and you will have the
task of escorting lots of citizens from point A to point B. You start in an
empty building where you pick up one group of people. Lead them to the opposite
building across the parking lot, and take note of the rocket crate among the
cars. Go through the building, taking note of some health under a table, and
then into a train garage. Lead your team to the other side, around the front
end of the train and go past a turret and through a door to reach the safe
zone. Stock up on health in the locker area, then go to the room at the end to
unload your group, and also find the Magnum on a crate. Easy enough, just
getting a feel for the route. Now go back to point A.

When you get to the garage area, Alyx will be manning the turret, so go back
alone. You should run into some Manhacks in the garage, so deal with them. When
you reach the parking lot, you will run into two more hacks and then some
mines will be dropped around you. Take out the hacks and then use your GG to
pull up all three mines. Place them up the street a bit around the ramp
leading to the road with force fields on both sides. Now will also be a good
time to scope out this area. Grab all the red barrels and gas tanks and place
them away from the cars, because you don’t want them blowing up when you are
hiding in the parking lot later. Find a crate in a dumpster, another in a car,
and then three more in a truck by point A. When you get a bunch of health
packs, lay them out around the lot area so that you can easily grab them
when on the run later.

Now go into the building to pick up another group. You only get a few, and
remember that you can move them around, but there is no need really, just let
them follow you. When you go through the parking lot, some soldiers show up in
the taller buildings up the slope. Use the crossbow if you like and make each
shot count. You should have no troubles as your friends provide good support.
After the first group there will be two more to rappel from the rooftops, so
get them and then move into the garage.
Just four Combine from the window above when you hit the garage area. Kill them
quickly or they will scatter. Don’t forget to get close to your medic if you
take health damage. Go to the turret by Alyx and that should be all; you can
go to the room where the group stops at if you need the rifle ammo, but other
than that you are free to go back. When you move beyond Alyx, two bad guys
appear in the window above, so just let her take care of them. Remember this
for later, that this side of the garage is covered by support fire.

Move through the garage quickly and take out the shotgun soldiers as they drop
in from the window and get back out to the parking lot. Quickly hide behind the
dumpster as you see a blue sniper laser scoping you out. There are two more
mines near this dumpster, so try to tug at them without getting spotted. The
sniper is in the highest window on the tall building. You can sprint from cover
to cover on your way to the foot of this building, and from there just line
up your grenade crosshair with the window to toss one up there. Grab the mines
if didn’t already and then go to get more people.

Crossing through the lot will cause just two soldiers to appear by the building
area. Deal with them and get to the garage. A rifle soldier will drop the train
car nearby and force you to take the upper walkway. Kill him and then find the
ramp on the right wall to get up there. As you walk to the other side of the
room, two soldiers drop on top of the other train car. Kill them and drop down
to the ground and take your people to Alyx to get them safe. Heal up and then
get ready to head back.

Wait for two shotgun dudes to drop in and let Alyx take them out. Then run to
the downed train, find the steps to get on the walkway, and then hop over and
into the small safe room before the lot. If you’ll notice, the lockers in here
will provide some crossbow bolts. Don’t run out into the parking lot, just
poke outside the door and try to snipe the Combine among the cars with your
crossbow. Watch out for their grenades, because they toss quite a few. Just
stay on the steps here and watch your back for shotgun dudes to come from the
garage. There are quite a few soldiers after you, and there is also a APC
vehicle by the buildings. Kill the soldiers first. The best way to get the APC
is to stay on these steps, launch out a rocket into the open, and then pop out
to quickly place the laser on the enemy vehicle. Do this about three or so
times and the thing will blow. Go to the enemy territory to find items, and
don’t forget that you can use as many rockets as you need to one the survivors.

Return to the start point to grab another group. Crossing the lot should just
mean the spawning of two soldiers, and you should only waste two rockets and
then restock. In the garage you will hear a ticking. Look to the door under the
walkway to see the bomb. Launch a rocket right before it goes off and you will
get the group in one hit, or maybe you’ll need two rockets. Then go up the
ramp to run into two more shotgun guys. Get across the walkway fast and jump
off before more shotgun guys show up. Stop near Alyx and wave your squad

Turn around and make your way back to the room before the parking lot. Come
out to run into more men waiting for you. Use your supply of rockets if you
like, but the goal is to clear a path back to the starting point.

Pick up the final group and cross the lot one last time. More soldiers to spawn
and this time some will try to rush you guys from the back, so be ready. Move
into the garage and take out the guys in here on your way to Alyx’s side. Just
run and jump on the turret when she gets off early so you can take out the
pursuing enemies. Kill them and run with your people to the safe room and the
load screen.

You and the others will part ways. Say your goodbyes and follow the path Alyx
sets you on. Get to the end of the fenced path and find a turn wheel and start
turning. Alyx will make it to safety, but you don’t get so lucky. Hide behind
the metal sheet when the Strider shows up and just wait for him to blast open
a container. Run through to the other side. Get to the opening in the fence to
see it blocked by debris and then some soldiers drop in, but they get cut down
by their own. Just move the blockage, run around the corner to avoid the
barrels, and get into the dark container. Grab the items in here, there is also
a health station on the wall outside, and then get ready to run.

Go out and go up the path to the right and up to a higher level. Go down the
walkway and enter another dark container with more debris. A blast will knock
the stuff out of the way, so just get out, but be ready for the lone headcrab
on the other side. Follow the red containers and go to the left to hide in an
area with a crate. Look to over the gap to see a suit pack and a broken bot.
You need to jump there and then go up the top of the container that is slanted
(the same one you walked up moments ago), and from there get on the top level
of this container area.

When you are on top of the highest red containers, look to the left to see a
walkway along the wall. Run along the containers and jump up to this walkway.
Look down the way to see some barrels being dropped, and you should then
quickly use the GG to blast the boxes over to the stationary barrels before
they are set on fire and launched into you. When that is over, heal up and get
ready to run some more.

First, zoom down the walkway to see a mine in on the floor; this means you
can’t just run all the way. Notice that there are two points on the sides where
you get small metal sides on the railing that you can crouch behind. Run and
duck behind the first one and look up through the hole to see the dude that
was tossing down the barrels. Kill him and then crawl over to the other metal
siding with the GG in hand and pull on the mine as soon as it turns red. Grab
it, hide behind the metal, and set down the mine. You might want to save here.

Around the corner will be more mines, but the metal sides will be removable.
Just stay crouched and crawl along the walkway as you pull on the mines, and
be extremely careful not to pull at a metal sheet. Now stop and notice that
the walkway was destroyed by the beast. You will have to run and jump off the
end of the walkway and onto an area below. When you do you only have seconds
to grab the three crates, but you must stay away from the container because the
Strider will start to pound it toward you. Quickly grab the crates and then go
around the container and hop down to a fenced path on the ground before you
get smushed.

In this pathway, a container will fall as two soldiers drop, but they will get
blown up. What you need to worry about are the two falling barrels that will
roll toward you. Just step back as far as you can, or get close to them as they
roll down and quickly pop them away, your choice. Hug the right fence as you
move and the beast should not hit you. You will find two mines in the ground,
so grab them to make the path safe. When you get toward the end, look left to
find an opening along the train. Run, jump, and jump onto the other side of
the train station and hide in safety.

You may have to duck at times. Go over to the crates, get the items, and then
save. Look to the wall to find a ladder. Run to it and quickly get up and then
crouch behind some metal sheets near some rockets. You now need to bring the
Strider down. Stay crouched and just pop out during the lulls in the beast’s
fire to get a hit in. Retreat and repeat using up all of what should be your
six rockets. When you run out, sprint over and crouch behind the other metal
sheets by the remaining stash of rockets. You can’t stay behind one metal
sheet forever, so you may need to stand and you will need to run to other
cover. You should need about six or so rockets, and you will probably miss a
few times, but that is okay. And if you really must, jump over the other end
of the walkway to find some crates down here, but you shouldn’t need to.

After the Strider is dead, take the other ladder down and use the crates if
you must (you don’t need anything else though). Alyx tells you to jump on the
train, and by this she means get on the very back platform near across from the
computer. Get on and she will get on and then you just sit back and enjoy the
pleasant ride into the countryside. End Episode One, and stick around to watch
a trailer for Episode Two, even though that after playing Episode Two, it is
clear now that the trailer isn’t all that true (the trailer is PC only and not
on the Orange Box).

* 5. Weapons ( GUNS555 ) *

Here are all the weapons you use in the game. Don’t forget, most guns have
an alt fire.

Just your basic handgun. Has a lot of ammo in one clip, so that helps. A
solid fall-back weapon if you need it.

This thing is perhaps one of the better guns you have. It’s usually a one-
hit kill on the smaller enemies. It has a decent range when you need it, but
the limited ammo hurts.

The sniper rifle of the game. You only get one bolt a clip, so each shot is
crucial. The time it takes the bolt to fly will sometimes cause a miss, so
just make sure your shot is right on.

ALT: Zoom

This gun will pour bullets into targets, but the accuracy is bad; you will
basically unload an entire clip on one enemy just to get a kill.

ALT: Grenade, a valuable tool that will explode on contact

Your basic boomstick. Use it at close range for ultimate effect, and it does
have a decent range for a distance. Great against all enemy types.

ALT: Fire two shells

Pulse Rifle
Rather than a human machine gun, this is a Combine rifle with the same effect.
The only downside is that you chew through the ammo in a hurry.

ALT: Energy ball, the bane of Hunters

Simple enough. Toss, stand back, and then there’s a loud bang. You can hold
five at a time, so don’t be afraid to use one on big groups.

ALT: Drop it in front of you, rather than tossing it

Rocket Launcher
The most powerful gun you get. Shoot where you lay the laser beam and the
rocket will follow the dot.

The classic melee weapon of Half-Life. Use it to smash wooden planks and
crates. If you have to use this for an actual weapon, you got problems that
are beyond my skill to fix.

Gravity Gun
The X-Factor of the game. Aside from the puzzle-solving aspect, using this
gun as a weapon will be critical for big fights. If you have big objects like
rocks and barrels and saw blades, pick them up and send them into the bad guys.
Gas tanks and flammable barrels should be used at perfect times, otherwise
you’ll have them blow up in your face for various reasons.

* 6. Enemies ( BAD6666 ) *

Lots of different bad guys in this game.

A simple undead enemy, but in the Half-Life universe these guys have headcrabs
on their lids. The headcrab is the spot you want to aim for. Once the zombie
is down, there is a chance the headcrab will stay alive, so keep an eye on it
after it falls off.

There are three other types beside the regular, white t-shirt sort. There are
fast zombies, and they are the loud ones without skin. Don’t be intimidated
by this type because they usually only need two shotgun shells to the head.

There is the headcrab-carrying type. This kind will be dark, hunched over, and
covered with poison headcrabs. It attacks by tossing the crabs toward you, and
it has a pretty long range. These guys take a lot to kill off.

The final type is the Zombine. These guys new to the Half-Life universe. You
run into them fairly early and you are demonstrated of their abilities at that
time. I’ll just say that these guys are stronger versions of normal zombies,
but they also grow tired of un-life, because they pull out active grenades and
charge toward you. You can knock out the grenade and pick it up with the GG
(note that whenever you pick up any grenade with the GG it will reset the

These are basically big bugs. The smallest, regular type is fast and can glide
through the air. You need to backpedal as you blast them with shotgun shells.

In this game the Antlions emerge from burrows in the ground. You will always
have the required number of ruined cars nearby to cover each hole. Just find
the cars and blast them onto the holes with the GG and the bugs go away.

You will also run into an Antlion Guard in the game. Use the red barrels, run
in circles, and ignore the little bugs when you fight him. Also try to get
him to ram into walls to stun him and don’t forget your sprint button to
outrun him.

The Combine take the longest to show up in their proper form, just like
Episode Two; true, you do fight them early, but that was with your enhanced
Gravity Gun.

Manhacks are bots that fly around and try to slice into your health. They
don’t pose the biggest threat in the game and you don’t run into many, so just
run backward, pull out your GG, grab them, and then launch them into a hard

Striders are the biggest of the bigs. You only get one for this game, and it’s
a very pleasant fight compared to other Strider run-ins. Just get through the
maze of containers and use the rocket launcher to get about six rockets into
the thing.

The helicopter is only fought once. Let the roof crumble and then get clear
shots with the laser-guided rockets. It’s actually the easiest of the three
"bosses" (Strider, Copter, and Guard).

Not many other enemies in the game. You have your Barnacles that hang out
tongues from a ceiling to grab you. Put something in these tongues to distract
the things, or just shoot them. If you ever stop and start raising off the
ground, it’s not magic, it’s a Barnacle.

Perhaps the headcrabs count as a seperate type. They crawl on four legs and
they leap to attack you. You get three flavors: normal, fast, poison. Use the
shotgun when these things are about your feet, and use the pistol when you
are a distance away and out of their range.

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