TGR Exclusive: Dark Sector Weapons Revealed

As part of the continuing coverage of Dark Sector, we here at have been granted special access from D3 to show you, our readers, the various types of weapons that can be wielded in Dark Sector. These range from small arms like the TEKNA Burst Pistol to explosive weapons, such as the shoulder mounted RPG to heavy weapons, such as the Elite Cannon Gatling Gun. So, without further ado, here is your first glimpse into the Dark Sector Armory.

KORBOV TK6 – Russian in origin, this US issue fully automatic rifle is the primary assault weapon of Agency Hazmat squads. The Korbov TK6 is effective at medium to long range, holds a 30 round magazine, and boasts reduced aim noise despite a high rate of fire. Constructed mostly from titanium and carbon fiber, the TK6 model has been engineered to accommodate the ever-changing battlefield with its perfect balance of recoil, weight, and power.


ELITE CANNON – When facing an enemy toting this dual-mode, pneumatically driven monstrosity, know that you have very few places to hide. If the Gatling-style high rate of fire doesn’t shower you with bullets, the built-in RPG will blow away what remaining cover safety you thought you had. Due to the unwarranted amount of strength required to lift and operate it, the Elite Cannon is used only by Lasria’s “top drawer” infantry whose size and toughness are complemented by mechanized suits of armor that amplify a soldiers base strength. This weapon is not available for purchase.

TEKNA 9mm – A standard issue pistol popular among Agency operatives, the Tekna 9mm is a lightweight semi-automatic sidearm with recoil-operation and a reversible magazine release button that can be positioned for right or left handed shooters. Effective at close to medium range, the Tekna 9mm is one of the most reliable handguns available.


SPECTRE – Outlawed in Eastern Europe, yet traded frequently by black market arms dealers, the Spectre shotgun gets its name from its reputation as a high-powered concealable weapon; with its classic woodgrain stock shortened to a pistol grip and sawed-off twin barrels. Ammo for the Spectre is readily available due in part to its nature as a home-made modification of legally produced hunting weapons. Its large spread and devastating power in close quarters combat is suitable compensation for its limited range.


VEKESK Micro – Originally developed during the Cold War, the Vekesk Micro was a standard issue, fully-automatic machine pistol customized for military officers of the Lasrian Port Authority. But once ruling Soviet powers established Lasria and its ports as a strategically vital location, security was upgraded and the Vekesk Micro was quickly replaced by the AKS-74 assault rifle as the standard military issue. The Vekesk Micro is rumored to be available for purchase from underground weapons dealers for a modest price. Its size and weight combined with an extremely high rate of fire makes it difficult to control, but with a large base clip size you have plenty of chances to hit your target.

AKS-74 – Formally used by the Russian Airborne Troops because of its lightweight and collapsible stock, the AKS-74 is the primary assault weapon of the Lasrian Military. Fully automatic, a moderate fire rate, and an effective firing range up to 500 meters. As a preventative security measure each one is equipped with a magnetic governor that will activate a self destruction timer if the weapon is picked up by a member of the infected population. This particular model can be purchased from weapons dealers with the governors already removed.

PROTECTA – The Lasrian Military’s elite squad of mobile infantry prefers the Protecta pump-action shotgun as their primary urban assault weapon. Although it does less damage than the Striker shotgun, it has a tighter spread, more traces per shot, and reduced recoil action. Like the AKS-74, the Protecta is equipped with a magnetic governor and commands a hefty sale price in the black markets.



RPG – Simple and effective, the Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher is still the most widely employed shoulder-mounted anti-tank weapon used in combat. Capable of firing both high-explosive and thermobaric rounds, the RPG is effective against heavily armored ground divisions, motorized vehicles, and light-armor aircraft. Over 40 countries still use some variation of the RPG, and the low manufacturing and production costs keep it in the service of the Lasrian Military.

TEKNA Burst Pistol – This compact pistol has the style and reliability of its 9mm predecessor, but has been modified to fire in three round bursts, and upgraded with a generous clip size. Its compact design and weight makes it very portable and easily concealed, but its versatility is best demonstrated in close-quarters combat and crowd control situations.


HAMMER 1895 -Modeled after a classic double-action revolver used by the old Tsarist army, this high powered six-shooter had a limited production run and was issued only to high-ranking KGB during the outbreak in 1987. Regarded for its accuracy and durability, the Hammer also has tremendous stopping power, gaining you an advantage over infected civilians and raging metallic beasts.


VX Carbine – A tribute to the designs of older carbine rifle models, the VX Carbine high powered rifle is crafted with a durable, non-glare composite stock, and palm swell for proper finger to trigger positioning. High-velocity rounds will drop armored infantry and infected civilians with a single trigger pull. A standard cartridge will give you 6 shots, and the mounted optical sight zooms in on targets spotted at longer ranges. Upgrades to this model are available from underground arms dealers.


STRIKER – The Striker short-barrel shotgun is one of the most reliably lethal weapons in close-quarters combat. Its generous spread and extraordinary stopping power makes it ideal for entry use, but the Striker is more frequently praised for its ability to handle multiple targets in pressure situations. It will rip through flesh and shatter bone at close range; human targets or otherwise. It has a traditional locking system, feeding and firing mechanism, metal stock with fixed sight, and a base capacity of 6 rounds.

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